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What is Dowdow Sleep Aid Device - Review 2021

Posted on: January 15, 2021
What is DowDow Sleep Aid Device

Good quality sleep is hard to find. We live in a very busy world with many things to keep us awake, and our brains active from stressful work lives to constant phone communications. The Dodow Sleep Aid Device can be a bridge to better sleeping habits and work its magic to give you a whole new world of sleep.

Things to consider before buying a sleep aid device

There are multiple things you need to consider as you look at different types of sleep aids that are on the market. How you use the sleep aid and how effective it depends on your type of sleeping problem and how you need to fix it. Do your homework before you make your final selection, so you can know how you need to fix your problem.

How do you use it?

Before you buy any or all types of sleep aids, you need to know how the sleep aid works. There are multiple types of sleep aid devices on the market that can help you find sleep, but they require you to change your sleeping habits, require you to wear things to bed or change your bed in a way that is not comfortable for sleep.
A good quality sleep aid lets you be yourself as you sleep. You will not need to adjust how you sleep, get new pillows, or exchange your grandmother's quilt for a high-tech blanket that will lull you to sleep. Your bed and your sleeping habits can stay the same.


The price is the last thing you should consider when you chase after that good night's sleep. A good night's sleep is priceless, and sometimes you have to spend the extra penny to get the thing that will work for your sleeping problems. Do your homework before you make your final choice, and if it is not the cheapest option on the market, consider how well it will work for you before you choose to buy it or look for something else.


Is it comfortable to use?

Not all types of sleep aids are comfortable to use. Some types of sleep aids require you to exchange your pillow for a hard foam block or wrap up your head to provide noise isolation. These types of sleep aids may work for some people, but for others, they are extremely uncomfortable and may contribute to more sleeping problems.
The right sleep aid for you is the one that lets you choose how you sleep and does not require you to exchange any of your sleeping environments for something uncomfortable.

Is it safe?

Not all types of sleep aids are safe for long-term use. Many over-the-counter medications or those that your doctor can prescribe are not safe for long-term use and can either cause you to become addicted to the pill or require higher doses for it to continue to work. A good quality sleep aid will not require you to risk your health or put your body at risk.

Is it easy to use?

Not all types of sleep aids are easy to use. They come with complex instructions that do not follow all the logical patterns people use as they prepare for sleep. They require batteries that are hard to find or come with complex instructions that do not make sense.

Battery Power or Rechargeable or Cable?

If your sleep aid uses a form of electricity to run, that you will either need an outlet or some kind of batteries. Make sure before you buy your sleep aid that it comes in a way that works best for your sleeping arrangements and does not require you to track down weird batteries to replace dead ones.

What is the Dowdow Sleep Aid Device?

The Dowdow Sleep aid device is a combination of technologies and relaxation techniques that lets you fall effortlessly asleep. The sleep aid uses a metronome light that pulses in a way that is meditative and peaceful. The combination helps redirect overactive thoughts and minds and leads the brain into a deep, restful sleep.

The sleep aid design teaches your brain to respond to the mesmerizing light and calm down with the pulses. The device works to reprogram your brain to quiet itself naturally, so after several months of use, you will not need the device because your brain knows how to quiet itself.

DODOW – Sleep Aid Device

Dowdow pros:

  • You can travel with the device without it taking up too much room in your suitcase.
  • The device is wireless, which makes it easy to place next to your bed.
  • You can fall asleep in as little as eight minutes when using the DowDow Sleep Aid.

Dowdow cons:

  • The device does not come with a low battery indication.
  • Not everyone's sleep problems can be resolved through light and sound structures.
  • If you have health-related sleep problems, such as Sleep Apnea, you may not find relief.

What are the main features of the Dowdow Sleep Aid Device?

Many things make the DowDow Sleep Aid Device one of the best things you can try when it comes to taking control of your sleeping problems. The Dowdow Sleep Aid Device puts you in charge of your sleep and lets you relax naturally without the need for prescriptions or complicated sleeping devices.

Two modes to activate

You can choose the shorter programmed setting after your body has started to learn how to relax into the patterns of sleep, which is only eight minutes long. In those eight minutes, you will breathe and follow a calming voice through multiple visualizing activities designed to bring your body's hyperactive state under control and start the process of falling into sleep. The activity helps to gradually decrease the rhythm of your breathing from regular breathing patterns to around six deep breaths a minute.

If you are first starting to use the sleep aid or are having trouble unwinding your mind, you can select the twenty-minute relaxation aid. The sleep aid does not repeat the eight-minute pattern; it extends the relaxation session to help give your mind more of a chance to relax and disconnect from the real world into calming restful sleep.

The twenty-minute mode is perfect for chronic insomniacs who have trouble unwinding. The twenty-minute session will more gradually bring your breathing down to around six deep breaths a minute. The twenty-minute mode is perfect for insomniacs or anyone who has had a particularly stressful day at work or school.


Battery Powered

The Dowodw Sleep Aid Device uses only three AAA batteries to provide you with at least one hundred nights of guide meditation into sleep. The batteries are easy to find at the store and change when they have expired. You will not need to waste time online trying to track down an obscure size of the battery or worry about damaging the device because you cannot get the batteries out.

You will also not need to worry about being unable to change the batteries at all, requiring you to throw away the sleep aid. You can also replace the regular AAA batteries with rechargeable batteries to save yourself money and help you to transition from wasting batteries to reusing them for their specified number of recharging cycles.

When the batteries die, you only need a coin or a flat-head screwdriver to remove the cover for the batteries and exchange the old batteries for the new ones. Recycle any disposable batteries you remove; do not throw them in the garbage.

Guiding breathing exercises

The main component of the Dowodw Sleep Aid Device is the breathing exercises that combine the deep calming feelings of mediations with the steady focus of a yoga class. The Dowodw will start guiding you through each type of breathing pattern and visualization exercises to help you focus your attention on your body.

As the sequence of deep breaths and calming thoughts progresses, you should find yourself approaching an almost trance-like state as the problems and worries of the day to unwind from your mind, and your body relaxes into gentile slumber. Slow rhythmic breathing in time with the metronome can help your body's nervous system learn to relax and slow your breathing.

Slower breathing as you move towards sleep helps to increase the amount of carbon dioxide you exhale, which in turn reduces your blood vessels and increases your feelings of relaxation. You will also notice the feeling of tiredness and be less focused on any daytime worries as your mind will be focused on your new breathing techniques and relaxing.

Mesmerizing Metronome

To begin with, when activated, the Dowodw Sleep Aid Device produces a calming light that is less than one lumens to help direct your eyes and thoughts towards sleep. The light does not put you to sleep, but it does grab your attention and start redirecting your thoughts away from whatever is happening in your life or away from your phone.

After choosing a setting, you can explore the feeling of the built-in metronome that helps you synchronize your thoughts as it gradually rocks your mind to sleep. The light and the metronome can help your brain recognize the signals your brain sends out that will guide you to sleep. It can also help facilitate a deeper, more restful sleep once you get there.


The Dowodw sleep aid device is wireless to help you put it around your bed or room in a place that is most convenient for you. Without the need to plug the device in, you do not need to worry about extra cables getting in the way or the device being too far away from your bed to make it useful. It will also not get in the way of anything else you have around your bed or require you to unplug anything else.

BlueLight Technology

The color blue is calming. When you are trying to find a way to find sleep more quickly, surrounding yourself with calming colors can help your body start the process of relaxing. Blue light, in particular triggers, is part of the human brain attached to sleep. The DowDow Sleep Aid Device produces a low-level of light intensity.

Any light that is more than one lumens can interrupt the secretion of melatonin (the hormone that causes sleep). You can select the degree of intensity for your blue cyan light to help your mind grasp the need to go to sleep and relax. Blue light does not cause your mind to remain active like red charging lights on a phone charger might.

Easy to Travel with

The device is easy to travel because of its size. The Dowodw Device sleep aid device is slightly larger than the palm of an average adult hand, making it easy to fit into a suitcase or carry on without adding to the weight of the bag or requiring you to take anything else out to put the sleep aid in.

Touch-sensitive surface

The sleep aid is easy to use and set up. You barely touch the top of it to activate the aid and can choose one of two different programmed settings. The touch-sensitive surface lets you control the Dowodw Sleep Aid Device and activate the blue light technology.


What do buyers of the DowDow Sleep Aid Device think?

"This device has helped me fall asleep every night. Nowadays I don't even use it regularly anymore and I now only use it ocassionally whenever I'm feeling a bit anxious or stressed out. You have to understand how this device works so you could appreciate it.

1. It will not put you to sleep. It brings you to a relaxed state, where the body is ready to sleep. Then after the session you go to sleep. I see reviews asking "how will that put me to sleep when my eyes are wide open?" or "I'm a side sleeper I can't see the light on the ceiling." Folks you are misunderstanding how the product is supposed to work.

2. This device has nothing to do with Circadian rhythms. I see a lot of people comment that the blue light is bad for sleep. But this device does not target the Circadian component of sleep. This is a relaxation device. If your sleep issue is due to stress/anxiety then this device will help you a lot. If your sleep issue is because of DSPD or some other disorder then it may not help you at all. My sleep issues were caused by anxiety and I was unable to relax, so this device worked for me."

- R. J. Franco

"I wanted to give this a few days to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I have been a long time insomniac. I have taken Lunesta (crap), Belsomra (crap).. Melatonin, every OTC sleeping aid they make, nothing has worked except Ambien, which I've taken every night, with the exception of trying the aforementioned alternatives, for the past 7 years.
I spent a few weeks lowering my dosage, cutting caffeine after 3 pm, not drinking liquids after 8 pm. My first night off Ambien was not good. Desperate, I found and purchased the Dodow.
You have to really read the instructions and focus on the directions. I'm on the 5th night of using the Dodow and have yet to make it past the 8 minute cycle. I wake several times a night still but every time I've fallen asleep quicker and quicker.
This works, incredibly, but you HAVE to help it help you!"


"I have a five year old who doesn't sleep. I'm willing to try anything. When I saw the Dodow, I thought, "Why not?" Here's what I found. As soon as Dodow arrived, I opened it and began reading the literature. It was a short, easy read. The idea of Dodow is great, and I understand why it should (I'll get to that later) work. The usage instructions are easy to follow, so I dove in.

Now my five year old doesn't sleep. He doesn't want to sleep, afraid he'll miss something, I suppose. I tried convincing him this was a game, but he's far too smart for me. He doesn't want to sleep, and he wasn't going to focus on a pulsating blue light to help it happen. I give up. We may never sleep again.

Bottom line, while this didn't work for my five year old, I still highly recommend giving this a shot, if you understand the importance of and want to sleep. The principles seem sound, the instructions are easy to follow, and the Dodow is easy to use."


Final Thoughts

A good night's sleep is amazing. You can wake up feeling like a whole new person. The Dowodw Sleep Aid Device can help you do this without requiring you to change your sleeping habits. The Dowodw Sleep Aid Device is the easy-to-use metronome that teaches your brain how to sleep and not focus on the troubles and worries that are part of life.

There are many things to consider before you buy a sleep aid, find more information about the Dowdow Sleep Aid Device Full Review Here.

Dodow Full Rewiew
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