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How To Increase PC Performance | 2021 Guide

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Have you ever become frustrated beyond belief because your computer was running slow at the worst possible moments? I used to get so frustrated because everything loaded at a snail's pace, and my programs were jerky as opposed to smooth. I have finally gained enough experience to understand why, while helping you to improve your computer speed as well. The process is not difficult, and you can follow along easily.

How to Increase Your PC Performance?

There are several different ways to improve the performance of your PC. My favorite recommendations are defined below.

Deleting Your Old Programs

If you have had your computer for a long time, you probably have a lot of programs you are no longer using. Go to your menu titled Programs and Features to see a list of your programs. Uninstall any program you are not using on a regular basis.

How To Increase PC Performance

Limiting Automatic Startup Programs

There are programs that start automatically when you turn on your PC. Change your default settings to prevent these programs from using RAM while your PC is starting up.

Cleaner Tools

You should clean your files manually, and with a cleaner tool. You can find free tools on the internet to ensure your PC is clean and organized.

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Importance of Cooling

If your computer becomes warm, it will become slower. Laptops are effected by heat the most. Place your PC in an area with good ventilation to prevent overheating.

Deleting Your Older Files

Delete all old files, documents, and pictures you no longer want. If you have a lot of files you intend to keep, consider storing them in the cloud.

Cookies and Browsing History

Every site you visit on the web is saved by your computer while gathering cookies. Clearing your cookies and browsing history will increase your speed, improve your performance, and help make certain everything runs smoothly. If you are running Windows 10, please visit Your text to link... for additional tips.

The Solid State Drive

Installing a solid state drive will substantially improve your regular tasks and startup. This is not a difficult hardware upgrade.

Upgrading Your Ram

One of the simplest ways to increase the speed of your PC is by upgrading your RAM. You can make a big difference by adding just two to four gigs of RAM.

Checking for Viruses

Your computer will be slow if you have ransomware or a virus. Install anti-virus software, and make certain it remains updated. The software will remove or quarantine any issues while preventing new viruses.

Shutting Down

Simply turning off your PC, then restarting makes a tremendous difference. I have found this simple step increases both my speed and performance.


Increasing Your PC Speed with Xtra PC

The Xtra-PC device adds a boost of speed to your computer, enabling you to enjoy much faster speeds. You can install programs easily, and access services including Skype and Facebook. Your mouse, keyboard, additional monitors, and webcam will be compatible with Xtra PC. You can also use Open Office as opposed to Microsoft Office for word processing.

Xtra PC Reviews

What Operating System Does Xtra PC Use?

You can use Xtra PC with almost every computer throughout the world provided your have an available USB port for plugging in the device. I have found the device efficient for desktops, laptops and netbooks. All you have to do is insert Xtra PC into your computer's USB drive or corresponding port. To learn more about how the product works, visit Here.

Once inserted, a start-up screen will appear. You will receive options dependent on the brand of your computer including HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and IBM. Xtra PC was designed to work well with a lot of different devices, computer types and brands.

How to Boost Your FPS

Extra pc uses a USB flash drive for accessing the Linux operating system. You can connect this drive to any computer to boost your FP, increase speed, and add more memory to your external drive. If your computer is older, Xtra PC will improve the performance you are receiving from your current operating system. The result is enhanced FP, improved performance, and more speed.

How Much Does It Cost?

The exact cost is dependent on the specific plan you select. Your price begins at $35 per month. In comparison to the price you would pay to purchase a new laptop or computer, you will save a lot of money.

Who is Xtra-PC for?

Xtra PC is ideal if your computer is running slowly, your PC takes a long time to reboot, or if your performance is choppy or rough. Also Xtra PC is for people who are not tech savvy. You can find important product FAQ Here:

Using Xtra PC

Once you have plugged in the device, your PC needs to be instructed to boot through your USB. This process needs to be repeated every time your PC is restarted. Your boot-up speed will immediately increase, and you can still use most of the same features you are accustomed to. You can install nearly all of the same Mac and Windows programs.

Unfortunately, I have discovered a few Windows programs that are not compatible with XtraPC. I have found excellent alternatives offering the same functionality and features. Your PC will be clean because any malware or viruses are removed. You will no longer experience any issues with virus interference.

Privacy and Safety

If you are interested in additional protection, you can use a VPN or virtual private network with Xtra PC. This enables you to browse the web without any infection or privacy concerns. By itself, Xtra PC will protect your privacy while keeping you safe. You can proceed with complete anonymity because your PC has a new operating system without any previous Windows data. You can safely check both your banking and email.

Increase PC Speed with ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a Microsoft Windows component using a USB flash drive, flash memory, CompactFlash, SD card or external hard drive. ReadyBoost facilitates SuperFethc for performing analysis regarding your usage patterns for a boot-time disk. The result is the creation of a cache for subsequent system boots. This can improve the performance of your random disc reads by 80 to 100 percent from a traditional hard drive.

All your disc content is included to maximize performance by recognizing sequential, large and read requests. When you plug in a compatible device, you will receive additional options for speed and space configuration. You can even assign 250 MB of flash memory or up to 256 GB. According to Microsoft, the typical compression rate is 2:1.

Device Requirements for ReadyBoost

In order to be compatible with ReadyBoost, your PC must conform to all of the following.

  1. Your removable media capacity must be a minimum of 256 MB.
  2. You can use eight devices with Windows for an added memory of 256 GB.
  3. Your device must be capable of read speeds of 2.5 MBs.
  4. The access time for your device must be one millisecond or less.

ReadyBoost supports FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS. The exFAT file system is supported for Windows 7, but not for Vista SP2. If you intend to use over four GB of space to cache, you will need to format your flash drive as exFAT or NTSF. This is because the cache for ReadyBoost is stored as one of your files. Both FAT32 and FAT16 have a two to four GB limit for file size.

Since your cache is stored as a file, you must mount your file system, and assign a drive letter. You need to use your drive's root folder because mounting your cache as a subfolder will not work. Visit Here to learn even more about ReadyBoost.


According to Microsoft, your flash memory should be three times greater than your RAM for ReadyBoost acceleration. If you are using SSD or a solid state disk, ReadyBoost will be disabled since any effect would be negligible. You may not be able to format to NTFS. This is dependent on your computer's wear and tear, brand and flash memory size.

If you want to write caching using your PC flash drive, go to your Device Manager and select Optimize for Performance. This will enable you to format as NTSF whenever possible.


If your computer system has 512 RAM, the difference from ReadyBoost is excellent. Your speed can improve from over 11 seconds to just two because your physical memory increases from 512 MB to one GB. ReadyBoost was created with the idea the seek time of a flash drive is greater for specific system files and when booting your PC.

ReadyBoost also leverages the benefit of two different sources for reading data. In comparison to modern hard drives for desktop PCs, sequential reads and writes are slower with USB 2.0 flash drives. The transfer speed for a desktop hard drive is two to 10 times higher than a USB 2.0 flash drive for sequential data. I have used newer flash drives including the USB 2.0 with an advantage.

My random access time was approximately one millisecond as opposed to the 12 milliseconds required for desktop hard drives. I have also found USB Firewire and 3.0 offer a small benefit for sequential data. If you have a laptop, you will see an improvement in performance for your flash memory. A lot of laptops have slower hard drives despite the more expensive price tags.

Unfortunately, using ReadyBoost for your laptop can decrease access to your hard drive. The way the power management is designed for your laptop is an effective way of improving the productivity of your computer. You may experience issues with cache data recognition if your Vista version is older than SP1. The issue was corrected as of Vista SP1.

For who is ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is for people who are tech savvy and have a lot of experience in technological and software-hardware matters.

Xtra PC vs Readyboost Pros and Cons

Both ReadyBoost and Xtra PC will improve the speed of your PC. Both options also work in a similar manner. ReadyBoost is a component of Microsoft Windows, where Xtra PC has been compatible with both Windows and Mac since 2004. The pros and cons of both products are as follows.

ReadyBoost Pros

  • ReadyBoost is extremely helpful if you have one GB of RAM or less.
  • Improvement of boot timings a maximum of seven percent.
  • Most frequently used applications start 10 to 15 percent quicker.
  • Roughly a two percent improvement when loading Office applications and web pages.
  • The algorithm used by ReadyBoost is called SuperFetch. This determines what is stored in your cache for a two percent improvement in opening media files such as videos, music and photos.

ReadyBoost Cons

  • ReadyBoost does not work for Windows 2008.
  • If you have already installed at least four or more GB of RAM, you will most likely not notice any difference in performance.

Xtra PC Pros

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Complete privacy when online
  • Includes essential and exclusive software
  • Compatible with all Windows and Mac PCs from 2004
  • Malware protection

Xtra PC Cons

  • Setting up Xtra PC can take more than one hour
  • Only the Pro version includes the option or file rescue
  • The shipping rates for certain areas are high


I hope this article has shown you how to improve the speed and performance of your PC. If you have become frustrated because your computer is not performing as well as in the past, you may not be certain what to do next. I recommend giving Xtra PC or ReadyBoost a try prior to paying for a potentially expensive computer repair. I believe you will be impressed with the noticeable increase in speed.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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