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Kangaroo Home Security System Review

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What is Kangaroo?

Kangaroo is a programmable home security system which has proved effective in protecting homes from burglary or any other forms of break-ins. What makes this system stand out is that it is contract-free. 

This means that homeowners who purchase it will only have to pay the fee once and the system will be in use for as long as they need.

Security systems are one of the best ways to keep watch on the house when the family is at work or has even taken a vacation. However, most of them tend to be costly, and therefore, the average person cannot get one.

In this review, we shall look at the Kangaroo Motion Sensor, which goes for only $30.The setup is easy to install as it is completely wireless. Homeowners have the option of monitoring the house either from their phones or from a monitoring service.

How Does Kangaroo Work?

How Does Kangaroo Work?

The Kangaroo Motion Sensor connects to the wifi installed in your home. This means that all homeowners who plan on purchasing the system must have access to reliable wifi.

They can also activate the system when leaving for work and turn it off once they get back home. Depending on the level of security in the neighborhood, the system can also be left on during the night as the family sleeps.

The sensors function by detecting unexpected movement. If the household has a pet, this should not be a cause for worry as the system will account for pets, thereby reducing instances of false alarms. Once the system registers the unexpected movement, an alert will be pushed to the homeowner or any other person who was set up in the plan.The Kangaroo Security System is simple yet efficient.

Both the app and the sensors are known as Kangaroo, and installing the system is as easy as sticking an adhesive cover to the wall. With a starting price of $30 per sensor, homeowners can purchase as many sensors as they deem fit.


Some of the Details

The motion sensors can detect movement up to 15 feet from the point of installation. No hub will be required as the system is connected to a wifi network. The sensors are specifically designed to detect people only.

Anything up to 4 feet tall shall be assumed to be a pet, and the alarm will not go off. This feature also comes in handy if the neighborhood has a lot of kids. Users of the system can relax, knowing that the children will not trigger the security system.

The sensors have a broad view of 120°. This includes room for tamper detection. Other than continuous wifi provision, they need to be connected to the Kangaroo App for maximum efficiency.

Once the app is connected to the system, the homeowner can receive alerts every time an unexpected movement is detected. The signal can be sent to as many people as the household wishes. All they have to do is get the Kangaroo App and connect it to the security system.

The sensors weigh about 2.37 ounces an measure 3.55" by 1.55" by 0.7". No cameras, microphones or speakers are attached to the sensors. However, alerts will be sent should anything unusual show up at the doorstep.


No Fees

Users of Kangaroo Security System only have to pay the one-time fee of $30. No installation fees shall be required as the system is easy to set up and can be done so by the homeowner.

Quick Installation

Installation of the system only requires the user to peel off the adhesive from the sensor and stick it on the wall. The sensors function with batteries, and so users do not have to drill holes for wires.

Customer Support and Monitoring

The Kangaroo App gives homeowners quick access to customer care. The app also allows a person to arm or disarm the system at the tap of a button.

Adjustable Monitoring Options

The sensors can be programmed to detect motion and entry or only detect entry. The latter will significantly reduce false alarms since sometimes it could be a family friend who was at the doorstep. If they leave without forcing entry, an alert will not be triggered.

Pets Will Not Trigger Alarms

The Kangaroo security system has incorporated technology that ignores motion made by pets.

30 Day Money-Back guarantee

This allows users to return the system to the sellers should it have any defects.

Here's What You Get When You Purchase Kangaroo

  • Motion and Entry sensors for any windows or doors
  • A free app for monitoring the system
  • Optional access to professional monitoring free of charge
  • A Kangaroo sticker to warn any unwanted visitors that the home is protected

30 Day Money Back Guarantee + a 1 Year Warranty

Kangaroo Was Invented By an Entrepreneur Who Wanted to Protect his Mother's Business

Founder Of Kangaroo Security

Maximus Yaney founded the Kangaroo Security System.

The inspiration came from his mother's business, which was crippled by the monthly fees paid to a security company.

With the system, users do not need to worry about hiring extra security services as Kangaroo will do the job by itself.


Kangaroo pros:

  • Quick installation
  • It is contract-free​
  • Pets do not trigger the alarm​
  • Money-back guarantee for up to 30 days​
  • Professional monitoring is available​

Kangaroo cons:

  • It has no geofencing features​
  • It has no IFTTT integration​

Final Thoughts

Kangaroo Motion System is one of the most affordable ways to ensure the home is protected as the user leaves for his day to day activities. It can also be used to protect business premises. 

One can start small by installing this motion detector. Later on, they can upgrade and install cameras and microphones for that extra sense of security. It is the perfect start for small business and households that are looking to save up on costs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can this Product Function Outdoors?

The motion sensors are not designed to withstand constant exposure to the rain, wind, or sunshine. As such, it is not recommended for outdoor use.

How Many Do I Need?

The number of sensors needed depends on the size of the home. The more doors or windows there are, the more sensors will be required. One sensor covers one room. It has a range of about 15 feet and cannot detect through walls.

Will my pet set off the alarm?

The technology incorporated in the Kangaroo Security System prevents pets from triggering the alarms.

Do I Need Wifi?

Yes, wifi is needed for the system to function correctly.

How Long do the Batteries Last?

The batteries can last for around 6-8 months. Once they start running low, the Kangaroo App will notify the homeowner that it is time to purchase new batteries.

What Does the Complete Plan Include?

The Complete Plan goes for only $59.99 and comes with the following:

Notifications for when the alarm is triggered
Text or automated phone calls follow-up
Highly trained agents who will arrive at the house or send other authorities if the homeowner does not personally respond to the alerts
The ability of many users to monitor a single household
Alexa Integration. Users can ask Alexa to disarm the system on their behalf

Do they offer a Money-Back Warranty?

Yes. A 30 Day money-back guarantee accompanies all purchases of the Kangaroo Security System.

Written by Adam Moreno
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