Car Dashboard 360° Phone Holder

Sun Visor Mirror
With Parking Card
Telescopic Arm
One Click Release
360° Rotating
Anti - Slip Mat
Widely Applicable
Navigate With One Hand
Car Pholder Usage
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Let’s enjoy a boundless horizon while driving on the road!
Car Dashboard Phone Holder – Securely attach your devices on the dashboard while ensuring a safe drive! Simply slide to move to the ideal position, and adjust your viewing angle without limitation – the ball joint offers 360° rotation, and tilting axis offers 180° angle tilting. Never block your view.

It can be installed in different positions of the car freely to ensure the safety of navigation and driving, while meeting various entertainment needs. Office, home, car use, can be installed on the instrument panel, rear view mirror and solar visor.
You can safely place your mobile phone where it is most needed, without blocking the line of sight.
Keeping your eyes on the road for safe driving during phone, video calling, GPS navigating, music playing or phone charging.
A wide range of applications: suitable for various scenarios, such as cars, desktops, office, walls, etc.
Real shot scene display: the upgraded bracket can be used in multiple positions 360° rotation, convenient & practical, strond & durable. 
multiple purposes phone holderCar Phone Holder

Car Dashboard 360° Phone Holder

  • easiliy rotate phone holder
  • 360°Rotation Phone holder
  • 360°Rotation Car Holder

360° Rotation Car Phone Holder

  • This car holder Easy to see the cellphone view at eye level, without blocking the sight.

  • No need to squint or turn your neck hard to see the GPS or phone interface.

  • Make driving safer, reduce the burden on eyes and neck.

360° Rotation Car Phone Holder Mount

360° rotation phone holder switch between horizontal and vertical screens make it easy to enjoy the portrait and landscape view.

One holder for multiple purposes

More convenient, can be used in car dashboard, sun visor, rearview mirror. 360 Degree rotation, switch between horizontal and vertical screens at your will. Clip It Anywhere. Not only for the dashboard, but you can also clip it on the sun visor or even the front mirror.

180° Tilt & Folding Car Bracket

Will provide you with the best viewing angle, so you could see the phone screen clearly and keep secure driving rather than limited by view angle. When not in use the car phone stand can folds flat and easily fits in a center console, glove box, or door pocket to keep it out of the way.

  • One hand Operation
  • multiple purposes phone holder
  • multi function car holder
  • 180° Tilt Phone holder
  • Phone Holder Safety
  • car phone stand can folds flat
  • Folding Car Bracket

Safety & Stable

Anti-Slip & Shock-proof
No more sliding or falling off even taking a sharp turn, sudden stop, or acceleration. Made of anti-slip silicone pad & clip with 4 rounded clamps to tightly hold the device with the shockproof feature, providing a stable viewing.

Holds Securely
Adopts HUD (Head-up Display) simulating design which firmly holds your device within driving viewpoint to prevent refocusing.

The phone holder can be attached to the car dashboard or curved surface and firmly hold your electric device order to prevent them from scratching and dropping.

Ensure zero waggle of your phone even in a bumpy road.

Wide Compatibility

The car phone mount fits for Smartphone from 3 to 7 inches. The adjustable spring clipper design is great fits for most cars and others plane. Support phone with slim case.

  • Suitable for 3-7 inch cell phones
  • One hand Operation
  • compatibility cell phones
  • Design Phone Holder
  • anti bumps protect the phone


High-quality materials: made of high-quality materials, strong and durable.

Mobile phone anti slip mat strengthened cushioning, anti bumps protect the phone.


The car phone mount fits for Smartphone from 3 to 7 inches. The adjustable spring clipper design is great fits for most cars and others plane. Support phone with slim case.

  • Car Mobile Phone Holder Size
  • Car Mobile Phone Holder specification
Parking Number Plate Phone Holder

Parking Number Plate

HUD Car Mobile Phone Holder With Parking Number Plate

Customers Love Car Dashboard 360° Phone Holder

  • Finally, a stable phone dash mount!

    This may be the 7th or 8th car phone mount I’ve bought over the years. Suction mounts, vent mounts, they all suck.

    Suction mounts fall off in cold weather or just because they want to. Vent mounts were always unstable and some just trash your vents. Not to mention blocking airflow.

    So finally I ordered this and at last, this is a mount that stays solidly in place, enough to move your phone around all you need, and so long as you have a lip on your dash, it will work. My dash is curved, but the mount worked perfectly.

    Verified Customer
  • A great option!

    Finally!!!! A cell phone holder that doesn't require adhesive, suction, or clipping to my vents!! The cup holders didn't work for me. This is perfect. Securely holds my phone, clips to my dash, option of horizontal or vertical positions.

    Verified Customer
  • Nice and secure phone holder.

    My daughter is almost two and she loves this!
    Fits and holds well, easy to use and has a very strong clip. You do need about 2 inches of flat dashboard overhang for it to hold. I would recommend this to anyone, it would also make a wonderful gift.

    Verified Customer

Car Dashboard 360° Phone Holder

One Car Holder For Multiple Purposes

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