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FabFitFun Subscription Box Review

Updated: May 2021

While I've always been interested in beauty products, I never really had a clear direction of where to start. With so many brands and different products to try out, I felt like I was swimming in an ocean of possibilities. Then I decided to try out the FabFitFun subscription box service.

Who FabFitFun is For

I'll be honest in saying I only had a general knowledge of beauty products beforehand. While I always had a desire to expand my horizons and try new things, I just never knew where to begin. FabFitFun gave me that direction.

This subscription box is great for anyone who is looking for a place to start with beauty products.

Not only does it introduce you to new brands and products, but it also keeps the journey fun. 

You never know what's going to show up in your next FabFitFun subscription box.

Fab Fit Fun is ideal for those who are like me and those who are already passionate about beauty and fitness products. If you want to start gaining an understanding of what products are out there, what brands are out there, and the boost in your health and beauty that it can give, then this subscription box from Fab Fit Fun is for you.

For those who already have a great deal of knowledge of beauty and fitness products, then you can also benefit from receiving a subscription from this service. It introduces new products and brands monthly. You may discover new brands that you never heard of before but who can completely change your beauty routine.

Finally, it can benefit those who just love monthly surprises. Half the fun of subscription boxes is the mystery of what's next. It's like Christmas or your birthday all over again each time your box arrives at your front door.

This box is not for those who don't like not knowing what they're going to receive. If you want a specific product, then you're better off buying the product directly. Nor is a subscription box service ideal for those who only enjoy certain brands and are unwilling to try new ones.

Is It The Best Subscription Box For Beauty Products & Other Accessories?

What FabFitFun Offers

The FabFitFun subscription box is a seasonal subscription box service. This means that it releases a box four times a year. In each box, you'll receive a mix of items and products that either fit in the beauty, fitness, or fashion sector.

A subscription service also brings with it other member benefits like FabFitFunTV. This is a fitness program with new videos added each season.

As for the box itself, you may expect products like wool socks and a hat, thick towels, moisturizers, grooming tools, eyeliners, and other various beauty tools and makeup. They also offer makeup boxes or bags. You may even discover a brand new robe inside of your box.

FabFitFun is a similar product to the Ipsy box. Except, unlike Ipsy, Fab Fit Fun offers products outside of just beauty as well. It endeavors to offer useful items that you can use to help boost every aspect of yourself.

FabFitFun pros:

  • Great pricing for otherwise expensive products
  • Seasonal products so you always have seasonal-friendly makeup, items, etc.
  • Good mix of beauty, fitness, and other products
  • Enjoyable experience enhanced by the mystery of each box
  • Additional membership bonuses

FabFitFUn cons:

  • Not every box will be guaranteed amazing
  • Might receive the same product a few times
  • May still be costly for certain budgets

Features and Benefits

Here are a few features and benefits that you can expect from FabFitFun.


Seasonal Boxes

One of the coolest aspects of the FabFitFun subscription box is that it's released on a seasonal basis. Every three months or so, you can expect a box to show up at your door. The box is also broken down into seasonal products.


Everyone knows that you need different beauty products in order to deal with the climate of a given season. For example, in the winter, you need a lot of moisturizers to deal with the dry air and resulting dry skin. Whereas in the summer, you may need products that also offer protection from the sun.

Fab Fit Fun has your back in this regard. Their FabFitFun spring box, for example, comes with products that highlight the spring season. With spring cleaning on the forefront of everyone's mind, your FabFitFun spring box may have new towels to replace your old ones. You may expect beauty products from your FabFitFun spring box to have flowers that emerge –in the spring.

Another incidental benefit of the FabFitFun spring box, and all of the other seasonal boxes, is that because it isn't a monthly service, you continue to be surprised whenever the FabFitFun spring box shows up at your door. It's just enough time between shipments that when the box does appear, you're able to experience the thrill of the surprise and the mystery of what rests within the FabFitFun spring box.

One last benefit of the subscription service being seasonal is that it also allows you to pay for the seasons that you want. While there is an annual subscription, you can also always choose to purchase a particular season.

If you're really interested in trying out the Fall box, for example, then you can put your order in before the Fall season begins to receive your box.
This allows you to budget when necessary without worrying about being locked into a subscription service.

Products for Everyone in Mind

Another feature worth discussing is the products themselves. I tend to fall into that category between Tom Boy and Girly Girl. I don't mind roughing it outdoors but I also like to smell and look great from time to time. Because of this, I don't always find a subscription box that covers my unique personality. FabFitFun surprisingly was able to do so.

Besides receiving beauty products that I was actually interested in, I also received helpful fitness products that were usable on my trips outdoors. Fab Fit Fun has something for everyone.

Whether you're extremely into beauty products or just want a few things that might help decorate your home, then this service is something to try.

It offers products for beauty lovers. From makeup to moisturizers to tools for grooming, beauty fans can find satisfaction.

Those who lean more on the fitness side can also receive products that can aid them. From fitness trackers to water bottles, they can receive the equipment they need to work out harder and better.

Even those who are just looking for some new fun items can find something delightful in these boxes. From sunglasses to pillows, practically everyone can enjoy some of the products that the box holds.


Perhaps one of the biggest features of FabFitFun is that it allows you to customize your box. One big problem that many subscription box users cite is the inability to receive products that they actually want. Fab Fit Fun works to alleviate that problem.

It offers customizable boxes. This option allows you to choose certain products and add-ons that you want in your next box. When your box shows up, you'll receive exactly the sort of products and items that you wanted.

For those who still love the mystery of a box, then you can also choose to keep it a mystery. This is always a great option for those, like myself, who aren't sure where to begin with choosing products. The mystery option can introduce new brands and products that you may not have considered trying before.



When you join as a member, you're also able to experience the Member's Only benefits of FabFitFun. In particular, you might like exploring FabFitFunTV. This service is a fitness program. It features various different fitness techniques and workouts to try.

Some of the programs may even feature some of the products that you received from a box. You can work out alongside the instructor and become the best version of yourself. This unique member's only experience is just one more advantage of signing up for the box.

watch tv


Member's Only Deals

As a member, you're also able to receive bonus rates on future seasonal boxes. There are numerous sales that the site offers. However, if you want to save big money, then becoming a member is a must. FabFitFun has exclusive member's only sales that can drive the price of your seasonal, or even annual, subscription cost way down.

If you find that you enjoy the experience of the FabFitFun box, then it might be worth becoming a full-fledged member, so you can continue to rake in the savings and benefits.

Be Part of a Community

One aspect of FabFitFun that not many other services offer is its community. The company really pushes its community to reach out to one another and make new friends. With a forum to speak with other members of the community, you can enjoy swapping recipes, discussing the thrill of opening your boxes, and even give each other fitness and health tips.

Besides just the forum, they also encourage you to take pics and share it on your Instagram with their products. You can join a Facebook group or even just find in your own local community those who also receive the box. With this emphasis on community, you may meet new friends.

At the very least, you may b able to try out new food recipes and workout techniques that you wouldn't have considered before.

Full-Sized Products

A problem that many monthly subscription boxes suffer from is in their sizes. Because they're monthly, in order to keep costs down, they can only offer samples to their customers. While samplers can be a great way to simply determine whether or not you like the product, what usually happens is that you end up storing them.

Before you know it, you may have your very own aisle of travel-sized products in your bathroom. It creates clutter and can be a serious problem.

FabFitFun removes that problem. They offer full-sized products instead. This is great because it also works well with their seasonal releases. You have just enough time to use the product fully before you receive something new.

Limiting waste is always ideal. Especially because you're paying for the box, you want to be able to use every item that is given to you in order to receive your money's worth. Stockpiling travel-size products isn't the best way to go about it.

Perhaps you're just tired of sample sizes. In that case, Fab Fit Fun is a great solution. You'll be able to use the product for longer than just a few weeks.

$200 Worth of Products

The seasonal price of a box is $49.99. You can even find ways of driving that price down. Yet what you receive is typically worth around $200. This is incredible savings for those who want a little bit of everything. You could easily have all of the makeup, beauty products, fitness tools, and various wellness supplies that you could ever need at a fraction of the cost.

It's rare that you'll be able to find the products in the box cheaper on their own. When placed all together, you're saving money on each box.

Products are Personalized

Besides their customization option, Fab Fit Fun also takes the time to get to know you. This also sets it apart from other subscription services. At those sites, they simply send you a box without knowing who you are. You're essentially just another anonymous customer to them.

FabFitFun changes that. Once you join, you have to fill out a sort of personality survey. That survey will tell them the sort of products that you may be interested in or want. As a result, your boxes will be personalized just for you. Even if you choose to have a mystery box sent to you each season, the survey ensures that the products are still garnered towards your interests.

You also have the chance to leave reviews of the boxes and individual products at the end of your experience. If you didn't particularly enjoy certain products, then you can tell them. In the future, you may not receive those products, or you may receive products that are a bit closer to the results of your survey.

If you decide that you don't like the box as a whole, then the service will evaluate and send you a different kind of box in order to garner an understanding of what does and doesn't work for you.

Besides ensuring that you receive better products in the future, you also have a chance to win free boxes each time you enter a survey. One winner is chosen from the compiled surveys to receive an entire year's supply of boxes absolutely free.



Along with customizing your box, you also have the chance to include various products that you absolutely need in your box. This is another unique service that Fab Fit Fun provides. Before your box ships, you'll receive an email that tells you when the Add-Ons can be purchased.

For discounted prices, you can add products to the box that you absolutely want. For example, while looking through the items, perhaps you find a necklace that you know will totally rock your next outfit. For a small fee, you can have that necklace included in your box.

When your box arrives, you'll receive the various products that the service sent you along with the necklace that you greatly desired. This is an incredibly fun way to still have some mystery as to what's going to show up while still guaranteeing that you are receiving items that you really want.

Just be sure that you don't accidentally throw your Add-On out in the garbage. Instead of placing the Add-On item inside of your box, it's usually inside of the cardboard box that protects the official box. This second cardboard box is used to keep your box protected from thieves.

Top Brands

What sort of brands can you expect with the service, anyway? With each box, you typically receive around 9 items. Those 9 items can carry big brand names like Vasanti Cosmetics, Tarte, dpHUE, NuMe, Living Proof, Maji Sports, and quite a few others.

For example, FabFitFun has partnered with Rachel Pally, 111Skin, Tease, Winky Lux, Dr. Brandt, Radial, Skinvolve, and so many other companies to bring you incredible products.


One final feature that this service provides is transparency. If you delight in knowing that you're saving a lot of money by receiving top-brand items at a low cost, then so does FabFitFun. You'll receive a card with each box that goes into detail about the items that you received in your box.

Besides describing what they are, they also give you the top retail price for that specific item. You may just find that your total box is worth well over $300. You only paid $49.99 for it.

This kind of transparency is incredible for any business. Few services will actually give the cost of the items inside of it. This added detail makes the company more trustworthy and reliable.


Every box is going to have that one product that you don't particularly care for. That doesn't mean that you should give up on the subscription altogether. Keep what you want and explore the power of regifting! Just because you may not like a particular product doesn't mean that someone else will.

The best part is that you're able to give them a product that is likely quite expensive compared to the actual price that you paid for it. They'll think you spent a lot of money on them when, in fact, you'll know the truth.

FabFitFun also makes for a great gift for others. For that special woman in your life, giving them a seasonal subscription box can be a constant reminder that you care for them.

Don't Take it From Me


If you want to hear it from those who have actually used FabFitFun, then here are a few reviews from their actual sources:

Karen from Well-Balanced Women wrote an extensive review of her experience with the Fab Fit Fun box. In particular, she was worried that her box would contain nothing but beauty products that she likely wouldn't use. To her surprise, the survey she had filled out when joining the service proved to be actually considered when the company was making her box. It contained items that she could actually use--and was excited to use. Her box was also worth over $300.

Mara from Business Insider also reviewed the box. Like quite a few other women, she was worried about the sizes of the products she was going to receive. Living in a small apartment, she only has so much space to devote to travel-sized products. To her pleasure, the products she received were full-sized and top-quality. She was able to keep the clutter down in her home and enjoy the items her box offered her. It even contained products that she was curious about trying herself on her own.

Ashley also wrote a review on FabFitFun. In particular, she enjoyed the incredible customer service that she received. When she had a problem, the company was quick to help her out and rectify the problem.

Cristina also had a great experience with Fab Fit Fun. Besides enjoying their products, she also appreciates the passion that the company pours into making every box. The products opened up new brands to her that she never would have considered or heard of before.

Alternatives to FabFitFun

For those who are seeking an alternative to the subscription service, you might be interested in these other products.

This gift basket includes seven different products that can put a smile on their face. Ranging from beauty products to snacks, the recipient is sure to love it. One of the items included in the basket is a donut bath bomb. Besides being hilarious--and perhaps tempting to eat--the bath bomb can soften your skin and make it smell incredible.

It also comes with a satin mask that is perfect for long travels or just adding in a bit of darkness for a restful sleep. In keeping with relaxation, you can also enjoy a waterproof notebook. When you need to write down daily reminders, inspiring quotes, or just do a bit of journaling in the comfort of your own bath, this notebook could be your best friend.

While this gift basket is geared towards a birthday celebration, you can either get it for yourself or someone you care about any time you like. Everyone could need an extra pair of comfy socks and fresh lip balm.

Compared to FabFitFun:

  • Offers different products for various uses
  • Might not give full samples of products like FFF does
  •  More expensive than FFF

This option can be great for those who just want a single day of indulgence on their birthday. With various products in the basket, it should be able to satisfy almost anyone.

Another alternative is a gift basket from Pure. This basket contains luxurious bath and body products that can help anyone relax. The scent of this basket, in particular, is crisp apples. The scent of apples can revitalize your senses and help nourish your skin.

This basket includes a bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, body scrub, bath salt, and sisal sponge. All of these products are handmade with great care for its recipients. For those who are health-conscious, you can also be sure that these products don't contain any harsh chemicals.

This makes a great alternative for FabFitFun if you're particularly interested in enjoying some of the bath products that service can offer. Whether you want to indulge once or buy the basket numerous times, you can luxuriate in its products.

Compared to FabFitFun:

  • Cheaper than FFF
  • Only offers bath products
  • Bath products smell great and are indulgent

The scent of crisp apples can invigorate anyone's mood and spirit. This gift basket is a great choice for those who want to lay back in the bath and soak for a few hours. By the time you leave, you'll smell like a fresh orchard on a fall day.

A final alternative is this spa basket. This basket, in particular, offers delicious coconut scents and products. Coconut has become a favorite of many who want to indulge and relax in the bath. The scent of coconut alone is pleasant and relaxing.

This basket includes fragrances, body lotion, shower gel, bath salt, body scrub, and body butter. What makes this a great alternative is its emphasis on relaxation. If you just want to have nicely-scented bath products that can moisturize your skin and make you feel revigorated, then this basket may help.

Compared to FabFitFun:

  •  Cheaper than FFF
  • Only offers bath products
  •  Great-smelling scrubs, lotions, etc.


Whether you're someone who isn't sure where to begin collecting and trying out new beauty and fitness products or you're up for an adventure with a good mystery, then the FitFabFun box could be a great option for you. It introduces high-quality and large samples of products that you may not have considered using before. It can also give you unexpected gadgets and tools that could end up making your life just that much easier.

If you want to experience the fun of unboxing a mystery subscription box or just have great products sent to you at a discount, then try out FabFitFun today.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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