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Buzz B Gone Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Review | 2021

Updated: May 2021

What is Buzz B Gone?

Buzz B-Gone is a compact, portable insect-killing device that naturally and efficiently zaps mosquitoes and other bugs in your home. It utilizes blue UV beams that attract bugs around the gadget, sucks them using an inbuilt 360-degree suctioning fan, and finally kills them.

The device is highly portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be placed on the table, put in a backpack, or carried conveniently by any means without posing a threat to your health. That is because Buzz B Gone, unlike the majority of insect-killing chemical solutions sold in the market, is free of chemicals and does not produce any bad smell. People of all ages can safely use this device.

However, Buzz B Gone will not be as effective if used in large buildings like churches, restaurants, or gathering halls. It is not designed to work efficiently in areas beyond its coverage.
If you love the outdoors during summer, but you hate the bites and the annoying buzz of mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, moths, and flies to name a few, then Buzz B Gone was manufactured specifically for you. It helps you prevent outbreaks of fatal diseases caused by insects such as malaria.

Thus, killing them is a health necessity, and so is owning a Buzz B Gone.
With its patented technology and design, Buzz B Gone is a means to an end for insect troubles in your home. Its working principle is based on the fact that UV radiation attracts nocturnal insects, as repeatedly depicted by science. This is why it tops the list among insect killers on the market today.

As of 2020, Buzz B Gone tops the charts as one of the best-selling UV mosquito zappers on the market. According to the popular consumer and health wellness resource list, it ranked the first compared to other devices for its elegant modern design, user-friendliness, quietness, portability, and its efficiency.

The purchase methods for Buzz B Gone are limited. The device is only available on the official website, www.BuzzBGone.com. It is not available on Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, or any other online store. It was built with convenience in mind, and as such, it comes with a 1-meter USB cable that allows you to power it using other devices such as laptops, smartphones, power banks, and car chargers among others.

Buzz B Gone is a cylinder-shaped device incorporated with convenient features that are safe and intuitively designed to carry out their task flawlessly.

The specifications include:

  • Measurement – 17 x 13 cm 
  • Voltage – 5V, 1A
  • Coverage – up to a range of 40 meters
  • Installation time – Easy 2-minute setup; plug and play
  • Technology – 360-degree UV light technology
  • Ports – Ordinary USB port, plugs into any USB-device, including wall chargers, smartphones, and laptops
  • Maintenance – 1-minute cleanup
  • Toxicity – 100 percent Non-Toxin anti-mosquito device
  • Power – 5W

The features might seem a bit strange for a device designed to bring an end to bug problems. But the following sections in this review will explain how exactly all these specifications simultaneously work to make Buzz B Gone one of the best mosquito zappers on the market.

Pros of Buzz B Gone

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Works in the most natural way
  • Poses no threat to one’s health
  • Highly portable
  • Noise-free

Cons of Buzz B Gone

  • Only available on the official website
  • Comes in limited stock
  • Not effective for large buildings

Buzz B Gone Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

What are the main features & benefits of Buzz B Gone

BuzzBGone is light, attractive, and can be carried anywhere you want to go. It does not matter whether you are camping, working late in your office, or simply barbecuing with your family and you do not need insects buzzing, it comes in handy compared to the typical bulky zappers.

Its portability allows Buzz B Gone to be placed anywhere, and it does its job quite remarkably. Simply identify those mosquito hotspots and place it there if you want to kill as many insects as possible.


One of the selling points of Buzz B Gone is its user-friendliness. How to use it is no rocket science, it is just a plug and play mosquito zapper. Simply plug it in place, power it on, and it will do the rest by itself.

Easy Maintenance

Similar to other insect zappers, Buzz B Gone gets cluttered by the bugs it catches and kills. Luckily, cleaning it involves opening half the body of the device and emptying the dead insects inside.

Highly Efficient

Utilizing natural UV technology, Buzz B Gone effectively attracts flying insects and dehydrates them to death. There are plenty of customer reviews stating how efficient the device is outdoors and indoors, to back up this point.

The efficiency of this product is better discussed in the section “How Buzz B Gone works.”

Free of Chemical

Unlike other mosquito-killing products that require refills, or need to be sprayed in your home for efficiency, Buzz B Gone is as natural as it comes. It poses no risk to your health, and is safe to use around anyone, including children.

Mosquito repellant or trappers that use chemicals often lead to skin irritation, and sprays may not sit well with people with underlying breathing problems.

However, Buzz B Gone is free of any harmful chemicals as it operates under mechanical and electrical principles with a patented UV light technology that attracts and exterminate insects.

Ordinary USB Port

Buzz B Gone comes with the normal USB cable type and can be powered by a smartphone, laptop, power bank, car charger, or a wall socket. As a result, it is very convenient wherever you may be.

Scientifically Proven Working Mechanism

Buzz B Gone uses a tried, tested, and scientifically proven working mechanism. It utilizes UV phototaxis-thermotaxis-inducing light to lure insects before dehydrating them to death.

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Why You Need to Buy Buzz B Gone

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons for many. People get excited about vacations and camping, or simply spending some good time with family at home. Everything is all glory and bliss until you are hit with the realization that the same season also means the grandest reunion of bugs all over. They buzz around nonstop, the whole day.

Insects come out to play during summer when the heat goes up. Only, they do not actually play, rather, they annoy you. These insects live outdoors, mostly, but they can easily make their way into your living quarters. When you leave your windows open for ventilation, you are also involuntarily inviting them into your home. They can also enter through the doors or any other open spaces.

Unlike house ants or the flies in your kitchen, mosquitoes are dangerous. Some, however, are not dangerous when they bite, but others carry life-threatening viruses. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world solely due to their ability to spread diseases that cause millions of deaths every year.

WHO states that in 2015 alone, malaria caused 438,000 deaths. These incidences are as a result of a 30-fold increase in dengue cases over the past three decades. Among the diseases spread by mosquitoes include zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever, which are all transmitted by a specific type of mosquito known as the Aedes aegypti mosquito. It is a global threat as more than half of the world’s population live in areas where this mosquito species is present.

For this reason, countries have taken to putting up measures to sustainably control mosquitoes to prevent disease outbreaks. These efforts have been taken up by industries that manufacture mosquito and insect-killing chemicals, devices, and gadgets among others.

Notably, most people may never contract some of the diseases spread by mosquitoes, even if they are repeatedly bitten by these flying insects. But for others, it means hospitalization, and in extreme instances, death. This is why it is always better to keep safe than risk your health. Trying to avoid mosquitoes is never a bad idea, and while we buy mosquito-killing products mainly because of these diseases, one other reason is that mosquitoes and other bugs in our homes are quite annoying.


They can induce insomnia and make you wake up with red eyes for lack of sleep. You cannot sleep peacefully, not with these insects launching attacks on you when you least expect.

There is a ton of insect-killing products on the market. While some are good at killing those little demons, others boast empty promises. As a result, some people have opted to buy mosquito nets for use in their bedrooms, but the downside to that is its impracticality regarding portability and where to set it when you leave your bedroom.

It gets worse if the other available options cause irritation, allergies, breathing, and or skin problems. The noxious smells of chemicals and the bulkiness of other mosquito zappers necessitate the use of a smart device such as Buzz B Gone.

Buzz BGone comes in handy on many occasions, not only for camping escapades. You can put it to good use wherever you go. But how does it work? Is it legitimate? What are others saying about the product? What is the pricing? How effective is it? This review will answer all those questions. Read on!

How Buzz B Gone Works

As pointed out earlier in this review, insects are naturally attracted to Ultra Violet rays. Using this technology, Buzz B Gone draws bugs close to it with a powerful LED light that is extremely safe, and once the insects are close, its suction fans suck them into the device, trapping them inside.

Like all living things, all insects, among them mosquitoes, need water to survive. However, Buzz B Gone does not contain any water inside it, but comes with a dehydrator that accelerates the dehydration process, killing the insects. 

This method of killing insects is effective, quiet, and quick. It is what every homeowner wants to eliminate all the pesky insects flying around their home. The process requires zero effort. What you would call heavy-lifting is simply plugging the device in a power source and letting it do the rest.

Step 1)  The UV rays lure mosquitoes to the device.
Step 2)  The inbuilt 360-degree powerful fan will create a suction field around the gadget. Once the bugs, attracted by the UV light, are within range, they are sucked into the rotating fan. Most of the bugs will die during the process.
Step 3)  The device comes with a basket where all the sucked in insects are dumped. The basket is detachable. This part is where the insects get dehydrated, robbing them of their source of life.

Take note
After a while, depending on how infested your home is, you will have to empty the basket to create space for more bugs. It comes highly recommended that you thoroughly wipe the inside of the basket to make sure that no smell develops over time.

Does Buzz B Gone work?

The market is filled with thousands of products that promise to be effective at what they do, and although some of them are genuine, they all often get a fair share of scamming accusations. Buzz B Gone, however, works as pointed out by customer testimonials. The only quibbles people have about the product are the purchase options and the limited stock.

Consumer reviews about Buzz B Gone posted on the official website of the product, state that the product is a must-have for everyone seeking to exterminate pesky flies. You may not trust what a company says about its products, but you can believe in the words of those who have used it.
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How to use Buzz B Gone

How to use Buzz B Gone is pretty much straightforward. It requires no technical expertise or tools to set it up. It is as simple as plug and play.

Here are the steps to getting it started to ensure an insect-free environment.

Step 1)  Using the accompanying USB cable, plug the device into a power source, be it a power outlet, power bank, or any other electrical outlet.
Step 2)  Identify and place the device in an area where bugs gather, such as your backyard, or deck, or any other insect hot-spots.
Step 3)  Sit back, relax, and let Buzz B Gone do what it does best - kill the bugs for you - ensuring you enjoy a peaceful time without the irritating buzzing sounds.
Step 4)   Clean up the device after a while. All you have to do is open it in half and dump the insects out of the compartment where they are trapped and brush the inside neatly. Plug it into a power outlet and let its suction fan to run consistently for 12 hours.

Opening the device to clean it off of the trapped bugs is done by firmly holding the base of the dehydration container and turning the handle anticlockwise until it detaches. To put it back in place, align the upper part of the device with the top edge of the dehydration compartment for a perfect fit. Turn the handle clockwise till you hear a click.

Buzz B Gone Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp
Buzz B Gone Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp
Buzz B Gone Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

For who is Buzz B Gone?

Buzz B Gone is all fancy and attractive, but who is it meant for? Can anyone use it? Does it apply to all consumers looking for a mosquito killer?

The device, in truth, may not fulfill the needs of everyone. It is small and has a range of up to 40 meters. This means that in a space that goes beyond the optimum range, Buzz B Gone will not be as effective.

Instances where Buzz B Gone will fail to effectively kill all mosquitoes is in banking halls, warehouses, large tents, churches, ballrooms, large open office spaces among others. There are better devices on the market suited for such large spaces and open fields.

On the contrary, if you have set a small tent on your backyard, or while picnicking in the countryside, Buzz B Gone is the ideal device for you. The same goes for most homes, pool decks, trailers, and other small spaces. Here, Buzz B Gone will get rid of the bugs in a jiffy!

Consequently, if you are tired of other types of insect killing methods that are not quite as effective as you would expect, if what you want is a product that can be used by and around children or with pets, then Buzz B Gone is also for you. It is particularly meant for those who desire a product that does not pose a health threat to your family.

Who is Buzz B Gone for?

Although Buzz B Gone can be used by adults and children alike, it is safe to say that it serves the purpose of a specific consumer segment. It does well for the campers, those who do not wish to use mosquito repellents, sprays, or any other technical methods of exterminating bugs at home.

Despite what other reviews may indicate, the reality is that Buzz B Gone will not do much of insect-killing in a large building like warehouses, churches, or restaurants among others. If you are looking for a mosquito zapper that is effective for open fields beyond 40 meters, it will do you good to get a large gadget that will appropriately cover the area.

Being highly portable and small in size, Buzz B Gone only works for small rooms and immediate surroundings, such as in a tent, the living room, kitchens, and the like. It also makes the ideal product for you who is searching for a mosquito killer that does not put your health at risk.


Is Buzz B Gone Legit?

When you set out to the market to purchase a product, the last thing you need is to invest in a fake item, one that does not accomplish what it was meant for, or one that only lasts for less than a month. For this reason, the manufacturer of Buzz B Gone has ensured that what you get is durable and meets all your needs. 

For one, Buzz B Gone is exclusively sold by the manufacturer's site and is not available on any other online store. This reduces the instances of the distribution of copies of the product.

It works using a scientifically proven method of luring and killing insects, and has been ranked among the best mosquito-killer devices. 

Also, the product does not emit any harmful chemicals or toxins that may pose a threat to a person's health, and there are no side effects to using the device, thanks to its UV light technology.

Where is Buzz B Gone Made?

The name of the manufacturer is often largely associated with the popularity and durability of a product. It is often one way that consumers determine whether what they purchase is worth the value of their money or not.

Buzz B Gone is supplied online by a Hong Kong-based e-commerce company called Strong Current Enterprises, which has created a number of similar devices in various industries. The company also has another office in Zetten, The Netherlands.

In Hong Kong, the company has the address: Think Tech Sales Limited, Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, WAN CHAI.

The official website of Buzz B Gone has working phone lines and email addresses. Its support email address is [email protected]

Is Buzz B Gone a Good Product?

The search for more information for Buzz B Gone led to us coming across testimonials from people who have used the product. Their experiences indicate that the device is well received and commendable.

Bugs are irritatingly annoying for everyone. Therefore, users of Buzz B Gone reported their complaints and how the device came in handy in solving their problems. There are hardly any negative reports, which is safe to say that it is considered by many as the go-to mosquito zapper today. Here are a few testimonies:

Verified Purchase

"It was really warm last Spring with lots of sunshine. The mosquitoes were out in full force, making patio time much less enjoyable. I was sceptical that this insect zapper would do the job, but it actually works very well to reduce the pests when we’re enjoying our time outside. It’s easy to empty and very portable too. "― Alan H. Baltimore, MD

Verified Purchase

“I like this product, but it took me some time to really understand how it works. If you're planning on getting one, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST! it doesnt actually 'zap' bugs, but it sucks it in with a fan then dries them up over time. IT was my mistake that I didn't read the instructions carefully. If you open the compartment right away, the mosquitos will fly into your face. YEAH. They only die after a certain amount of time. So if you do get this, be pateint and let those suckers die before opening it.― Craig T.

Verified Purchase

" Yes! We use it at our trailer and I don’t get bit when I’m sleeping at night. We also put it out by the fire and it helps protect us and our dogs from those awful mosquitos. We all love our BuzzBGone. It makes summer so much better." ― Dianne R. Spokane, WA

Does It Have Money Back Guarantee?

You will be happy to know that Buzz B Gone is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if the product does not do what it was advertised for, or is not effective, you can always return it and get a full refund.

It is worth noting that the refund does not apply to opened or used insect zappers. The manufacturer only offers a refund for unused and unopened Buzz B Gone devices. Therefore, ensure that you read the terms and conditions of the product in case you want to use the money-back guarantee - which is highly unlikely.

For this policy, you will be required to pay the shipping and handling charges for returning Buzz B Gone to the manufacturer.

Where to Buy Buzz B Gone

Buzz B Gone is sold through the official website of the product through a vendor working with the manufacturer. It can be easily ordered via the Internet or purchased online.

The manufacturer offers a competitive price that is flexible to your pockets. While it may run up to 60 Dollars a unit, if you want several units for the protection of all your rooms, then you can purchase 4 Buzz B Gone units for significantly less. This option is the best in the long run.

Here are the purchase options and pricing for you:

The units are also on offer, so as a customer, you get an attractive discount of up to 50% OFF on your first buy!

Simply log in to the website and follow the checkout instructions.

The payment methods offered for the device — PayPal or Credit Card — are secured and are risk-free. Thereafter, your Buzz B Gone will be shipped to your location, and is delivered through parcel services.


That said, Buzz B Gone is an incredible device that helps you protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes and other bugs.

It is 100 percent secure, does not pose any health risks since it is chemical-free, is easy to use, and is quite effective. We highly recommend the product. It is worth the value for your money!

Visit the official Buzz B Gone website to place your order!

Written by Adam Moreno
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