The Powerful, Ultra-Portable LED Light - Transform Any Room From Night To Bright Instantly

LED Adjustable Garage Light

Beat The Darkness With This Super Bright LED Garage Light

Turn Your Garage Corners From Dark To Light

Easy Installation, No Tools Needed. Screw in Like a Light Bulb

Deformable Design - You Decide Light Direction!

90° Adjustable llumination

Garage light transparent

Introducing LED Foldable Garage Light

With this 5 panel LED light transform your dark, gloomy spare rooms, garages, or garden sheds into a light-filled oasis.

The bright warm light is similar to daylight and can help boost your productivity and energy levels, especially if you’re using it in a space with low light. That can easily zap your energy. 

Features & Specifications

Install with Ease

No need for any tools or messing around with wires. Simply screw it into any fixture and start shining.

Versatile and Stylish

The sleek, fan design makes it a versatile addition to your workspace, as it can be folded and be adjusted to suit your exact lighting needs.

Save Money

By upgrading one fixture to LED, you can save up to $5 a month. You’ll save a small fortune just by changing one light.
And imagine how much more you can save with a few more one-time purchases.


Uses up to 75% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Strong and Sturdy

Its solid structure means no more broken bulbs.
Garage Led Light Features
5 Adjustable LED Panels  
8000 Lumens of Super-Bright Light
360° Lighting
Lasts 50,000 Hours
E27/E26 Lamo Holder
Coutryard Light
Led garage light
Garage Car Light

Beat The Darkness With 80W Super Bright LED Garage Light

This is a very practical garage lighting. The brightness of 8,000 lumens and 6500k of sunlight can keep away the shadows. Each lamp head can be adjusted. The maximum beam angle can reach 360 degrees, deformable design to meet the lighting requirements of different environments. It has many functions and is widely used. Just like the little sun at night, it brings light to you every dark night

360° Lighting

This garage light features LED technology with bottom lighting top quality diodes that total 8000 lumens, 6500K daylight, which can illuminate large garage, basement, workshop, so as to giving you an excellent lighting experience.

Each LED panel of the garage light can be adjusted from 0°to 90°according to your needs.

Garage led light 360
Garage led light dissipation

Heat Dissipation and Stability

The ceiling light is made of premium ABS+PC material, more solid and more durable.
The hollowed-out panel design is good for heat dissipation and stability, which helps extend the life of the light. Lifetime is over 50,000 hours.

Easy Installation, No Tools Needed

Suitable for E26/E27 lamp holders, which can be installed quickly without tools, saving time and effort. NO additional tool is required.

Garage led light install
Garage led light rotations

90° Adjustable llumination

Its 5 adjustable panels can be folded from 0° to 90°, the maximum can cover 360° area. Whether you want to gather or disperse light, you can adjust it easily, which can meet your needs for different lighting angles and areas.

Garage LED Light vs Standard Lights

5 Blade LED Light

Standard Light Bulb

Light Tube Bulb

NO Tool Installation

Adjustable Panels

Drop Test









Color Temperature




Avarage Life

50000 Hours

10000 Hours

10000 Hours

Customer Love This Bright Garage Light


Garage fournhalf-stars
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Darrel - Verified Purchase


Michael - Verified Purchase

Very bright, easy to install. It's a great garage light to replace your small incandescent and inefficient light bulb. I have bought 2. And told my neighbors!

Brian - Verified Purchase

Actually used this light in my laundry room due to a gas line not allowing anything large. Anyways the bulb does everything I needed and more. Easy as changing a bulb and what a difference. All of the different bulbs can be adjusted to different angles. I have absolutely itching negative to say about this light.

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Transform Any Room From Night To Bright Instantly!
Don’t spend another day in the dark! Not only will save you money and help the environment, but it’ll keep you powered-up and productive through the winter months, so you can have more time to focus on the things that matter.


Adjustable Garage LED Light
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