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4keeps Preserved Roses Review

Updated: February 2021
4keeps Preserved Roses Review

Can This 4Keeps Roses Really Last 12 Months?

Roses have been associated with eternal love and affection. Giving roses to that special someone is a great way to signify passion and romance. Wouldn't it be nice to have a rose that lasted for more than a few days?

4Keepsroses offers roses that last a year or longer. Their hand picked selection of roses are specially treated to last beyond the typical 4 to 5 day time period.

Real roses that never need water.

100% natural. 100% Gorgeous.

4keeps Roses

Things to consider before buying 4Keeps Roses

4Keeps offers single roses that last for a year or longer. To extend a single rose could symbolize love at first sight and can be appropriate in situations such as a first date. Extending a single rose that lasts for a year or longer, gives the recipient a constant reminder of the affection that has been extended by the person who has given the rose. 

Offering a single rose that lasts beyond a year is a great way to constantly remind the person how much you like them or appreciate them. If you know that you're going to be in that person's life beyond a year, it is satisfying to know that the investment you made in purchasing a single rose is well spent. 

The individual will be able to enjoy the long lasting beauty of their eternal roses. As you progress through a relationship or friendship, adding to the collection of preserved roses you've extended to your intended is a wonderful way to build upon the relationship and keep their collection of these preserved roses. Displaying the collection of their eternal roses is a beautiful and delightful reflection of the relationship.

IMPORTANT FACT: Preserved flowers are 100% real flowers using state-of-the-art technology. Unlike fresh flowers, there are NO ALLERGIES involved.


Some people prefer to give a larger bouquet of flowers. If you're an individual looking to purchase a bouquet of flowers, 4keepsroses may not be the best option for you. Their collection of roses are strictly based on a single rose concept.

There could be other options that are best suited for multiple roses. The local florists will provide a large bouquet of roses to signify a different meaning. Also, utilizing a floral delivery service is another way to extend a larger arrangement of flowers. If you're looking for a more convenient option, the floral department in a grocery store also provides a larger bouquet of roses and other varieties of flowers.


Presenting the product 4Keeps Roses.

4Keeps sells single rose buds that provide a symbolic meaning for the person that gives a rose and the person that receives the rose. These beautiful roses are guaranteed to last at least a year or longer. Since the company makes the promise that the roses will last at least a year, these rose buds are a token that will make a lasting and memorable impression. These single rose buds are ideal in marking any special or memorable occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or showing love to that special person in your life. There are some pros and cons to this product.

4Keeps Roses pros:

  • They are preserved to last for at least a year.
  • They have a symbolic meaning.
  • Additional roses can be purchased to add to the collection.

4Keeps Roses cons:

  • You're only purchasing one rose.
  • The price for one rose can be a bit high.
  • Since it is just one rose bud, it's not as showy or stately as a bouquet of roses.

Features & benefits of 4Keeps Roses

4Keeps has developed a system that preserves rose buds for a year or more. By extending the life of the roses, it gives the recipient and the gift giver the opportunity to appreciate the longevity and beauty of the rose. It is a special gift that keeps on giving all year and is the ultimate symbol of love, appreciation and passion.

It is a perfect rose bud that is picked at the peak of its beauty and can be presented to that special person to enjoy the long lasting beauty and elegance of the rosebud. Instead of receiving flowers that wither within a week, it is refreshing to have a bud that lasts longer than 12 months.These beautiful preserved roses come in a variety of unique colors.

The unique colors include a vibrant pistachio and nature green that are eye catching and beautiful. Other unique colors include the blue velvet roses, sky blue roses and mystic black roses. If you were to attempt to purchase these roses at a regular retailer, you would have to wait for them to order these colors because they are not the classic colors that roses normally come in.

This presents a unique benefit for these roses because they have uniquely colored buds available for sale on their website. These uniquely colored roses are available whenever you need them and allow you to express yourself in a unique and eclectic way to show passion and appreciation.


Not only are you able to purchase one single bud, you're able to purchase a group of roses that come in special collections. For example, the dark knight collection is a trio of roses that have rose buds and the color of royal blue, ruby wine and mystic black. This 4Keeps collection is more of a dark, sultry and sensual trio of roses.

Their USA collection of roses comes in the patriotic colors of red rose buds, snow white buds and royal blue rose bud. If you're looking to add more of an impact with one solid color, their collection comes in sets of 3, 6 and 9 buds to enhance the appearance and the beauty of the rose collection.4Keeps has other colors of eternal roses that signify other occasions.

The baby pink rose bud is an excellent bud to extend as a gift to someone who's expecting a baby girl. Imagine showing up at a baby shower with a collection of baby pink preserved roses. Not only would this gift make a statement, it would make a lasting impression on the mother to be. This would be a great way to reflect on the events of the day by incorporating these beautiful baby pink rosebuds into the baby’s nursery.

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Likewise, extending a collection of blue roses in different shades of blue is an excellent gift to extend to someone expecting a baby boy. A collection of sky blue buds, snow white and royal blue preserved roses would be a beautiful and creative gift to extend to the expecting parents and a beautiful way to infuse natural elements into the baby's nursery.

While everyone else is giving onesies, blankets and booties, your gift is sure to buck the trend and stand out among the others. Not only is it a thoughtful show of love and gratitude it is also a wonderful way to create long lasting memories with family and friends.

The collections of eternal roses help to solve the problem of giving a gift to someone who has everything. Often, we are faced with the challenge of purchasing the gift for someone who is well traveled, lives in a beautiful home and has all the trappings of success and wealth. Extending roses from 4Keeps not only shows how you feel about a person, it is a wonderful and unique gift to extend to a person who has everything. If you're looking for that unique gift that you know the person does not have, problem solved.

These beautiful buds will take the monotony out of gift giving and allow you to be the gift hero by presenting a beautiful and unique gift that will last for an extended period of time.4Keeps presents gift givers an opportunity to give unique and special gifts. Not everyone is able to say they can give flowers that last for at least 12 months. If you're concerned about the significance and the meaning of the gifts, you're able to give a collection of these beautiful long lasting roses that signify different meanings. One great example is showing appreciation. Normally the number 6 is a perfect reflection of appreciation. Instead of giving a half a dozen of red roses that will wither away within a week, you can present 6 roses from the 4 keeps collection to relay the same message.

Another great example is the number 9. Typically giving flowers in the denomination of the number 9 signifies admiration. Again, if you're giving nine roses in a normal bouquet, it is likely to assume all nine of these roses will perish within a matter of days.

If you're looking to give a gift of admiration that will last beyond 12 months, the admiration collection of these buds is sure to show the admiration you desire. Whether you're looking to show passion, admiration or love, this long lasting collection of roses is sure to send the message you intended.

It is important to give gifts that symbolize different meanings.This type of symbolic gesture shows that you put extensive thought into selecting just the right gift. 4Keeps allows you to select gifts that signify certain feelings and meanings by choosing beautiful vibrant colors in the quantity you desire.

You're able to select twelve beautiful red romantic buds to show love or a variety of nine individually colored buds to symbolize freedom and joy. The eternal roses in this collection reflect the personality of the person receiving the gift and invokes a special feeling you'd like to express towards the recipient. Regardless, these buds will ensure the gift you give will last an extended period of time to make a lasting and meaningful impression.

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Social proof

In searching the internet to find reviews about 4Keeps, we were able to find rather positive reviews that reflect the sentiments of what we captured here. Positive reviews reflect four star ratings from everyone who has reviewed the product.

People who have purchased these beautiful unique buds express how much more beautiful the roses are in person than displayed on the website. They expressed how the quality and beauty of the roses were very surprising to them and compared the quality to the pricing. Overall, the reviews reflect how pleased individuals were when they received their collection of these beautiful rose buds.


While 4Keeps has a beautiful and unique product offering, there are other alternatives to this brand.

AGM real rose

AGM Real rose flower dipped in gold with a box stand. This product consists of an actual live rose that is trimmed in gold and presented as a gift. Like 4Keeps roses, it comes with its own gift box. The only difference is this product has its own stand and a gold plated stem. This product is good for someone looking to present a Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day gift or an extremely unique wedding gift. The price is listed at $43.74 which is a little higher than 4Keeps roses.

Forever Rose

Forever Rose is another company that sells preserved eternal real flowers that are great for gift giving occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or other holidays. The company makes the claim that the roses can last up to five years as compared to one year with 4Keeps roses. It comes in a glass vase with a wooden lid and LED lighting and combines with decorative elements of hydrangeas. The price point is $37.99 which is about the same as a single rose bud purchased with 4Keeps roses.


Louis Garden artificial silk flowers

These are artificial or fake roses that give the appearance of fresh live roses. This is a totally different concept than 4Keeps roses. They incorporate a technology that includes a layer of glue that is sprayed on the silk petals that give it the look of a real flower in appearance and touch. The price is $5.99 which is much less than 4Keeps roses. Click here to view Louis Garden artificial silk flowers.


4Keeps roses are unique and beautiful gifts that keep on giving. If you are in search of a different type of gift to give to someone who has it all, these rose buds are the perfect gift to present. They are great for special occasions or to be given just to show appreciation. Since they last an extended period of time, it allows the recipient to enjoy its beauty for up to a year. Click here to check out the beautiful selection of buds.

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