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Culprit Underwear Review - Must Read Before Buying

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The first thing everyone puts on in the morning is underwear. Having something soft and comfortable to wear can easily set the tone for your entire day. Culprit menswear is great for every occasion such as relaxing around the house, going to work, dancing, driving, working out at the gym and wearing for a date. This is because these boxers are supportive, breathable and comfortable. The majority of reviews are excellent, Culprit has a large audience on both Facebook and Instagram and the company has achieved a great reputation. 

The type of underwear you choose can affect your mood, hygiene, sex life, confidence and self-esteem. Your underwear is so much more than just underwear. The Culprit menswear brand manufacturers high-quality boxers in the United States. The company is based out of California and takes pride in offering the ideal boxers regardless of the occasion. You can even find a wide range of unbelievably cool styles of Culprit swim trunks ideal for a day on the beach, pool parties and hot tubs. Once you wear Culprit menswear for a day, you will never be satisfied with anything else.

Any company can claim its products are the best. The difference with Culprit is they back up their products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you do not believe these are the best underwear you have ever worn, you get your money back. The best part is you have 100 days to try them out. Keep in mind, Culprit has been in business for several years. If everyone wanted their money back they would not still be around. The reason you receive a guarantee is for your peace of mind. This means you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.


Culprit Menswear Shipping and Membership

If you live in the United States, your new underwear will be delivered in just two to seven days. If you are living abroad, you receive your purchase in only one to four weeks. There are even Culprit boxer styles for ladies. Once you know how good your underwear feels, you can earn rewards while you shop. You receive 250 in Culprit Cash just for opening an account. For every dollar you spend, you get another five in Culprit Cash. Culprit has even eliminated any guesswork with a sizing chart you can look at before you buy to make certain you order the right size.

Benefits of Culprit Underwear and Culprit Swimtrunks


Living an eco-conscious lifestyle is incredibly important in the modern world. You can help make the world a better place simply by choosing eco-friendly Culprit menswear. You will feel good about yourself and the contribution you are making because this brand uses only sustainable materials and ethical procedures to help prevent the world from coming to additional harm. When you stand behind the Culprit brand, you are making an important statement that you care about the world. 

Made in the USA:

Culprit swim trunks and underwear are made in California. It is wonderful to find a brand that is not manufacturing all of its products overseas. You can wear fashionable and comfortable underwear while supporting your country. Culprit is creating new jobs in the United States as opposed to giving their support overseas.


The fabric is 95 percent natural micro modal, requires 20 times less water than the process of manufacturing cotton and is sustainably derived from beech trees. This means the fabric of your underwear will not damage the environment.


The only reason you receive a 100-day money-back guarantee is the manufacturer knows these underwear are of the highest possible quality. Regardless of what activities you enjoy, your boxers will hold up and not let you down.

If you're not completely stoked within the first 100 days we'll give you back your cash. Yes... really. But we know it'll be your new favorite pair. Whether you're on a date, on a flight, or in a fight. We've got your back. Try Culprit Now!


One of the most important reasons you wear underwear is for the support. If you have ever worn poorly constructed underwear you already know what happens when your support system fails. Culprit menswear is designed with your support in mind. Give your underwear a good challenge by lifting weights, working out, running, working a physical labor job or anything else you can think of. Wear a pair of Culprit swim trunks to the beach, run in the sand, play volleyball or surf the waves. At the end of the day, you will still have the support you need.


Exclusive Designs

Most men eventually become bored with typical white underwear. With Culprit, you can wear exclusive designs. Imagine knowing you are sporting velociraptors dealing drugs, a battle between a Kraken and a bond girl or monkeys making love beneath your clothes. Surely, this will bring a smile to your face.

>> Click here to check out all of their designs <<

Perfect Details

If you have ever suffered discomfort or developed jock itch, the chances are good the underwear you chose were poorly made. Culprit menswear makes certain every detail is perfect and the highest quality is in place for every single pair. When your underwear can breathe, you no longer have to worry about chafing or trapped moisture so you feel good. The result is generally a noticeable increase in confidence and ending every day in comfort with a smile.

Soft Fabric

If you have ever heard the expression buttery soft, you understand how good this type of material feels. You will feel like you are not wearing anything at all and the comfort must be experienced to be believed.

Judgment of the Ladies

Unfortunately, men are judged by the underwear they choose. When you are wearing cool underwear, women will go wild. Imagine the look on your lady's face when she sees the unbelievably cool designs you are wearing. If this does not score you at least a few points, nothing will.

Cool and Breathable

You will remain cool throughout the day because the fabric is ultra-breathable. If you are tired of sweating in all of the wrong places, the solution is Culprit menswear.

The Difference with Culprit Menswear

Prior to manufacturing a single pair of underwear, Culprit tried them all to determine both the shortcomings and the strengths. It took two years to create the perfect pair of boxers with just the right stretch to the elastic, colors that will not run, durability after washing and fabric that will not pill. Culprit menswear is designed to be appropriate regardless of the occasion. You will feel like all of your underwear are lucky. You receive stylish and flattering works of art offering you the support you need whether the weather is cold or hot. 

These flattering underwear are extremely comfortable due to a blend of lycra and the most breathable and softest micro modal. You will remain cool all day and look great even when you take off your pants. Culprit designed the type of underwear they want to wear and left no stone unturned to make certain they manufacture underwear men all over the world will appreciate and want to wear.

Features of Culprit Swim Trunks and Underwear

After reading this article, you will know the kind of comfort you can count on with Culprit menswear and the beauty due to the superb construction and features. The features of this underwear are unsurpassed and once you wear them for a day, nothing else will due. Some of the best features include:

Cool Mesh:

One of the most important aspects of your underwear is a breathable fabric. Culprit went one step further by including mesh wrappage underneath the fabric to ensure you remain fresh all day long.

Tagless Construction:

Tagless construction means you will never have to worry about itchy or annoying tags again.


Not only are your underwear soft right out of the package, but they get softer every time you wash them because of the micro modal fabric.


One of the best features of Culprit underwear is its breathability. This is possible due to the high-quality materials used for construction. When your underwear is able to breathe, you remain dry, fresh and cool even when the temperature is extremely hot. There is nothing worse than feeling sweat building at the worst possible moment. If you want to stay cool in the heat, the best option is Culprit menswear. 

Quick Draw Fly:

This is the first fly placed on the left side to ensure the easiest access possible. Culprit has eliminated the hassles of a poorly placed fly.

Unique Designs:

The designs are both original and unique. The only place you can find them is at Culprit.



If you are looking for great support, you found it. The front pouch offers incredible support. You have all of the space you need to help prevent any minor injuries. When you do not have adequate support in your underwear, you will feel it by the end of the day.


Even if your underwear is constructed from breathable materials offering comfort, it is no good unless you have a properly designed waistband. The waistband on Culprit underwear is specifically designed to move with you while providing all of the support you need. Say goodbye to slippage once and for all.


Culprit underwear is designed with the modern-day man's needs in mind. The company manufactures high quality boxers at unbeatable prices that provide comfort, simplicity, and style for those long days of work or tough workouts. Culprit briefs are made primarily from cotton while polyester is added as a comfortable wearability enhancer. A durable elastic waistband as well as impeccable stitching allow for continued confidence when venturing into all areas of life!

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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