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Contours Rx Lids By Design Review - Safe Non-surgical Beauty Enhancement

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What is Contours Rx?

Contours Rx is a fully-fledged company that manufactures a wide range of non-surgical cosmetics such as Lids by Design, Neck Rescue, precision tweezers, and colorset pencil primer. Their products are latex-free and hypoallergenic, which makes them safe.

Besides, Contours Rx products are not only easy to apply but are also effective.

If you are looking for non-invasive techniques to improve your appearance, Contour Rx products will be the right choice for you since the products simply uplift your beauty without the need to perform surgery.

People use Contours Rx products to boost their confidence, and what’s more, the results are instant. Contour Rx cosmetics are made using state-of-art non-surgical technology to improve your appearance.

The products are able to safely get rid of aging signs, thereby making their look radiate with glamour.

If you have hooded or sagging eyes, you can correct the problem with Contour Rx Lids by Design. Its adhesive strip will lift your sagging eyelid and skin to give you a fabulous look. If you are planning to attend a big event or just want a makeover of your appearance, Contours Rx offers you an array of products that can help you recapture your confidence.

Why Choose Contours Rx Products?

The way your eyes look says a lot about you. It can tell someone whether you are young or growing old. It can also say whether you are happy or relaxed. Admittedly, no one can stop the onward march of time. In other words, aging is inevitable as, at some time, your once fabulous look will wither away. Some women have expressed disdain about the looks of their eyes with the passage of years.

When your eyes start to look saggy, droopy, and tired, you feel less confident. It’s hard to feel confident when your conscience tells you that your appearance is wanting. Fortunately, Contour Rx products can instantly restore your beauty.

Here are the benefits of using Contour Rx products.

Automatically Improves your Looks

Perhaps you have looked at yourself in the mirror and are disgusted by the way your eyes have aged. As you age, your eyes start to sag and have wrinkles. To some people, the aging signs may develop early in their lives due to genetic or health factors.

This is not the look anyone wants as it makes one look older, tired, and unhealthy. The good news is that Contour Rx LIDS By Design has eyelid correcting strips that work wonders to rejuvenate your eyes, thereby making you feel young and beautiful.


Invisible When Wearing Them

No one will easily discover that you are wearing Contour Rx products because the strip blends in with your skin.

People will just see a change in your looks, but they will be unlikely to see any signs of the adhesive strip. Moreover, you can wear them with makeup to further embellish your looks.

Medical Grade

Contours Rx products are developed by medical experts and have built-in beauty technology that makes them safe and effective. As a customer, you can wear them comfortably without having to worry about the safety of your eyes or skin.


Contours RX products do not cause any allergic reactions. If you are allergic, you can comfortably use organic-based adhesives without any risk of reaction.


Some people are allergic to latex which makes them shun cosmetic products. Contours Rx products are a different kettle of fish since they are latex-free, which endears them to a lot of customers with allergic issues.

Quality Assurance

Contours Rx makes every endeavor to ensure the superior quality of its products, which is reflected by how they develop their products. The company only uses pure elements to guarantee a superior experience.


Most of the procedures that seek to change the appearance of a person use invasive surgeries. Invasive surgeries present a fair share of risks such as bleeding and infection. In contrast, Contours Rx uses non-surgical methods, and hence risks of infections and other complications are greatly reduced. The revolutionary design coupled with ease of application makes the non-surgical methods fast, safe, and effective.


One has to be careful about the products in this day and age due to the influx of counterfeit products. The counterfeit products are unsafe for use and can, in some cases, exacerbate your problem.

Contours Rx products are widely accepted as genuine and authentic.

The products are safe non-surgical beauty enhancement, the fact that many experts attest to.

Dermatologists also confirm that the products do not have any health effects on your skin.

They Come in Multiple Sizes

Contours Rx Lids By Design comes in multiple sizes ranging from 3mm - 8mm. This gives you the latitude to control the level of lift as you may want to see.

It Blends Well with Most Skin Tones

The revolutionary contouring strips blend well with most skins. It doesn’t matter whether your skin is brown, dark brown, moderate brown, olive, white, or dark brown. The contouring strips disappear once they come into contact with your skin.

Easy to Apply

It will take you little time to apply Lids by Design strip. All you need to do is to place the strip on your eyelid and then hold it for about a second, and that’s it.

Improves Your Vision

If your eyes inhibit your vision because they are saggy, Contours Rx Lids by Design can improve your vision. All you have to do is to lift the skin high to a level you feel your vision is not being restrained.

Competitive Prices

Contours Rx products are well-priced compared to its competitors. If you are looking for a company to buy such products at favorable prices, you don’t have to look anymore as the Contours Rx ensures that you are not only getting quality products but also cheaply.

You Can Wear It Every Day

You can wear Lids by Design every day because they are easy to use, safe and effective. If you have loose neck skin and wish to redefine it a bit, you can use Neck Rescue, but it’s best worn only on special occasions.

How Contours Rx Lids by Design Works?

Contours Rx Lids by Design uses corrective strips to create an ideal eyelid. The corrective strips come in different sizes to fit different eye shapes. Contours Rx Lids by Design is non-invasive that will help correct saggy, droopy, tired, and asymmetrical eyes.

The adhesive strip pulls up your droopy or sagging eyelid making your eyes look bolder, younger, and more awake. Some people just want a subtle change, while others want more conspicuous results. You can achieve this by changing the size of the strips.

Are Contours Rx Products Suitable for You?

Contours Rx products can be used by anyone who wants to facelift to improve their appearance. If you have sagging or droopy eyes, you can easily correct that using the products. 

Both men and women, regardless of their age, can use eyelid lifters. Older people use them because they add an aura of youthfulness to their looks without surgery.

What Customers Say about Contours Rx Products

Do Contours Rx Products Work Well?

From online reviews and surveys, the majority of customers are satisfied with the products’ performance and outcomes. They say that Contour Rx Lids by Design eyelid tapes bring out the desired outcome, although one has to get the right size for best results. It is imperative for one to pick the correct size as the wrong choice can feel uncomfortable. An easier way to identify the right size is to use a discovery kit/assortment pack.

The Discovery kit has helped many customers arrive at the right size of eyelid tape. Once customers are able to identify the right size, it feels so comfortable and gives their eyes a natural look. A big chunk of customers was upbeat about the products and admitted it made them look much younger and beautiful. Many have also applauded the companies’ products because they do not use ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

Customers also say that they look natural, and the strip blends well with their skin tone. In one of the online reviews, a customer who says that she has an olive skin tone was happy that one would barely notice the strip. She says that her eyelids were well lifted, which gave her the looks she was yearning for. The customer was also happy to learn that the strips stayed in the right position throughout the day.

There is palpable change when customers compare their looks before and after the application of the Contours Rx.

Customers’ testimonies are overwhelming, and have expressed excitement at how they are able to adjust their appearance by altering the size or the positioning of the strip.

What Customers Say about Contours Rx

For instance, an appearance one would assume for 6mm adjustment would be different from a 4mm adjustment.

Is it Difficult to Use Contours Rx?

A majority of customers are happy with the usability. According to the review, the eyelid lifter is easy to use since all one needs to do is to identify where eyelids crease, lift the skin, and put the strip. When using eyelid tape for the first time, it can prove to be tricky, but with three times or so, one gets the hang of it.

Some customers opt to use practice strips to identify the right positioning before they can use the actual strip. Once they have found the right position using the practice strip, they then remove it and put in the fresh strip for that day. Some say that it hurts when one is taking them off, but overall it’s a good product.

Contours Rx is also disposable, and one can wear a new pair every day and change the sizes depending on the look they are going on a particular day.


Is Contour Rx Any Different?

Many customers believe that Contours Rx has differentiated its products from its competitors. They say that Contour Rx products eyelid tapes are not only of high quality but are also easy to use.

In addition to this, the hypoallergenic properties of the materials used to make the products endear them to many customers who feel safe while using the products because they cannot cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, Contours Rx is medical grade, dermatologist-tested, and latex-free.

What are the Cons of Using the Products?

Although many customers are happy with the products, here are some of the disadvantages.

  • You have to apply them whenever you want to change the appearance of your eyes. Surgery is more permanent, but it has its drawbacks.
  • You have to practice for you to learn how to correctly place the Contours Rx strips.
  • You cannot recycle a strip, so you have to keep buying for as long as you are going to use them.
  • You can’t use Contours Rx strips underneath the eyes.

How Contours Rx Compares with Other Products

There are a number of ways people can use to correct this condition, but they are either unsafe or expensive. For instance, fillers are common but can cause dramatic changes, which are not what you could be looking for either. Some people can opt to go to a hospital for skin tightening or a spa.

Unfortunately, these could be expensive options that could cost you dearly. Skin tightening could involve radiofrequency treatments, which are expensive. Reconstructive or cosmetic surgery comes with its fair share of risks.

If you don’t have the financial muscle or can’t withstand the hectic medical procedures, why not consider Contours Rx?

Contours Rx will just do the same job without a lot of pain. All you need to do is to apply corrective strips to your eyes. It is a natural way to bounce back to your youthful looks. You can wear corrective eye strips every day and can use strips of different sizes to re-contour your eyelids to suit your ideal appearance.

Contours Rx
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