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Blue Blocker Sunglasses Review

Updated: February 2021
blue blockers sunglsses review


Currently the best alternative that basically looks the same and works in the same manner is BLUVYS.
If you’d like to check out this alternative you can do so by clicking on the button below. Currently the best alternative that basically looks the same and works in the same manner is BLUVYS.
If you’d like to check out this alternative you can do so by clicking on the button below.
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If you suffer from headaches or eye fatigue, it could be because of your screens. Computers, Smartphones, and other devices emit blue light that can hurt your eyes and cause multiple health problems. Using blue light blocking sunglasses can spare your eyes and give you extra energy to manage your activities.

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What should you look for in a quality pair of Blue light Sunglasses?

When considering the different types of blue light glasses, there are several things you should look for. The blue light sunglasses should have the following included in their design.


Any glasses you buy should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods without your eyes or head noticing. The sunglasses should be like regular glasses in that they do not pinch the bridge of your nose, slide down your nose because they are too large or pinch the sides of your head. You need to try your sunglasses on and ensure your eyes do not fatigue and without your head feeling discomfort.

Blue light Blocker Technology

Not all sunglasses using Blue light blocker technology will block the light. You need to verify the percentages of blue light protection because not all sunglasses with blue light blocking will be fully effective.
You can find this information on the protective box the sunglasses come in. You can also find the information online. Some types of sunglasses will try to seem like they block blue light but just offer regular UV protection. UV protection is something your eyes need, but UV light protection is not blue light protection.


If you choose to buy blue light sunglasses, they should work. You will notice the difference in your eye fatigue within the first week of your using them. You will also notice an improvement in the quality of your sleep. If you do not notice the differences within that time frame, you might look to see if your sunglasses actually come with blue light protection.


The bigger the sunglasses are, the better. The effectiveness of the sunglasses is seen in the size, so you should look for lenses that are larger than regular reading glasses to block any stray light that might try to pass through to your eyes. You should consider purchasing wraparound sunglasses for complete protection as it will reduce the UV rays coming in from the side of the sunglasses.

UV Protection

The sunglasses should come with regular UV protection in addition to protection from blue light. The lenses do not need to be dark to be useful so you can have fun with a wide variety of colors. If you play sports, you might look for blue light sunglasses that come with green, amber, or gray lenses because they increase contrast.


You do not need to worry about cost with blue light protection and UV protection. There are many pairs of economical sunglasses hitting the market that work just as well as the more expensive brands. You need to verify all the benefits of the sunglasses before purchase to make sure you are getting everything you want out of them.


What are the Best Blue Light Sunglasses?

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Blue Blocker sunglasses are the first step in better eye health. Through consistent exposure to blue light, people of all age groups are experiencing more eye problems and eye fatigue. BlueBlocker sunglasses not only reduce a large amount of blue light from constant Smartphone and sun exposure, but they come with anti-UV ray protection so your eyes will relax.

Blue Blocker sunglasses will protect your eyes from both natural and artificial blue light and UV light. They are comfortable to wear and come in a wide assortment of colors and models. Each one comes made with sturdy, wear-resistant materials so you can get the most out of every pair you buy.

Blue Blocker Pros:

  • Blue Blocker Sunglasses reduce eye strain
  • Blue Blocker glasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet light as well as blue light
  • You can wear the glasses for hours and not get a headache

Blue Blocker Cons:

  • The sunglasses are not cost-effective
  • You can only buy the sunglasses through the Blue Bocker website
  • You need to wait for holiday sales for the best deals

What are the Benefits of Blue Light Sunglasses?

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Reduce the Risk of Macular Degeneration

As we age, our eyesight starts to decline. Heavy use of blue light producing devices can speed up that decline and increase the likelihood of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can eventually cause blindness. Blue light can start the degeneration or speed up what has already begun.

The blue light emitted through the sun and all of our devices progressively damages our lives through prolonged exposure.The exposure blue light at three microwatts or above does more damage than the average one microwatt of light produced through electronic devices.

Research is still underway to determine whether lower levels of light contribute to the degeneration in the same way as higher levels of exposure, though at a reduced rate.

Using blue light protective sunglasses will reduce the amount of cell death within your eyes. It will also slow the aging of your eyes because of heavy electronic use and sun exposure.

Reduce Digital Eye Strain

reduce eye strain
While more research is pending for the full effectiveness of blocking blue light and eye deterioration, using protective blue light sunglasses will reduce the amount of eye fatigue you experience from using your Smartphone or computer a lot.

Blue light-emitting screens, at the very least, produce eye strain and fatigue after many hours of use. If you work all day at a computer or use your phone a lot, wearing the glasses can help reduce the strain your eyes suffer every day.

Better Quality Sleep

Your body has a natural rhythm it needs to follow for good health. Getting poor sleep contributes to a host of physical and mental problems. Using blueblocker sunglasses can help you to reduce your sleep problems because of devices that emit light. Blue light stimulates your brain, causing you to remain active in your regular sleeping times or cause it to become alert too soon.

The sun produces blue light to keep you awake during the daylight hours, with reduced exposure at night singling your brain that it is time to sleep. Using a laptop or a Smartphone can inhibit your brain from producing high enough amounts of melatonin to encourage sleep. That reduces your sleep quality and how rested you feel in the morning.

Using blue blocker sunglasses in the evenings before bed can help put your body back onto a more regular sleep pattern and help you wake better rested. It can mean the difference for your family as children and teens use their devices past their bedtimes.

Mood Stabilizer

By using blue light sunglasses, your mood will improve from the reduction of strain on your eyes and body. Improving your sleep and reducing eye fatigue will keep you feeling better. You will experience a decrease in depression, anxiety, and other mood disorder through frequent use of blue light blocking sunglasses.

What do Buyers of Blue Light Sunglasses Think?

The people who have purchased the Blue Blocker sunglasses like them a lot for their quality. Compared with cheaper frames, these frames are durable and long-lasting. The reviewers rave over their ability to block blue rays as well as ultraviolet rays because cheaper versions do not provide half the protection.

The blue blocker sunglasses are not the cheapest glasses, but they work to block blue light rays. Reviewers love that their physical discomforts such as headaches and eye pain have gone away. The blueblocker sunglasses more than meet the needs of the regular user, and their quality is evident from their first use.


What are some Alternatives to the Blue Blocker Sunglasses?

Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses are composite frames with composite lenses. They come ready to use with non-polarized lenses with a width of fifty-two millimeters wide to ensure complete coverage of your eyes while you use them.

The Livho sunglasses come with the ability to alleviate eye fatigue from using the computer for an extended period of work or shopping. You will also find it reduces eye strain and fatigue after hours of gaming or Smartphone use. The glasses also reduce eye fatigue and strain from living or working under fluorescent lights.

The sunglasses come with UV400 protection and help to reduce glare while you use them. The reduction in glair and eyestrain will help reduce blurred vision and headaches. Amber lenses come with the frames to block more blue light from devices and the sun so you can sleep better at night.

Livho Glasses Pros:

  • You can block UV rays as well as blue light
  • The frames of the sunglasses are large enough to reduce eye fatigue
  • The frames come in a wide variety of colors to match your clothing

Livho Glasses Cons:

  • The sunglasses do not block all the blue light produced from a screen
  • The frames can smell when they are new

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses come with a sturdy plastic frame and anti-reflective lenses. The lenses are non-polarized and have a width of us to fifty-three millimeters wide. The package comes with amber lenses to help reduce digital eye strain caused by blue light devices such as computers and Smartphones.

The glasses help to reduce visual fatigue from long periods of gaming, working, or staring at screens. The lenses are also light-sensitive and help to reduce eye fatigue from being under fluorescent lights. The glasses work to reduce the glare off of screens and come with UV400 protection.

The frames of the glasses are ultra-light, flexible, and durable as they are TR90 nylon materials that help make the frames long-lasting as well as protective. The frames are stylish and comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. You can select the power rating of the sunglasses to let you choose the amount of protection you require.

Gamma Ray Glasses Pros:

  • The glasses reduce eye fatigue
  • You can wear glasses for hours without discomfort
  • You can select the degree of eye protection you require

Gamma Ray Glasses Cons:

  • The coating on the lenses can come off
  • The glasses can smell when they are new

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses come with plastic frames and composite lenses. They are non-polarized glasses with lenses that come up to forty-eight millimeters wide. The sunglasses come ready to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun as they are one hundred percent ultraviolet light protection.

The sunglasses come with anti-fatigue properties, help your eyes withstand screen flickering. The glasses are all-day protection from blue light emitted by your devices and the sun. The lenses are a high-quality acetate material that passes the requirements for the EX certification.

TIJN Glasses Pros:

  • The glass block one hundred percent blue light rays
  • You can wear glasses for hours without eye fatigue
  • The glasses do not cause headaches from extended use

TIJN Glasses Cons:

  • The plastic frame can split easily
  • The lenses can pop out

Final Thoughts

Blue Blocker glasses are what you need to give your eyes a break from the stress of work and school. They work to block up to one hundred percent of ultraviolet light as well as blue light. They are durable and long-lasting while keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.

Buying a pair of Blue Blocker glasses will help you protect your eyes for the long-term while being comfortable enough to wear all the time. You do not need to worry anymore about eye damage or a broken night's sleep while wearing them. They are quality and provide you with what they promise.

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