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GermCide X Review

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Keeping your family and business free of germs and bacteria takes a lot of cleaning without the certainty of getting it all.

Using a UV sanitizer wand, you can ensure you are killing off the germs and bacteria in your home without leaving any active containment behind.

GermCide X is at the forefront of the UV light technology delivering healthy home environments by killing over ninety-nine percent of germs and bacteria on usable surfaces.

UV Wand GermCide X

What should you consider before buying a Portable UV Sanitizer?

Before you buy any type of sanitation equipment, you need to make sure it will work for your needs and get your home, office, or business as clean as you need it to be. Review the most important components of each type of product before you make your final choice.

Number of Germs it kills

Before you buy any type of sanitizer, UV or chemical, make sure you know how many germs it kills. You also need to consider the types of the extent of what it destroys so you won't have to worry about types of viruses or infectious pathogens remaining on surfaces around your home. You do not want to buy a product that only kills ninety-five percent of germs or bacteria, as five percent would remain.


The design of the UV light want can make a huge difference in operation. Being able to hold it to at least a ninety-degree angle ensures you can clean flat surfaces, but also ones that are above your head like on ceiling fans. It also helps it be easier to store when you are through cleaning as you can put it away in a drawer and not the back of a closet.

Number of Batteries

The number of batteries that UV light wand takes can become a drain on your wallet if you need to replace them frequently. This can also be the case with rechargeable batteries. If you can find a want that uses fewer batteries and still achieves high results for cleanliness, you should consider adding it as a health care investment.

Recharging Cable

Being able to recharge the batteries in your UV wand will save you money and time. You can put your wand on your charger before you start cleaning and be ready for a long session, once it is ready. If the charging cable is a USB cable, it also makes it easy to charge on-the-go like in your car or at the office.


Your new, UV light sanitizer needs to be safe to use. Having a built-in gravity sensor can help the device detect tips or if you might accidentally shine it on yourself. Keeping you and your family safe from eye or skin damage is important for long-term health.


What is GermCide X?

GermCide X uses light to help you kill germs and bacteria commonly found around the home, office, or car. Using ultraviolet light, you can not only find the germs but use the UV light to damage those toxic cells and destroy them. The light will help destroy bacteria on items that are typically hard to clean completely like between the keys on your computer keyboard or your carpet.

Ultraviolet light can kill up to ninety-nine percent of germs, bacteria, and other harmful fungi that commonly grow around your home. The light damages the DNA of the pathogens, which can prevent its spread and make it harmless. Sanitizing your home with the UV light is perfect for large-scale cleanups and spot-checking basic health areas like your kitchen.

GermCide X Wand

GermCide X pros:

  • You can kill over ninety-nine percent of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens.
  • You can recharge using a USB cable.
  • The design lets you fold it up when you are done.

GermCide X cons:

  • You can only buy it through the main website.
  • The wand could be longer.

What are the main features of GermCide X?

Kills harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses

The best part about using a UV wand is that it will disable up to ninety-nine percent of harmful pathogens that are around your home, office, car, or bedroom.

You will not need to worry about missing sports in your kitchen when you do your after-dinner cleanup or when your child comes home with the flu from school. You will ensure the health of your family as you make all your spaces hygienic and safe.

Cleans using ultraviolet rays

Using ultraviolet rays to clean your home not only kills bacteria and germs, but it helps you eliminate bacteria build up in hard to clean areas such as your bathroom.

You also don't produce harmful smells or need to worry about leaving a residue behind when you clean with UV rays. The UV light is a safe way to keep everything you own sanitized without worrying about what chemicals you bring into your personal spaces.

UV sanitizer wand

The GermCide X UV Sanitizer uses a UV sanitizer wand. A UV light sanitizer is easy to pass over most things in your home so you can see where dirt and grime build-up and destroy the harmful bacteria and germs before they get thick.

They also let you know where you need to focus your energies for maximum efficiency as you clean in the future, such as making sure you disinfect your doorknob daily or weekly.

Long Battery Life

The UV sanitizer wand has long battery life. Because of the long battery life, you can take your GermCide X UV light sanitizer all over your home before you need to recharge the battery.

It also means you can highlight several key areas and disinfect them repeatedly to ensure a completely clean and neutralization of anything harmful on a single charge.


The UV light sanitizer is a portable UV sanitizer, so you do not need to bring everything to the light; you can take GermCide X everywhere.

Having a portable UV sanitizer makes it easy to take it from your home to your car without worrying about cords or batteries dying before you are done, making it clean. The handle is easy to grip, and the design of the light lets you pass it over and between items easily.


Using GermCide X UV light sanitizer, you don't have to worry about causing allergic reactions or breathing problems in your home. The light kills the germs and bacteria without leaving harmful residue or chemical products behind.

It is safe enough to use around your kitchen and in your children's bedrooms without causing allergic reactions or asthma attacks.Using a UV sanitizer light is safe for surfaces and devices. You also do not need to worry about harmful chemicals damaging the finishes on your furniture or eating away at fabric or paint over time.

Gravity Light Sensor

A gravity light sensor comes built into the wand, so it will automatically turn off if you try to shine the light upwards or at an angle. The light works best when pointed downward, so it is difficult to expose you or your family to UV light, making it extremely safe to use. You also don't need to worry about your children accidentally hurting them with the light because of this feature.

GermCide X Use


#1 UV Light Sanitizer Wand

  • The UV Sanitizer Travel Wand UV Light uses 253.7 nm wavelengths of light to destroy germs. The ultraviolet light produced by the travel wand kills up to 99.99 percent of germs, and because of its design, you can use it on your everything from your kitchen counter and toothbrush to your Smartphone and steering wheel.
  • The travel want comes with gravity sensing technology to help protect your eyes and your family from light exposure. The light will automatically turn off if you tilt the want to help with safety. The travel wand uses four AAA batteries to work and comes with a charging cable if you choose to use rechargeable batteries.
  • The travel wand kills up to 99.99 percent of germs compared with ninety percent for GermCide X
  • Both UV light sanitizers use gravity sensitive technology to protect eye from damage.

Check out the UV Light Sanitizer Wand Here

#2 Portable Charging Light Wand for Home

  • The Portable Charging Light Wand for Home is a portable, lightweight want. You can take it anywhere in your home, car, or office to disinfect surfaces using UV light. The design of the want is long without bends to help you reach underneath surfaces as well as skim the tops of them.
  • The wand produces up to two hundred fifty-three nm of UV light, which kills bacteria and germs within thirty seconds. The light produced deactivates the DNA in the bacteria or pathogen, rendering it harmless so you can clean it up completely without it sickening anyone in your household.
  • With long battery life, you will not need to worry about running out of power while you clean. If you do, you can connect the want to your computer or a wall outlet with a USB port cable. It does not take long for the want to recharge before you can continue to clean again.
  • The light wand comes with a USB port charging cable, GermCide X does not.
  • GermCide X comes with gravity sensitive technology, and the Light wand does not.
  • You can adjust the settings on the Light want, GermCide X starts at 253.7 nm of wavelength.
  • You can pause the light wand, whereas you can only turn off and on GermCide X.

Check out the Portable Charging Light Wand for Home Here.

#3 Steri Wand

  • The Steri Wand is a chemical-free way to clean your home, office, or school. Using ultraviolet light, you can sanitize almost any surface by deactivating any germs, viruses, or bacteria sitting on the surface of your devices. You can easily use it all over your home and office to disinfect any surface you frequently touch and use, such as your Smart Phone or the home doorknob.
  • Requiring only two AA batteries, you can use the wand for several hours to kill up to ninety-nine percent of germs in seconds. It produces no chemicals to leave on surfaces or to cause lingering smells or residues. The process is hypoallergenic, so any allergy sufferers or people with special health needs can be content in their completely clean home.
  • Steri Wand does not fold like GermCide X does to help save space and reach hard-to-clean areas.
  • You cannot recharge Steri Wand, and you can recharge GermCide X
  • Both products are hypoallergenic, which makes them safe for allergy suffers.

Check out the Steri Wand Here.

Final Thoughts

In these troubled times, having multiple ways to disinfect and clean surfaces is a good way to keep your family healthy. Using GermCide X, you can sanitize your home or business up to hospital levels of quality. Using UV light, you can kills over ninety-nine percent of germs and bacteria on multiple surfaces without harming the surface or your family.

Hypoallergenic and free of chemicals, a sanitation wand is a good choice to kill all kinds of bacteria around your environment. Sanitation wands are easy to use and store and comes with long battery life. For more information about GermCide X portable UV sanitizer, please follow the lin.

GermCide X Review
Written by Carl Browning

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