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How to trim your own hair long?

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A certain survey has revealed that one in five U.S women burst into tears after leaving a hairdressing salon, with the average price for female customers being about $43 compared to just under 30 dollars for males.

Itching to get your haircut again?

You've probably been waiting for a while, and now is the perfect time. But with new variant vaccinations spreading around town, you may be feeling more hesitant than usual about getting it done at all (or finding someone who can).

If that sounds like something familiar then keep reading as we'll go over some basics on where exactly to start when trimming or/and styling our hair. 

Ask yourself if a haircut is really necessary

There's a reason you might need to visit the salon and pay for someone else to cut your hair; not only do they have all of their skill sets but also tools that can help transform what was once just fine into something extraordinary.  

A good haircut can be the difference between having an excellent style or looking like you just rolled out of bed. It's always best to wait as long as possible before giving yourself a trim, especially if your strands are color-treated and/or heat damaged! Trimming at home may seem tempting because we all have access to such tools.

If you're noticing splits in your hair after a cut, it's time to get rid of the split ends. Split-ends can lead to serious damage and even bald patches if left untreated for long enough,however, there are some temporary solutions.


Rather than cutting off damaged strands, you could grow out the hair while still maintaining shorter layers or bobs. You can also fake an upgrade by adding extensions instead--it's never hurt anyone who wants something new without paying top dollar upfront just because he knows what looks good on TV.

The best way to avoid cutting is by investing in some reparative treatments

These products work wonders and can help repair damaged ends, preventing future breakage. You don't want this pandemic or any other stress for that matter affecting your hair health so make sure you focus on the well-being of yours too - it'll look better down the line with healthy locks (and less shedding!).

There are plenty of ways to get the most out of your cut without sacrificing style. For example, you could invest in some good products and hair masks for smoother results when applying heat or chemicals that might cause damage otherwise.

You might be thinking that cutting your hair can often seem like a necessary evil, but if you are not constantly growing out of styles and cuts it would probably make the most sense to just go with what's natural.

If you're going to cut, make sure the right tools are on hand

It's never a good idea to use kitchen shears from your home drawer for cutting hair. Don't use them - opt for shaper or clippers instead which will give even lines without any hassle.

Some people like to keep their scissors in an old box or drawer, but if you're going to be cutting hair professionally a good pair of shears are worth the investment. They allow for clean lines and edges which will make clients happy with their results while also ensuring they stay safe from low-quality products that can leave cuts looking sloppy and frayed.

With the right tools, you can have a professional looking hairstyle in seconds

For short hair: quality scissors and clippers for your locks;

If it's long or curly, get something that will work well on these types of styles such as an electric shaver with extra guards to make sure all those kinks stay smooth during use.

Take care not only how often we trim our edges but also what type because there are lots out there depending upon one's curl pattern.

The type of trim you'll want depends on your curl type. For Long Hair, get a set with short and long hair clippers so that it's easy to cut different lengths for everyone in the family.

The best way to start a hair cut is with clean, dry and styled locks

For those who are unable to naturally create natural curls or coils in their head, most stylists will wet the client's mane before cutting so that it is easier for them and saves time.

Trying out this very same process yourself by simply following is a great idea for those who want to get the hang of it quickly.


Do you have naturally curly or coiled hair?

If so, chances are your stylist normally wets the bottom half of it before cutting. While this might seem like a good idea to copy their experience by doing this yourself at home when wetting our own locks - as they were trained for precision There can be drawbacks with going against what's normal and copying other people’s processes without understanding how exactly that relates back in real life situations we find ourselves.

Now that you know how to cut your hair at home, it's time for the best part: styling. Shampoo and condition first so they don't stick together once dry.

When it comes to texturizing tools like pumps and curlers, hairspray is your best friend. Use this product later in the processing stages instead of applied early on while using a flat iron or as an initial step before other styling products such as gels are added; its lightweight formula will keep flyaways under control without weighing down too much. If all else fails--go back into salon where professionals can help!

The more you cut, the shorter your hair will get

Don't try a drastic new style at home and risk a major mishap. A good stylist knows that cutting hair is an art. To start, you should only experiment with small cuts in a controlled environment and take your time when it comes to drastic new styles or lengths for home use because mistakes can lead to major mishaps so don't try anything too risky.

Try working on smaller sections first before making any final decisions about how much length will look best at the end result. Always remember, trimming more isn’t possible after chopping off precious locks of tresses.

Be patient while experimenting; don’t worry about where exactly this is going - just take care not to trim too much off when cutting.

Pay attention to what direction your hair is going in and the shape of scissors

The cutting process now becomes a reality.

It's important to pay attention when cutting your hair, and the way you hold it can make a world of difference. To ensure an even cut throughout all sections: pull straight upward with one hand while holding down each side with fingers parallel on the other (if possible). Snip hairs vertically rather than across for best results!

Point-cutting is a technique that gives a more diffused finish on the ends of your hair. To do this, open and close scissors at both ends to make little points so you won't have any uneven strands when cutting across it with an even blade in between those two points.

One way is using the waterfall method, where you start with longer layers and end up cutting off more each time until it looks like shorter stubble on top. 

Or even just one long bob-cut layer that curves around at different angles depending on how much product your natural waves have put into its texture in order be unruly during application (but still look well organized).

How to trim your own hair with CreaClip

CreaClip is a revolutionary new hair cut system that will save you money and time. CreaClip can trim your hair with ease, accuracy, and without the hassle of going to an expensive salon.

Small Clip: The small clip helps us cut short hairs & bangs perfectly every single time - saving our family hundreds per year in barbershops visits alone.

Large Clip (large clips are better if someone wants longer style hair) : This larger model was created specifically for trimming long hair and bangs. The problem with long and short hair is that it can be hard to get just the right length. This frustration disappears when you use a trimmer like this one, which has wide blades for trimming all types of hair!

It also allows for easy edge shaping like no other tool we've tried before, it does so much more than just help keep scissors close by on hand when needed.

Precise CreaClips are designed with a rotating level, perfect for beginners who don't know how to cut hair in straight lines. With them you can find your balance and create precise cuts no matter what style of haircut it is or if there's layers on top; they will work perfectly every time.

They even have video instructions on how-to cut every type of style with their own special tool.

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