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Android 360 Camera Review

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Taking photos and shooting videos with your Smartphone is nothing new. You need a high-quality way to take those photos and videos that help you to capture your most important memories in the way you need to remember them. The Android 360 camera comes ready to connect with your phone to shoot professional level pictures and videos.

ANDROID 360Camera

What should you consider before purchase a Smartphone camera?

Before you make your final selection for the Smartphone camera that will work best for your needs, you need to know what you are looking for. The right type of Cell phone camera has multiple capabilities and meets most of the requirements listed below.


You want to buy a camera to record your memories. The camera you select needs to be portable, so you can carry it wherever you choose to go and to capture your memories.


Not all types of Smartphone cameras are compatible with all formats of a cell phone. The type of camera you select should be able to work with the IOS or Android operating system on your phone.


Photo and Video

A high-quality camera needs to shoot high-quality photos and videos. You need the versatility of a camera that is capable of doing both videos and photographs.


The type of lens for the camera you select is important for the quality of the pictures and videos you produce. If you want to shoot high-quality photos and videos, the camera lenses need to be up to the job of producing those high-quality images. You need to find a camera that does produce high-quality images without distortions.


The price you will pay for your camera reflects the quality of the images you receive. The need to set a budget for how much you can and will spend on your camera is important, but you need to know that cheaper cameras will not give you the quality you seek. High-range cameras are not something you need either because you can get comparable quality from the mid-range cameras.

Upload capabilities

The type of camera you purchase should come with software that can help you connect the camera directly to your social media accounts so that you can show your friends and family your travels and adventures.

Editing capabilities

Being able to edit your photos and videos is necessary for creating the images you want. You should have a way to edit the pictures and videos you take through the software that comes with the camera or using regular computer software.

Saving Memories

Along with being able to edit your pictures and videos, you need to be able to save them in a way that ensures your memories, so you won't lose them when your phone or computer crashes.

What is the Android 360 camera?

The Android 360 Camera is a new way to enjoy taking pictures of your friends and family. The 360 camera is a lightweight camera that you can mount on the top of your Smartphone to help you take professional-level photographs using only your Android Smartphone and the New 360 camera. You can not only take high-quality pictures but with a full installation, you can take high-quality videos you can later edit.

There are four different ways to capture a moment from flat to planet mode that lets you pick the setting and the way you want to see the final product. Each mode has a video setting helper and image stabilization to help you capture those minutes to give you the best possible memory.


What are the main features of the Android 360 camera?

Purchasing a high-quality product to compliment your Smartphone can take time and research. The right product will give you many of the below qualities, but it is up to you to select that will give you them all in a single product.

High-Quality Lens

The lens on the Android camera is what makes this an amazing way to record your life and memories. The lens is an F2.0 dual two hundred ten degrees eye lens that you can use for shooting pictures and videos of what is directly in front of you and all around you. You can capture each photo in a high-resolution of at least thirty frames per second.

Four shooting modes

The lens has four different modes you can choose from when taking photos or shooting videos. You can choose to shoot in a flat, sphere, VR (Virtual Reality), and Planet mode. The mode you select is the one you want to complete your photo, such as taking regular pictures in flat mode or getting the three hundred sixty degrees view in the planet mode. You get to choose the outcome.

High-Quality Videos

Along with four different modes of shooting pictures, these can adapt to the videos you decide to take. The videos can capture the thirty frames per second, like the camera, and translate them into streaming videos with a resolution of 2560 or 1280. The quality of the image you take does not degrade or lose in any quality across any of the modes you choose.


The camera is a lightweight addition to your smartphone. Before you attach it to your Android, the camera weights as little as twenty-six and a half grams or slightly less than an ounce. The lightweight design helps you to carry the camera with you wherever you choose to go and always have it available for those special moments.

VR Support

You can choose to shoot your videos in VR mode, which allows you to create videos geared to your interests and tastes. The VR support features let you create high-quality images with the tools to edit and modify them in any way you choose to.


The Android 360 camera is completely waterproof, so you don't need to worry about it taking damage in the rain or dropping it in a puddle while you capture those impressive moments in life. The design of the camera wraps around the lens to help protect it from water damage, while also protecting the electronic components that help the camera to function.

NightShot Function

The NightShot function lets you take those perfect night pictures without worrying about adding the right amount of light or getting shadows in the picture. NightShot also helps add light to the photo as you take it, so you can see all the details without a flash ruining the picture or adding red eyes.

Live Broadcast

The live broadcast feature helps you to capture those amazing moments in life and upload them to your social media account through your Android apps. The pictures help keep your friends and family at the moment with you and your life.

Easy to set up

The camera is easy to set up and install on your phone. The camera mounts to the top of your Smartphone, and there is even an extendable piece on the mount to help you capture those moments better. The camera attaches directly to the charging port on your phone to make it easy to use and capture your pictures and videos.


What do buyers of the Android 360 camera think?

Buyers of the Android 360 camera love their purchase. They love that they found a high-quality way to record their photos and videos that works for their Android phone. They also love that the pictures and videos they take can almost instantly be on their social media accounts with the live broadcast feature.
Buyers love the versatility of the camera in all kinds of situations, from shooting personal videos to capturing parties and family get-togethers with top-quality pictures and videos.

What Smartphone camera alternatives are available?

The camera that works best for your phone and your needs is the one you need to consider. There are multiple types of cameras on the market that you can consider, but before you make your final decision, make sure it is the camera that will work best for your needs.

Insta360 360 VR Camera Insta360 Air

The Insta360 360 VR Camera Insta360 Air is a compact, portable camera that attaches to the charging port on your Android Smartphone. Capable of high-quality video reproduction, the Insta360 lets you have a 2560 X 1280 screen resolution at thirty frames per second up to 3008 X 1504 frames per second, depending on the type of Smartphone you use. Your photo resolution is 3008 X 1504.

The camera lets you do live video streaming videos that connect to any social media accounts you have, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and WhatsApp. You can use the 360 video feature to host video meetings using programs like Skype and Zoom. You can record your life and all the events surrounding in with the easy-to-use software that installs directly onto your phone.

When installed, you can switch between your regular Smartphone camera and the new Insta360 to record your videos or host a web meeting. The camera uses a special application called Insta360air to operate, so when you sync your phone with your computer, you will not use the camera application that comes with your computer to edit and save your memories.

  • The Insta360 camera is not waterproof; the Android camera is waterproof.
  • The Insta360 camera has a 2560 X 1280 video resolution with the option of 3008 X1504 for some phones; the Android camera only supports 2560 X 1280.
  • The Android camera can shoot night vision photos and videos; the Insta360 camera cannot.
  • Both cameras allow you to live-stream your activities.
  • Both cameras can help you host virtual meetings and video talk.

Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High-Resolution VR Camera

The Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High-Resolution VR Camera is a compact and lightweight 360-degree camera. You have multiple options to shoot high-quality pictures and videos using different lenses, including a wide-angle lens capable of capturing a one hundred eighty degree picture or video. The camera lets you sync your videos and photos with your friends and family using your social media accounts, such as Facebook and YouTube.

The can use the Gear VR software to start immersing yourself in the photos and videos you create to remember your memories. The tripod design helps you capture high-quality videos and images all around you in almost 4K resolution for videos and 30 MP for your pictures. The lens is scratch-resistant tempered glass, and the whole camera is water-resistant and dust-resistant to prevent operational problems.

You can transfer the pictures and videos to your computer easily, so you can edit and share your videos as you want. The camera is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, which makes it easy to transport wherever you need to go. The camera shoots 38040 X 1920 high-resolution videos.

  • The Samsung Camera is water-resistant, the Android360 is waterproof.
  • Both cameras can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • The Android camera can shoot night vision photos and videos; the Samsung camera cannot.
  • The Samsung Camera has a tripod option; the Android360 camera does not.
  • The Samsung Camera can shoot videos up to 3840X1920; the Android shoots videos of 2560 X 1280.

Taking pictures with your Smartphone is easy. Taking amazing pictures with a high-resolution Smartphone attachment is for people who love to record their lives in pictures and videos. They are also for the social media lover, who loves to keep their friends and family up-to-date on the happenings in their lives.

Final Thoughts

There are four different ways to capture a moment from flat to planet mode that lets you pick the setting and the way you want to see the final product. Each mode has a video setting helper and image stabilization to help you capture those minutes to give you the best possible memory.


Capturing your memories using your phone is important. You do not want to lose or forget the life you are leading, and the right cell phone camera attachment can give you those high-quality images for a lifetime. 

The Android 360 camera comes ready for you to use with your Smartphone and with quality lenses and video capabilities.

For more information about the Android 360 camera, Please follow the link.

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