LED Camping Torch FlashlightRechargeable Work Lights

Easy To Use
Magnetic Led BBQ Light
Ideal for Nighttime Grilling
Ideal For Hiking & Camping
360 Degree Rotary, Magnet Base & Hook
Ideal for Roadside Emergencies
Ideal for Auto Repairs
LED Work Light
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One Light To Meet All Your Demands.
This well made work lamp Great for car repair, home lighting, power outages, emergency lighting, traveling, camping, hiking and so on.

It can be used for BBQ and any other things you would want to do at night.
Work Light Lamp


Specification Led Work Light

How it's made?

Durable Material: This led work light is made of hard rubber, anti-sweat and anti-slip, the head is aluminum which dissipates the heat effectively, prolong the life of the lamp. Thanks to the foldable design, the lamp is easy to carry, and save storage space.

Built-in 18650 rechargeable battery, rechargeable by USB port ( included usb cable), you don't need to buy another battery, this will save you cost, time and effort.

Portable and Versatility: Weight (145g / 80g ), They're small enough that they can fit in many different places.

360 Degree Rotary, Magnet Base & Hook

360 degree rotate provide multi-angle illumination, magnet base and hook make your hand free to do other things in the night.


The LED work light bottom of the strong magnetic, can be adsorbed on iron.So you can liberate your hands to do other things.


Hook make the lamp can be hung everywhere easily, samll size easy to carry, very convenience for outdoor use

  • Magnet Base
  • 360 Degree Rotary
  • Hook
5 Lighting modes

5 Lighting Modes

  • High Brightness 
  • Medium Brightness
  • Front Light
  • Red Warning
  • Strobe Red. (long press the switch button to switch to red light modes)

    1. White Light 3 modes: High Brightness / Medium Brightness / Front Light, perfect for daily use.

    2. Red Light 2 modes: Steady-on(hight)/ Strobe, used on some emergency situations.

    Notice: Long press three seconds change to Red light mode.

Size & Baterry

Small size: 111mm x 93mm

  • Built 14 500 baterry
  • Running time: 3 - 6 Hours

Big Size: 146mm x 124mm

  • Built 18 650 baterry
  • Running time: 4 - 8 Hours
  • Batery LED Camping Torch Flashlight
  • Size LED Camping Torch Flashlight
  • Work Light Box
  • Repairing Work Lilght
  • BBQ Night Grill
  • Night Reading Work Lilght
  • Car Repairs Work Lilght

Usage Scenarios

  • Night Grill
  • Camping
  • Night Reading
  • Repairing 
  • Emergency
  • Hiking

All in all a great gadget to have around for a DIY enthusiast or for any casual use, even camping or as an alert light for a biker etc.


  • Best lights I’ve owned.

    I’m an Auto Tech and from my experience working at a repair shop, lights just don’t last long. After all the times it’s dropped, plus all the chemicals that get on there by mistake, we are lucky to have the same light for a year. I didn’t want to spend big bucks from our tool truck guys, so I gave these a chance and they’ve been amazing!

    The magnet is really strong, and the battery lasts a couple of hours while being used continuously. I use one, and have the other one charging. That way I can rotate them while working.

    Verified Customer
  • Incredibly Versatile, Rotating, Adjustable, Magnetic LED Light!

    This LED light is fantastic! There are endless uses for it, and it's extremely versatile, sturdy and easy to use. It rotates 360° up or down, which allows you to see a wide area in an instant. With one button click, a softer light turns on. With another click, a very bright light turns on, and with the third click, a small light on the tip turns on. The LED is very bright and it illuminates everything around it with a concentrated light.

    Verified Customer

  • Compact, bright, flexible, lightweight

    Tried these out and they are great. Very bright , provides good light in tight or normal spaces. As others have noted, there could be a little better magnet in the base. These are lightweight too - so the weight doesn't always offset the balance of the light sufficiently (it falls over sometimes). You can compensate for this by adjusting the head (which has two rotating elements for proper balance).

    Verified Customer


Free your hands for doing the work occupying two hands.

Good Value
LED Work Light
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