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GX SmartWatch Review

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A good watch will not only help you to tell the time, but it will give functions to help you stay fit and healthy. A good smartwatch comes with multiple features to set it apart from the other. A great smartwatch can give you unlimited connectivity and data for improvement.

gx smartwatch

What should you look for in a good Smartwatch

Picking out the right smartwatch for your needs requires you to know what you need. The right watch for you is the one that gives you the functionality you need to stay on top of your life as well as your health.

Number of Functions

Purchasing a smartwatch for yourself can help you keep track of your health and your social life. Selecting the right watch for yourself means knowing what you need the watch to do, and comparing watches to make sure the one you do select has everything you want to improve your life. You need to make sure of the types and number of functions you need the watch to do.

Ergonomic Fit

The design of the watch must be ergonomic to make the watch comfortable to wear as well as make the health functions work correctly. If you want to use health functions, such as heart rate and correct step counting, you need to have the sensor comfortably against your wrist for accurate readings. For correct readings and a comfortable fit, the watch must be ergonomic.


Being to customize your new smartwatch can let your personality show through your watch. You can also change the watch face to fit different types of work situations or update the display features for your life progress. 

You need to be able to customize the watch face through the watch itself or an accompanying app to keep the watch and your life up-to-date with everything that is going on.


The higher the waterproof rating, the less likely your watch will be to take damage from the little things in life. When you forget to take your watch off in the shower or when you get caught in the surprise rainstorm during your jog, you need to know your watch will stay functioning. The smartwatch you buy needs to be at least IP67 or above in durability.

The second number in the IP designation indicates how waterproof your watch is. Anything less than an IP 67 rating will be more likely to take damage from the small things in life, such as the surprise rainstorm or washing dishes. You need the watch to remain functional regardless of water.

Sleep Tracking

The right watch for you should be one that helps to improve your sleep. Sleep tracking is not a new technology, but if you have sleeping problems, giving you information about why you have sleeping problems can help you to improve your life considerably.

Phone calls

Taking a phone call is not necessary through your watch, though it is a nice thing to be able to do. You need to stay connected to your friends, family, and work colleagues to stay on top of your life and your work. You are not always near your phone, and being able to take calls through your watch can save you time and prevent you from missing that important phone calls.

Long-Battery Life

Long battery life is a requirement for any type of watch or other smart devices. You need it to last for multiple days on a single charge because life does not always let you stop to recharge your devices. Long battery life will also prevent you from running out of charge at the wrong time. You need to be the one in charge of when you charge your watch.


Bluetooth is a requirement for most types of devices to work properly. The right watch for you has a strong Bluetooth connection that will not drop or dip when you least expect it. The watch's Bluetooth must be strong, and once synced to your phone will remain without requiring you to resync it every time you want to use your watch.

What is the GX Smartwatch?

The GX Smartwatch is more than a watch. The GX Smartwatch is a way to remain connected with your friends, family, and work colleagues while staying on top of your fitness. The GX Smartwatch will give you the expected functionality of telling you the time, coupled with the ability to give you full readouts of everything you need to know about your health.

The GX Smartwatch comes with the ability to track your steps, heart rate, and play music. You can find endless ways to enjoy your sleek new smartwatch that comes with the quality and design you need to help your watch be as amazing as you are. The long battery life and seamless Bluetooth connectivity with Android and Apple devices help keep you going long after other smartwatches have quit.


  • The GX Smartwatch comes with health monitoring features such as heart rate.
  • You will have a long battery life using the GX Smartwatch.
  • The design of the watch is sleek and sophisticated.


  • You can only buy the watch online.
  • The watch is not cost-effective.
  • Low stock is available.

What are the main features of the GX Smartwatch?

Number of Functions

The GX Smartwatch comes with multiple functions for tracking your health, such as steps taken and your heart rate. You can see everything you need to keep yourself connected and healthy through alerts for movement or reminders to drink water. You can also set alarms to remind you to take medications or reminders to send an email to your work colleague.


Health Functions

GX SmartWatch ECG

The functions include a sports algorithm that can sense the type of movement you are performing and record the statics for it. The watch also monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG data, so you can monitor everything about your health using only your watch. You can create a comprehensive health report using the GX Smartwatch's data about all your vital stats.

You can also monitor other things that can tell you a lot about your health that you will not find on a standard watch such as your blood-oxygen levels and your blood pressure. You can monitor these levels throughout your day and keep track of them as you workout or change your routines up.

Ergonomic Fit

gx smartwatch

The smartwatch design is comfortable to wear and fits your wrist snuggly. The watch is not too large or too small for your needs, and the design ensures you can move without it becoming loose. The watch is easy to adjust for your wrist, and you will enjoy having it around for everything you are doing.

You have your choice of watch bands to ensure the watch fits your wrist correctly. The choices include soft brown leather or soft black leather. The leather adds to the longevity of the watch and helps to make it comfortable to wear for extended periods without absorbing sweat or looking worn.

Long-Battery Life

GX SmartWatch Battery Life

The watch has a long battery life, so you will not need to stop your life to recharge it. The watch can go for three days without recharging, and you have a battery icon visible on your watch face, so you will always be aware of the degree of charge your watch has. You can easily recharge the watch by connecting it by USB cable to a wall outlet or your computer and have it quick-charged in less than three hours.



The GX Smartwatch comes with a high level of waterproofing. The watch is IP68 waterproof, with the second number denoting the level of waterproofing. The higher the number, the more waterproof the watch is. The number eight indicates the watch is almost completely waterproof.

The only type of watch more waterproof is specially designed diving watches. The only difference between a diving watch and the GX Smartwatch is the GX Smartwatch cannot do extreme depths of water without damage. Other than that, you will not need to worry about the watch taking damage because you left it on in the shower or got caught in the rain.

Sleep Tracking

GX SmartWatch Sleep Record

Sleeping problems are a common thing in the modern world. With the GX Smartwatch, you can track your sleeping habits so that you can have an accurate picture of your sleeping problems. Once you know when you are waking up or going to sleep too late, you can know how to fix your problems. The GX Smartwatch can show you how your sleep is getting disturbed and figure out how to improve.

The GX Smartwatch provides you with a comprehensive sleep report and lets you know when you are having your deep sleep and light sleep. You get the full report for your daily sleep quality using the watch as a way to monitor it.

Make and Receive Phonecalls


You can leave your phone at your work desk and still receive the phone call through your watch. You can even answer the phone call and complete your business without ever touching your phone. You will never miss that important phonecall again or miss a connection with your mother or boyfriend.

You make these phone calls using only your watch, which has a high fidelity speaker along with a highly sensitive microphone. You and your phone companion will not miss a single word spoken with the clarity and quality worked into the manufacturing.

Play Music

GX SmartWatch Play Music

When you connect your phone to your GX Smartwatch, you will have the ability to play music through your watch. You will not need to carry your phone with you on your next morning jog; you can stream your music through your watch and enjoy an intense workout without the need for a phone to play the music.

You can even change songs and albums with a few simple taps to your watch. You can raise and lower the volume without reaching for your phone and enjoy your entire music collection while doing other things.


Sleek Design

GX SmartWatch Sleek Design

The swatch design helps it be more than the heavy, over-sized smartwatches of yesterday. The GX Smartwatch is a sophisticated watch with style, smooth lines, and a non-bulky appearance. You can put the smartwatch on your wrist and not have it stand out for what it is. It can become a part of your everyday wardrobe without being cumbersome.

The GX Smartwatch comes with a sleek metal CNC casing with brushed sides. A bevel works its way around the face of the watch, and the glass covering the face is mineral glass that resists scratches and wear. The glass also helps you see the face during the sunniest part of the day. Every detail displayed on the watch is sharp and easy to read with a choice of watch bands to secure it to your wrist.

Different Faces

GX SmartWatch Seven Different Faces

Along with a sleek design, you have the choice of seven different faces to customize your watch to fit your day. You can also choose to change everything as you choose to fit your mood or activity. The seven different faces provide you with a host of information about your health and movement. You can also minimize what you choose to see, so you check the accompanying app without the daily distractions.

The face of the GX Smartwatch is larger than the average watch measuring one and a third inches with a full two hundred forty by two hundred forty screen. The degree of detail you see along with the number of functions you can display makes the watch superior in multiple ways.

Strong Bluetooth Connection

GX SmartWatch Bluetooth

A huge complaint about anything that uses Bluetooth is a weak connection. When you sync your phone with your new GX Smartwatch, the connection is almost instant and strong. You will not need to worry about dropping the connection or losing track of your data as you go about your day. You will not need to renew the Bluetooth connection every time you choose to use your watch; it will always be there after the initial set up.


GX SmartWatch Camera

Having a camera on hand can help you to update your social media accounts or record different types of situations. You can take pictures using only your new GX Smartwatch and have them sent to your phone. You can capture your workouts or other types of events in your life without ever touching your phone.

What do buyers of the GX Smartwatch think?

Buyers of the GX Smartwatch love how they can customize the watch. They also love the number of features they can program into their watch for health and connectivity. The best features are ones that most watches do not have, like answering a phone call with the watch.

“Nice looking smart watch. Bought it for my father in law as a gift who seems smitten by it. Like that it can read his pulse rate and track his steps”

James Coldig

“This is an amazing smartwatch for the price. It is a very nice watch and it comes with two screen protectors which is awesome. I can read all my messages without pulling my phone which makes it really great for work. I can also download so much from the play store. And I also love that it is great for my workouts, I can read my heart rate and also track my steps. Can do so much with this watch and it is so affordable. I love my Gx Smartwatch”

Mark Olson

“I thought this watch like most other smart watches will be masculine and overpowering in my little wrist. It isn’t. Its quite cute and works well with my android phone. The band is a nice tan leather and appears that it will age well! I’m really excited about the watch’s capabilities.”

John Doe

What smartwatch alternatives are available?

LETSCOM Smart Watch

The Letscome smartwatch comes in multiple colors and with a fully colorized screen. The colors help the watch look stylish and helps you to see the different functions it has easily. The watch functions give you many smartwatch favorites, including step counters, calorie burned, and messaging notifications.

You can sync your new smartwatch to your phone, so you can receive important messages and track your daily, monthly, or yearly fitness progress. The watch comes with the All-day fitness tracking app to help you record your progress through your everyday activities and exercises. You can even control your music and receive notifications of incoming calls.

The smartwatch comes with a long battery life offering you two hundred ten amp hours of life, which is up to ten days with consistent use or up to forty-five days with limited functioning. You can also adjust the screen brightness to extend the life of your smartwatch batter. When you do charge the battery, it can take as little as two and a half hours on quick-charge.

  • The Letscom Smartwatch has ten days of battery life; the GX Smartwatch has three.
  • Both watches let you control music and physical statistics through the watch's face.
  • You cannot change the Letscom Smartwatch face; you can change the GX Smartwatch face.
  • You cannot receive phone calls through the Letscom Smartwatch; only notifications; you can get that with the GX Smartwatch.
  • The Letscom Smartwatch comes in multiple colors; the GX Smartwatch does not.

The Letscome Smartwatch is the watch for people who need a cost-effective way to keep track of their daily progress. The watch does not have the longevity of name-brand watches, but it does provide you with enough information to keep your day going.


Healthwatch Smartwatch

The Healthwatch Smartwatch is the watch to buy if you need to monitor the specific health features of your body, such as your heart rate or the number of calories. The Healthwatch Smartwatch design gives you control over your health that other smartwatches do not have. You can customize the watch for your health needs and track your progress and be alerted to changes.

The Healthwatch keeps you on top of your health with reminders to move around and sleep tracking. The watch also keeps you informed when you get emails, phone calls, and text messages. The watch is a high-quality way to keep you healthy and informed.

GX SmartWatch vs HealthWatch
  • The Healthwatch is a watch that comes with an anti-lost feature; the GX Smartwatch does not.
  • You can control music through the GX Smartwatch; you cannot with the Healthwatch.
  • The GX Smartwatch lets you change the faces; the Healthwatch does not.
  • You can send emergency signals using the GX Smartwatch; you cannot with the Healthwatch.

The Healthwatch is a watch for those that need to monitor health primarily. It comes with additional functionality for call notification and long battery life.


The eWatch Smartwatch is a watch for fitness goals and keeping you connected. The design for the watch lets you track your physical progress while you listen to music and track your heart rate. The ewatch can help you to monitor your new or old workout routines and record your progress as you go. The eWatch comes with a built-in camera, so you can take pictures of your workout and load to send them to your phone to update your social media accounts later.

You can remain connected to your friends and family through your watch by receiving messages and notifications. You can easily sync your smartphone with the eWatch to ensure you will never miss a message. You can even receive reminders about being stationary for too long.

  • The eWatch gives you Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the GX Smartwatch using Bluetooth 5.0.
  • You can take and make phone calls using your GX Smartwatch; you cannot with the eWatch.
  • The eWatch keeps track of fitness; the GX Smartwatch keeps track of everything.

The eWatch is a good watch choice if you are starting a new workout routine or if you need notifications from your phone. It provides you with a way to stay healthy and informed as you workout.

Final Thoughts

Tracking your life can help you to improve in multiple ways. When you need a watch that gives you everything and includes the style, you need to look beyond the name brand watches the GX Smartwatch gives you a way to stay connected and track your workouts, make phone calls and listen to music.

The GX Smartwatch is one of the few watches on the market that can deliver multiple ways to remain connected, stay updated, and improve your physical health. For more information about the GX Smartwatch, please follow the link.

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