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How to Do CoolSculpting at Home - Step By Step Guide | 2021

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In your search to find a way to get rid of your stubborn body fat on certain parts of your body, you've maybe come across non-invasive fat reduction and non-surgical methods.

Maybe you wonder if those methods actually work and if they are as easy to use as it sounds.

When you know about the methods, you probably don't know if they work or how to do coolsculpting at home, and if there are any side effects?

In this article, we will answer all of your questions and bring you closer to the answer.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting was designed to get rid of your fat body parts like belly, chin, arms, abdomen, etc.

It works by freezing specific areas where you want to get rid of fat. Fat cells die when they get frozen. Within 90 days, the cells eliminate themselves.

The best way I've found to do coolsculpting at home is with the Isavera fat freezing system

More on that later.

Does coolsculpting work?

Coolsculpting is a complicated way to reduce fat. It works by freezing away unwanted cells with the help of advanced technologies and clinically proven cooling techniques for safe, effective results that will last indefinitely without surgery.

The CoolSculpting procedure depends heavily on science-based technology so you can have your perfect body in as little time as possible.

CoolSculpting Side Effects

There are many risks when performing CoolSculpting at home, but that doesn't mean that all treatments are risky.

It's possible to experience some of the side effects that are: 

  • cold
  • ruddiness
  • tender skin
  • swelling
  • stiffness

Side effects are visible for some days, but they all subside after a while.

Before any treatment with coolsculpting at home, it's good to ask some professionals before using it on yourself.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

The price varies based on the area of treatment. It can cost from $600 up to $1000s.

There is always a possibility of injury if you try doing it at home, and the cost of medical care would end up being more than if you had just gone to a professional.

As previously mentioned doing coolsculpting with Isavera is much cheaper and safer. It costs only $99, and you can do it all by yourself.

What is Isavera?

Isavera is a new way to coolsculpting (fat freezing) at home. In a couple of weeks, you will reduce the appearance of fat.

Note: It's NOT recommended for pregnant women to use Isavera.
While it can reduce fat, it's not designed for visceral fat in individuals.

Isavera Fat Freezing System at Home Review

How does Isavera work?

It works by putting frozen Isavera Gel packs into straps and wrapping them around your desired location.

It's an efficient way to do coolsculpting at home without the use of chemicals, surgeries, supplements, or expensive coolsculpting.

It will give your body a slimmer and more sculpted look.

Why use Isavera?

Well, it's simple, it can quickly show you results and is safe to use, and all that without causing damage to your body. It will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Does Isavera Have Side Effects?

You might experience some of the side effects that I've mentioned above, but they all subside after 10 minutes. This is according to the official Isavera website.

Where to buy Isavera?

There are many websites out there trying to sell Isavera, but be careful because most of them are scams. This is why we recommend you buy Isavera through the official webpage.


The more information you know about coolsculpting at home, the better for you. Unfortunately, it can be a dangerous treatment. For expensive coolsculpting, you need to visit an experienced CoolSculpting provider before doing it.

On the other hand, Isavera is a simple product for coolsculpting at home without visiting a professional. 

If you are still not sure about Isavera, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you're not satisfied, you can always return it.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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