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HomePolice24 Door Sensor Review

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In these troubled times, a home security system is a must. You need to know your home has protection at all times, and you need to be in control of that protection. The HomePolice24 security system can help you stay on top of your home security without requiring you to sign up with a security company.

homepolice24 door sensor

What do you need to consider when looking at Smart Home Security Systems?

  • Home Security System or Home Alarm System?
    There are different ways to keep intruders out of your home. Many types of home security systems come as alarm systems that trigger when doors and windows are open with or without you being aware. Make sure you are buying the system that will keep your home secure, and you informed. Not all burglars will stop because an alarm goes off.
  • How to Control the System.
    Controlling your home security system can be as easy as adding the alarms to the doors and the control panel to your wall, or it can be more complicated. If you choose a system through a company, a hire professional will enter your home to install the system, often directly in your home electrical system, which increases your bills and add installation fees.
    The installing company can let you control your system using apps or home computer programs, but often it requires multiple updates and constant patching. Make sure when you choose the home security system that it is simple enough for you to operate and so anyone in your home can control the security system.
  • Number of alarms and sensors.
    Some systems provide you with enough alarms and sensors for all your doors and windows. Make sure you know the full cost to completely secure all the openings in your home before you make your purchase. A system might seem cheap until you discover that only one sensor comes in the system, and you must buy more for all your home doors and windows.
  • Battery Life.
    If the home security system does not install into your home electrical system, you will need to monitor your system's battery life. You will want one that does not drain the batteries, causing you to replace them frequently. Every time you replace a battery, you pay more money into your home security system, so long battery life is a must for any system.
  • Ease of Installation.
    Installing your home security system should be simple. You should not need a ton of tools to secure your home, and anyone should be able to do it. Make sure you are aware of how to install the system before you buy it to ensure you can make the system work for you.

What is HomePolice24?

HomePolice24 is more than a home security system. HomePolice 24 uses the latest technology is a simple way to ensure you are alerted to any changes in your home. The system comes with home security sensors that mount to the frames of your doors and windows. If one of them is forced open, you receive an alert through your home WiFi directly to your phone.

What makes HomePolice 24 so unique is its ability to learn your home rhythms and schedules. This lets you receive real alerts to problems, not false alerts like your son leaving his window over again. The system is easy to install and does not stand out on your doors, windows, or walls as advanced technology so that you can be secure in your home without the worry of burglaries occurring.

Pros and cons of HomePolice24

Here are the pros

  • You can control your new security system using your Smartphone.
  • The system is easy to install without needing extra tools to add it to your home.
  • You will receive alerts when your home is insecure before you leave your home every day.

What about the cons?

  • The system is not cost-effective.
  • The HomePolice24 system requires you to be on top of your home security system, which your family can undermine.
  • You have to call the police when you receive unsecured home alerts.

What are the main features of HomePolice24?

  1. 24/7 Home Security.
    When you install a home security system, you want constant protection. Temporary protection will leave you venerable and enable home invasion without your permission. With HomePolice24, you have twenty-four hours a day coverage, seven days a week.

    You do not need to worry about lapses in your coverage or paying a company to take care of it for you. Once you install the system, it remains your security barrier.

  2. Smartphone Alerts.
    Your entire home security system is something you control using the easy-to-use and easy-to-download Smartphone app. The app is compatible with all Smartphones, and you receive and control your home security through it. You will receive different types of alerts and home status updates.
  3. Breaking and Entering.
    The main reason to purchase the HomePolice24 system is to receive notifications about your home if they change outside your normal routine. You will receive notifications if doors or windows open while you are not at home or if someone forces one open. You have the power to contact the police and alert them to the potential break-in and take steps to get them out of your home.
  4. Open door and window reminders.
    Your system is working even before you leave home. It is very simple to check your Smartphone app before you leave home to determine if any windows or doors are still open. You can shut them, ensuring your home's complete security, before you leave. The reminders keep your home secure, and you aware of everything that is happening in your home so you can prevent future problems before they occur.
  5. Low battery reminders.
    The main control panel for your new security system runs on battery power. Batteries cannot last forever, and when the batteries start to die, you will receive notifications that your battery is running low. It makes it easy to switch batteries out before they die, keeping your home secure without a blip in services.
  6. Easy to Install.
    Installing HomePolice24 is very easy for everyone. Your new system comes with home security sensors you can easily paste to the insides of your doors and windows. The only thing left after that is to download the app so you can monitor your system from wherever you are. Everyone can install the system without it taking very much time.

    What makes the system convenient is the limited number of tools to place your system monitor in your home, and the sensors come with double-sided tape so they can attach to the inside frames of your windows and doors. These can install on your wall and doors in less than ten minutes. The app takes only a minute to download and provides you with easy-to-follow instructions so you can get your home security system up and running in minutes.

  7. Reliable Door and window movement sensors.
    The sensors that come with HomePolice include the door sensor setups. They are extremely reliable and do not come loose. They attach seamlessly to the inside of your doors and windows and come ready to start protecting your home.

    Your door sensor systems are extremely sensitive to any forced entry. They remain strongly attached to the inner frames of your doors and windows, and once the door alarm senses unauthorized entry, you receive a message about the change in your home security system.

  8. System Compatibility.
    HomePolice works with almost every type of system you can have in your home. You can sync your Smartphone app and the security system to your home smart devices like Alexa and Google Home. Being able to do this allows you to voice control your home security system, so you can make small adjustments by simply speaking aloud to your device.
  9. No Monthly Fees.
    Because HomePolice is an independent system, you control your home security. You will have no monthly fees or startup costs after you purchase and install the system. It is a one-time purchase fee, and after that, you will not need to pay again for anything.

What do Verified Buyers of HomePolice24 think?

Verified buyers of HomePolice24 love how easy it is to install and use. They love being able to see the status of their home security wherever they are and that, after purchasing, there are no additional fees to keep the system running. The system is a one-time charge, and afterward, it is completely secure and will run as long as you want it to run.

homepolice24 reviews

What are some alternative Home Security Systems?

GE Personal Security

The GE Personal Security system is a simple way to protect your home without monthly fees or breaking the bank to install something fancy. The system comes with one or two alarm systems that you can install by your doors and windows. When the doors and windows of your home open without your permission, the alarms go off to alert you of intruders.

The alarms come with different settings so you can choose which one hundred twenty decibel sound you want; off, chime or alarm. The system is easy to install to the sides of your door or window, as there are no wires to run or extra components to add aside from wall mountings. Your system will also include a low battery test button so you can check the level of charge your home security system has left and changed the battery when dying.

  • The GE Personal Security System is only an alarm for your doors or windows; the HomePolice24 system lets you monitor your system as well as have alarms for breaking windows and doors.
  • The GE personal home system does not come with a door sensor, only a door alarm or two, the HomePolice24 comes with many door sensors.
  • The GE Personal Security System is very cost-effective; the HomePolice system is not.
  • You can control the HomePolice24 system with a downloadable app; you cannot control the GE Personal Security System.

SABRE Wireless Home Security

The Sabre Wireless Home Security comes with four-door alarm sensors so you can protect all places around your home. The Sabre Wireless Home Security system has a built-in one hundred twenty decibel alarm that is loud enough to deter most types of home invaders. The system is loud enough to wake you up and even notify your neighbor if something is wrong and you are not home.

The Sabre Wireless Home Security System comes with three adjustable settings for your home, including off, alarm, and chimes, depending on your home needs. The need for different alarms lets you set the degree of alert for entrance, such as a charm for when your children come home and alarm when your door sensor goes off in the middle of the night.

The system is easy to install and requires you to mount the door alarm and door sensor. You do not need to wire anything into your home electrical system, and you have a convenient battery status system built in so you can always know the level of your batteries.

  • The Sabre Home Wireless system is a door alarm system; the HomePolice System gives you alerts as well as door alarms.
  • The Sabre Home Wireless System does not come with a monitoring app, the HomePolice24 system does.
  • The Sabre Home security system comes with four alarms; the HomePolice24 system comes with one that controls different sensors.
  • The Sabre Home Security System is cost-effective; the HomePolice system costs more and comes with more features.

Door Window Alarm 2 Pack Noopel Home Security

The Door Window Alarm 2 Pack Noopel Home Security system provides you with a magnetic door and window alarm sensor. When the sensor goes off, you will hear a one hundred twenty decibel alert that a door or window is open. You will never be unaware again when your children come home or try to sneak out.

The window and door alarm is ultra think that helps you easily install the door alarm without detection. The alarm comes with two different settings, so you can always have it off when you are home or on when you are away. There are no wires to attach to your home electrical system, and everything runs on easy-to-change batteries.

The system alerts you to when the battery is running low, so you will always have a home with protection. The battery is a regular battery, so you don't need to go looking for anything special to keep your system operational.

  • The Noopel Home Security system is cost-effective, the HomePolice system is more expensive, but comes with more features.
  • The Noopel Home Security System is an alarm system only; the HomePolice system lets you monitor your home and receive alerts.
  • The HomePolice24 system comes with a controlling app; the Noopel system does not have one.

Final Thoughts

The right security system can help keep your family and your valuables safe from trouble. You need to do your research to find the system that will keep your home secure and will not cost you a lot of money to install and maintain. The HomePolice24 system gives you complete home security without a contract with a security company.

The HomePolice24 system comes ready to install and lets you set it up in the way that works best for your home. You can configure the system with your home security app and monitor it from work, school, and the bus. For more information about the HomePolice24 security system, please follow the link.

Written by Simon Reyes

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