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eWatch Review & Buyer's Guide

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Affordable Health Tracking Smartwatch

We Apologize eWatch is currently out of stock

Unfortunately eWatch is out of stock as of December 2020. Currently the best alternative that basically looks the same and works in the same manner is xWatch. If you'd like to check out this alternative you can do so by clicking on the button below.

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I have struggled with my weight for years now and am subconscious about how I look. I have tried to lose weight and keep track of my exercise and activities but I have trouble with that. Many different issues can develop by being overweight. So I decided to check into an ewatch for help with these issues.


Things to Consider Before Buying an Ewatch

The E watch can help me keep track of my fitness regime with many of the different apps that the watch features. I know that it will help me out a lot.

What the watch can do

This watch can help me keep track of my fitness goals, my exercise routine, my heart rate, and my blood pressure so that I do not work out for too long or too much. I can also Bluetooth the watch to my smartphone so that I can use the watch to answer calls and send texts.

Who should purchase the watch?

The ideal person for this watch is someone who keeps regular keeps track of their fitness regime on paper or their computer. It can be useful for the person who is starting to work out for the first time. Anyone that is not interested in working out or only works out occasionally is not a good candidate for this ewatch. This person should download an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Things to think about before buying

This watch can do more than keep track of a fitness routine and its goals. It can be used as your phone, play music tracks your heart rate and blood pressure.Things to consider:


This is important because it needs to be durable enough to withstand any abuse it might suffer through while the user is exercising.


These are important because the point is to be able to do so much with one accessory.


Whenever buying anything new, reading what others have said about it is very important, especially when it comes to technology.


I like to read what others have experienced with a product before I decide to buy it or not, especially if it is new in the field of technology.


A comfortable watch is important every day but it is extremely important to me when I am working out.


To many people, the way a watch looks is important to them but to me, this is not as important as the way that it works.


The Ewatch


The E watch uses some of the latest technology for smart devices to provide some of the best features available. This watch has many different app features available that I can use for many different things. I can use it as my phone, to keep track of my heart rate, or to play music.

I found that it is hard to decide if it is the right device for me. I decided that since I like to exercise and enjoy using some of the different features to keep track of my fitness goals. There are many pros and cons to the E watch that can determine how it is used.

eWatch Pros:

  • Pairable with Smartphones
  • Health Tracking Features
  • Quality Speakers and Microphone

eWatch Cons:

  • Must Purchase Through Company
  • Limited Stocks
  • High Prices

Ewatch Features and Benefits


There are several benefits to having an ewatch due to all of the features that are on it. Some of the apps that are on the watch are a phonebook, call logs, information, Bluetooth calling, notifications, tracking of heart rate, ECG, and pedometer.

Other features of the watch are a calendar, monitoring of your sleep, a calculator, alarm, multiple language settings, and music available through Bluetooth. Any app that may be wanted can be downloaded on the watch so that a smartphone does not have to be used.

Smartphone Compatible

This watch can pair up with a smartphone. This will allow notifications to be sent to the watch and lets you answer your phone calls on the watch. This watch can be paired with phones that are iOS and Android.

Speakers Built-In

Music can be played on the watch through the small built-in speakers. Just keep in mind that the music’s volume will not be very loud due to the size of the watch and the speaker’s small size.


The built-in camera on these watches can take pictures that are small and are not of the highest quality. Small photos or selfies can be taken with the watch and then sent to the paired smartphone.

Activity Tracker

If you need to track several different kinds of activities, such as walking and doing sports, then this ewatch is for you. It can measure your movement and how the body is doing, such as your blood pressure and heart rate.

Stationary Reminder

This alarm is built-in to alert the user when they have been stationary or sitting for too long. This helps them to stay active instead of just sitting around all day. For someone who is trying to stay healthy or get into a healthier state, this is a great thing because it reminds them to move around.

Sleep Monitoring

This mode helps to monitor the user's sleep patterns and can detect the different stages of sleep that the user goes through. It also has the technology to know right off when the user has gone to sleep.

Resistant and Strong Frame

The frame of this watch is made to be very strong and resistant to being damaged. It is made out of an aluminum frame that has hardened glass located on each side. The frame of this smartwatch is completely waterproof up to a certain point, which means it works great for swimming.

Size and Weight


This watch weighs about 50 grams, which means it is light enough to wear for long periods. It measures 100.001 by 30.5 by 30.5 millimeters.

HD Touchscreen


This watch has a high-definition retina screen that is touchable and allows for the screen to light up with one simple look to it. The touchscreen is very small, but the symbols are made large enough to be easy to see and touch to activate.

Bluetooth Compatible

The ewatch has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that makes it compatible with iOS and Android phones. This is what allows for the notifications to be shown on the phone. It also means that the user can answer text messages and phone calls without having to get out of their smartphone.

Notification Updates

Where the ewatch can be paired with a smartphone, it allows for notifications to be shown on the small screen of the ewatch. Some of these updates that can be shown on the watch are status updates, work emails, activity logs, and many other notifications.

Long Battery Life

ewatch battery

The ewatch has a lithium polymer battery that allows for a very long-lasting run time in between the charges as long as the battery is fully charged. This means it is great for the user to wear all day long as long as they are not using the features on the phone every minute of the day. The charge time though is very quick, so that makes it easy to get right back to using it.

First Ever

This is a one of a kind smartwatch that is the first-ever in the field of an ewatch. It was the first smartwatch to have all of the needed features that make it stand out from the standard smartwatch and great to use for working out.

Travel Buddy

This watch is great because it means the user has something with them all the time while they are traveling that can be easily accessed. It sometimes knows more about the user then the user seems to know.

Sturdy and Durable Structure

The part of the ewatch that houses the technology part is made from the best ultra-resistant aluminum, and it has excellent tempered glass that is placed on both sides.


Reviews By Others

Adrienne Thornton

As an immigration officer, I often have to do a lot of walking and traveling around the area in which I serve. I just love the fact that the ewatch allows me to have access to important phone calls and notifications without having to have my phone glued to my hand.

Eleanor Bowman

I am a market trader, and having all notifications within any easy reach to me no matter where I am is very important. The ewatch allows for them to be with me no matter where I go.

Krystal Perkins

As a professional sailor, I need something waterproof and extremely easy to access while out on the water. While a cellphone is handy for most of the time, it is not when I hit some rocky water. The ewatch, on the other hand, is always there and waterproof.

Alternative Options

Below are the three best alternatives if the E watch is not right but does inspire the wish to own something like it. While this is one of the best ewatch options that can be found on the market, it is by far not the only one that can be found.

It is important to know what features are needed before deciding which ewatch is right for the job.

FITVII GPS Smartwatch

This FITVII GPS watch has so many different features that come with, and some of these are sleep monitor, color LCD touchscreen, special sport modes, optical heart rate sensor, 9-axis accelerometer, vibrating alarm, compass and stopwatch, GPS+GLONASS, fatigue test, and standing time.

The sports modes that come on this watch are 7 different running modes, fast walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, climbing, playing basketball, playing badminton, playing table tennis, ice-skating, playing tennis, playing soccer, playing volleyball, doing sit-ups, rope-jumping, doing yoga, and doing aerobics.

The different runny modes are free running, 12-minute cooper testing, endurance running, fat burning, conserving energy, tracking run time, and tracking distance ran.

Letsfit Smart Watch

The features that this Letsfit smartwatch comes with includes steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, GPS connectivity, heart rate monitor, sedentary reminder, music control, and so many other things.
The sports modes that can be found on this smartwatch are biking, running, climbing, doing yoga, walking, using a treadmill, hiking, and spinning.


Some of the features that this GARINEMAX smartwatch comes with are a multi-sport mode, heart rate monitoring, sports step, blood pressure measurement, kilometers, blood oxygen monitoring, calorie, phone reminder, weather forecast, information reminder, and so many more.
The sports modes that come on this watch are running, walking, badminton, and riding, but this is not all of them.

Final Thoughts

For anyone that has always wanted the best possible smartwatch for tracking their exercising while doing a lot of other things too, this ewatch is the one for them.
It has a lot of important features that make it the best pick, and these include different sport modes, allowing for reminders to be set, and tracking the user's heart rate. These are by far not only reasons though.

This all makes it perfect for anyone who loves working out but also likes to stay on top of the technology world with all its newly released advances.

Written by Carl Browning
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