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Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet Review

Updated: April 2021
Louis Blanc Smart Wallet

It is very easy to lose or steal a wallet. With the changes in technology, you can keep your wallet safe and secure from modern thieves as well as find it when you lose it. The Louis Blanc smart-wallet comes with some of the latest technologies to protect your wallet from digital skimming and theft.Buying a smart wallet can protect your identity and help you stay connected to your wallet. There are multiple types of smart wallets on the market, but many come with similar features. There are things you need to look for when considering the purchase of a smart wallet.

What should you look for in a Smart Wallet?

#1 RFID Blocking

RFID blocking is a very important feature to consider when trying to protect the security of your identity and account information. Cell phones and other devices can skim the numbers from unprotected identification cards and debit cards that have chips in them. The skimming gives the thieves access to your bank account, social security number, and home address.
If you are looking to buy a smart wallet, the wallet must include built-in RFID blocking technology to protect your information. The technology is simple to include in the wallet as a shield for your personal information. The shield will keep the contents of the chips in your wallet secure while providing you with the knowledge of the safety.

#2 USB Charging

If your new wallet has smart technology, you need a way to charge or change the battery. Make sure you can easily recharge your new wallet using a USB cable. A USB charging cable is the easiest way to recharge almost everything that comes with smart technology. The USB port location in the wallet should be out of the way, yet easy to access with a way to protect it from dirt or other things that could ruin the port.
The connecting charging cable is generic, so you will not need to go looking for a specialty cable to recharge your wallet. You can purchase a generic cable online or at a regular store. You can use a regular android charging cable to ensure the wallet always has a good charge, and any photos taken can easily transfer to your computer or Smartphone.

#3 Quality Manufacturing

The wallet you purchase must be a quality product. For a wallet to be quality, you need to look for genuine leather durability, along with high-quality stitching, so the wallet does not start to come apart during the use of the wallet. You also need to verify the ability to correctly use and continue to use any built-in technology within the wallet.
Poor wallet construction will lead to cards falling out or being unprotected from weather or thieves. Zippers and plastic are something you should look at as well for quality. Quality leather is supple and strong, as is quality plastic. You can feel and see the difference when comparing a high-end wallet with a cheaper version.

#4 GPS Tracking

Losing your wallet is something anyone can do. If the smart wallets you look come with GPS tracker for wallet, you will never lose your wallet again. The GPS functionality should help you to locate your wallet wherever you went with it, whether you were carrying it around your home or left it at the grocery store.

The ability to find your wallet should be easy to use and take little time to set up. When reviewing products for this function, make sure it is easy for you or for your family to use.

#5 Multiple Card slots

Everything has its card. You need a way to carry all these cards with you. While many places do not require you to have the card on your person anymore, you need enough card slots to carry all the cards you do need. The wallet you purchase needs to have multiple slots of multiple identification cards, debit cards, credit cards, library cards, health insurance cards, car insurance cards, and any other type of card you need to carry to help keep your every-day life running.

#6 Smartphone App

Being able to control the smart technology in the wallet is important. Make sure you know if there is an app available for you to use with the wallet and whether it is free. The Smartphone app should be easy to install and use with your wallet without taking up too much room on your phone or tablet. The updates need to be quality updates that do not interrupt your use of the app or cause glitches in its usability.

#7 Water-Resistant

A water-resistant wallet is a must to protect money and anything else that is paper that ends up in your wallet. Being waterproof is better, but most wallets cannot give you one hundred percent waterproof. High-quality leather and design can help your wallet protect its contents from water damage.

#8 Compatibility

If your wallet comes with a smartphone app of functions, the app must work with all types of Smartphones and devices. You do not need a wallet you cannot use on your phone or your son's phone. The app needs to work for both the Android and Apple systems to make it user friendly across the platforms.

What is the Louis Blanc smart-wallet?

When handling your finances and technology, even your wallet needs an upgrade. The Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet is a mixture of the old fashioned cowhide leather wallet and modern technology.The wallet helps you carry your identification cards and banking cards safely with intelligent technology woven into the leather itself.

Louis Blanc Smart Wallet

The wallet helps you carry your identification cards and banking cards safely with intelligent technology woven into the leather itself.

A regular wallet keeps your identification cards, banking cards, and gift cards organized along with any paper money you choose to carry. The Louis Blanc wallet gives you a way to protect your cards using technology and a way to find your wallet if it gets lost.

Louis Blanc Pros:

  • The wallet is genuine cowhide leather.
  • Your new wallet's battery life can hold the charge for a month.
  • You can track your wallet using a Smartphone.

Louis Blanc Cons:

  • If the charging port breaks, you cannot replace it.
  • The Bluetooth wallet is something you can only purchase online
  • The battery is difficult to change in the wallet when it permanently expires.

What are the main features of the Louis Blanc smart-wallet?

When you need a piece of technology to keep your information private, you need something that can hide everything in a way that makes it look normal. The Louis Blanc wallet lets you be traditional and technologically advanced.

Slim, traditional design

Louis Blanc Smart Wallet

The Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet comes in seven different colors of genuine cowhide leather. The wallet looks and acts like a traditional men's wallet with tight stitching and a slim design that fits in most pants or jacket pockets. The wallet design is bifold, so you have room for multiple credit cards and at least one identification card.

GPS Tracking

The best feature of the Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet is the GPS tracker for wallet feature. If you are someone who misplaces or sets down your wallet and cannot find it, the built-in locator will let you back-track your steps to your last location. The wallet uses Bluetooth in connection with a downloadable app you can install on your Smartphone to help you locate your lost wallet with only a couple of taps on the app.

3. Bluetooth Technology

The wallet uses the latest Bluetooth technology to connect the built-in GPS tracking to your Smartphone, where you can locate your phone or back-track to your last position. The Bluetooth uses your phone GPS to help you locate your wallet and keep a running record of your location, so you can know where you were when you lost your wallet.

The GPS tracker for wallet feature allows you to back-track your steps to your wallet and will give you a beacon to help you locate your wallet. The Bluetooth will work when you are at least thirty-three feet from your wallet, though obstacles can obstruct the signal. Your home WiFi should allow you to be able to find your lost wallet if you are within the home.

4. Two-way Alert System

The Two-way alert system is an alarm in the wallet. You can use your phone to ring your wallet, so if you have lost your phone in your home, at work, while you are out shopping, or it is stolen. The ringing will continue until you find the wallet or the battery dies. The two-way alert system helps you quickly locate your wallet in the couch, where it fell, or in your child's room, where you put it down.

5. RFID Blocking

All your credit cards and identification cards come with microchips with your personal account information and data. The data on these cards is easy for people to skim off of your cards. RFID blocking technology will provide a barrier between your card chips and whoever wants to steal the information. The RFID protective material is inside the genuine cowhide leather exterior, letting you have an attractive outer wallet with an inner shield protecting your data.
RFID blocking is an important way to protect your information before thieves have a chance to take your data or your identity. The wallet design includes technology that creates a barrier around your cards, so skimming cannot occur, and your personal information remains secure.

6. Bseek Companion App

The Bseek companion app is the way you do everything with your wallet. The Bseek companion app uses your GPS tracker for wallet to help you locate your wallet from your last locations so that you can follow your GPS tracker for wallet trail back to your phone. The app syncs to your wallet quickly; the first time you use the app, so you can record the time and place your last were for locating your lost wallet.
The Bseek companion app is free to download and use through the Google Play or Apple store. You can sync and configure the app and begin GPS wallet tracking your positions to help you find your lost or misplaced wallet within a couple of taps.

7. Long Battery Life

The GPS wallet has a battery life that is long-lasting and easy to recharge. The GPS wallet requires only a five-hour charge to give you a month of GPS tracker for wallet functionality. Your GPS wallet has a quick charge function, so you can start syncing and using it within an hour of charging. With a five-hour charging period, you will have a month of consistent tracking and will not need to worry about losing your wallet or forgetting to recharge it every day.

You can easily connect your new Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet to a USB cable for recharging. The recharging function operates quickly and smoothly, so you can return to your regular life without taking hours to recharge. It is easy to put it on a USB cable for recharging before you go to bed and wake up to a fully recharged wallet the next morning.

8. Remote photography

Remote photography lets you use your wallet as a camera if your phone is not available. The wallet has a small built-in camera on the front of the wallet that lets you easily take a picture using your Bluetooth wallet so that you can send the picture to your phone. You will never be without photographic options while using your Bluetooth wallet.

9. Water-Resistant

The Bluetooth wallet is premium cowhide leather. The cowhide helps the wallet be water-resistant and protects your money and cards from water damage. The wallet will take damage if immersed in water for long periods and should be properly dried if it happens.

10. USB Recharging

You can recharge the battery in the wallet using a USB charging cable that connects to any USB port available. The USB charging cable hookup is in a separate, protective zipper pocket in the wallet that protects the port from water or carrying damage and is easy to up zip for recharging. The Bluetooth wallet takes only one hour to charge for the initial set up with only five hours to completely recharge the battery for up to one month of consistent use.

What do buyers of Louis Blanc smart-wallet think?

Buyers of the Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet are a mixture of pleased and frustrated. Multiple purchasers love the ability to find their wallets with a few taps of their smartphones. The frustration comes from using the app. The app appears to be in its infancy stage and needs a lot of improvement to make it easier for buyers to use.
Buyers love the ability to find their wallets, though the beeping noise that helps you locate your lost wallet can also be annoying. The wallet makes a great gift for people who lose their wallets.

Louis Blanc Smart Wallet
Louis Blanc Smart Wallet

What alternatives are available?

Buying a Smart Wallet is a good idea if someone steals your wallet, or you misplace it a lot. Do your homework so that you can select the right wallet for your needs. There are multiple styles available, and the right one should provide you with the combination of protection and security you can control.


#1 ID Window RFID Wallet for Men

The Two ID Window RFID wallet is a wallet for people who need to carry multiple forms of identification. The wallet is a high-capacity wallet for multiple identification cards and up to nine credit, debit, or health cards. The wallet design lets you easily slip cards in and out of a wallet with a traditional appearance.

Made with high-quality sheepskin leather, the stitching lets you carry as much and more in your wallet without worrying about it coming apart. The leather is soft to the touch and helps hold the composite blend of technology. The wallet comes with built-in blockers for high and low frequencies from one hundred twenty-five kilohertz up to three thousand megahertz.

The built-in security lets the chips in your wallet be secure from digital thieves that skim information off of your cards.

  • The Two ID window wallet has two ID windows; the Louis Blanc wallet has one.
  • The Two ID window wallet has nine card slots; the Louis Blanc wallet has seven.
  • Both wallets are high-quality leather.
  • The Two ID window wallet is high-quality sheepskin; the Louis Blanc wallet is high-quality cowhide.
  • Both wallets prevent digital thieves from stealing your information.
  • The Two ID window wallet is more cost-effective than the Louis Blanc wallet.
  • Both wallets come in multiple colors.

#2 Wallets, Greshare Bluetooth Smart Two-way Anti-theft RFID

The Greshare Wallet is a protective wallet that snaps closed. The wallet has built-in RFID protection in the form of an aluminum coating that keeps the cards from skimming, while you carry or use them. The case also comes with anti-theft protection with an anti-lost chip that lets you use the connecting software app to track your wallet with your Smartphone to locate your wallet. Four modes come in the wallet for distance tracking, including near, medium and far as well as no disturbing.

The wallet lets you record conversations using the Smartphone all. The wallet's built-in speaker is not obvious, so you can record conversations with a few touches of your Smartphone as long as your phone has enough storage space to store the conversation. With plenty of storage, the aluminum-coated case lets you carry up to ten different cars, cash, and other small items.

You can recharge your Greshare wallet using an easy-to-connect USB cable, which allows you to quick-recharge your case. The wallet also has a standby time of up to five months.

  • The Greshare wallet is plastic coated in aluminum, whereas the Louis Blanc Wallet is cowhide leather.
  • Both wallets come with camera features.
  • Both wallets are compatible with Android and Apple systems.
  • The Greshare Wallet has five months of standby time; the Louis Blanc Wallet can manage a year of consistent use.
  • The Louis Blanc wallet is small enough to fit in your pocket, and the Greshare wallet is large and hard to fit in a pocket.

#3 Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost Wallet

The Smart LB Smart Anti-Lost Wallet comes with multiple functions to help keep your wallet safe and secure. The Smart LB wallet is a two-way anti-lost and anti-theft wallet. You can use a smartphone to track the last location of the Smart LB wallet by coordinating your last position to the location of the wallet.

The Smart LB wallet has a five-hour charging time and will work consistently for the next month. A built-in USB port lets you recharge the wallet whenever the battery starts to run low. The wallet is small and compact with one display identification window and three card slots as well as a place to carry paper money safely.

  • The Smart LB wallet has only three card slots; the Louis Blanc wallet has seven.
  • Both wallets are genuine cowhide leather.
  • Both wallets provide you with up to a month of battery life.
  • Both wallets let you search and find your wallet using your Smartphone.
  • Both wallets ring to help you locate your phone by sound.

Before selecting a smart wallet, make sure you know exactly what you need for yourself or your family. The right wallet is a combination and durability and technology. Any of the above wallets will work and are best for people who lost their wallets a lot or are victims of wallet thieves.

Next Steps

Louis Blanc Smart Wallet

When it comes to protecting your privacy as well as your bank account, you need a wallet that will work for you. The right wallet is long-lasting and durable. The Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet is top-of-the-line quality manufacturing that lets you be in control when your wallet gets lost or stolen.
You will have up to a month of battery life for the wallet, be able to take pictures, as well as track the location of your wallet. The wallet is easy to recharge quickly, and you can use the wallet as a camera if you have the need. For more information about the Louis Blanc smart-wallet, please follow the link.

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