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Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car? Should You Do It?

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Taking care of your car is something that every car lover loves to do. All car enthusiasts want their vehicles to look like the day they bought them.

We can't do much when it comes to natural disasters, but we can find a product that can help us maintain our car and give it a beautiful glow like the first day we bought it.

Taking care of your car is relatively easy if you're doing it with Ceramic Coating. You might have heard of "Ceramic Coating or Nano-Ceramic Coating," but in case you haven't, stick around to find out.

Before purchasing any Ceramic Coating products, don't just go out and buy the first one that you come across. 

We spent countless hours researching and testing to find the best one for you, so if you decide to buy from our link and are unsure if it's safe, don't worry because the product comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you don't have time to read all the information presented here, what you can do is skip to the conclusion to see what product we recommend for ceramic coating.


What is a Ceramic Coating?

The most straightforward answer is that it's a chemical polymer applied directly to the exterior of a car. The task of ceramic coating is to protect car paint.

Regular wax used on car paint only sits on the surface for a few months and is washed off quite easily, while the ceramic coating bonds with paint and remains for a couple of years.

The fantastic thing about ceramic coating is that you don't have to apply it every few months like regular wax.

Ceramic Coating Advantages

Now that you know what a ceramic coating is, it's good to tell you its advantages.

Protection Against UV (ultraviolet) Damage

Cracks or fading are common paint problems that most car owners face. These problems happen when you leave a vehicle in the sun for too long. In this situation, applying ceramic coating would act as a shield in protecting your car from UV rays.

Protection Against Tiny Scratches

Tiny scratches will disappear from your car when you apply ceramic coating to the vehicle.

You need to know that ceramic coating can't protect your car from huge scratches. If you have a problem with huge scratches, we suggest trying the Revive Car Scratch Remover from Shine Armor.

Get Rid of Dirty Water Spots

With ceramic coating, your car will be protected from dirty rain spots. In addition, ceramic coating hydrophobic quality will repel rain from your car and give you peace of mind.

Prevents Bad Substances Such as Bird Droppings

Bird droppings contain uric acid and stomach enzymes. So when they drop things like that on your car, the droppings will dissolve into the paint if you don't clean it regularly.

Repairing paint can be pretty expensive, especially when it's done by a professional. A cheaper solution would be to buy a product that can apply ceramic coating to your car, and it would save you hundreds of dollars from visiting a professional.


Ceramic Coating Disadvantages

Unfortunately, every product has its disadvantages. Here is a list of potential ones.

  • You Can't Use It to Remove Swirl Marks or Rock Chips. Ceramic coating is not resistant to the risk of rock chips or swirl marks.
  • If you hire a professional, it can be costly. Hiring a professional to apply ceramic coating is excellent, but it can take 1-2 days. You will not just pay for the coating but professional service as well.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth Buying?

Yes, it's worth buying. Adding long-term value to your car is an excellent option that ceramic coating offers you. However, you need to know that ceramic coating is not a one-stop solution for all your paint worries. 

There is no product in the market right now that can guarantee the complete protection of your vehicle.

Best Product for the Ceramic Coating?

We always have our readers in mind when we're searching for the best solution for their needs. After researching and testing a lot of products, we came across a product called Shine Armor.

Shine Armor is a 3-in-1 ceramic waterless wash, shine and protect formula. To help car owners with ceramic coating problems, they've also added other great features, such as:

  • Surfactants
  • A perfect blend of soaps
  • Excellent SiO2 ceramic protective coating
  • No water required
  • 20x Stronger than any wax
  • No smearing or scratching

How to Use Shine Armor

Keeping in mind that this spray cleans, seals, and protects your car quickly, it's also very simple to use.

It's as easy as 1,2,3! 

1. SPRAY - Spray Shine Armor on the surface of your car or a microfiber towel or cloth.

Shine Armor Spray

2. RUB - Lightly rub the surface of the car with a towel.

Shine Armor Rub

3. BUFF - And lastly, use a dry towel and buff the remaining residue before it dries.

Shine Armor Rub


Ceramic coating is a good solution for car owners who want to protect the original shine of their vehicles.

If you think that is a one-stop investment, you're wrong. Hiring a professional is expensive, but buying a DIY product at home is cheaper but requires your effort.

Buying a product that is hard to use is not a good idea. But buying something like Shine Armor that is good, cheap, and easy to use is the best investment.

And lastly, keep in mind to only buy ceramic coating products from their official websites.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
One comment on “Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car? Should You Do It?”
  1. Avatar for Tammie HoustonTammie Houston says:

    It's good to know that ceramic coating can help prevent any UV damage or tiny scratches on my vehicle. Our two cars don't fit in our garage so one always has to stay outside whenever we park them both at home. This leaves them vulnerable to the elements and since our driveway is right under a pinecone tree the falling pinecones often leave scratches on the car as well. Hopefully, if I get ceramic coating for my vehicles that won't be as big of an issue for me anymore like you said.

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