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Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car? Should You Do It?

3 comments on “Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car? Should You Do It?”

  1. Thanks for explaining that car ceramic coating can also help in preventing UV-related damages. I plan to get my car detailed soon in order to make it look fresh and new. Perhaps getting protective coating for it is also something I would want to have soon.

  2. Protecting my car from UV Ray damage definitely sounds like something I can benefit from. Since our area is quite hot most of the time, I can see this really add up in the long run. To prevent the heat from causing overtime damage to my car, I'll get an auto service to help me out with some ceramic coating.

  3. It's good to know that ceramic coating can help prevent any UV damage or tiny scratches on my vehicle. Our two cars don't fit in our garage so one always has to stay outside whenever we park them both at home. This leaves them vulnerable to the elements and since our driveway is right under a pinecone tree the falling pinecones often leave scratches on the car as well. Hopefully, if I get ceramic coating for my vehicles that won't be as big of an issue for me anymore like you said.

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