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Multi purpose keychain tool is a compact multi-tool that is small enough to fit in your key holder. In its compact and innovative design, it fits an impressive range of tools.

And according to the manufacturer, they only armed it with tools that they believe have proven to be necessary for everyday fixes. It is made of 420 Stainless Steel, something that gives it a unique combination of beauty and strength. As a result, you are bound to get a lifetime of use with this product.

It combines various tools that are actually useful for everyday use. The combination of a bottle opener and can opener makes it useful perfect for home use. And when you need a handy tool to take measurements its imperial ruler, protractor, metric ruler, and scoring tip will come in handy.

If you ever run into a situation where you need to tighten a fastener, this multi tool will not disappoint. It has a bit driver, multi-fit driver, bike spoke key, a closed wrench, and an open wrench. All of these tools combine to make for an extremely useful tool that you can easily fit in your key-holder.

Space-Saving — If you are short on storage space, multi tool is the perfect tool to carry along. It not only combines several tools into one, but also takes less space physically. This makes it perfect for those who are going camping or traveling to remote destinations.
Light in Weight — While it has a sturdy build -- thanks to the high-quality workmanship -- its weight is negligible. This makes it more likely for you to carry it around. As a result, you are likely to use it more than the average tool in your toolbox.
Extremely Useful — It comes with more than 16 tools, all of which you can find uses for in your daily routine. Unlike other multi-tools, the type of tools that the manufacturers included in this multi-tool seems to be more thoughtful.
It is Incredibly Easy to Clean and Maintain — If you need to clean it, simply throw it in the dishwasher. Its sterling silver surface also makes it resistant to both corrosion and rust. As a result, keeping it in great shape is relatively easier.
Money-Back Guarantee — If you are not sure about whether you will find this multi-tool useful, you can choose to order it and then try it out. If you don't like it, you can then send it back and you will be given your money back. This makes purchasing it to be a risk-free transaction.
Great Value for Money — When compared to other multi-tools, this one is relatively affordable. When you consider this, in addition to the fact that it essentially does the work of more than a dozen tools, it is easy to see why this tool makes a good case for being a great value for money purchase.
It is A Great Gift — If you have a loved one who loves getting involved in DIY projects, this compact multi tool will be a perfect gift for them. It not only looks great, but also functionality that they are likely to appreciate immensely.
Durable — The multi-tool has a great build. It is made of high-quality steel that is strong enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. As a result, over its lifetime, you are bound to get enough utility to justify purchasing it.
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Craig Brock

This is the key to your future.

With this key no door will be locked to you. No knowledge hidden. You shall become immortal.

Problem solving utility in the palm of your hand.

YES....this is a very well made little tool. I really like the multi bit screw driver head (unique and very functional). In all honesty I really didn't expect to find this kind of quality and engineering in a 20 dollar (key ring) multi tool. The cut on the serrated knife edge is clean and precise. Even the bottle opener incorporates a nice little open end wrench. This tool has a alot of useful wrenches on board, both standard and metric, a file, two measuring scales, and a spoke wrench/wire bender. I seriously doubt I will ever use the pipe on this little guy and though you could probably very roughly guesstimate an angle with the protractor, I'm not sure about it's functionality either. Also, I believe a larger keyring opening on this product would be a welcome addition. This one is just too small to accommodate some of the nice rings and mini carrabiners on the market. But these are minor issues. This tool is alot of problem solving utility that fits in the palm of your hand. It would make a great gift for just about anyone in your life. I've already gifted one to my brother and I plan to buy more in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Craig Davis
Mrs Piglet

Incredibly useful!

As a magnet could be useful sometime, a couple of 8mm's neatly fitted inside the 'baccy bowl' to make the multitool extra versatile.

This multi tool is beautifully machined and I don't mind that it's a bit overpriced because its manufacturers have to make a profit.

A full 5 stars for a great little tool. Opens bottles excellently. I do recommend!


Multi tool is a useful tool that you can easily keep in your keychain just in case of emergencies. If you are like me and you love to take biking and camping trips with your family, this tool will come in handy in helping to make life away from civilization to be a little bit more bearable.

The tool is TSA compliant, and it doesn't occupy much space. Furthermore, even if you don't use it on your trip, it can still come in handy around the home. You can use it to open cans or bottles. You can also use it to take quick measurements when doing repairs around the home. If you are a handyman, an outdoors adventurer or a biker, it can be the perfect tool for solving all the little problems and inconveniences that crop up daily.

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IS it easy to use?

Yes, it is incredibly easy to use.

What features does it offer?

Bottle opener, protractor, ruler, wire stripper, can opener, scoring tip, a closed and open wrenches, a screwdriver tip, a bike spoke key, a serrate edge, a bit driver, a lanyard hole, a smoking pipe etc...

Do you have these in Stock?

YES - We have them in Stock and ready to ship.

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YES - we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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