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LadyCare Menopause Magnet Review

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Is It The Best Natural Help To Relieve Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause is a period in a woman’s life that comes with numerous discomforts. The discomforts that women experience during menopause include and not limited to hot flushes, irritability and interrupted sleep.

Availability of relief for the discomforts can thus give a menopausal woman, her healthy life back. That is the role that LadyCare menopause magnet plays in a woman’s life.


LadyCare menopause magnet is a product that has been scientifically proven to alleviate 23 Menopause signs. Menopause symptoms are among the most dreadful issues that women deal with in life. Menopause affects women and may also affect those for whom they care.

There are various relievers that women choose. such relievers include Black Cohosh and HRT. However, most of those remedies are unsafe, and their effectiveness has not been proven.

Remember, obtaining menopause relief does not have an additional source of stress for women health.

What Is LadyCare Magnet?

LadyCare is an organic menopause solution. It takes care of menopause from its root-cause. The product has also been clinically proven to alleviate more than 20 symptoms of menopause. Menopause symptoms include hot flashes, exhaustion, sweating a lot, especially at night among others.

What Is LadyCare Magnet?

The product has been proven to have no side effects. A renown doctor called Nygon Eccles declared LadyCare Menopause Magnet to be among the best solutions for menopause symptoms.

How Does LadyCare Work?

How Does LadyCare Work?

LadyCare menopause Magnet is worn on a menopausal woman's underwear just beneath the navel. It is comfortable due to its smooth and contoured nature. Therefore, one barely notices that they have it on.

LadyCare makes use of a progressive technology known as static magnetic therapy. The technology enables the product to rebalance the Autonomic Nervous System of a menopausal woman. It suppresses the activities of the Sympathetic Nervous System while improving the operations of the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The rebalancing consequently restores hormonal levels as well as the levels of the Autonomic Nervous System. Using the LadyCare product can help you get your healthy life back.


Causes Of Menopause Symptoms

Symptoms associated with menopause are dependent on the hormones produced in the body of a menopausal woman. Reduction of progesterone and estrogen hormones is the root cause of menopause symptoms. An imbalance in the Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for the decrease in the hormones.

The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)

The Autonomic Nervous System is divided into two. The first division is the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), while the second is the Parasympathetic System (PNS).

The SNS controls menopause symptoms such as anxiety and hot flushes. The SNS also acts as the fight-flight reactor in the body. For instance, it causes a faster heartbeat when the body perceives a threat. It also causes pupils to dilate when they are exposed to more light.

Parasympathetic System (PNS)

The PNS controls rest and digestion in the body. It also helps in the repair of body parts and acts as the body's regulatory system. The PNS exhibits an opposite effect from the SNS. For instance, it lowers the heart rate when the SNS speeds it up. It is worth noting, however, that PNS and SNS work hand in hand to control all the functions of the body. They are thus both essential for the normal functioning of the body.

Reasons Why LadyCare Menopause Magnet Is The Ideal Choice

It is the dream of every woman to lead a comfortable life free from pain and discomfort. LadyCare menopause magnet provides various benefits to its users. It is quite a relief to know that there is a product in the market that gives menopausal women much-needed comfort. Below are the benefits associated with the use of the fantastic LadyCare Menopause Magnet.

Balance Restoration

LadyCare Menopause magnet not only deals with the symptoms of menopause but also its root-cause. The product helps in the balancing of hormones associated with menopausal symptoms. It thus alleviates discomforts such as vaginal dryness and hot flushes. It is quite fortunate to know that there is a product in the market that can help in restoring balance in the body.

Alleviates Over 20 Menopause Symptoms

The product helps relieve over 20 symptoms that come with menopause. The product thus covers every menopausal woman. Women that use the product can enjoy its relief for up to 5 years. The product treats most menopause symptoms, including the episodes of hot flushes that are usually associated with menopause.

Safety and Effectiveness

The product is manufactured using organic products that are safe for human use. The product has also been scientifically tested to prove that it is safe and effective. Menopausal women do not have to force themselves into drinking foul-smelling herbs to relieve the symptoms. The product can also be used as an option for treating hot flushes that causes a menopausal woman to sweat, especially at night.

The product is smooth, and its surface well contoured. It is also small. The features make it comfortable to use and easy to conceal when in use. Nobody has to know that you have a LadyCare menopause magnet on since it is not easily visible unless you intend for them to notice it.


The product has been proven to offer legitimate results to its users. Since it was launched, more than 500, 000 items have been sold. Additionally, many studies have been conducted, which proves that LadyCare works. From the studies, a user does not worry about affecting their health negatively.


The product is one of a kind. It is unique from all other related products. There is no other menopause relief product that has been the same way as LadyCare menopause magnet. Also, no other product has been made to utilize the same technology that LadyCare menopause magnet does.


Products that help in the treatment of menopause-related symptoms are quite expensive. A menopausal woman can spend more than $144 within five years to treat hot flushes and between $900 and $1500 to treat other menopause symptoms. You do not have to spend too much on menopause symptoms relief products since an effective and safe product called LadyCare menopause magnet is available in the market.

However, LadyCare is an all in one solution that can treat almost all menopause-related symptoms for a much lower price.


Is LadyCare Safe And Effective?

Is LadyCare safe and effective?

Clinical tests have been conducted on the product to prove its safety. It has been proven to provide relief for more than 20 menopause-related symptoms. 

One of the studies done on the product interviewed more than 500 women who had used the product for one month.The findings were as follows:

  • Anxiety, sleep interruptions, mood swings, exhaustion, and more was reduced by up to 67%.
  • Hot flushes, loss of memory, irritability, and related symptoms were reduced by 33%.
  • Indigestion and flatulence were reduced by 93%.

The respondents admitted that they experienced even better results when they used the product for three months and more. More testimonials from clients that have used LadyCare menopause magnet are available here.

Studies conducted on LadyCare Menopause Magnet

LadyCare Menopause Magnet

Various studies have been conducted on the product to find out how safe and effective it is. Below are links to findings that resulted from two major studies that were conducted by a renowned doctor called Nyjon Eccles.

The distinction between LadyCare Magnet and LadyCare plus

LadyCare is 30% less powerful than LadyCare plus when it comes to stress. LadyCare plus has been made specifically for menopausal women that experience stress. It helps alleviate stress. It also helps relieve other menopause-related symptoms.

According to the findings of a study that was conducted for a period of six years and recorded in one menopause-journal, hot flushes during menopause are associated with stress. Anxiety also causes hot flushes.

What is the cost of LadyCare Menopause Magnet?

There are various products available in the market for the relief of menopause symptoms. The products are, however, costlier than LadyCare. For instance, herbal supplements used for the same, as well as HRT can go for more than $1000 per year.

The products also need to be used for much longer than LadyCare, thus forcing the menopausal woman to spend more money for a longer time. LadyCare goes for $79.99, yet it is made of all-natural ingredients. Moreover, it provides relief from menopause symptoms for five years. It is also safe for human use as well as instrumental.

Where can LadyCare Menopause Magnet be Obtained?

LadyCare magnet can be obtained from their official website here.

It is important to note that LadyCare still offers FREE SHIPPING when a client buys at least two items. You can, therefore, buy for those that you care about. You can even buy one for every place you spend time in, be it your car, your office, and such other places.

Merits for LadyCare

  • Provides relief for five years
  • Easy to keep discreet
  • 100% organic
  • User-friendly
  • Treatment is non-invasive
  • Cost-effective and payable only once

Demerits for LadyCare

  • It may be difficult to conceal in certain outfits.
  • It can be attracted to magnetic things

Concluding statement

LadyCare is a menopause solution that is one of its kind in the industry. It utilizes magnetic strength to control the activities of the nervous system. The nervous system instigates various menopause symptoms and may also negatively affect mental health.

Other menopause solutions available in the market aims at rebalancing hormones. The hormones that are mostly focused on are progesterone and estrogen. LadyCare is, however, different as it makes use of a different mechanism. It also does not involve the use of chemicals.

It is, however, worth noting that LadyCare Magnet may work on one individual and fail to work on another. However, studies show the more significant percentage of users benefit from the product. Also, the users do not have to worry about their cost or side effects since it is cheap and organic.

In case of inquiries or complaints, a HELPLINE has been made available. Clients can call 888-567-3443 form Monday to Friday 5EST to obtain help with the product.

HELPLINE USA: 888-567-3443 (MON-FRI 8-5 EST)
HELPLINE UK: 0117 9710 710 (MON-FRI 8-5 EST)
Frequently Asked Questions
How is the LadyCare Menopause Magnet worn?

The first step is to remove the curved part of the magnet. The second step is to put it on your body inside your underwear. Remember to leave the small circular button outside the underwear to prevent the device from moving.
A tape can also be used to clip the small circular button over the curved part in the absence of underwear. The little circular button has the device that gives the instructions for use.

How is LadyCare used to reduce breast soreness?

LadyCare can be placed inside the bra to help alleviate breasts soreness. The device should remain in the bra for 20 or so minutes.

Can one perform exercises with LadyCare on?

It is okay to perform exercises with the device on. However, it is advisable to remove it during swimming to avoid losing it.

Can LadyCare be used together with HRT?

LadyCare and HRT can be used together. However, if the doctor recommends that a client stops taking HRT, it is advisable to use the two together for the first few weeks before reducing HRT to avoid any possible side effects.

How soon do the results start showing after starting the use of LadyCare?

Every person is different. Therefore, the outcomes may vary from user to user. Results may start showing sooner in some users and later in others. Therefore, users should be patient while waiting for the results. Also, it is advisable to use the device consistently to ensure that the benefits are assessed in full.

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