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LiveTemp Pro Thermometer Review 2021

Updated: April 2021
LiveTemp Pro Thermometer

Taking the temperatures of your family can be difficult. Children do not like to be sick, but they like sitting still even less. The LiveTemp Pro thermometer can be the answer to your problems; as a non-contact thermometer, you don't need to do very much to get accurate readings for the body temperatures of your family.

LiveTemp Pro Thermometer specification


1. Non-contact measurement to prevent cross infection

2. Quickly measurement in 1second

3.Freely switch between object and body model

4. Default Fahrenheit (°F)

5. The packaging, instructions and display interface are in English

6. CE certification, tested according to medical device standard 93/42/EEC

7. Three-color backlight, temperature alarm


  1. Measure Mode : Non-Contact
  2. Distance : 1cm - 15cm
  3. Measurement Range: Body: 32°C - 42.9°C; Object : 0-100°C
  4. Measurement Accuracy: Body: 32°C - 42.9° : ±0.2°C; Object: 0-100°C : ±0.5°C
  5. Auto ShutDown: 7 Seconds
  6. Auto Alarm Defautl: 37.5°C. Can be set personally.

Packing Information

  1. Packing Size: 13*5.5*20cm
  2. Packing Wieght: 175g (without batter)


  • Size: 52*27*42cm
  • QTY: 40pcs/ Carton
  • Weight: 8.2kg

What should you consider before buying a thermometer?


If you want to buy a good-quality thermometer for yourself and your family, it must be accurate. You buy a thermometer to let you know when you or your family is running a fever, if it is not accurate, there is no reason to have it. The old glass and mercury thermometers worked but were not exact in their temperature readings.
Using an old glass and mercury thermometer forehead can only go in your mouth. The human mouth does help you tell if your children are running fevers, but having the kids stay still long enough for an accurate reading can be difficult.


The old mercury and glass thermometers were not hygienic at all. They would go in all the family mouths, under the tongue, and pass around during flu and cold seasons. You can sterilize them with alcohol, but you do not want alcohol or chemical residue in their mouths either.
You need to find a handheld way to take the temperatures of your family that do not rely on them staying still for reading in their mouths or armpits. There are more accurate ways to get solid, informative numbers that you can trust using a hand thermometer.

Easy to Use

The device you select needs to be easy to use. If you are worried about your family in the middle of the night, you do not want to spend time trying to figure out how to use a complicated digital thermometer that will give you numbers you do not understand. You need something simple to operate with buttons that are straightforward in the usage.
Being easy to use means having a few buttons that are easy to understand. You need to know that the thermometer you use will give you an accurate reading, quickly without having to spend the time relearning how to use the thermometer every time your children get sick.


Unless you need a thermometer daily, you need to find one that is cost-effective and that you will hope to only need on occasion. You do not want to go cheap because it will break before you can get the value of your investment out of it, but you also don't want something extremely expensive that you will only use a handful of times for childhood illnesses.
Do your homework and consider your options and needs before you make your final selection. There are current needs and future needs.


A high-quality hand thermometer is one that you do not need to worry about breaking when you need it the most. Modern, high-quality products are durable plastic and technology that will not break the first time you or your children drop it. Old glass and mercury versions broke if you bumped them. You need something that can survive the rigors of your children and demanding home life.
The quality needs to extend to the buttons and the assembly. You need buttons that will not come off and cases that will not split.


You need to find a thermometer that is safe to use for your whole family. Older methods contained glass and mercury and can poison your children. Newer devices come with ends that go in your children's ears and could puncture eardrums and cause permanent hearing damage.
You also need something that will be safe from your children should they find it and play with it. Most thermometers, you will need to worry about breaking or accident pokes that can hurt your family. Safety means finding something that is kid-friendly, so you don't need to worry.


The type of thermometer you select needs to be high-quality, but also work for your home and family needs. There are multiple types you can choose from, and the choice is up to you, which will work best for your family.


A forehead thermometer registers a temperature by placing it on your child's head. You can get an accurate reading in a couple of minutes without requiring the ill person too much more than sitting still.


The traditional mouth thermometer is still around in plastic and technological form. You can get accurate readings from the thermometer in minutes by playing the stick end in your child's mouth, under their tongue. They provide you with an accurate reading quickly and are a staple of most homes up to this point.


The armpit thermometer is fairly easy to use on adults and children alike. You can get an accurate reading of your children's temperature in a matter of minutes by placing it between an arm and the torso. The reading you receive is accurate because of the location of the thermometer and the amount of body heat it can read.


The armpit thermometer is fairly easy to use on adults and children alike. You can get an accurate reading of your children's temperature in a matter of minutes by placing it between an arm and the torso. The reading you receive is accurate because of the location of the thermometer and the amount of body heat it can read.


A non-contact thermometer is a handheld device that never touches a human body. You can get an accurate reading from a distance of a person's body heat temperature reading by holding it in front of the body and let it give you a reading in seconds.

This type of thermometer is also good for taking temperature readings around your home and finding weak spots in insulation.


An ear thermometer is a traditional method for checking temperatures. It is a quick and easy way to check if a child is running a fever without requiring them to sit still for long periods. You can also quickly sterilize the end of it by discarding the tip in favor of a new one or sterilizing the old one if you are in your home.


What is LiveTemp Pro?

LiveTemp Pro Thermometer uses thermal imaging to read your body's temperature. It can take accurate measure temperature in the bodies of your family for changes in their temperatures before they start to feel sick. The device is quicker and more accurate than a hand thermometer or thermometer forehead reader. A fever begins the process of raising the body's temperature to fight off, and ultimately kill the virus that has sickened your body.

The LiveTemp is a guarantee thermometer non contact. It makes it easy to read your family's bodies for signs of illness as they begin. Thermal imaging technology lets you see the slightest changes to you or your family's body temperatures.

What are the main features of the LiveTemp Pro?

Thermometer non contact measurements

LiveTemp Pro Thermometer

Using an older hand thermometer or thermometer forehead makes it difficult to get accurate readings. The LiveTemp Pro thermometer non contact takes readings without touching your body at all. The product uses thermal imaging that will give you an accurate reading of body temperature by simply pointing the device at your body.

Alarm Function

LiveTemp Pro Thermometer Alarm

As the thermometer registers your temperature, the device will show you the temperature of your or your family's bodies. It will give you a temperature reading and a built-in alarm function. The alarm function acts as an indicator of the presence of a fever. It also lets you know when the handheld thermometer is through calibrating and checking temperatures.

Automatic Shutdown

To save your batteries and preserve the longevity of the thermometer, the LiveTemp product comes with an automatic shutdown. The device will shut down if it is not in use for at least thirty seconds. The shutdown lets you deal with the life around you without worrying about the LiveTemp batteries dying or the device breaking if left on after use.

LCD screen

LiveTemp Pro Thermometer Alarm

An LCD screen shows you all the information your reading takes that is easy to read in the dark as well as the light. The screen helps you to see the important information when a sick child awakens you in the middle of the night, so you don't need to turn on all the home lights and disturb the rest of the family.

The screen also makes it easy to see what you need to see about your home in the dark or the light. LCD lasts longer than older types of screens and includes more details.

High-quality materials

LiveTemp Pro Thermometer

The LiveTemp product is high-quality plastics and electrical components that have built-in durability. You can not worry about breaking it because of the point and use design, which fits easily in your hand. The buttons attach firmly to your thermometer, so you won't have to worry about them coming out or breaking while you use them.


The old fashioned thermometer used mercury to take your temperature. If broken, the thermometer became dangerous because of possible mercury positioning and ingestion. The broken glass of the thermometer would also be dangerous and put everyone in your home at risk of cuts as well as poisoning.


Because the device is handheld and does not take time to calibrate, the reading comes out very precise in as little as five seconds. You can have the precision with the range needed to make it work for stubborn children who do not want their temperatures taken. The thermal imaging is safe for use on humans and gives you a temperature readout of their bodies.

Easy to Use

The design of the product makes it very easy to use. The point and use design give you an accurate reading within seconds. The thermometer comes with a basic on/off button and automatic functions you can self-program. The entire thermometer also fits easily into the palm of your hand.


Because of the design and ease of use, the thermometer is very quick and easy to use. The thermometer will give you a body temperature readout on the LCD screen in as little as five seconds. You don't need to wait for the thermometer to register temperature or try to keep a sick child in bed while the thermometer gives you a reading.


An old fashioned thermometer was made of glass that contained mercury. The product went under your tongue and was easy to spit out and break. You do not need to worry about your children accidentally ingesting mercury or cutting themselves on broken glass. The LiveTemp Pro product is safe enough your children can use it.

The design of the thermometer is plastic with a rubber hand grip and plastic trigger to help you get a quality reading quickly. The buttons are high-quality rubber that does not pop out or split from regular use.

Multi-use Tool

You can measure other things using the LiveTemp Pro for things such as food and room temperature, to get accurate temperature readings for the health and comfort of you and your family. A thermal imager can show you place around your home where you are losing heat in the winter and letting the heat in during the summer.

The readouts you receive will show you the thin spots or where there are possible weak spots in your insulation. You can also test your food to ensure your meat is thoroughly cooked or frozen, to prevent your family from getting food poisoning.


The LifeTemp Pro is a long-term investment in your family and your home. You will pay for a thermometer that you can use around your home as well as on your family. You pay the price for the thermometer and the longevity.

Replaceable Batteries

The LiveThermo Pro uses two AA batteries to be fully operational. You can use rechargeable batteries to help preserve the environment. The batteries are easy to change by taking the bottom cap off of the thermal imager. The cap is snug to hold the batteries in for proper operation and to help the thermometer work.


What do buyers of the LiveTemp Pro think?

Buyers of the LiveTemp pro Thermometer are very happy with their purchase. They loved how easy it is to use the thermal imager on children who are ill and how easy it is to operate. They got what they wanted and needed for their family and are pleased with their purchase.

They also loved not needing to clean the thermometer after use because it is a non-contact thermometer. Their family's hygiene is a top priority, and the LiveTemp never touches them, while providing quick and accurate temperature readings.

What alternatives are available for thermometers?

#1 Thermometer, Medical Forehead Infrared Thermometer for Baby Kids and Adults

The Thermometer, Medical Forehead Infrared Thermometer for babies, kids, and adults uses infrared technology to take an accurate reading of your family's temperature. Built with the latest smart chip technology for precision, the thermometer adapts to your needs. You can program the settings to your country of origin and have either Celsius or Fahrenheit readings.

As the product uses infrared technology, you will never need to touch any of your children with the thermometer. An easy-to-read LCD screen shows you the import information about the temperatures of your family. You can push a single button to get an accurate reading for anyone in your home and save that reading in the memory in one of the twelve saved temperature slots.

  • Both products are non-contact thermometers.
  • The Thermometer forehead for kids is more cost-effective than the LiveTemp Pro Thermometer
  • You can save the temperature readings in the memory of the thermometer.
  • Both devices are safe to use on children.

#2 Forehead Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

The Thermometer Forehead offers you a high-quality product that will give you body temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can program the way you choose to see the temperatures with a few pushes of a button. As a non-contact thermometer, you will never need to touch anyone in your home with the thermometer to get an accurate temperature reading in as little as three seconds.

You can save up to twenty temperature readings in the memory of the thermometer and program alarms to indicate fevers that exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer has a built-in automatic shutdown feature to prevent you from wasting batteries.

  • The Forehead Thermometer takes three seconds to give you reading; the LiveTemp Thermometer takes five seconds to give you a reading.
  • Both devices are comparable in price.
  • Both products have built-in automatic shutdown features.
  • Both thermometers let you program alarms for fevers.

#3 Camp Chef Infrared Cooking Thermometer

The Camp Chef Infrared Cooking Thermometer is a cooking thermometer that uses infrared to let you see what temperatures your food is at before you cook and afterward. The handheld infrared thermometer is a point and use thermometer that gives you accurate readings in seconds.

The cooking device uses a blue backlit screen that provides you with temperature readings as soon as you push the reading buttons. The thermometer gives you digital readings using a laser that helps you accurately aim the thermometer at your food.

  • Both products are infrared thermometers used for different purposes.
  • The Camp Chief device uses a laser to help you aim; for family safety, the LiveTemp thermometer does not use one.
  • Both products are point and use thermometers.
  • The Camp Chief thermometer uses a nine-volt battery; LiveTemp uses two AA.

Final Thoughts

When you or someone in your family gets sick, no one is happy. Taking temperatures it part of understanding how sick your family member is. LiveTemp Pro is a non-contact thermometer that gives you accurate body temperature readings in second.

The thermometer non contact lets you be quick and hygienic as you take the temperatures of your children. For more information about the LiveTemp Pro Thermometer, please follow the link.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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