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ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review

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If you are a very active person or if you are becoming a very active person, you need a fitness tracking watch that keeps up with you. The right kind of fitness tracking watch lets you see how you are improving while keeping you connected to your friends, family, and coworkers. TheActiV8 Fitness Tracker comes with multiple applications to track your workouts and stay connected to your Smartphone notifications.

What should you look for in a Fitness Tracker?

The right fitness tracker for you is the one that gives you plenty of exercises to track while being durable and long-lasting. You also need something high-quality without costing you the price of a new Smartphone. There are multiple things s you should look for in fitness tracking Smartwatch.

1. Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

If you are active and need to track your activities, you need a fitness watch that lets you track at least a dozen different activities. Life is active and gives you plenty of opportunities to get moving. You need to be able to track all of those activities and not have the watch fall short because it does not track something you do.

Getting into shape or staying in shape means doing a lot of different activities and knowing how you can improve them if you choose. Tracking each activity requires a fitness watch with the capabilities you need to be fit and healthy.

2. Battery Life

Battery Life

The life of your battery is what will keep your watch going for years. You need to find a fitness watch that will let you go multiple days without charging because sometimes, you just do not have time to stop and charge the watch. The battery should be easy to charge when you do find that the right fitness watch and be fast charging so that you can get back to your daily life and activities.

3. Water-Resistance

Water Resistance

Waterproof fitness watches are not a requirement unless you want to track your swimming activities. Those IP69 or above fitness watches are expensive and, while worth the price, you can get the same functionality from a watch rated IP67 and above.

The level of water resistance is the second number on the IP rating. The higher the number, the better the water-resistance, and for most active people, an IP67 rating will give them all the functions they need. The watch needs to provide you with enough water-resistance to prevent damaging the watch, should you end up in a sudden downpour, or take a shower with the watch.

4. SMS and SNS messages

SMS and SNS messages

Staying connected means knowing when your friends, family, and work colleagues are talking with you. You need to be able to sync your Smartphone with your fitness watch so that you can receive their messages and notifications.

Staying connected is a good thing to help improve your friendships and prevent you from missing those important work phone calls you must take.

5. Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitoring your heart rate is good for your fitness activities. You can stay on top of your health and make sure you are not in danger zones for new activities. They can also let you know when you have reached your target heart rate for particular activities and let you keep it there for your good health.

Tracking your heart rate is also important for those who are new to exercising or have health conditions. You do not want to possibly hurt yourself or risk a heart attack if you are of high risk. The heart rate monitor will keep you informed and let you know if you are in the danger zones.

6. Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Sleeping is very important for good health. Getting good sleep is difficult in your busy life. Tracking your sleep using your fitness watch keeps you informed about your sleeping habits and lets you know when you are having problems and at what time.

Knowing at what time of the night you have sleep disturbances can help set on the path to balancing your sleep schedule and keeping yourself healthy.

7. Alarms


Alarms are a handy thing to have in your life. They can help you get up in the morning, take your medications on time, as well as remember to leave for work or school at the right time. Your new fitness tracker should have alarm capabilities to keep you on track and get you moving or doing in the time frame you need.

8. Sedentary Reminder

Sedentary Reminder

Sleeping is very important for good health. Getting good sleep is difficult in your busy life. Tracking your sleep using your fitness watch keeps you informed about your sleeping habits and lets you know when you are having problems and at what time.

Knowing at what time of the night you have sleep disturbances can help set on the path to balancing your sleep schedule and keeping yourself healthy.

9. Durability


The right fitness tracking watch for you is one that is durable and long-lasting. You do not want to purchase a watch that has a poor watchband design that starts to tear as you workout or a watch screen that cracks or scratches the first time you bump it. A fitness watch needs to be durable to withstand your own busy and active life.

10. Price


The price is of major consideration when you go looking for a fitness watch. The name brand fitness watches are generally over-priced and can be a huge investment without the functionality you need.

You do not want to go too cheap, though, as the cheaper the fitness watch is, the more likely it is to break or take damage as you use it. You also might not receive the functionality you want and need from the watch, so be prepared to spend at least some money on the quality you need.

What is ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

ActiV8 Fitness tracker is more than just a pedometer that helps you count the number of steps you take in a day. The tracker is a performance tracker that lets you follow your progress as you do up to fourteen different types of exercises.

Being able to track your fitness routines can help you to see where you need to improve and give you an idea of where to start.

Along with being a performance tracker, the fitness tracker also lets you know different stats about your overall health, like your heart rate and how well you are sleeping.

You can program in alarms to help you wake up or get moving every day, take pictures and even get reminders that you are sitting too much with the sedentary alert reminder.

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

What are the main features of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

Exercise Tracker

ActiV8 Fitness Exercise Tracker

The activity tracker built into the ActiV8 Tracker comes with fourteen different ways to track what you do. The fourteen exercises include Walking, Bicycle Riding, Hiking, Trekking, Dancing, Badminton, Fitness Workout, Spinning, Treadmill, Running, Yoga, Basketball, Football, and Tennis. Being able to track all your different activities can give you a good picture of your activity levels and look to see how you can improve each part of your workout.


ActiV8 Fitness Distances

When you set goals for running, walking, or jogging for yourself, you need to know what your maximum distances are and strive to beat them. The fitness tracker lets you follow the distances of everything you are tracking and will give you an overall total of your final distance traveled as the day is ending. Tracking how far you go on your jogs or walks every day can let you find a way to improve little by little.

Tracking your distances can help you beat your goals, but also prepare for bigger ones like preparing for marathons or triathlons. Large goals are something to strive for, and training using the ActiV8 tracker can help improve your time and follow your progress to larger goals.

Active Minutes

Active Minutes ActiV8 Fitness

The active minutes’ feature is an end-of-day reading, though it is something you can monitor throughout your day. Active minutes are the final readout of all the movement activities you did during your day. It is something you can monitor to make sure you are on the right track for your daily movement goals, but it also lets you know the types of exercises you did so that you can stay aware of your wide range of fitness activities.


ActiV8 Fitness Calories

Tracking your calorie intake is a good idea for weightloss and weight gain. If you are working on losing weight, the calorie tracker can help you to monitor how much you are taking in and help you find ways to cut the number of calories. It can also be a help if you are trying to bulk up for your next wrestling match or if you are weight training and trying to put on substantial muscle.

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Monitoring ActiV8 Fitness

Good quality sleep is extremely important for your health and fitness goals.

Sleep helps restore your mind and body for the next day’s activities, and if you are not getting good sleep weight gain, problems at school or work enviably follow.

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker lets you follow your sleep patterns so you can know if you are having sleep disturbances or locate the keep points in your sleeping problems.

With the fitness tracker, once you isolate when you have your sleep problems, you can work to change your sleeping habits before bed or throughout the day so that you can maximize your good sleep and your fitness performances.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart-Rate Monitor ActiV8 Fitness

Whether you are new to working out, returning, or adding something new to your routine, having a heart rate monitor can help you stay aware of what your body is doing and why it is doing it. You can watch your performance tracker and see when you reach your target heart rate for your activity.

Tracking your heart rate for new activities is also important in case there are problems. A body unturned to heavy fitness or having difficulty will reach the target heart rate quickly, and keeping an eye on it can save you a trip to the hospital or worse.


ActiV8 Fitness Pedometer

Tracking your steps was the original way to enjoy fitness activities. Today, it is another tool that lets you know if you are moving around enough or to help you meet your goals. You can measure your strides and count each step you take throughout your day and within each type of exercise you do. You can see how many active steps come out of your dance class or from your daily jogs.


ActiV8 Fitness Alarms

Setting a reminder is common in our busy age.

You can program all the things you need to remember into your performance tracker so that you can receive the reminders throughout your day.

The reminders can be set in intervals or tied to times of the day, so you can remember to take your medications on time or to leave work to go pick up your children from soccer practice.


Camera ActiV8-Fitness

The camera function, built into the fitness tracker, lets you record the world around you as you workout. It makes it easy for you to tap the icon on your tracker to take a picture of your activities or capture a particularly stunning moment as you workout. You can take a selfie without reaching for your phone, so you can upload it to your social media accounts and show the world your performance.

Sedentary Reminder

Sedentary Reminder ActiV8 Fitness

It is common to sit too much while you are at work or school. The sedentary reminder application lets you know when you are sitting too long and lets you know it is time to move. Sitting too much is bad for your health and can have lasting consequences. The reminders help you stay on top of your fitness goals, your overall health, and keep you moving.

SMS and SNS notifications

ActiV8 Fitness SMS and SNS notifications

The ActiV8 fitness tracker lets you sync your new fitness watch with your phone. Connecting your fitness tracker to the phone lets you never miss a phone call, text message, email, or status update from Instagram or Facebook. When you receive any kind of update or message, your fitness tracker will get the notification, so you can respond when you choose.


Water resistant ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

While not completely waterproof, do not immerse in water; ActiV8 is water-resistant, so you do not need to worry about the weather changing during your jog or your hike. The water-resistance is IP67, so you do not need to worry about forgetting to take it off when you get in the shower or getting it wet from washing your hands. The water-resistances lets you maintain your regular life without worrying about your watch becoming damaged from a rainstorm.

VeryFitPro App

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker App

All your exercising uploads into the VeryFitPro app, so you can track all your progress from your Smartphone.

The app lets you see statistics on your performances and lets you know where you need to improve. You can also use the app on any kind of Smartphone, so it is compatible with Android and Apple systems alike.

Easy to Charge

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Easy To Charge

Long lasting battery life. Clever USB charging design. Unplag the wristband. It can be charged directly on any computer and USB charger. Adapter and charging cable NOT required.

What do buyers of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker think?

Buyers of the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker love the functionality of the watch. With fourteen different fitness activities to track along with messaging and phone call alerts, the ActiV8 watch keeps you connected and informed.

Buyers love the cost-effectiveness of the watch. It gives them everything that a high-end fitness watch has, at a price they can afford.

Choose one of the packages down below

What Fitness Tracker Alternatives are available?

HalfSun Fitness Tracker

The HalfSun Fitness Tracker is an IP67 fitness watch that comes in black, white, or gray. Ergonomic in design, the fitness watch grips your wrist tightly and gives you a full HD screen with multiple statistics about your movement and activities. You can track your workouts using the corresponding app that works on your Android or Smartphone.

The fitness tracker works all day to help you know the calories you burn, your heart rate, and how well you sleep. You can review the data later through the app to determine if there are any problems or places you need to improve. Multiple Sport modes come built into the smartwatch, so you can track your different activities, as well as receive a reminder for being too sedentary or text messages from your friends and family.

The Halfsun fitness watch is a watch for people needing a cost-effective way to remain fit and active. The watchband is ergonomic and comfortable in design, but the setup is not always complete, and syncing can be problematic when the watch is new.

  • The Halfsun fitness watch comes in multiple colors, and the ActiV8 watch does not.
  • Both watches track your activities, but the ActiV8 eight tracks over fourteen.
  • The Halfsun fitness watch can track female menstruation, and the ActiV8 watch does not.

The right watch for you is the one that fits your lifestyle as well as the one that will help you to improve as your life goes on. The right one is more than about cost; it is about funcitanlity. Choose the one that that fits your budget and will work for you in the long run. 

007plus Fitness Tracker Smart Watc

The 007plus Fitness Tracker HR Smart Watch

h comes in multiple colors so that you can coordinate your watch with your life and mood. Your smartwatch comes with a host of features to let you know the distances you travel, the calories you burn, and your heart rate. You can track up to fourteen different exercises and locations yourself using the GPS settings.

The 007plus Fitness track is an IP67 watch that is water-resistant as well as resistant to sweat. You can wear the watch in the rain or wash your hands without it taking damage. You can receive messages and phone calls through the watch as well as receive reminders not to be sedentary, track the weather changes, take photos, or find your phone.

The 007plus Fitness Tracker is a Smartwatch for people on a budget. It comes with multiple features to help you track your life and stay active. The watch is bulky for some wrists, and it can be difficult to sync to your phone when new.

  • The 007 Fitness tracker is more cost-effective than the ActiV8 watch.
  • Both watches are IP67 water-resistant.
  • You can find your phone and track the weather with the 007 fitness tracker; the ActiV8 watch does not come with these features.
  • The ActiV8 fitness watch is more durable than the 007 fitness watch.

Garmin vívofit activity tracker

The Garmin vívofit activity tracker comes in multiple colors and one-year battery life, so you will not need to charge your watch for up to a year after purchasing. The watch is strong enough to withstand more than a little rain and is strong enough for you to track your swimming or shower in the watch. Multiple applications come built into the watch, including tracking the calories you burn, sleep monitoring, step tracking, and provides you with a way to personalize your daily goals.

You can wear your new Garmin fitness tracker twenty-four hours a day to keep yourself moving and aware. If you lose your phone, the fitness tracker will help you find it, and the move IQ features let you capture your activities without requiring a direct connection to a corresponding activity program. You can time yourself and capture the data for each activity and review later using the Move IQ programming.

The Garmin activity tracker syncs easily with your Smartphone. Syncing helps you stay on top of your workout goals and track your progress. The Garmin vívofit activity tracker is for anyone that needs a heavy-duty watch for tracking their activities and following the IQ features with their Smartphone.

  • The Garmin activity tracker does not come with a heart rate monitor, the ActiV8 tracker does.
  • The ActiV8 tracker does not come with an IQ feature, the Garmin tracker does.
  • The Garmin Tracker does not track activities, the Active8 tracker does.
  • The Garmin Tracker has a guaranteed one-year battery life, and the ActiV8 does not.
  • The Garmin Tracker is more cost-effective than the ActiV8 tracker.

Final Thoughts

Recommended ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Tracking your fitness level is very important for staying healthy and working to improve your health. The right fitness tracker is more than investment in your health, and it is a way to remain healthy in the future beyond the purchase.

The ActiV8 fitness tracker can help you on your way to finding new strength to workout and track your progress to improvement.

If you need a quality fitness tracker, the ActiV8 fitness tracker is a quality fitness watch to give you noticeable improvements to your quality of life. For more information about the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker, please follow the link.

Written by Eric Parker
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