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EcoHeat S Review

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  • Sports a horde of safety features
  • Produces less noise when running
  • Allows you to choose between different heat modes from low heat to high heat
  • Heats up fast
  • Offers wide angle heating


  • Product only available online
  • Shipping of the product takes time
  • Relatively pricey

I have had a couple of portable heaters in my home. Still, none beats the Ecoheat S. I find the easy controls at the top of the heater, the LED display, the fact that I can regulate the temperature, and the ceramic heating elements, a great mix of features for a portable heater. Most of the heaters I had, posed a fire hazard to my home, especially with kids running around. That is not the case with this EcoHeat unit.

Things to Consider when Buying a Portable Heater

A portable heater comes in handy when you need to heat a section of your room economically. It is excellent when you need a unit you can carry from your living room to the kitchen and the bedroom. The portable heater saves you from heavy electricity bills that central heating will bring you.

When shopping for a portable heater, consider the following:

Type of Room Heater

Room heaters are either convection, radiant, or fan-forced. A convection heater is ideal for heating a large area, as it dissipates heat to the air around it and to solid objects. A fan-forced heater is ideal when you need heat dispersed in all directions. Radiant heaters are excellent for heating small spaces as they dissipate heat to the air around them. If you prefer a portable unit, such as the EcoHeat S, go for a fan-forced unit.

Heating Ability

The wattage of a heater determines its heating ability. A square foot of a room requires 10 watts to heat adequately. If your room is 100 square feet, pick a heater rated at least 1000 watts. The heating technology and the indoor environment also determine the heating ability of a heater.

Energy Efficiency and Noise

No one wants to pay hefty electricity bills after heating a room. When shopping, look for energy-saving models, models with adjustable thermostats and programmable timers, and low wattage models. Again, ensure that the model produces less noise when in full running mode. Some heaters have no sound at all.

Safety Features

When shopping, ensure that the heater has a cool to touch and shock-proof body surface. It should also sport other safety features such as overheat protection and automatic power-off system.

Ease of Use

Today, most heaters pack programmable thermostats. As such, you need a unit that is easy to use. Buttons fitted on the top part of the heater make it easy to operate. An LED display will also help set the temperature right.


Most units are heaters at the highest heat setting, and fans at the lowest setting. These units are great as you do not have to buy a fan when you can get a heater that fans you. However, ensure the heater has a fan to distribute the cool air as that will not disperse through radiation.


What is EcoHeat S?


EcoHeat S is a gadget for the budget-friendly user. It sports an innovative space-saving design that also provides wide-angle heating. When fully operational, the unit heats up to 79 square meters. Although the heater is small in size, it heats your room in a 70-degree angle to keep you and your family warm and comfortable. All you need is to switch it on, and warm air circulates your room within a few minutes, thanks to its plug and play capability.

Unlike most units, the EcoHeat S uses ceramic heating element, which heats your room in less than 5 seconds. Better yet, during use, you can adjust the temperature of the room, thanks to the smart LED thermostat. You will see the temperature readings on the LED display. You can also set when the heater goes on and off, thanks to the on/off timer.

When in operation, the heater is energy efficient and produces less noise. It sucks cold air from one side, heats the air, and releases it through radiation. The fan disperses the air throughout your room. Besides that, its safety features make it an ideal choice for families with kids.

EcoHeat S is one of the devices under Hyperstech line up of technological devices. It comes into the heating space after the success of other gadgets such as the CoolAir and DronexPro; two devices that are already so successful. As a product from an already established company, it comes with all the necessary features to stand out in the competition.

If your home is insulated and you have central heating, a portable heater like the EcoHeat S improves your home’s comfort. Again, the heater is great on very cold days. Portable heaters convert all the energy into heat, making them energy efficient. The plug-and-play device is not only useful at home, but also in the office. You can also use it when you go on a trip; as long as you visit places with standard sockets.

Features and Benefits of Ecoheat S

EcoHeat S brings a range of features that make this heater great for many homes. These features include:

Tip-Over Protection and Other Safety Features

If you tip over this device, and it falls on the floor, it shuts off. This is a great feature, given the small size and cylindrical shape of the Ecoheat heater. It is easy to knock off the unit, seeing that it operates quietly and fits on small spaces. The feature works after impact when the unit falls and starts rolling.

Tip-over protection is not the only safety feature. Over-heat protection is another feature that makes the unit safe for homeowners. When the unit overheats, it automatically goes off. This not only makes the unit safe, but also saves on energy and ensures your home does not heat uncomfortably.


Most of the portable heaters I have used before employ the use of wires or naked frames. These products have their level of risk, especially in a home with kids. Ecoheat S uses ceramic heating elements that are way safer than the competition. It will not make surfaces appear charred, and neither will it burn curtains if placed near them. However, this does not mean that you do not take precautions.

To further keep you protected and comfortable, the Ecoheat S does not consume oxygen. This makes the unit kind to your health.

Ecoheat s wide oscilation

Oscillating Function

The oscillating function is one of my favorite features. The feature makes this device operate more efficiently and heat a room as efficiently as bigger heaters do. All you need to do is press the turn button, and the unit starts oscillating.

The feature lets EcoHeat S rotate up to 70 degrees for even distribution of heat in a room. If placed on the corner of a room, the unit will heat the entire room in a record 2 seconds.

Ease of Use with a Convenient Size

While ease of use is not a feature, it is one of the things that make EcoHeat S appealing to most users. The unit packs large and marked buttons at its top section. Only five buttons control the various functions of the heater.

Beside each button is clear marking for the functions of the button. Better yet, there is a digital display at the top showing the temperature of the air the unit disperses.
Unlike some portable heaters, the Ecoheat features a compact size and a cylindrical shape. This makes the heater light to carry from one room to the next, and ensures it does not occupy a large space. It also plugs into your standard sockets, allowing you to use it in any room you are. To make it even more portable, the heater has a handle fitted on the back, so, you can carry it with ease.


Multiple Modes

You can turn the EcoHeat S heater into any heat level you want. Although you can set the temperature, the unit also allows you to set the mode for a quick heat up. On very cold days, you can turn the unit to high heat mode. On days when it is not so cold, turn the unit into low heat or fan mode.

The feature makes Ecoheat not just a heater for the cold days, but also when the weather is warm or cold. If the room is hot, put the fan mode on, and it will disperse normal air without heating. This way, you do not need to buy a table-top fan for hot days.


Heats Up in 2 Seconds

I have suffered with most portable heaters; you put it on, and you stay in the cold for too many minutes. As they take that long to heat a room, they still consume energy. This has not happened with EcoHeat S. The advanced ceramic heating element lets the heater heat up in 2 seconds. When you walk into a cold room and need to heat up immediately, the unit gives you that fast service. Plus, it consumes less energy by doing so.

Set the Temperature You Prefer

Most portable features I have used lack the most convenience features that make EcoHeat S great. Temperature control is one of the features that make Eco Heat convenient. You can adjust the thermostat to stay comfortable in your home. From the control, press the plus or minus buttons to increase or reduce the temperature the heater disperses. You can set the temperature from a low of 60.8F (16C) to a high of 98.6F (37C).

As you set the temperature, you can see the readings on the LED screen. Once the heater heats the room to the set temperature, it starts dispersing natural wind. When the temperature drops below the set range, the unit starts heating the room once more. If you still feel cold, you can still increase the setting to the maximum temperature, and the unit will work towards the new configuration.

Ceramic Heating Element

The ceramic heating element on EcoHeat S is one of the greatest features for a modern heater. Unlike other coils, ceramics are between 85 and 90 percent more efficient. The plates absorb heat before dissipating it into the air, which happens faster compared to conventional coils. After the heating, ceramic plates only take a few seconds to cool down, so, you can store your Ecoheat heater.

Aesthetic Look for any Room

The slick black design of EcoHeat S makes it beautify the room. This design is not intrusive. Each Ecoheat unit stands at 8.5 inches, meaning it only takes a small space, and you can store it in a tight space. Before storage, however, ensure that it is cold.

EcoHeat S Quiet Operation

Energy-Saving Operation with No Noise

I once stopped using portable heaters because of rising bills. Some heaters rated as low as 200 Watts, but still consume a lot of energy. The low energy consumption, thanks to the ceramic heating plate, has lowered my electricity bills. Better yet, the ceramic heating element makes the unit last longer than wire or open flame units. Again, the fact that the unit does not produce open flames makes it kinder to the environment.

At a low-heat setting of 600 Watts and a high-heat setting of 1220 Watts, the unit does not consume as much energy as most units on the market. It consumes 1.2 kW per hour, which is pretty efficient for homeowners. Again, it plugs into standard 220V to 240V electrical sockets. The fact that it is energy-efficient does not make it less hot when you need it. Its BTU (a measure of the heat energy produced by a heater) is 4092 per hour, which means it is able to heat large rooms with ease.

Lastly, Eco Heat does not produce noise. It gives you a warm atmosphere when you are working or relaxing, without the unnecessary buzzing noise. This way, you never have to choose between a warm room and a silent one.

One Missing Feature: Although I like the Ecoheat S, I would have preferred it to be WiFi enabled, so I can set the thermostat from my mobile device. This is a simple feature, but it makes all the difference. Instead of walking up to the heater, I can control the temperature from where I sit. Besides that, I have not found any other flaws on the device.


Durable Construction

Even under impact, EcoHeat S still stays in great shape, thanks to the strong Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic construction. A large part of the unit’s body features ABS plastic except the front where a metallic grille lets out dissipated heat. The cylindrical design further makes the unit durable as it rolls on the ground if it falls. Better yet, the plastic material is V-O grade flame-resistant and will never melt or weaken even at high heat settings.

Social Proof

I wanted to know what other users feel about the EcoHeat S. I scoured the internet looking for honest user reviews. From the search, I never landed on any single negative review. Most of the users praise the durable construction of the unit, the safety features, the compact design, and the temperature control features.

EcoHeat S Testimonial

Most people also loved the aesthetic design of the unit, seeing that almost all other units have a trapezoidal construction. From the reviews, the unit has garnered hundreds of 5-star ratings in performance, compactness, durability, energy-efficiency, and safety.
However, some users complain of late shipping. If you are to order this unit for the next cold season, order early as you might have to wait for longer than you expect. Although Hyperstch says the device will be at your doorstep in seven days, why not give it seven more days.

The price of the device is affordable, although slightly higher than its competitors’. If you need more than a single unit, Hyperstech will give you a discount for bulk buying. Plus, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.


In this next segment we're going to take a look at some of the alternatives available...

GiveBest Portable Electric Heater

The GiveBest Portable Electric Heater shares a lot of features with the EcoHeat S. For starters, it runs on a ceramic heating element, features a thermostat, which means you can regulate its temperature, has tip-over protection, and automatic shut-off feature. It is quiet enough to use when you are sleeping. The unit features an almost-elliptical shape with a handle at the top, for portability. Instead of normal press buttons, it features two turn-buttons – you only need to turn the buttons to adjust the thermostat temperature. At the lowest temperature setting, the unit produces cool air. This way, you can use it as a fan when it is very hot outside. The differences include:

  • It takes longer to heat a room than the Ecoheat. While the latter takes only a few seconds, the GiveBest can take up to several minutes.
  • Ecoheat is rated 660 W for low heat and 1220 Watts for high heat while the GiveBest heater is 750W/1500 Watts.
  • Eco Heat is more energy-efficient, thanks to the low wattage. However, it is relatively more expensive.
  • Some reviewers blame a strong plastic smell for the first few days of using the unit. However, the smell dissipated within the first week and the unit goes back to performing optimally.

Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater

The Heat Storm heater works best when mounted on a wall. Like the Eco Heat, it has a thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature. However, this unit features smart thermostats that you can control using your smartphone. It sports safety features on most modern heaters, such as tip-over protection and auto-shut-off. It also sports a safe-to-touch grill; this grill features a material that does not heat up further, making the heater safe for children. It differs from the EcoHeat in:

  • Uses infrared heating while EcoHeat S uses ceramic plate
  • The unit heats objects and the air around while Eco Heat heats the air around and then fans it for distribution
  • The Heat Storm fan is relatively large and might feel bulky if you move it from one room to the next. Again, you have to mount it on a wall.
  • This unit sports a box style with an inclined top while the Eco Heat is cylindrical. On the slanting top is a digital display that shows the temperature the device disperses.
  • You can control the temperature of this heater from a remote control – no need to walk up to the device.

Lasko Ceramic Heater

If you need a budget heater, then Lasko Ceramic Heater might be an excellent choice. However, you will miss out on most of the features that make other heaters convenient. It is a compact unit standing at only 6 inches tall. It is also easy to use, seeing that it only has a single button, the power button. This heater is ideal when you need a unit to carry to work or when you go for a trip. Besides its compact size, it comes in four different colors and cools you when summer comes. It is also very power-efficient for homeowners who are not looking for a sophisticated product.

Some downsides of this compact unit include:

  • No thermostat
  • Produces less heat
  • Narrow heating angle
  • No timer

However, it beats the EcoHeat S in price, compactness, and ease of use. The two units use a ceramic heating element.


A portable heater is an excellent addition to every home. It is a unit you can carry to any room to keep you comfortable when it is cold. Again, it consumes less power than the central heating, so your bills will reduce. The EcoHeat S is a great portable heater because it is compact, light, and durable, it allows you to control the temperature, and it is safe for all homes. I may buy another unit to carry to work.

The one I have at home is for my son. Seeing that the unit is safe for babies, I prefer having it in the room for hot or cold days. This way, the baby is safe from pneumonia or uncomfortable heat during summer.
Click here to check out the EcoHeat S.

EcoHeat Multiple Features
Written by Simon Reyes

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