FitTrack Review – June 2020 Update

New High-Tech Scale That Knows More About Your Body Than You Do

Everybody assumes that they know the ins and outs of their own bodies.
But here’s the thing – it isn’t that easy! You can’t be certain 100% of the time!

Sure, you know about your current body state  –  lean, chubby, skinny or brawny – but you don’t have a clue as to how you ended up like that.
In fact, looks can be deceiving – you could look as thin as bamboo, but have dangerous fats building up inside of you.

That could potentially be a sign of problems such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance or even heart disease!
For the longest time, the only REAL way you could keep your physical health in check would be to get checked up regularly. That, or spend hundreds of dollars on a medical scale.

And unless you’re a millionaire with money to spend …  you’ve never really had a way to tell what was going on with your body. You just did what you could to stay healthy and hope that was enough.
But that’s all in the past now.

With the advent of modern consumer technologies,  you can now tell what’s going on inside your body, and check your vitals regularly by yourself, all without needing those pesky doctor appointments!

Today we’re going to take a close look at FitTrack – the latest in home wellness technology (which also probably looks WAY better than whatever scale you use at home).

FitTrack Review - New High-Tech Scale That Knows More About Your Body Than You Do!

What is FitTrack?

Basically,  FitTrack is a smart scale. Just stand on the scale barefoot and let the patented dual BIA technology, which monitors 17 key health insights do its thing.  It’ll give you real-time information on your health data which you can use to measure and analyze.

Hydration levels, body fat percentages, bone & muscle mass, and a whole lot more – all at your fingertips, which will definitely help you make more informed decisions to keep you healthy.
That’s like getting a quick physical exam for FREE – anytime you want!

What Is FitTrack

How Does One Use FitTrack?

FitTrack is easy to use:
  1. Download the FREE FitTrack App.
  2. Go barefoot and stand on the scale. (The electrical signals in your body get picked up by the dual BIA technology this way).
  3. Instantly get 17 different key health insights in real-time, anytime.
And while it’s only been out fairly recently, over 120,000 users are regularly getting their vital health information through FitTrack.


FitTrack gives you the information you never knew you needed.

FitTrack’s most popularly used for weight loss. In fact, the 120,000 regular users from around the world lost a collective total of 1 million pounds.

FitTrack helps people with weight loss so effectively because, with the FitTrack app, you’re given feedback on what to do based on the goals you set. Before this smart scale, getting crucial information on whether your fitness routine or your new diet was really working was difficult, expensive, and inefficient.

But now, it isn’t just efficient  – it’s easy. In fact, because you can clearly track your fitness progress, it gives you that boost of confidence you’ll need to stick to your regimen till the end.

A Useful Tool for Both Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

FitTrack isn’t just for those who want to lose a few pounds. It’s an ideal tool for athletes too. FitTrack’s Athlete Mode is made for those people who work out on a regular basis.

Athlete Mode allows for all kinds of athletes to check the most important indicators in the reports that are relevant to their sport. Indicators such as muscle mass will be useful to track as a weightlifter, for example, while subcutaneous fat percentages might be the metric that bodybuilders would want to focus on.

The FitTrack Smart Scale can manage, at most, eight users at a time, making data storing and tracking easy for personal trainers, coaches, or even for families.

Is FitTrack just for weight loss?

Nope! Anybody can make use of FitTrack – it can give you valuable information for anybody, man or woman.

Here’s an example. Did you know your body’s age and your REAL age could be different from each other? Now, whenever someone boasts about having “the body of a 20-year-old” you can see if they’re right! FitTrack’s metabolic age feature helps you find out if your body’s getting older at a different pace than usual.

If you’ve decided to change your diet, it’s a good idea to check your protein rate to know if your body’s still getting the nutrients it needs.

Or maybe you just want to get rid of that belly fat – checking the Visceral Fat Index will help a lot.


After using FitTrack for a while, you’ll begin to see all the different methods you can use to stay healthy other than through weight – and because you’ll know how you’re doing in real-time, you’ll stay confident throughout your routine.

Until recently, all of this was only doable with pricey machinery – but with FitTrack, you’ll get all the information you need and more, and in an easy-to-access manner.

What Customers Say?

Based on 351 reviews
(325) 93%
(25) 7%
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Over 120,000+ Happy Customers

This scale gives you so many details about your body composition. Nothing has ever motivated me more to see my numbers change. You can focus on things besides just your total weight - like seeing improvement in your metabolic age or subcutaneous fat.

Allison Bulow

I’ve bought and returned several scales due to issues with accuracy. I’m a personal trainer that uses metrics to help guide clients to their goals so having so many metrics and accuracy was crucial. Thank you for a budget friendly answer!

Jennifer Lemirande

I got this scale because I wanted to keep track of my own weight and information, but I unexpectedly found that it was way more useful because I was able to add my entire family. This is a great tool to track our information and help me in monitoring not only my weight, but that of my children. With childhood obesity being very real, every parent should use any tools they can to help prevent issues for their children. What a great purchase!

Tekia Crawford

It shipped quickly - set up in seconds - sync to my phone was beyond easy - and it works accurately and perfectly every time - finally a scale that is easy and works as advertised - I had purchased a very high end one prior to this at double the cost and it was annoying and never worked easily - so I love this scale!!

Julie Lawrence

What Customers From Amazon Say?

What Is The Price & Where Can I Buy?

Currently the only place that I could find that sells FitTrack is their official website. You can get one for $89 with FREE USA shipping.


With FitTrack, you can create fitness goals and stay healthy without being let down by what the numbers on a scale would typically tell you.

Whether you want to keep your kids healthy, lose some of those extra pounds, or are just curious about your own body, FitTrack can help you.

Everybody could use a little help with learning about their own bodies  – and with this smart scale, it’s now something that is both feasible AND affordable.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does FitTrack accurately measure my body and health measurements?

FitTrack uses advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. A safe and low electrical signal gets sent to your body through FitTrack when you step on it.
The signal meets resistance when hitting fat tissue but swiftly passes through the water found in hydrated muscle tissue. This resistance, called impedance, is used to calculate using FitTrack equations to determine composition measurements. You’ll be provided with your body composition measurements in under 20 seconds, depending on the monitor.
Fat mass + Bone mass + Muscle mass = 100% of the body composition
Because water is found in fat and muscle, the water mass can’t be added when calculating the body composition to other metrics.

What Health & Body insights will FitTrack give me?

FitTrack provides you with 17 trackable Health Measurements! These are Weight, Body Fat Ratio, Hydration Level, Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index, Visceral Fat Index, Subcutaneous Fat, Base Metabolic Rate, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Protein rate, Metabolic Age, Standard Weight, Weight Control, Fat Mass, Weight without Fat, and Protein Mass.

Can I use FitTrack to track my entire family’s health?

Of course! FitTrack can store up to 8 different accounts, allowing for tracking of the entire family’s health. You can even use “Baby Mode,” which helps parents track their baby’s weight.

What is the maximum weight limit supported by the scale?

FitTrack supports up to 400 pounds of weight (that’s 181.437 kilograms).

Can the scale be used without the app?

Definitely! You can use FitTrack as an ordinary scale. You can use the scale without recording your weight by choosing the option in your app.

I have a pacemaker – can I still use FitTrack?

As FitTrack uses electrical signals, people with electronic medical implants are advised not to use body composition monitors. The signals may cause interference with their operations.