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5 Second Fix Review

Updated: May 2021

There are several occasions where things break, and you resort to throwing them away. However, there is a way to restore them to proper standards. A gift store owner confessed that glass items would fall off the shelves daily. At first, he would dispose of the pieces before finding a solution that helped him restore the items. It is the 5 Second Fix glue that this article is all about.

Things to consider before buying 5 Second Fix glue

As mentioned earlier, working in an environment with fragile items is challenging. You cannot fully mitigate the risk of breaking anything. Most of the breakages that occur are purely accidental, and they can happen to you or your employees.
The only way out is finding a solution that can help you fix such items to their original state. That will ensure you get the items to a near-original state that will make them useful or saleable. You can consider buying the 5 second fix a glue that has surprised many for how it works. As its name suggests, it takes 5 seconds to fix a broken item using this glue.

The 5 second fix is recommendable to people that weld items. You can save on electricity by buying this glue for minor repairs. It dries to form a hard-plastic bond that is unbreakable, making this glue an excellent choice for welders.
When you see an advertisement on TV, it is difficult to know whether the product works. As a buyer, it is essential to have a checklist of features for a product. So, what should you consider before the 5 second fix glue?

• Ease of use – Like any product, you need to understand how the 5 second fix works. How easy you can use it and whether you need any technical skills.
• Price – Also, you should ensure that you have cost in mind. It is essential to compare the product features to its prices to determine whether there is value for your money.
• Reviews – Online reviews are an excellent resource for buyers. You can check out what other buyers are talking about the product and how it can benefit you.

What you should know about five second fix

The 5 second fix can help to fix almost everything both at home or work. It is a liquid plastic glue that dries up quickly when exposed to a UV LED light. You can use it to join materials like metal, plastic, wood, stone, glass, and ceramic.

When comparing it to Bondic, the world leader that works better than many types of adhesives, there are several things in common. However, there also exist differences, especially on what to expect in the kit after ordering each product.

Bondic comes with a kit containing more items than the 5 second fix glue kit contains. You will find a pen and cartridge in the Bondic adhesive package. Also, it will come with two cleaning pads, and the UV LED light. The five second fix comes with two units of the products and a carrying case. Also, the package contains a UV light device and batteries to power the UV LED light.

It is also worth noting the benefits of buying the five second fix glue. In this section, we will look at some of its pros and cons:


  • It fixes jewelry and glasses quickly.
  • It works perfectly in fixing broken statutes.
  • It dries up quickly
  • It creates a crystal-clear bond
  • It is heat and water-resistant.


  • It comes with challenging usage instructions
  • It cannot bond without a UV LED light
  • It doesn't work as an adhesive

Features & Benefits of five second fix

The five second fix glue comes with amazing features that make it efficient. Every element of the 5 second fix glue has a benefit attached to it. Let us look into some of the features and benefits that make this glue popular.

It is of high quality

When you place an order for the 5 second fix, it comes new in a sealed package. The package usually contains two pieces of the 5 second fix. This product gives a quality guarantee, and you can trust it for all your repairs.
The high-quality product means that you get a return on your money. The five second glue creates a bond that does not break even with high pressure. You only need to expose it to the UV LED light after application to create a strong bond.

Sandable and paintable

Another fantastic feature of this product is that it is sandable, making the application of more than one layer easy. Also, it ensures a strong bond between the layers.
Also, the fact that you can paint the bonded surfaces makes this glue one of the best products you can buy. Be sure the 5 second fix glue will get things done if you want to join furniture and paint it immediately. The bond formed by this glue remains strong and unnoticeable when painted.

It dries clear

It is a relief that the five second fix glue does not leave a trace after drying. You can use it to bond materials like glass, and the bonded area will remain unnoticeable since it dries clear. You do not have to scratch of glue on the bonded surfaces for it to look good.
What I like about the bright drying feature is that this glue then becomes an excellent choice for commercial use. For people selling glass items, you can find this glue a perfect accessory in your store. You can fix clear glass and sell it at a reasonable price after bonding it with 5 second fix.

It is more than glue

When I looked at the 5 second fix glue, I realized it works more than regular glue. It is super-powered and creates strong bonds that you will like. It comes in liquid form but dries to become durable plastic that bonds even metal surfaces permanently.

You can fix any material with the 5 second fix glue. It can also stay in liquid form for long, unlike some adhesives that dry while in the container. The five second fix only dries when it gets exposure to the UV LED light mitigating any risk of suffering a loss.

It is fast

As the name suggests, you do not have to wait for long before using the broken item. The glue works within 5 seconds of application, which makes it one of the fastest drying adhesives. You only need to use a UV light as provided in the instructions, and your items will be ready to use.

The fact that it fixes things in a flash makes it a super glue for commercial and home use. In a shop, it can help to repair an item as your client waits. Also, you can fix something at home and still use it immediately. Besides, the bonds are everlasting, and there is no risk of weak bonds.

5 second fix

It only dries out when exposed to the light.

It is an excellent feature of the 5 second fix product that often goes unnoticed. The glue only dries after you have exposed it to light. Therefore, just applying it on a surface does not make it dry out to create a bond. So why is this important?

Well, it is easy to reposition the item before you create a permanent bond. You can adjust it to fit its original shape before applying the UV LED light on the glue. That means you get the best results by getting accurate with the procedure.

It can repair any material.

Another thing I like about this glue is that you can use it for any material. There are glues in the market that can only bond specific materials. Finding an adhesive that works perfectly on any material is one of the best things about using the 5 second fix glue.

You can apply this glue to fiberglass, wood, metal, aluminum, and many more. It creates excellent bonds with any of these materials. Therefore, you can use it for all repairs at home and commercially.

No mess or stickiness

The five second fix glue leaves the bonded surface clean. Besides, it does not stick to your hands or the application material. Leaving a messy surface may make the items lose their original taste. Also, that makes the surface unpaintable, especially for furniture.

The mess-free feature means that you can resell items if you are using it commercially. Also, non-stickiness makes it great because it reduces the waste caused by glue sticking on the application material and inside the container.

How to use 5 second fix?

The product comes with a UV light and a rod on the other end that can help you to apply the glue. You need to reposition the two surfaces the best way possible before application and use the light to bond the surfaces.

How does 5 second fix work?

This product works by creating a bond after getting exposed to a UV light. It is easy to use because the UV light penetrates through the bond and dries the glue. The resultant bond is strong and everlasting, which makes your items useable again.

Social proof

Before buying any product, you must collect information about it. You should be sure that the product works for the exact need you want to buy it. There are several resources that you have concerning social proof. These sources should guide your decision on whether the product is the best for the purpose.

The best resource to get facts about the product is by checking online product reviews. For this product, I searched on the internet, and I found some useful reviews that can help you decide. Many of the reviews were positive, showing that many customers are happy about the product. Here are some:

5 second fix


Bondic UV Light Glue

I would recommend Bondic liquid welder as an excellent alternative liquid adhesive. It can help you to restore broken items or joining two materials. It works like the 5 second fix glue in many aspects. Therefore, it is a good alternative for home and commercial use.

For instance, it takes 5 seconds for a bond to dry, just like the five second fix glue does. You do not need to wait for long before using the items. Besides, it also allows you to paint surfaces almost immediately after painting.

Also, you can compare how Bondic and 5 second fix form bonds. Both adhesives use a UV LED light to form a strong bond. Besides, both adhesives cannot dry if not exposed to the UV LED light. Therefore, you need UV light to create unbreakable bonds using these products.

That means Bondic can also remain in liquid form for long. It can stay on the shelves for long without losing its shape. Again, you can use it and store the remaining adhesive for future use.
Also, like the 5 second fix, Bondic can get used for any material. The bonds created when using this adhesive are long-lasting and can work correctly in restoring an item to the original shape. Besides, both products create heat and water-resistant bonds.

Bondic Editor Choice

However, the main difference between these products is the price. The 5 second fix costs a little lower than Bondic. Therefore, you can choose one that is within your budget. If you are working on a small budget, the 5 second fix will be a good option.


As mentioned earlier, the 5 second fix glue is an excellent choice for fixing broken items. Otherwise, you may have to dispose of useful things that can get fixed. The fact that it dries quickly creates a strong bond. This product is made of user-friendly constituents, making it a recommendable product to buy. The manufacture is a trustworthy brand that produces high-quality products. Enjoy adhesive bonds that last long to save you frequent repairs. You can click here to check out more about the 5 second fix glue.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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