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Fresh-R Air Cooler Review

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Is This One Of The Best Air Conditioner & Humifider Available On The Market

The right type of air conditioner or air humidifier for your needs is the one that fits your lifestyle and your needs. When summer comes, you need something that will keep you cool while keeping your bills down. The Fresh-R air conditioner is a small, portable air conditioner that can fit your desk or the small table next to your bed and keep you cool day and night.

What should you look for in a personal Air Conditioner or Air Humidifier?

1. Size

When you go looking for a small air conditioner, you need one that will not take up too much of your living area to get what you need. You need something that is not a full-sized air conditioner. The size of the air conditioner makes it easy to put it wherever you need to cool your home.


2. Portability

Having a portable air conditioner will save you money and make your home more energy-efficient. A portable air conditioner does not require you to mount it in a wall or a window.

3. Number of Settings

The number of settings your new portable air conditioner will make your new air conditioner effective for your home use. The settings need to cover all types of weather conditions, including the low levels of heat to the hottest days of the summer.

What is Fresh-R?

Fresh-R is everything you could want or need in a personal air conditioner or air humidifier because it is both. The design of the unit if for one person to enjoy as it is compact, lightweight, and you can plug it into any USB or regular outlet around you. It fits perfectly on your work desk or by your bed at home.

The personal air conditioner is easy to use wherever you go as it is portable and only requires a water bottle full of water to run. You add water, plug it into your computer, car jack, or wall outlet, and select any of the three built-in temperature settings. Where you choose to use your air conditioner is up to you.

Fresh-R Air Cooler Review

FREsh-r pros:

  • The air conditioner is portable for anywhere in your home.
  • You can use a regular outlet or a USB port as a power source for the air conditioner.
  • The air conditioner has a reusable air filter.

FREsh-r cons:

  • You can only purchase the Fresh-R air conditioner online.
  • The air filter is not a HEPA filter.
  • While the air conditioner is portable, it is not as convenient as having a full home air conditioner.

What are the main Features of Fresh-R?

#1 Multiple Power Supplies

You can use your new Fresh R air conditioner wherever you need to put it. There two different ways to power it, making it the most efficient way to run an air conditioner anywhere.

#2 Wall outlet

The air conditioner and air humidifier come with a regular plug for a wall outlet. You can easily plug the air conditioner anywhere in your home if an outlet is within proximity. You can plug it in next to your bed or next to your television, or in the kitchen by your toaster. Wherever there is a wall outlet, you can put the Fresh R air conditioner.

#3 USB outlet

Your regular outlet plug has a USB power cord. The use of two different types of technologies lets you be able to plug the cable of your new Fresh-R into your computer at work or in your at-home office. A lot of homes are also now coming with USB ports built into the walls so you can plug your new air conditioner without needing to find a plug outlet, especially if they are all currently in use.

#4 Three Speed Settings

Your new Fresh R air condition comes with three different speed settings so you can adjust your room to your level of comfort. The settings include a low gear setting for when you just need a bit of cool air moving around your room, mid-range for a more powerful stream of air, and high grade, which is for those hot July days where you need more than a slight cool breeze. A built-in thermostat lets you control when it turns on and off for ideal comfort and control.

#5 Energy Efficient

The personal air conditioner is energy efficient in its operations. Freon is not part of the manufacturing process and a timer that will automatically turn the air conditioner off if it does not sense movement in the immediate surroundings for at last two minutes. Turning off automatically when there are not people in a room can help you save energy and prevent the waste of electricity because you are out of the room for an hour.

#6 Space Saving

The personal air conditioner measures only 11.3 X 6.9 X 3 inches in width, length, and height, making it very compact. A regular air conditioning unit takes up at least a moderate amount of floor space, and the larger units can take up a lot of your wall or ceiling, while not being energy-efficient or space-saving.

The small size of the Fresh-R helps it fit on a bookshelf or next to your television without requiring you to rearrange your household goods to make space for it. You also do not need to put any holes in your walls or take up a window for the unit to operate.


#7 Proximity Motion Sensor

The proximity motion sensor is an energy-saving feature that comes built into your new air conditioning unit. The motion sensor detects whether or not you are still in the room and will automatically turn off if there is no movement. The feature prevents you from wasting energy and resources by forgetting to turn the air conditioner off as you go to work, school, or out to the store.

#8 Portable

The size of the Fresh R air conditioner is small, and at only 2.2 pounds when empty, it is not difficult to take with you to work or anywhere you might need a portable AC unit. The portability helps you save money on a larger air conditioning unit; it also lets you have air conditioning in all the rooms of your house without buying a huge home system. You simply need to carry the unit with you into the room you will be working in next.

#9 Reusable Air Filter

Finding new air filters for your home or your old air conditioner can be problematic at times, especially when they stop making the correct size or style. The Fresh-R air conditioner air filter is reusable and washable, so you do not need to waste time trying to find one to replace your dirty one or add more waste to the landfills.

You can clean the air filter using soap and water and return it to its regular operation within twenty minutes. The reusability saves you time and money as well as keeping your home free of dust, hair, bacteria, and other microfibers that float in the air.

#10 Quiet Control Operation

When you need to sleep or put the baby to bed, you do not want a noisy air conditioner keeping you or them awake. A quiet control operation feature lets you set the level of control for the quietest you can have for a particular time. The quiet control operation lets you enjoy more than uninterrupted sleep. You can also enjoy your television time without loud noise in the background or disturb you as you relax after a long day of work.

#11 Cost-Effective

A regular home air conditioning unit costs hundreds of dollars and requires installation, which makes the costs go up. The Fresh-R air conditioner is a cost-effective way to keep you cool while keeping energy costs and personal costs down. There is nothing you need to purchase for the air conditioner after the initial purchase, and there is nothing you need to have installed.

What do buyers of Fresh-R think?

Buyers of the Fresh-R air conditioner and air humidifier love their purchase for the size and the convenience. They love the effect of the air conditioner and how easy it is to customize for their personal use. Multiple customers love being able to add ice to the water in their new Fresh-R air conditioner, making the air it produces even cooler.

Buyers of the Fresh-R air conditioner and air humidifier love their purchase for the size and the convenience. They love the effect of the air conditioner and how easy it is to customize for their personal use. Multiple customers love being able to add ice to the water in their new Fresh-R air conditioner, making the air it produces even cooler.

The portability of the air conditioner is also something the verified buyer love. They can carry it with them around the house and be cool everywhere, without installing a large unit that has to remain in one room. The three speeds also help the unit be perfect for many people and many different situations.

What alternatives are available?

Before you buy any or all types of air conditioners or air humidifiers, you need to consider where you need to put the new appliance and how it can be most effective. Some types of portable air conditioners are more portable than others, while some come with additional features that are worth having, such as charcoal or HEPA filters. Consider all your options before you make your final choices.

#1 TRUSTECH Portable Air Cooler

The Trustech Portable air cooler is a three-speed, portable air conditioner. The portable air cooler lets you add ice or ice water to the small unit to help you have a personal air conditioning unit that meets your needs. The portable unit is small enough to sit beside your bed or computer without taking up too much room while providing a steady stream of air-cooled by water and ice.

The portable air conditioner not only cools your room but purifies and humidifiers that air in your room without needing a separate appliance. The air conditioner is energy-saving and eco-friendly as it is Freon-free and has a setting for low energy consumption. The fan uses a USB port to draw power from your computer or other USB port outlet to produce cool air and move it around your room.

The air cooler also has a quiet operation mode, which operates only fifty-eight decibels of noise. The low level of noise lets you use it all night long without being disturbed during the hot summer months.

  • The Trustech cooler uses up water very quickly, whereas the Fresh air cooler is sparing with its water usage.
  • Both air conditioners have a quiet operation mode.
  • Both air conditioners have a USB cord for power.
  • The Trustech cooler has seven different night light color options; the Fresh air cooler does not.

#2 BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner

The BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner is a quiet operation air conditioner. The air conditioner is a stand-up air conditioner on wheels that lets you move it where you need it to be. Starting at eight thousand BTUs of power, you can purchase up to fourteen thousand BTUs of power that includes the ability to heat your rooms as well as cool them.

The Black and Decker air conditioner is energy-efficient, while it also dehumidifies your home. It comes with multiple settings to minimize noise and discomfort. The air conditioner requires a regular wall outlet for normal operation and a way to vent the hot air outside or into another room.

  • The Black and Decker air conditioner can also heat your room; the Fresh air conditioner does not.
  • The Black and Decker air conditioner is not as cost-effective as the fresh air conditioner.
  • The Fresh air conditioner takes up less room than the Black and Decker.
  • The Black and Decker air condition requires a window to vent hot air out; the fresh air conditioner does not.

#3 Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

The Winix air purifier is a true HELP air filter capable of capturing up to 99.97 percent of all airborne pollutants, including dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergy-causing microns. The air purifier is a three-stage air purifier and air conditioner to filter in hot air and produce cooling, pure air.

The air purifier also has a PlasmaWave to breakdown odors and allergens and other chemical or air pollutants. The air purifier produces a moderate amount of noise at 27.8 decibels of sound. You can program the built-in Smart Sensor gauges, or setting the auto mode that helps the fan filter the air, including a sleep mode that lets you have clean, pure air while you sleep.

  • The Winix air purifier is not an air conditioner, whereas the Fresh air conditioner is.
  • The Winix air purifier comes with a HEPA filter; the Fresh air conditioner does not.
  • The Winix air purifier has a PlasmaWave filter to clean the air; the Fresh air conditioner does not.

Good To Know
Portable air conditioners are perfect for anyone who wants to be environmentally conscious while saving money and space. The air conditioners are perfect for people who need to stay temperature controlled as well as needs something that can move around with them.

Final Thoughts

An air conditioner and air humidifier is something most people need in their homes. You need something small and portable, as well as cost-effective. The right air conditioner is the one that fits your home, life, and needs. The Fresh-R air conditioner can be that small air conditioner to provide you with a steady stream of cool air without leaving you too warm.

The Fresh R is easy to add to your home and your life. The air conditioner fits small spaces and is a personal-sized unit that helps keeps you cool and fresh wherever you are in your home. For more information about the Fresh-R air conditioner, please follow the link.

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