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Lanmodo Car Night Vision System Review

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Can This Night Vision System  Help When Conditions Outside Are Adverse

I used to find it difficult and stressful driving at nighttime or when the weather was poor outside. The lack of visibility made me worried about harming others or myself, but I need to drive to and from work every day. It would have been great to have some way to improve my vision of the road under such circumstances.

Lanmodo Car Night Vision System – Review

Things to consider before buying a Lanmodo car night vision system


Presenting the product

The Lanmodo night vision system is a camera with a screen that sits on your dashboard or windshield.The idea is that you can look at the screen when conditions outside are poor and affecting your visibility, and the screen on the camera shows a clearer picture than you can see through your windscreen or out the window. 

The camera also comes with cables needed to charge it, and suction cups and pads for you to affix it to your windscreen or dashboard. Perhaps the other major range of night vision car cameras are Sony’s SuperEye series. By comparison, the Lanmodo night vision system has a much larger screen than any of the Sony SuperEyes, which makes it perhaps the better option if you are especially concerned about visibility outside of your vehicle.

Lanmodo Pros:

  • Large screen makes it easy to see what the camera is recording
  • Can be fitted to the windscreen or dashboard, which is convenient as it should suit many different interiors
  • Powered through the cigarette lighter, so there is no need to charge it before

Lanmodo Cons:

  • The large screen could be a little disruptive if driving with it attached to the windscreen and not using it
  • Can be a little awkward to mount it on the dashboard, depending on your car
  • Can’t charge it without the cigarette lighter, which not all new cars have (though it can be used with a 12V battery)

Features and Benefits

The 8.2” screen

Lanmodo Night Vision

The Lanmodo night vision system has an 8.2” screen, which offers clear, 1080p vision at all times. Given that Lanmodo system is intended to provide users with better vision when driving in poor conditions, the size of the screen is very helpful, as you can see the road much better than you would through a tiny dashcam. The quality of the image is also quite important, as it lets you see things in detail that you might otherwise miss due to environmental factors like snow or rain blocking your vision.

Wide-angle vision

Lanmodo Night Vision

Lanmodo’s night vision system shows things up to 300 meters away and offers 36 degrees of vision. This means that you can see fairly well when using the camera, both things that are quite far away, and also to the sides of the vehicle within reason. Such a wide range of vision definitely makes me feel more secure when driving and using the Lanmodo system, as I’m less worried about coming across things that I can’t see due to poor visibility.

7 lenses

Lanmodo Night Vision

Lanmodo’s night vision system shows things up to 300 meters away and offers 36 degrees of vision. This means that you can see fairly well when using the camera, both things that are quite far away, and also to the sides of the vehicle within reason. Such a wide range of vision definitely makes me feel more secure when driving and using the Lanmodo system, as I’m less worried about coming across things that I can’t see due to poor visibility.

Can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard

The Lanmodo night vision system can be mounted either on the dashboard or the windshield of your car, depending on your preference and requirements. I usually drive with it on the windshield when I am driving at night, as I find it a little easier and more natural to look at the screen of the camera that way.

However, I’ve tried it on the dashboard and this also works fairly well. The camera comes with mounts for both the dashboard and the windshield, so you can simply try both and see which feels more natural or better for you. If you drive a truck or a van instead of a car, then it might be better for you to have the camera on the dashboard as it won’t be so elevated, for example.

Lanmodo Night Vision


Lanmodo Night Vision

While it’s intended primarily for use in your vehicle to help you see better when conditions are less than ideal, the Lanmodo night vision system is portable and can be used whenever you might need a night vision system. The camera can be used with a portable 12 volt battery, and weighs just over one pound. This makes it pretty easy to transport, and could be used for hunting, for example.

You can also use the camera in lots of different types of weather and in a huge range of temperatures. Lanmodo state that the camera can be used between the range of -4 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way up to 176 Fahrenheit. While you might be better off buying a specialized night vision system if you often use night vision for something other than driving, the Lanmodo works very well and is a great option if you want a night vision camera that can be used in several different contexts.

Customer service

Lanmodo Night Vision

Lanmodo offer an after-sale service within 24 hours of purchasing, and a further 12-month warranty on their night-vision camera system. This meant I was pretty confident in buying the camera system to try it out when driving at night, as I knew that I could get in touch with the company if I had any problems with the camera.

Tech Spec

UseHow To Use
1. Signal switch buttonswitch the video source from the front camera to the rear camera (if installed) and vice versa
2. MenuAdjust brightness and contrast of the display screen
3. Screen RotationRotate the view of the screen in 90° increments
4. Power buttonTurn on and off Lanmodo Night Vision System
5. Scroll upScroll up on the menu
6. Scroll downScroll down on the menu
7. Vision switch buttonSwitch full-color/black-and-white vision, you can choose what is suitable for you
8. Data cablePower input

Product Specification

ChipOriginal SONY MCCD photosensitive chip
Night vision lens28MM, 7 layer glass lens
ProcessingFull-color HWDR processing technology
Imaging principleActive infrared night vision
Output signalLVDS digital HD decoding
Display screenIPS 8.2 inch
Working voltageDC6V~24V
Working current600mA~2000mA
Power rating6W
Minimum illumination0.0001 Lux
Frame rate30 FPS
Working temperature-20°C ~ 80°C

Social proof

We have found some reviews online from satisfied users of the Lanmodo night vision system. These user reviews have been attached below, which you can read if you’d like to get some other perspectives on using the Lanmodo night vision system than our own. They seem as satisfied with the Lanmodo camera as we were.

" The Lanmodo Vast gives you an unparalleled nighttime view of the road ." CNET

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The Lanmodo is not the only night-vision camera available. There are some alternatives which we can also recommend, depending on what your needs are from such a device.

Rexing V2 Pro

The Rexing V2 Pro is a camera that you mount on your dashboard, and whose camera can be rotated 360 degrees in order to get a range of different images when you drive. It can also be connected to wifi and has an app to support the user experience and access footage that it records.

  • The Rexing’s screen is much smaller than the Lanmodo’s, which means it’s probably not as good of an option if you want to use the camera while you are driving in order to see better.
  • The Rexing camera does record footage, which makes it a better option if you want to potentially use video footage to protect your vehicle in case of an accident. The camera can also be rotated 360 degrees, which the Lanmodo’s cannot.
  • The Rexing can only be mounted on the windscreen, unlike the Lanmodo which can be mounted on the dashboard as well.

The Rexing is a great option for those who really want to record while they are driving, and we recommend it to people who want the option to be able to record at 360 degrees especially, as this feature is quite unique.

Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

This camera is intended to sit on your dashboard and record your surroundings, and also offers night vision. Like their V2 camera, it has an app that can be used to manage recordings.

  • The camera is quite small and unobtrusive, so it is less likely to obscure your vision than the Lanmodo’s. However, it is much less suitable to be used to improve your vision of your surroundings when driving with poor visibility.
  • The Rexing V1-4K can be used as a GPS, which is a handy feature that the Lanmodo does not offer. If you need a GPS and dash camera combined into one, then the Rexing V1-4K could be a great option.
  • The wide lens means the camera picks up a pretty impressive range of things around the car. However, the lens on the Lanmodo picks up images which are much further away.

The Rexing could be an especially great option for those who need or want a dash camera and also a GPS system, as it offers users both.

Blackvue DR900S-2CH

It records very high-quality images, and has a very slick design as well.

  • The camera can be set up to send recordings over the cloud. This means it’s not necessary to store or save the recordings on the camera itself.
  • The Blackvue does not have a screen, so it can’t be used as night vision while you are actually driving. If you want to use your night vision camera to see the road better, then the Blackvue won’t be very useful to you.
  • The design of the Blackvue is quite streamlined and inobtrusive, so it won’t block much of your vision while you are driving.

The Blackvue car night vision camera is a great option for those who want great quality and convenient recordings taken while they are driving.


The Lanmodo car night vision system is one of the best options we know of for people who need a night vision camera that they can use to see the road better while they are driving. The camera also makes it much easier for you to see when you are driving with other conditions that affect visibility, like fog or rain. If you often drive at night or in an area with frequent poor visibility, then we recommend that you check out the Lanmodo night vision camera system.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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