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Grow Pad Mini Review

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Personally, I love growing my own herbs right in my kitchen. However, growing in soil can be a bit messy and most hydroponic systems I found were too large. Then I found hydroponics, particularly the Grow Pad Mini. Read on to learn more about the Grow Pad Mini and how it can help you grow better herbs.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hydroponic System

Many hydroponic systems are meant for growing larger amounts of food or may be a bit large for those who just want to grow a plant or two and don't have much space. When you're looking to buy a hydroponic system, here's what you should keep in mind.

Space and Power Outlets

My kitchen is tiny, so I need a compact system to grow herbs with. Counterspace is too precious to waste. This is particularly true near outlets since my kitchen only has one near the counters.

Light and Air Movement

My kitchen is tiny, so I need a compact system to grow herbs with. Counterspace is too precious to waste. This is particularly true near outlets since my kitchen only has one near the counters.

Type of System

There are many types of hydroponic systems. There are multiple systems you can use for hydroponics from a simple wick system to deliver nutrients to the roots to aeroponics where the nutrients and water are misted onto the plant's roots. Every system has its own pros and cons, so research what they require before you commit. A simple pre-made countertop system tends to be the easiest to use and maintain for beginners.

The Grow Pad Mini

grow pad mini

The Grow Pad Mini is a small, self-contained hydroponic garden meant for a single plant. It promises that all you need to do is plug it in, add filtered water and seeds, then keep the water and fertilizer mix full to grow herbs in 6 weeks, It comes with everything you need aside from filtered water, including Italian Basil seeds to start you off.

Compared to some of the other options on the market, this is a very compact system that takes up less room. It only grows one plant, but you may prefer that if you have a favorite fresh herb.


Features & Benefits

The Grow Pad Mini has several features to set it apart from competitors and help you grow any herb or small plant you like.

LED Light

grow pad mini led light

The Grow Pad Mini has an LED grow light that has a 12-hour cycle to make sure your seeds get plenty of light to grow. Since it runs automatically, you don't need to remember to turn the light on and off yourself. I never remember to do things like that, so I know my poor plants would suffer without a timer. The light also lets you grow away from windows, so even a shady spot in your home can have plants growing.

Airflow Fan

grow pad mini airflow fan

Anyone who knows anything about hydroponics knows how important it is to keep your water circulating and airflow going. The mini fan on the Grow Pad Mini will run in 15-minute intervals, so it keeps airflow going to prevent harmful bacterial growth. Good airflow also keeps your plants cooler, which helps them grow better. Your plants also need fresh carbon dioxide to photosynthesize properly, so circulation is important for plant health.

High-Quality Substrate

Another important factor for successful hydroponic gardening is to have a good substrate. A good substrate lets your plant get all the nutrients, water, and oxygen it needs without getting in the way. The Grow Pad Mini has a great substrate to give your plants a great start and keep them growing so you can harvest plenty of herbs.

Watering Compartment with Level Indicator

The Grow Pad Mini has a handy water level indicator so you never need to guess when to add more water to your garden. Being able to check the water level easily means you're less likely to forget to water it and end up with dried up roots.

Grow Your Herbs Faster

Anyone who has grown herbs from seed in soil knows it can take quite some time to get herbs large enough to harvest. With the Grow Pad Mini, you can have herbs ready to grow in as little as 6 weeks. They also say you will be able to harvest your herbs for up to 6 months.

Grow Anywhere

If you don't have much space or a garden, growing plants can be a bit tricky. The Grow Pad Mini is very small, letting you grow a plant wherever you have space indoors. You don't need to worry about finding a spot in a window. I like this since apartments don't have a ton of space or windows to grow in.

Plant Anytime

When you're growing outdoors, you need to time your plantings properly or risk losing your plants to bad weather. By growing indoors with a hydroponic garden, you can plant whenever you like. If you want to start your herb garden in December, now you can. I hate having to wait a year if I forget to plant something at the right time, so this would save me some hassle.

No Worries About Poor Weather or Conditions

Some years just have terrible weather for growing plants. You can lose your whole crop to cold weather or storms. Indoor growth saves you from this hassle and guarantees a crop. I've lost plenty of plants to bad weather or insects, so growing indoors is my preference.


Grow Herbs or Small Plants

The Grow Pad Mini can handle any herb or small plant you like. It won't be able to hold a big tomato plant, but that isn't what it's for. You can use any seed that will do well in a small pot you like. Feel free to experiment and see what you can grow indoors. One fun use would be to try growing edible flowers. The only thing I think you couldn't grow is something like garlic or onions that form a bulb and larger plants. The Grow Pad Mini does include seeds, but you can always use your own. You can buy seeds at any garden store. You may want to look for plants that do well in a pot, or even ones meant for hydroponics to make it a bit easier on yourself.

grow pad mini with strawberry

What Other Owners Say

Since the Grow Pad Mini is a new product, I wasn't able to find too many other reviews. However, it does seem to work great for them. The all-in-one system makes it simple to start, so it should appeal to plenty of people who want to grow their own herbs and plants. Like all products, you need to make sure you check the package to make sure everything is in the box and contact customer service if something is missing.

Down below are screenshots of the five reviews I managed to find on TrustPilot.

farm culture grow pad mini review
Grow Pad Mini customer review
Grow Pad
grow pad mini reviews
The Farm Culture

Things That Can Help Your Herbs Grow Faster

Keeping temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees during the day will help your herbs grow better. If you can let the temperature drop 10 degrees at night, that is even better. Keeping your plants in a cooler area that is a bit more humid will keep them healthier and make them less vulnerable to pests and diseases.

buy grow pad mini

While the Grow Pad Mini should keep your plant's roots from staying too wet, you should keep an eye out to make sure you don't deal with problems like root rot. Having a good nutrient mix will also help your plants grow well. This list will tell you what many herbs and plants need for their optimum growth. You might be able to use a fertilizer from the garden store, but a solution meant for hydroponics may give better results in the long term. You also need to have a pH measuring kit to be sure your water is at the right pH for your plant. Improper pH will stunt your plant's growth and make it take longer to reach the right size for harvesting.


Try SeedSheet With Grow Pad Mini

The Easiest & Fastest Way To Grow Your Own Herb Garden! Anyone Can Do It – No Green Thumb Needed!

Make sure you have decent scissors or pruners for your plant. A ragged cut from removing leaves can open a path to infection in your plants. Keeping them healthy by pruning properly will help your plant produce for a longer time. Any gardening guide can teach you where to prune and harvest your herbs to get the maximum yield without harming your plants.


The Grow Pad Mini can be a great option for anyone who wants to grow herbs in a small space. It has nearly everything you need to get started. The only things you need to get are a nutrient solution and a pH testing kit. This makes it a nice starting product for anyone looking to get into hydroponics or who want an easy way to grow in a small space.

Click here to check out the Grow Pad Mini.

Written by Simon Reyes
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