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Best Car Radar Detectors - Review

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The best radar detector needs to be many things. In a world of constant trouble and distractions, you need to find the best radar detector on the market that can give you real-world information while you drive. You also need to find something worth your time to review and invest in so you know of problems and avoid them.

Cobra Road Scout

  • Accurate radar detection with driver alert system
  • Integrated full HD 1080p Dash Cam
  • Full-color LCD screen with speed limit display
  • Easy to install with friendly control settings

What should you look for in the best radar detector?

The best radar detector comes with multiple things that make it work hard and find all the threats. As you look for the best radar detector that keeps you aware of all the threats, consider the following as you do your homework. Research each best radar detector to determine if it will meet your needs.


The best car radar detector will have an incredible range. A common complaint from buyers of cheaper and older models of detectors is the limited range the detectors have. A good and high-quality detector will let you know minutes before you are on top of the speed trap, red light camera, or other traffic slow-down.

The range must be very wide and let you know minutes in advance so you can slow down accordingly. Poor quality or old detectors often do not let you know before you are within seconds of the trap causing you to be caught going just slightly too fast.

Types of Radar Detection

The police are getting smarter about having their systems turned off until the last second or using laser detection. You need a radar detector that will look for more than just speed trap guns. Your new detector needs to pick up the speed trap guns, laser targeting, and police scanners to ensure you are completely aware of what is around you. Poor quality and outdated radar detectors often only have one way to pick up signals, when the modern world requires the best radar detector to have multiple ways to detect threats.

Make sure you are buying the best radar detector that will pick up multiple types of signals. If the detectors you are looking at do not list how they detect road threats, do some digging to find out if the website is lacking information, or whether it is a poor quality detector.


The design of the display can make a huge difference in how easy it is to use and understand the scanner at a glance. When looking at radar detectors, make sure you can easily understand what the detector is showing you. A good quality scanner will only require you to glance at if momentarily for safety and understanding.


Smart Technology

Smart technology can be a combination of built-in programming and GPS. The most important thing about smart technology is that it must learn your routine. If the detector cannot learn where the regular false alarm spots are on your route, you will receive constant reminders that will interrupt your day.

The right combination of GPS and built-in technology can also help your radar detector build a database for people like you so a community can know where there are problems. Having a database of red light cameras and speed traps makes it easier to avoid and update as new information becomes available. You do not have to particulate in the communities to always receive updates, but it can help customize your system down to the minute level.


A common complaint about many of the older detectors is constant noise. You need to know that problems are near, but if the system never stops making noise, it will be a constant irritant. Make sure there is a way to help the system learn your normal driving routine so a lot of the noise you will hear so you can eliminate the reminders you are already aware of.

How it mounts

Some radar detectors mount to your windshield, while other to your dashboard or the underside of your dashboard. You need to know how your new detector is to work in your vehicle to prevent damage to the vehicle and to avoid poor designs. A frequent complaint about detectors is a poor mounting design that lets the radar wiggle around or is too weak to hold the weight of the detector.

Know the design and make sure it works for your vehicle. Drilling holes into your dashboard can cause problems, and mounting using suction cups can cause even lightweight radar detectors to fall when you hit a bump. The type of hardware for your detector is almost as important as the detector.


A good radar detector does not come cheap. You are buying the latest technology that can pick up a multitude of ways to know when trouble is near. You are also purchasing something you want to last for years. A detector of lesser price is less likely to have the range and the number of detection features you require to stay clear of problem areas around your city.

What is the best radar detector?

The best radar detector is the one within your price range that will work for your car and schedule. Do your homework and know exactly what each type of radar will give you and determine whether it will be the best fit for your needs. Remember, the best is not always the most expensive, but if you go too cheap, you will likely regret your decision.

1. Cobra Road Scout

Cobra Road Scout
Cobra Road Scout Sensors
Cobra Road Scout Side
Cobra Scout Top

The Cobra Road Scout is a two in one alerts system for your vehicle. Built with the latest detection technology, you receive notification of upcoming threats within moments of receiving a signal. The Cobra has intelligent sensors so you can catch those moments before and while they occur.

The Cobra radar has a long-range laser that scouts the road ahead of you as you drive. The system to block out false alerts and uses a GPS database to bounce location-based signals to your radar detector. You will receive signals for red light cameras, speed trap cameras, and other alerts for future trouble.

The dash camera has very clear HD visuals of 1080p. The sensors include a G-Sensor for impact detection and an optimized system for recording your activities in the day and the night. A continuous loop system lets you view your recordings using WiFi, edit them, and share the videos all from your Smartphone.

Cobra Road Scout Pros:

  • The dash came sends you notifications for all kinds of serious detections, including red light cameras and speed traps.
  • The video recordings are HD 1080p.
  • You can view, edit, and share your dashcam videos with your friends and family.

Cobra Road Scout Cons:

  • The dashcam is not cost-effective.
  • The magnet that holds the camera at a fixed position can become loose.

2.Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range

The UNIDEN R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector is a leading industry detector. The detector provides you with a high level of protection against road problems and speeding tickets.

The Uniden detector uses GPS technology to not only detect upcoming traffic stops but remember where they happen.

The ability to remember will let you know in advance where a speed trap is and let you weed out any false alerts from the nearby police station or automatic retail door. You will never get the same false alert again.

You can use your new Uniden detector to know when you are approaching red light cameras and speed trap cameras with pre-loaded locations sensing. Your radar detector will receive updates with the latest changes in road traffic stop patterns and habits, so you will always be aware of it. A multi-colored display helps you glance at the car radar detector radar without needing to take your eyes off the road, and a voice alert system lets you verbally know when there are problems ahead.

Uniden R3 Pro:

  • You can help your detector learn false alerts and filter out the ones that are not real.
  • The radar detector has a color-coded display, which makes it easy to glance at it and know your degree of threat.
  • You can detect red light and speed trap cameras well before you are on top of them.

Uniden R3 Cons:

  • The speakers are poor quality and can burn out within the year.
  • The range needs to be greater for better accuracy.

3. Cobra DualPro 360°

The Cobra DualPro 360° is an elite radar detector. The design of the car radar detector lets it be multi-directional so that you will have a high level of accuracy all around your moving vehicle.

The multi-directional design lets you eliminate false alerts and be aware of any trouble traveling towards you.The Cobra radar will pick up everything from local law enforcement to red light cameras and distracted drivers.

The Cobra radar comes with an easy to read, high-resolution screen that lets you know everything about your surroundings.

Cobra DualPro 360

You can train it to automatically reject false alerts and reduce unwanted noise from the detector constantly going off. Advanced front and rear-facing antennas help you receive signals before you are anywhere near them.

An advanced high-speed digital signature readings help the detector search for threats at a faster pace than older models and in a wider range. You will receive early warnings for laser guns to avoid speed traps. A convenient Cobra radar app helps you control your adventures and share them with friends and family for a fully informed network.

Cobra DualPro 360° Pros:

  • You can pick up speed traps and other problems all around you,
  • You can control and upload your adventures using the accompanying app.
  • The car radar detector filters out false alerts.

Cobra DualPro 360° Cons:

  • The Cobra radar will constantly beep as it learns your routes and determines what is false.
  • The hardware can come with glitches that require customer assistance to resolve.

4. Uniden R7 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector

The Uniden R7 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector is ultra-sensitive at short and long-range problems. The car radar detector comes with advanced technology to help you determine where and when to look for threats. 

The system has a built-in advanced false alert system that filters out the false alarms as you choose. The detector comes with dual antennas with directional arrows that let you know what direction the threat is coming from so you can adjust your speed ahead of time.

You even receive information about how strong the signal is, so you know how serious the trap is. GPS technology helps you find and mute false alerts along your regular routes.

You can detect red light and speeding cameras as you drive down familiar roads with pre-loaded data from Free Databases and Firmware that keeps you informed of the latest road changes. Updates are always available with the latest threats, so your system will never be out of date. The display is large and multi-colored, so you can always know what your system is telling you, which includes a voice alert system, so you don't miss a thing.

Uniden R7 Pros:

  • Directional arrows let you know where the treat is.
  • Your system gets updated regularly, so you will always be aware of the latest threats.
  • A built-in voice alert system keeps you updated through verbal warnings.

Uniden R7 Cons:

  • The antennas can go bad, causing limited detection.
  • The system never stops making noise even during regular commuting.

5. ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector

The ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector contains autolearn technology built into its mainframe.
The radar learns your regular route and uses GPS intelligence and IVT filtering.

AutoSensitivity technology uses that technology to eliminate false alerts and learn when to alert you based on your vehicle speed.

The radar operates in a three hundred sixty degree circle around your vehicle and alerts you with an on-screen arrow as to where the upcoming threat is.

The arrow uses your location as its main point of reference when it picks up police scanners and other threats.The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) lets you know quickly when a threat is near and provides you with an accurate location of the future problems.

You can join a community of Escort users by connecting with the app so you can all work together to build a map of threats around your community. The threats include traffic stops, speed traps, and red light cameras. You can also receive alerts in case there are changes to the speed limit. As a community, you can receive updates because of the threats so that you can have updated information.


  • Your radar learns your route so it can filter out false alerts.
  • You can download the app to help work with your community to detect threats.
  • Arrows let you know where threats are coming from.


  • The radar lets you know when you are over the speed limit.
  • The mounting supplies could be stronger as the radar can easily fall.

Final Thoughts

When you go looking for the best radar detector, you need to know the money you are spending is buying a quality piece of equipment. You need something with very wide radar that can detect miles around you as you drive and be accurate in its detection. The best radar detector is the Cobra Road Scout.

The Cobra Road Scout is the best radar detector because of the way it learns. Other types of radar do not learn your routes accurately and present you with constant noise. The Cobra Road Scout uses advanced technology always to know where you are in your city and where there are traffic stops, speed traps, and other things that can cause you to get a ticket.

As the best radar detector, the Cobra Road Scout is a car radar detector and dashcam. You can capture your drive as well as avoid trouble through using GPS and the laser detecting abilities, so you can be alert day and night to traffic stops. You can edit and upload your videos to your friends and family so everyone can be as informed as you are.

Written by Carl Browning

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