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Best Photo Keeper

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Have you ever thought that your hard drive on the computer can fail, or your laptop may be lost or damaged? You are always at risk of losing memories and professional work throughout your life. I had this accident once when my laptop was stolen, and all my data was lost. I then found a quick solution for photo backup where my records were safe and protected, and the backup is controlled automatically using the Best Photo Keeper.

The simplest and safest way to backup all the files is through Photo Keeper. It is a foolproof software device that provides a quick solution to store all the images, videos, music, and home office media! Using the Best Photo Keeper is easy to use, preserves all your essential files, and can help organize your files!

What's the Best Photo Keeper?

Best Photo Keeper can backup all your images from your computer, cell phone, and tablet. Using the file explorer, you can view your entire photo archive. This is essentially a thumb drive that makes it easy to do this with some programming. Many would say backups to a standard hard drive would be safer and just as fast, which might be true for others.

Pros of Using a Photo Keeper

  • Photo Keeper backups up your images, so you don't have to think about missing them at all. The backup is discreet and secure. You will only be allowed to view your images.
  • Photo Keeper is primarily made to back up images, and it can back up all types of photos, including RAW files. So, to free up space, you should uninstall those big files from your computer.
  • Photo Keeper organizes your pictures nicely so that you can find them by date, EXIF info, name of the file or folder, and more. 
  • It frees the space from your computer, laptop, and mobile phones. It is a one-time investment.

Cons of Using a Photo Keeper

  • The thumb device doesn't contain any photo editing software. It also doesn't upload any photos automatically.
  • It doesn't have any privacy controls.
  • Once it's lost or destroyed, your data cannot be backed up anywhere else.

Top 4 Best Photo Keeper for Mobiles and Computers


Product Name


Desktop Version

Mobile Version













1. ThePhotoStick

Photostick for PC and Mac
Photo Stick Mobile
Photostick for iOS and Android

The Photo Stick is a small and lightweight USB thumb drive built with a comprehensive archive scan to back up your photographs by locating them. No technological know-how is needed to use The PhotoStick. The PhotoStick is a pioneering system designed to work in seconds to back up images. It includes a special software that searches for missing images on your hard drive.

The PhotoStick can maintain your photos and videos in its memory safe and protected (up to 60,000 of them, and this is a crazy amount).

Using it is quite simple, all you need to do is insert ThePhotoStick into an empty USB slot on your computer, and let it work its magic. It normally takes a few seconds before a window pops up on the computer. 

It easily provides the hard drive with access to the Photo Stick by clicking the Go button. Other feedback from PhotoStick also illustrates how well this platform does on both photographs and different media types. It not only functions quickly, but it can also find any pictures stored on your hard drive and back up those pictures.

The Photo Stick Pros

  • Save Monthly Cost when you order ThePhotoStick, you pay only once, and that's it.
  • Secure: It defends you against failures of computers and manipulation of records.
  • It is clear, effective, sturdy, and built for easy use. 
  • The Photo Stick is very accurate, so there should be no issues with troubleshooting.
  • Reliability: This does its job easier, saving you a lot of valuable time.

The Photo Stick Cons

  • Restricted Options: The PhotoStick for Desktop does not have enough stock; as soon as it arrives, it runs out of stock. The product also lacks a version of 32GB, which is typically a common issue.

2. AlbumSaver

AlbumSaver for PC and Mac
Album Saver Mobile
AlbumSaver for iOS and Android

Album Saver is a USB-like backup interface that you can tap into and store your digital memories on your computers, laptops, tablets, or windows. Sometimes, with heavy video and picture archives, the screen or phone hard drives get overwhelmed. This will result in the output of your machine crashing or slowing down. Even to make way for new ones, you would have to remove several of these videos and photos.

The Album Saver has been primarily designed for saving heavy video and image files. This system is limited to images and videos and, thus, less likely to draw viruses, unlike your standard USB that holds all data forms. 

There are three formats available for this portable storage device: Smartphones, iOS tablets, and laptops, depending on the port you use.

In order to use it, you need to do is grab the unit and plug it into your cell phone or machine. The software within AlbumSaver searches your computer or phone for images and videos automatically. The number on your phone will then be shown. To start saving your photographs and videos on Album Saver, you have to press or tap the save button.

Album Saver Pros

  • You can store up to 70,000 photos and videos on a 128GB AlbumSaver device.
  • For different computers, AlbumSaver has an outstanding compatibility.
  • You no longer need to worry about losing your files. AlbumSaver is a secure and safe place for your unforgettable images and videos to be saved.

Album Saver Cons

  • The device is not sold in any stores – online only
  • The small device can be easy to misplace if not stored carefully

3. InfinitiKloud

infinitikloud Gen2 SD
InfinitiKloud for PC, Mac, Android
InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless
InfinitiKloud Wireless for PC, Mac, iOS, Android

InfinitiKloud is a USB storage device that you can use to backup and archive your valuable personal and business files and records so that when your hard drive fails or if your device is broken or stolen, you don't miss anything worth saving. The standard USB stick and the conventional cloud are both a classy match. This indicates that it is conveniently saved on the provider's server as you load the files into Infiniti Kloud.

It works with Windows, Linux, and iOS platforms And is compatible with every other USB computer out there. It offers easy and one-click USB 3.0-speed backups. You don't need the internet to use this device. It's thin, lightweight, and portable, and can hold up to 64 GB of information InfinitiKloud's transfer speed is over 60 MB/sec.

It's so easy to set up InfinitiKloud that even a kid can do it. Only press the button for the drive that appears on the screen. After this, InfinitiKloud will take over all the steps to complete the automated backup of your essential data and lead you through them.

InfinitiKloud Pros

  • PC, Linux, and iOS know it immediately.
  • Simple file search options are open
  • Provides a concise overview of each stored single file
  • Ultra-high speeds are supported
  • It backups-files in more than one version
  • Supports different languages

InfinitiKloud Cons

  • Any backup files can be corrupted or damaged.
  • Many computers do not identify it
  • Not compliant with all Windows operating system versions
  • May not have a manual or directions

4. MemorySafeX


When it comes to your cherished memories or valuable records, MemorySafeX is your solution to safer storage. A heavy-duty memory stick that will save media from your smartphone, device, and tablets is MemorySafeX. Whenever you update your device or tablet, you will no longer have to think about missing your photographs and records.

This device saves media from smartphones and has various types of media to store various types of files. Large storage capacities and several hookups. It is easy to backup and comes in the shape of a normal USB stick.

Without the need to constantly track the data or think about account conversion or hacking, using the memory stick is much smoother. With your memory stick and what you place on it, you can fully control what you do.

MemorySafeX Pros

  • It is quick to use.
  • To complete the transfer of data, MemorySafeX needs a free app.
  • MemorySafeX stick is more cost-effective.

MemorySafeX Cons

  • It needs an upgrade every time you go further with it because of the software.

Buyer's Guide for the Best Photo Keeper

The Photo Keepers mentioned in this set have all stood their ground in terms of success and uniqueness. At this point, you need to determine which one of them is the right fit to your needs. For that, I have put together a list of specific characteristics similar to photo sticks. This would be a key factor in what sort of item you want to shop.


What distinguishes the best photo keeper from the usual flash drive is the fact that it is far faster and, as such, reasonably simple. It takes more than a few seconds to complete the whole process, but not more than ten minutes. When you plug it in, all you have to do is hit 'go' on the pop-up that arrives on your phone.


Evidently, for storage, things do matter. That's basically why you wanted to look at getting the Best Photo Keeper in the first place. Three storage sizes are common: 8GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB.


Photo Keepers are devices that save photos from your mobiles, laptops or computers into one storage space, just like a server, without a $9.99/month monthly charge. However, some Photo Keepers are compatible with individual devices, and some can need upgrades.


Are Photo Keepers the same as USB?

This is a widespread myth. A Photo Keeper varies markedly from a USB device. Data of some type (including records, etc.) may be saved on a USB device, whereas a camera stick is specifically geared at saving media files. Additionally, without external support, a photo stick saves photos and videos of its own.

What excludes cloud computing from this?

Plain Money. Compared to cloud storage, the photo stick is much more of an investment than advertising for the real deal, which costs cash. By being a one-time purchase, photo sticks cut back on monthly expenses.

Will I have to compact videos and pictures?

This depends. If your photo stick retains the capacity to contain them, you do not need to compact anything. For this, though, you will have to check how many photographs and videos you have stored and consider the likelihood of having a few hundred images attached to your camera stick and only buying one with storage space accordingly.

May I find photos with my camera stick that I can't?

Yes, this is one of the big pros of owning a camera stick. You will come across the gadget after you attach it and it starts doing its work, discovering pictures that you forgot you had ever saved on your computer. The Photo Stick searches for it all!

All in all

When comparing it with a standard pen drive, you might be doubtful about purchasing the Best Photo Keeper. However, you do not get pen drives that are phone-friendly, and photographs and videos are not specific to them. 

Photo Keepers are a brilliant tool designed specifically to store videos and photographs without compromising accuracy. They are automated program on the computer that does all the job, only by pressing the save button. As a unique storage system, Photo Keepers are certainly worth a shot.

Written by Simon Reyes

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