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Geekey Review

Updated: April 2021

If you have ever taken a family biking vacation, then you know it is one of the best ways to bond with your family. As a family, it gives you the chance to spend time in nature, exercise, and build memories that will last for a lifetime. However, like any other trip, you always have to juggle between carrying enough stuff to ensure convenience during the trip and traveling as light as possible.

One of the problems I have always faced is deciding whether to carry all the tools I might need on the trip -- just in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, it always seems that every time I decide to carry every tool I may need to make quick fixes or make life on the trip more convenient, I end up not needing any of them. And every time I prioritize traveling light, I seem to always get into a jam where a handy tool might have made life easier.


This was always a problem, right until I ran into multi-tools. This discovery opened a new world. It meant I could have the convenience of having nifty tools without necessarily having to carry around a bulky toolbox on the trip.

The Geekey multi-tool is one such tool. Even in the crowded niche of multi-tools, it stands out simply because of its size, quality, design, and the usefulness of the different types of tools it comes packed with. Here is what you should know about this multi-tool.


The Geekey

The Geekey is a compact multi-tool that is small enough to fit in your key holder. In its compact and innovative design, it fits an impressive range of tools. And according to the manufacturer, they only armed it with tools that they believe have proven to be necessary for everyday fixes. It is made of 420 Stainless Steel, something that gives it a unique combination of beauty and strength. As a result, you are bound to get a lifetime of use with this product.


It combines various tools that are actually useful for everyday use. The combination of a bottle opener and can opener makes it useful perfect for home use. And when you need a handy tool to take measurements its imperial ruler, protractor, metric ruler, and scoring tip will come in handy.

If you ever run into a situation where you need to tighten a fastener, the Geekey will not disappoint. It has a bit driver, multi-fit driver, bike spoke key, a closed wrench, and an open wrench. All of these tools combine to make for an extremely useful tool that you can easily fit in your key-holder.

For those who are fond of dealing with wires, they are likely to find the wire bender, wire stripper and the serrated edge of the Geekey to be very useful. And when you consider that all of this usefulness is packed in a tool that is barely larger than a standard car key, it is easy to see why it is a must-have for people who are looking for a convenient handy tool.

Geekey Pros

  • It is small in size and light in weight. Both of these things make it extremely portable. This is ideal for those who have limited space but who may still need a handy tool.
  • It comes with more than 16 thoughtful tools, which means that you will always find a use for it. This is unlike other multi-tools that pack a lot of fancy features that end up proving to be useless. As a result, the Geekey offers great value for money.
  • It has a compact and sturdy build mainly because of its great design and the fact that the manufacturers used 420 Stainless Steel to make it. This allows it to handle most handy jobs. It also increases the odds of it having a longer lifespan.
  • It has a beautiful design and it blends well with the rest of the keys in your key holder.

Geekey Cons

  • When compared to other multi-tools in its category, it is relatively more expensive.
  • The smoking pipe offers limited utility
  • The wrench is only useful in situations where there is enough clearance to allow for the rotation of the Geekey
  • The key ring opening could be a little bit wider.

Geekey Features

The Geekey multi-tool device comes packed with a host of features that make it incredibly useful around the home and even on family trips. Bikers, people who love the outdoors, and anyone who doesn't mind having a quick-fix for most handy problems that crop up on a daily basis, will appreciate all the useful features that this tool comes with.

Here is what you should know about the features that you should expect from the Geekey.

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener that is perfect for situations where you need to open a beer or any other drink. If you are in the wild, far away from any signs of civilization, having a convenient way to open drinks could make things less stressful.


A protractor that provides an easy way of conveniently measuring angles. This is great if you are working on a DIY project and you just need a quick measurement confirmation.



A ruler that has both imperial and metric measurements for easy reading. While it may not be as useful when it comes to doing heavy-duty measurements, the ruler is good enough to take small measurements when doing repairs or in cases where you are placing orders for part replacements.


Wire Stripper

Stripping the sheath off a wire can be a headache if you don't have the perfect tool. If you are not near your toolset and you need to do quick wiring around your home. Or if you are on a camping trip and you need to set up your lighting, this wire stripper will be good enough to make your work easier.


Can Opener

Canned food is always the food of choice when going on a trip. It is easy to pack, portable, and it doesn't require a lot in terms of preparation. Unfortunately, trying to pry the can open can be challenging. You can even cut yourself in the process. The Geekey's can opener is good enough to make the can-opening process easier. And since the tool is small enough not to be an inconvenience when packing, it is an ideal solution.


Scoring Tip

A scoring tip comes in handy in creating impromptu markings for your DIY project. If you need to create clean lines or make straight folds when taking part in creative projects with your family, such a tip will come in handy.


A Closed and Open Wrenches

The Geekey combines both of these tools. They are perfectly sized for most scenarios, and the Geekey has a sturdy-enough build to make them effective at tightening or loosening fasteners.


A Screwdriver Tip

With the Geekey, you will be able to tighten a loose screw on the fly and make minor repairs. This may include fixing a generator, or even something as basic as adjusting your child's bike seat.


A Bike Spoke Key

If you are out in nature enjoying your rides and a loved one's spokes snap or its threads sheer or strip out, the spoke key in this multi-tool will provide you with an easy and convenient way to fix it.


A Serrated Edge

If you need to cut a rope or any other soft material that a regular knife will struggle with, the serrated edge on the Geekey will come in handy. Since it is TSA compliant, you won’t have to worry about getting inconvenienced flying around.

A Bit Driver

There are times when a screwdriver is just not enough to secure a fastener. To make sure that you are covered on all occasions, this tool comes with a bit driver -- in addition to the screwdriver.

A Lanyard Hole

This feature makes it easy to attach a strap or loop, making it easy to carry the tool around. The increased portability that comes with the attachment increases its utility since you can always have it on you without having to always think about it.


A Smoking Pipe

The smoking pipe on the Geekey is probably the least useful tool. However, it is great in terms of bragging rights. Being armed with every tool possible at all times, including a nifty smoking pipe, is a good way to demonstrate self-sufficiency.


If you're going to buy one thing this week, why not go with Geekey Multi Tool.

Benefits of Using the Geekey

  • Space-Saving — If you are short on storage space, the Geekey is the perfect tool to carry along. It not only combines several tools into one, but also takes less space physically. This makes it perfect for those who are going camping or traveling to remote destinations.
  • Light in Weight — While it has a sturdy build -- thanks to the high-quality workmanship -- its weight is negligible. This makes it more likely for you to carry it around. As a result, you are likely to use it more than the average tool in your toolbox.
  • Extremely Useful — It comes with more than 16 tools, all of which you can find uses for in your daily routine. Unlike other multi-tools, the type of tools that the manufacturers included in this multi-tool seems to be more thoughtful.
  • It is Incredibly Easy to Clean and Maintain — If you need to clean it, simply throw it in the dishwasher. Its sterling silver surface also makes it resistant to both corrosion and rust. As a result, keeping it in great shape is relatively easier.
  • Money-Back Guarantee — If you are not sure about whether you will find this multi-tool useful, you can choose to order it and then try it out. If you don't like it, you can then send it back and you will be given your money back. This makes purchasing it to be a risk-free transaction.
  • It is A Great Gift — If you have a loved one who loves getting involved in DIY projects, the Geekey will be a perfect gift for them. It not only looks great, but also functionality that they are likely to appreciate immensely.
  • Great Value for Money — When compared to other multi-tools, the Geekey is relatively affordable. When you consider this, in addition to the fact that it essentially does the work of more than a dozen tools, it is easy to see why this tool makes a good case for being a great value for money purchase.
  • Durable — The multi-tool has a great build. It is made of high-quality steel that is strong enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. As a result, over its lifetime, you are bound to get enough utility to justify purchasing it.

Where to Buy

You can purchase this nifty tool by first visiting its official website. On the website, you will have multiple offers for the get key accompanied by attractive discounts. Simply choose the offer that is most attractive to you, choose the billing method you prefer and then fill in your address and place your order. On one of their websites, they also provide the option to buy the product directly from Amazon. In this case, you will have to navigate to the homepage where you will find a button with the label "AMAZON" right at the top. Clicking it will take you to the tool's Amazon page. You can then order it and Amazon will then ship it to you.

You can also choose to go directly to Amazon. With this option, you will navigate to the Amazon homepage and then type in "Geekey" in the search bar. You will see the product in the search page results. Simply click on it and then make the purchase.

Being able to buy the product on Amazon, as opposed to getting it directly from their website, has its benefits. For starters, you will be able to get your package faster. This is because Amazon has a logistical advantage when it comes to shipping.

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you will also enjoy great discounts on shipping. You will also have the option of buying the Geekey together with other products, and this will make for a smoother and less cumbersome shopping experience.

What Are Customers Saying About Geekey

On Amazon, the Geekey has a good rating. The verified-purchase customer reviews on its page are also overwhelmingly positive. Both of these things are as a result of the fact that it does what it promises to do.

Most people who have given it a positive review love the selection of features that it comes with. They also like the fact that it has a solid and high quality build. The fact that it can fit right in with a person's keys is something that they also appreciate.

Bloggers and other writers who have reviewed the product seem to also love it. Kraig Becker, while reviewing the tool for Digital Trend, gave it a positive review.


The Geekey is a useful tool that you can easily keep in your keychain just in case of emergencies. If you are like me and you love to take biking and camping trips with your family, this tool will come in handy in helping to make life away from civilization to be a little bit more bearable.

The tool is TSA compliant, and it doesn't occupy much space. Furthermore, even if you don't use it on your trip, it can still come in handy around the home. You can use it to open cans or bottles. You can also use it to take quick measurements when doing repairs around the home. If you are a handyman, an outdoors adventurer or a biker, it can be the perfect tool for solving all the little problems and inconveniences that crop up daily.

Click here to check the Geekey out.

Written by Simon Reyes
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