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Child Face Mask Review

Updated: April 2021

Face Masks for Children

As a parent, I am always looking for ways to keep my children safe and healthy. I have wanted to give them face masks but they always resisted. The masks were too big and uncomfortable, not to mention ugly. I wish I had known about Childfacemask then and am thrilled to know about it now!

Prevent allergies & virus infection

Should My Child Use a Mask?

There are so many reasons someone might want to give their child the protective benefits of a face mask. Stepping outside your door exposes you to any number of germs. In addition, if you live anywhere besides the most isolated of places, you are exposed to large amounts of air pollution. As unpleasant as all this is for us, it is even more important to keep growing children protected from these environmental hazards.

Child Face Mask

That said, you need the correct face mask for your own situation. If your children are immunocompromised, you need something that offers more intensive protection. Your doctor should be the one to give you advice on your particular medical situation. This also holds true for those living in intensely polluted environments. For some, a basic cloth mask is enough but it is hard to know if your family needs something more.

Masks are only as effective as their proper use, however. If a mask is not used properly or does not fit, it might as well not be worn. This can provide problems for the littlest members of our families for whom most masks are far too large. When choosing a mask for your children, a proper fit is of the utmost importance.

How To Put On Child Mask

Childfacemask Fills a Need

With so much conflicting information out there about face masks, and the fact that I couldn’t keep one on my child anyway, it felt like there was no point in even trying to find the right mask for my family. Thank goodness I found out about Childfacemask!

Childfacemask manages to merge the comfort of a cloth mask but the protection of a more full spectrum mask. They are small, designed to fit on a child’s face and come in cute patterns kids love.

What Childfacemask offers


  • Offers high levels of protectionlighting and a proven active ingredient means it's more likely to work well.
  • Is designed for a child’s face
  • Comes in cute paterns and colors
  • Is reusable


  • Costs more than a basic mask
  • High demand limits pattern choices

The Highest Level of Protection Available

In adults, one of the types of masks that offers the best protection is the N95. N95 type masks have a tightly woven, cross hatched fabric that catches most of what is in the air before getting it to the wearer. It also keeps anything the wearer is putting out away from everyone around them.

The fact is, though, N95 is not a great option for children. They are heavy and hard to breathe through. The KN90 or ffp2, which Childfacemasks are, are lighter but still provide maximum protection. Also important to note, these certifications are just that, a mask company cannot just say they are selling any level of mask without providing evidence to back it up. Childfacemask gives you a certified mask, which comes with the peace of mind that science backs them up.

They provide even more defense than that though, their nonwoven, antibacterial fabric keeps you child breathing clear. They even have an active carbon filter for extra protection.

Child Safe Mask KN90

Get the Right Fit

Filtration is important to consider in a mask but just an important is appropriate fit. If a mask is too big or too small or doesn’t cover the face correctly, it won’t do its job. This is where Childfacemask’s products really shine. Besides being smaller and therefore the right size for little faces, they have a variety of features to go above and beyond where fit is concerned.

To start with, the ear elastic is adjustable. This gives you the opportunity to really make sure your child has the mask snug on their face, without being uncomfortably tight. We also know that children are going to fiddle with whatever mask they use. To combat this they included high quality elastic that can better hold the mask in place in spite of wiggly kids. The masks also have an adjustable nose bridge that allows you to get the front of the mask in the correct position without making glasses fog up or providing a place for germs to get in.

Product Features Child Face Mask

Convenient For Frequent Use

One of the most appealing parts of Childfacemasks for me is the fact that they are reusable. Wherever you get your face masks, good ones are going to cost a bit more. With Childfacemask, though, you can get your money’s worth by reusing it many times without worrying about it losing effectiveness.

To add to the convenience, Childfacemask uses ultrasonic sewing technology to make the mask easily foldable. This makes it easier to keep the mask around so you can have it whenever it is needed.

Comfortable and breathable Child Face Mask

Kids Love them!

Between well fitted comfort and adorable patterns, you will have no problems getting your children to wear this mask.

Their Customers Love it

At the end of the day, when it comes to the safety of my children, who I really want to hear from are other parents. I looked around for reviews and found that parents absolutely love these masks!

”These masks are awesome. My kiddo wears a mask every time we are out and about. He was tired of using the paper ones because they were itchy. Now when he wears these ones no complaints. I'm a happy mama!”
Geena P.

Customer Review Child Face Mask

A Great Solution

It is hard these days to make sure your child stays happy and healthy. The balance between a mask that provides real protection and one that your child will actually wear is a hard one to balance. Thankfully, Childfacemask has our backs with the perfect product. These KN90 and ffp2 graded masks offer top level protection and an additional carbon filter keeps the vast majority of bad stuff away from your child.

They are reusable and easy to stow away when not needed and are comfortable for your child to wear. And best of all, your child will look even more adorable in these great patterns. Browse the options over at Childfacemask.com for a fantastic choice for your family.


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Written by Eric Parker

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