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Common Car Fix Problems And Many Ways You Can Prevent Them

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About Common Car Fix Repairs

Having a car is an excellent convenience until the dreaded threat of car repairs comes to dent your wallet. Then the fear of how much it will cost to repair your car and how much longer your car will be roadworthy begin to knock at your head.

In the U.S, nearly 175,000 businesses run as mechanical automotive repair shops. About two-thirds of these repair shops are family-owned. Statistics from AAA reveal that an average car repair can cost between $500 and $600. This can be a bit costly for most individuals, but with the priority is to keep yourself and your family, car fix repairs as recommended by your mechanic is paramount.

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How much does it cost for a diagnostic test on a car?

Most modern fuel-injected cars come with automatic transmissions, ignition systems, and fuel injection systems that are controlled by computers. These computers receive data continuously from different sensors to optimize the combustion process. In the event a sensor reports an issue, your car engine light turns on to alert you to get a diagnostic test. But how much does it cost?

Typically, the cost for a diagnostic test on a car depends on several things. These include the model, make, and your region. According to SuperMoney, the average cost for car fix diagnostic tests is roughly $82, with prices range between $65 and $100 across the U.S states. This cost caters to a diagnostic test while the repair cost is billed separately. So what are the most common car repairs?

Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

  • Oil and oil filter change
  • Replace air filter
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Wiper blades replacement
  • Engine tune-up
  • Brake pads and brake work
  • Tire changes
  • Antifreeze added
  • Wheel alignment
  • Battery replacement

Save Your Car On Unexpected Car Fix Repairs! Here's How You Can Get It Too

Is there a problem with your car?

Even if you drive your car daily, it does not necessarily mean that you always know or understand every problem your car has. You, however, should at least know when your vehicle has a problem. When your vehicle has an issue, but you sit on it, it often aggravates into a bigger problem, which will attract more expenses for car fix repairs. Here are some of the considerations that you should make if you suspect your car has a problem.

How serious is it?

Don't take your car repair warnings lightly! These small issues can quickly graduate to more serious problems that will cost you dearly at the repair shop. To save on unexpected car repairs, therefore, you need to assess the problem quickly and take action. For instance, check engine light could be a sign that your car engine is misfiring, which can lead to a high temperature of the catalytic converter. If this isn't handled right away, it can potentially lead to more damages to the engine and subsequent hefty repair bills!

Is it an emergency?

Some car problems require immediate attention. If your car jerks whenever you're shifting gears or shifting your gear to reverse, your transmission has a problem. And such a problem needs to be checked right away.

But how much will it cost?

Some car fix repairs can be costly while others won't cost as much. As such, you need to figure out what is ailing your car before rushing to the auto repair shop. You can get a diagnostic test done for your vehicle, which will cost you between $500 and $1000. Once you get the real problem, you can proceed to repairs.

The Top 3 Ways Mechanics Can Rip You Off!


Shady mechanics will often rip you off without you even realizing it. This is because they know when and how to exploit you! In fact, some mechanics rip off all customers who don't know what repairs their cars require whenever they visit auto repair shops. You, however, can protect your wallet whenever you visit an auto shop. So, how do you do that?

Firstly, know the kind of repairs that your car needs before you drive into the auto shop. Secondly, be aware of the openings that shady mechanics could capitalize on to rip you off. Regrettably, there are several openings of this kind. Here are the top three opportunities that crooked mechanics look out for to rip you off!

Ripoff Opportunity #1: 'Check Engine Light'


When the 'Check Engine Light' flashes on, this is a sign that you're in for trouble with your shady mechanic. Also referred to as 'The Idiot Light', most mechanics know that many drivers don't have any idea why it came on. As such, they can tell you all manner of stories just to get more money from you on unnecessary repairs and labor. One tool that can help you with such problems is an OBD2 diagnostic scanner. FIXD is one those device that can keep track of your car's health and notify you when there is a problem.

Ripoff Opportunity #2: 'Tune-Ups/Maintenance'

For a shady mechanic looking to rip you off, not every tune-up is the same. Before you take your car to an auto shop for maintenance, at least check your car's manual to see its maintenance requirements. This is because a 30-minute inspection of your vehicle could easily turn into 5 hours or an overnight stay with an exaggerated bill for parts and labor that you didn't need in the first place.

Ripoff Opportunity #3: 'Oil Change'

Have you ever noticed that when you go for a simple oil change, the service chap is usually ready to present you with a list of flushes that need to be done even before you sit? That your car needs a coolant flush, brake fluid flush, transmission flush, and power steering flush, among others? In industry circles, this is known as the "Wallet Flush."


How FIXD Eliminates the STRESS of Car Trouble

With FIXD, you can get information continuously about the condition of your car. Once you switch on your vehicle, FIXD sensor quickly inspects your vehicle and reports any problem detected. It can alert you about more than 7,000 potential issues with your car in real-time.


Check out three of the main features that you will find incredibly helpful in FIXD!

  1. Easy-to-understand 'Check Engine Light' Translations
    FIXD inspects and detects the specific problem(s) that activates the check engine light and translates it to simple terms for easy understanding. Moreover, it allows you to turn off the 'Check Engine Light' easily without facing the crooked mechanic.
  2. See How SEVERE the Problem Is
    The universal 'Check Engine Light' doesn't even reveal how severe or critical the problem is but only flashes on and off. This isn't any help. However, FIXD can pinpoint the exact problem and informs you of how severe it is. It will also tell you the possible consequences if the problem is left unhandled.
  3. Oil Change & Maintenance Reminders
    Once you plug your FIXD in, it syncs up with your car's make, model, and its present miles. Based on the car manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, FIXD will send updates and alerts to your phone when your car's maintenance is getting closer. With this, you will plan and get your car serviced on time.

Know EXACTLY What Your Car Needs In 3 Easy Steps

  • Plug FIXD into your vehicle's diagnostic port. Anyone can do this since it requires no tools or professional skills
  • Synchronize it with your phone with the help of the free FIXD app
  • Open the App and press SCAN. FIXD will do all the inspections and send you a report via notifications about any engine problem, upcoming maintenance, and many others.

NOTE: If and when the 'Check Engine Light' comes on, FIXD will inspect and tell you the specific cause of the problem in the simplest terms possible. If the problem isn't serious, you can switch off the 'Check Engine Light' from your app!

True Story Testimonials

Women Who Don't Want to Get Ripped Off

As a woman, it is difficult to get a mechanic who can get it right whenever I need my car serviced for regular maintenance or repair. That is why I rely on FIXD and its app. Nowadays, I save more for every visit to the auto shop even though I had to pay $57 for the gadget. No regrets yet! It has lots of useful features to ensure your car runs smoothly without squeezing your wallet. I recommend it!

Kim Daniel

Buying FIXD is the best thing I have ever done. It is amazingly easy to use and perfect for anyone who doesn't understand the technical issues that a car might develop. Equally, it is great for any woman that has been ripped off by crooked mechanics. The downfall of this device is that it has become a 'sell-out' instead of keeping true to its original price and content. Regardless, you won't regret buying this gadget.

Michelle Roy

Older Women that Have no Knowledge of Mechanics

As an older woman, I only have limited mechanical knowledge. For this reason, my van's overheating problem was misdiagnosed by more than five mechanics. Their diagnosis ran almost everywhere from the head gasket, complete engine rebuild to a thermostat issue. FIXD diagnosed it in less than a minute to point out that the problem was a coolant temperature sensor or its wiring. Surprisingly, someone saw the sparks from a wire out on the frame. Therefore, FIXD seems to be applicable!

Erin McClean

Undoubtedly, FIXD has been helpful to me in many different ways of knowing what needs repairing on my car, especially when it comes to crooked mechanics out to rip us off owing to mum's limited knowledge of mechanics.

Jamie Dickerson

This app is awesome, and I love it! As a woman, it has helped me a lot with unlimited information about vehicles. When my car needs maintenance or repair, I understand what the mechanics need to do without screwing me around.

Tammy Man

FIXD was gifted to me, and l like it! It is great and assures me that my car is running smoothly. A simple connection and link to the app on my phone is enough to get started. Besides, it is easy to follow and read!

Kate Burpee


Your Most Powerful Defense To Getting Scammed By Shady Mechanics Is Here.

Whenever drivers see the Check Engine Light come on or hear a strange clicking sound, they often go to the auto car fix shop to have the cars checked. Instead of driving to the auto shop without a clue of your vehicle engine problem, FIXD allows you to go equipped! This alone gives you the confidence to face the mechanic and tell him or her what needs to be fixed instead of letting him or her intimidate you. As such, crooked mechanics won't be able to rip you off!

What We Recommend to Keep your Car and Bank Account in Good Shape:

  • Put aside $50 every month for emergency auto repairs
  • Follow your car manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule
  • Get comfortable with a mechanic you trust
  • Prefer written estimates for unanticipated repairs and confirm if indeed they need to be done by a mechanic.
  • Get a second opinion when and where possible.
  • Grab the shop discounts or payment plans to keep out-of-pocket expenses low. You should also negotiate the prices where possible.

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