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Cleaner Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit Review - Must Read Before Buying

Updated: April 2021

I used to apply makeup and notice the stark contrast with my teeth due to the yellowing brought about by my love for tea. The Cleaner Smile LED teeth whitening kit was not available when I addressed this problem, but how I wish it were! This product does a great job tackling all the conventional concerns that people with discolored teeth experience.


Things to consider before buying an LED teeth whitening kit

An LED teeth whitening kit enhances your confidence by removing teeth stains and yellowing for a whiter and brighter smile. You can end up losing your grin entirely, showing the importance of tackling this issue by finding the proper solutions.

If you love drinking coffee, tea, or wine yet hate the discoloration the drinks cause, then this package is for you. The elderly and smokers are also ideal users since they also experience teeth coloration from aging and tobacco. Most kits incorporate premium components with a gentle effect on sensitive teeth, allowing various users to whiten their enamels.

However, since this product requires regular application and durable maintenance, it might not be ideal for impatient users. If you are looking for a quick fix, visiting a dentist for professional and efficient solutions is best.

cleaner smile led whitening kit review

What to consider

  • The package – You want to know what the box contains to avoid overspending on separate purchases of certain accessories. Finding the kit with all the necessary tools also makes utility at the home, office, or on the go more comfortable.
  • The Ingredients – When you know what is in the gel, you can confidently apply the product while adhering to the guidelines. You can understand the whitening process while also keeping an eye out for potential allergic reactions.
  • Application method – You should get a kit having a user manual with direct instructions for stress-free utility. Understanding the dos and don'ts facilitates consistency with satisfactory results.
  • Discipline – You need discipline and strict following of the instructions for the product to work effectively. It is best to be patient to enjoy long-term benefits without premature frustrations and complaints.
  • Warranty – Look at the security provided to ensure you have enough room to monitor any unexpected or adverse effects before running out of time. You also want to learn the guarantee conditions to know what to expect when you wish to return the product.

Presenting Cleaner Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit

cleaner smile led whitening kit

Have you ever found yourself straining to keep your smile in check to hide your teeth? Are you familiar with that frustrating feeling when noticing the discoloration in your enamel? Well, technological advancements allow you to get the right item and address this problem right at home without inconvenient trips to a dentist.

The Cleaner Smile LED teeth whitening kit is a product that can help you in bringing back a confident smile. It requires around 15-minute application per day and whitens your teeth within 21 days of regular usage.

The kit comes in two styles, the Regular Strength and Maximum Strength.
They containin 35-percent and 44-percent Carbamide peroxide, allowing you to pick your desired version. It also comes with an LED mouthpiece with an ergonomic USB connector and phone attachments compatible with Android and iPhone devices for maximum convenience. You can put aside worries about continual purchases because the brand offers a 6-month supply with every package. [2]

The Cleaner Smile LED teeth whitening kit is the suitable choice if you are looking to eliminate years' worth of teeth stain from smoking, aging, or drinking tea, wine, and coffee. Notably, its enamel-safe components enable you to use it without pain or irritation, making it perfect for users with tooth sensitivity. However, if you are not ready to be diligent in the application, then you should look at other options because this kit requires patience and discipline for long-term effect.

Cleaner Smile Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for users with sensitive teeth
  • Safe for braces, veneers, bridges, crowns, caps, and gums
  • Ergonomic USB charger and attachments compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Comes with an LED mouthpiece
  • Convenient to use and clean


  • Requires discipline with regular application
  • Results last for a limited time, ranging from 6 to 12 months
  • Need to apply for 15 minutes each day

Cleaner Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit Features & Benefits

In essence, the Cleaner Smile LED teeth whitening kit presents a simple solution to dental care from the comfort of your home.

Although that may sound cliche, the package includes high-quality accessories with easy-to-use guidelines, enhancing your convenience while brightening your smile. Here, we take a more in-depth look at the product's main features and the advantages they offer.

Cleaner Smile Before and After

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Enamel-friendly Components

It uses a premium and advanced gel designed with 35% Carbamide Peroxide, delivering whitening results at home or on the go. [1]
This effective ingredient is the secret to the product's powerful performance while simultaneously remaining gentle on sensitive teeth and gingivitis.
You can achieve a brighter smile without fretting about animal or environmental safety because kit does not contain animal by-products.

This product is also safe for braces, caps, veneers, bridges, and caps, allowing you to work on your teeth without limitations when having these aids.
Let us take a closer look at the three main ingredients used in this Cleaner Smile LED teeth whitening kit.


Carbomer works as a whitening agent in this kit, which gives your teeth the whitest color via an oxidizing effect. The blue light produced by the LED mouthpiece activates this ingredient and the Carbamide peroxide, leading the gel to enter your enamel. This process lifts the short-term and long-term stains caused by durable drinking of wine, soda, tea, and coffee. [1]

It also helps smokers and the elderly because it removes the yellowing resulting from cigarettes and aging factors.

This product works effectively on your teeth to prevent new stains from developing, easily allowing you to manage your lifestyle.


Peppermint Oil

This product contains peppermint oil that gives it a minty flavor, leaving your mouth feeling cool. You can confidently talk during business and professional meetings without worries about bad breath. It also provides anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties that kill the bacteria and germs in your mouth and gums for a healthier oral cavity.

The essential oil also comes with some pain-relieving properties, which aids in reducing the aches and tooth sensitivity you might be experiencing.

Over time, this ingredient may help you reduce the amount of plaque on your gums and teeth since many home remedies include it in oil pulling exercises.


Kosher is a word originating from the Hebrew word "kasher," which means "to be suitable for consumption or pure."
Cleanser Smile LED teeth whitening kit does not feature animal by-products, making it safe for your application. This status also improves the formula's stabilization to increase the whitening performance, giving you reliable and visible results.

Convenient Package

You can enjoy consistent dental maintenance with a single purchase since the package delivers a 6-month supply.

This kit also comes with other quality accessories, which help manage your budget because you do not have to buy them individually. You can also rely on this quality to provide it as a unique and thoughtful gift to your friends and family.

Three Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

This product includes three gel pens in pocket-sized shape, which enhances your convenience during travel. You can quickly refill them for long-term maintenance and considerably regulate your expenses on renewals.

The narrow tips make it more comfortable when applying the solution to your teeth, preventing unnecessary contact with your gums and the area inside your lips. Using the lightweight construction, you do not have to worry about fatigue or shaking hands since you can finish the application within seconds.

LED Mouthpiece

The kit comes with an ergonomic LED mouthpiece available in a compact size that you can comfortably fit in your mouth without straining.

You also do not have to fuss about the storage space available in your bag or cabinet because you can organize it in a small but cool and dry place.

It ensures you can prevent avoidable visits to the dentist with quality care at home or office, eliminating extra monthly or annual expenses.

This mouthpiece incorporates a sturdy design to meet your demands for a long time without damage.
Don't panic about your health because it uses chemical-free materials in its construction that do not adversely affect your well-being.
Additionally, you can efficiently clean it after use in warm water, making overall hygiene maintenance convenient and time-saving.

LED Mouthpiece Charger

This product has a USB charger that provides you with a fast connection to a power adapter or power bank for use at home or on the road.

It also includes two attachments compatible with iPhone and Android devices, conveniently enabling you to deal with your teeth using your or your companion's smartphone.

If you an outdoor enthusiast, you can appreciate this feature since you are free to enjoy nature without skipping your daily oral care routine.

Cleaner Smile LED Whitening KIT

Notably, the long cord integrated into its design facilitates free movement without close contact with the power source, increasing your safety when connected to a power outlet.
When charging via a phone, you can also comfortably look at your device to read articles and send messages or emails as you wait.

Shade Chart

Cleaner Smile includes an instruction manual in its package that also comes with a shade chart, guiding you to monitor your teeth whitening progress. It also helps you develop patience and discipline while seeing the encouraging results throughout the usage.

Easy Application

Cleaner Smile provides this kit in a lovely yet sensible design suitable for experts and first-time users. In addition, the manual included in the box incorporates detailed instructions that make it easy to utilize the product. You can avoid accidental injuries and wastefulness, which can come about from continually applying excessive solution inside your lips or on your gums.

This product helps you manage your daily schedule because it recommends a 15-minute waiting period. I really appreciate this feature, considering when I was late for a meeting because of delayed dental care.


Favorable Warranty

If you might be uncomfortable or have unsatisfactory outcomes for any reason.
You can return the product to the company within 60 days. The warranty offered allows you to get a replacement or full refund, increasing your confidence, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Besides, the directions suggest initial daily use for 21 days and then once or twice weekly for maintenance. With the practical 2-month guarantee, you have ample time to monitor and identify any possible adverse effects.

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Social Proof

I scoured the internet and discovered a few user reviews with some rather positive feedbacks concerning the Cleaner Smile LED teeth whitening kit. One person loved the mouthpiece design that had a comfortable feel in the mouth. She also appreciated the product's effectiveness when she noticed the whitening results on her teeth.

Another user commented about the gel's gentle effect on the teeth, especially since she suffered from ultra-sensitive teeth. She also noted the reduction in discoloration after a week's usage. One buyer noticed the difference in his teeth's color after a few applications. He also expressed his appreciation for the packaging with easy-to-use accessories.

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led whitening kit cleaner smile

The Cleaner Smile LED teeth whitening kit helps you remove the yellowing and stains in teeth caused by aging, smoking, durable tea, wine, or coffee intake.
Many people dealing with discolored enamel lose confidence in their appearance, and finding a method of handling the problem can bring back that bright grin on their faces.

This product is a great choice to address this issue because it contains high-quality ingredients, including Carbamide Peroxide that delivers a powerful whitening action. It is also safe to use even when using veneers, braces, crowns, caps, and bridges and is gentle on users with sensitive teeth and gingivitis.
The package comes with premium accessories that support a do-it-yourself application, enhancing your convenience by limiting frequent and often costly visits to the dentist.

60 Days Money Back Guaranteed

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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