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iHeadphones Review

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Headphones help you to enjoy your music and your phone calls. You need ones that are high-quality and will last you for years. When you consider your next pair of headphones, you should consider the iHeadphones as they are a cost-effective option to get everything you want. There are multiple technologies they have that you should consider when making a choice to purchase your next pair of earbuds.

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What should you look for in headphones?

Before you look at or buy your next pair of headphones, there are multiple things to consider, so your purchase becomes one you can use for years. The following list gives you things to consider before you make your purchase.

Wireless or Wirers?

When you go looking for a pair of earbuds, you need to decide on whether to go with the previous wired style of earbud or the new wireless Bluetooth headphones. Both kinds of earbuds have their benefits and detriments depending on the brand and style.

Wired earbuds are common on the market and have a proven track record of producing excellent music and allowing you to take phone calls from the wired microphone on the cord. The cables see damage easily, so you will eventually lose one or both. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are new to the market and still improving with every generation.

Standard Wired Earphones
Wireless iHeadphones

Wireless Bluetooth headphones use the Bluetooth connection on your phone or device to stream music or a phone call to the earbuds wirelessly. All control is on the earbud so that you can adjust volume or switch between your music and a phone call.

Because the earbuds do not have wires, it is easy to lose one by accident. The Bluetooth connection is also poor on lower-quality earbuds, and the charging times for the wireless earbuds also vary. Some types of earbuds can quick charge, but many lower-quality earbuds can take hours to recharge.


Shape of Earbud

The shape and fit of the earbud are very important. You will not want to wear earbuds that make your ears ache or if they fall out too often. When you go looking for your next set of earbuds, you should know what kind of earbud will work best in your ears, whether rubber or plastic, they need to be comfortable.

Material of Earbud

The materials that make up your earbuds will give you a clue for the longevity of the earbuds cheap plastic cases split and poor-quality rubber wears away, so when you review your options, look for solid plastic and thick rubber manufacturing. These earbuds will survive accidents better and will last for years.


Noise-canceling earbuds are hard to find, but they are out there. How the earbuds become, noise-canceling is in the design and the built-in drivers. Noise-Canceling headphones make it easy to lose yourself in the music or your phone call without interruption from outside noises such as cars on the street or family members.


Having waterproof earbuds makes it easy to exercise and workout without worrying about your hardware taking damage. The second number of the IP rating indicates how strong a waterproofing comes with the earbuds. The higher the number, the more waterproof they are.

Having waterproof earbuds is a good thing, especially when you live in certain areas. The IP rating is a guideline as to whether you can get the earbuds wet or immerse them completely. For earbuds, they generally cannot immerse completely and still function, so make sure you know what kind of rating they claim to have and make sure it is accurate.


The build-in drivers should be an indication of quality. The type of drivers your new earbuds have should be strong, high-quality drivers that will give you hours of quality music and phone calls without dying or sounding metallic while in use.

What are iHeadphones?

The headphones use the new audio technology to deliver high-quality sound to your ears. They are the latest version of the wireless Bluetooth headphones. Not only will they stream music to your ears using a strong Bluetooth connection, but they also come with a built-in microphone so you can stay connected and talk with your friends and family.

They have long-lasting battery life and recharge quickly once depleted. They are sleek in design and come in five different colors to keep you in style as well as connected. The charging pod they come with fits easily in your purse or pocket, so you always have a way to charge up whenever you need to.

What Features do iHeadphones have?

When considering the features of the headphones, make sure they are ones you want and will use. The headphones are mid-range earbuds built with quality and care. They come with the following for your needs:



Bluetooth makes the wireless connection happen. The headphones are wireless Bluetooth headphones that work. They sync with your phone or device once and do not drop the connection unless you are more than thirty feet from your device. Bluetooth works best when you are near your device to help maintain a strong connection.

The headphones use Bluetooth to connect to your devices. The Bluetooth built into the earbuds is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above for a strong connection, every time.

Long Battery Life

The average battery life for most types of wireless earbuds is anywhere from three to five hours. The iHeadphone's battery life will give you up to eight hours without interruptions. Few wireless earbuds can beat the lifespan of the headphones earbuds for holding a charge. They also can hold a connection with your devices without dropping it.

Universal Compatibility

The iHeadphones come with universal compatibility. This means you can connect them with Android and iPhone technology as well as different types of tablets and have them always connect. They will always work regardless of the type of software built into the device.

Built-in Noise Canceling

The iHeadphones actively work to be noise-canceling so you can enjoy your music or phone calls uninterrupted by outside noise. The headphone design places the tip of the speaker next to your eardrum to help direct sound into your ear without allowing in outside noises.

High-Resolution Sound

If you want earbuds with high-quality sound, the headphones come with the sound. The built-in acrostics and deep base help you feel every note of music and live the experience. Your phone calls will also be crystal clear with all your friends and relatives coming in perfectly with accurate sound reproduction for you and them.

Built-in Microphone

Having a built-in microphone helps you take phone calls that come in crystal clear. The Bluetooth helps you to sync your earbuds with your phone and allows you to enjoy more than just music. The microphone is on the earbuds and not hanging from a cable, so you can tap the earbud to answer your calls and turn up the volume or turn it down or even disconnect.

Quick Charging

The headphones come with a charging station that you can carry around with your daily bag, so you can quickly touch up your earbuds whenever you need it. There are hours of charge in the charging station so you can charge on-the-go without worrying about stopping the music long or accidentally dropping a phone call. The charging station also takes only a couple of hours to charge, so you won't have to wait to keep your music going.

Multiple Colors

Most headphones are either black or white. The headphones come in six different colors so you can match your phone or preferences effortlessly. You can purchase your headphones in black or white, but you can also purchase them in light pink, light blue, light yellow, or light green as you choose.

No Wirers

The Bluetooth comes install, and the earbuds have no wires at all attaching them or to a charging station. They are completely wire-free, which makes them easy to carry with you without getting tangled up in a purse or a backpack.

Lower Price

High-quality earbuds and a reasonable price are hard to find. Many lower-quality earbuds will have the claims of long battery life or good syncing and will not be able to give you that sound consistently. The iHeadphones are high-quality mid-range earbuds that are worth the price for the quality. They do not burn out or drop connections once they are established, and they will keep you on the go.


What do buyers of the headphones think?

Verified buyers of the headphones love them for quality and convenience. They are easy to sync with their phones and start listening. They have an amazing battery life, which multiple buyers rave about as it makes going about their lives without stopping.

The only thing you need to think of while using these headphones is stopping long enough to charge the charging case. The charging case does not take long to return to a full charge, which you can easily do in an evening before you go to sleep.

What alternatives are available?

When you go looking for wireless earbuds, high-quality ones are hard to find for a good price. There are many lower quality earbuds on the market you can purchase that will give you the wireless experience, but not the longevity or connectivity. Do your homework before you make your final choice.

Smart Touch Control True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

The Smart Touch Control True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones have a strong Bluetooth connection that syncs directly with your phone or device. The speeds are fast and more stable, allowing you to range up to ten meters from your device once it pairs. The pairing is automatic, and both earbuds will flash Blue when a connection is established.

The Smart Touch Control True Wireless Headphones uses one-touch control to help you change songs and volume. It also helps you answer your phone, hang up, or connect with Siri for your personal assisting needs. With sixteen hours of playtime, the headphones quick charge in only one hour with your recharging case requiring two hours so you can charge your earbuds up to three times before needing a recharge.

When comparing Smart Touch Control Wireless headphones to the iheadphones, the difference is in the price. The Smart Touch Control headphones a very cost-effective way to wirelessly connect to your devices. The problems occur in the quality of the connection, which frequently drops and the quality of the earbuds themselves. iHeadphones have a stronger Bluetooth connection, that does not drop and are quality manufacturing.

  • Smart Touch Headphones are a good option for children who have limited experience with headphones and do not make frequent phone calls.
  • The headphones are also a good, cost-effective option for travelers that need earbuds while on the go.
  • The headphones do provide sixteen hours of playback compared to the eight hours for the iHeadphones.

TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones

The TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones are wireless connected earbuds. The speakers produce high-quality sound and case with the latest 4.01 EDR Bluetooth running the show. Buyers of the earbuds love the versatility of the design. They are extra comfortable to wear for extended periods and never fall off because of the over-the-ear design.

The earbuds are waterproof and sweat-proof, which makes them perfect to use in the rain or while you exercise. The battery life extends up to nine hours before you need to recharge them. The two earbuds connect by a cable behind your head so you can move without worrying about losing either. You can pair them with your phone to make phone calls with the touch of a button.

When comparing the TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones with the iHeadphones, the difference is in the design. Not only are the Treblex over-the-ear wireless headphones, but they are noise-canceling and come in five different colors. The iHeadphones have the advantage of having a higher degree of quality and are more likely to last through your days.

  • Treblab XR has nine hours of battery vs. iHeadphones eight hours
  • Treblab XR has cheaper manufacturing components that the iHeadphones.
  • Both headphones come in different colors though iHeadphones has six compared to Treblab XR.
  • Treblab XR is more cost-effective than the iHeadphones in the short-term.

Vislla 5.0 Bluetooth Sport Headphones

The Vislla 5.0 Bluetooth Sport Headphones are wire-free over-the-ear earbuds. They are perfect for working out as they will not fall off as you move. They also come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology so you can sync them with your phone or device and be automatically ready to go.

The Vislla Headphones produce a deep bass with a balanced sound. You will have eight hours of battery life on a single charge, and the portable charging case has up to twenty-four hours of power to recharge your earbuds. They are comfortable to wear for hours and come in different sizes of earcaps, so they fit everyone.

When comparing the Vislla Headphones to the iHeadphones, there are differences in design and price. The Vislla are good mid-range headphones for listening to music. You can connect them to your digital assistant as well as make phone calls, the same as the iHeadphones. They come in two colors for you to choose and are ready to sync when you purchase them.

  • The Vislla Headphones are more cost-effective than the iHeadphones.
  • The iHeadphones are higher in quality and connectivity than the Visla Headphones that can drop connections.
  • The Vislla Headphones only come in two colors compared with the six for the iHeadphones.

The right wireless earbuds for you are the ones that are comfortable to wear for hours and give you the long battery life you need. They are also the ones that remain synced to your devices and allow you to live your life as you choose. Before you buy, make sure your earbuds will give you everything you want them to be.

Final Thoughts

Headphones are something that is part of your phone and your life. When you choose to purchase a pair, they should be the best you can buy to last you for years. There are many on the market, so do your homework before you make your final selection.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are everywhere, but the iHeadphones are the ones that will last you for years of music and phone calls. They are easy to sync with your devices and have a long battery life that will keep you listening for hours. For more information about iHeadphones, please follow the link.

Written by Simon Reyes

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