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Luminas Pain Relief Patch Review

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Agonizing pain in any part of your body or joints can cause you to perform dismally. A pain relief solution that works within minutes and does not cause you any side effects is what you need to get rid of distressing pain. One such product is the Luminas pain relief patch reviewed in this article.

Things to consider before buying a pain relief patch

Pain relief patches provide users with a quick solution for mild and acute pain. Many pain relief patches are prescribed to patients who suffer from short term and long term conditions, which cause them to suffer from painful joints or aches on their body. The patches work differently from pills in the sense that they are placed on the skin instead of being swallowed. The medicinal content in the patches is then slowly absorbed into the body. Patches get to work faster than pain relief pills because the method of absorption of the medicinal content allows it to go directly into the blood stream.

Pain relief patches are great for people who suffer from long term pain. Cancer patients and people who suffer from conditions that cause pain in their body such as arthritis can consider asking their doctors to prescribe a pain relief patch to deal with pain.

Some people who are prohibited from taking oral medicine because they cause them irritation and nausea can also use pain relief patches when they experience pain.Athletes and professionals sportsmen who engage in strenuous sporting activities frequently suffer from bruises, muscle strains, and sprains. A pain relief patch can help them find quick relief from pain when they suffer injuries in the middle of a game.

Pain relief patches are not meant for recreational use. They should only be used when you need quick relief from pain. They cannot be used for toothaches or headaches. For such pain, consider taking painkillers and visiting a doctor to get a long-term solution to the source of the pain. Before buying a pain relief patch, you need to consider the amount of time it takes to begin working. A good pain relief patch is one that works within a short time.

Also inquire about any side effects the pain relief patch might have and stay away from ones that have serious side effects. You also need to consider the dosage you need to take for the patch to be effective. Ensure that you adhere to the dosage and avoid your body becoming resistant to the patch by overusing it.
Some pain relief patches may contain addictive substances such as fentanyl. So, ensure you check with your doctor before using any pain relief patch.

Luminas Pain Relief Patch

The Luminas pain relief patch is a revolutionary solution to pain widely used by professional athletes and now availed to the public. It uses advanced quantum physics technology to get rid of pain through energy waves that originate from the patch, which is imprinted with more than 200 codes that work together to reduce pain.

The pain relief patch works by alleviating pain in the body without using any chemicals or drugs making it safe for use by everyone. The patch has no side effects and begins working within minutes. The pain relief sensation lasts for a long time spreading to the entire day after applying the patch on your body.

The Luminas pain relief patch does not cause itches, is odorless, and leaves no rashes on the skin where it is applied. Professional golf athletes and basketballers attest to using the Luminous patches to deal with pain, muscle strains, and aching joints. The easy application method that just involves slapping the patch over the affected part of the body allows them to deal with the pain fast and go back to optimal performance within minutes.

Anyone who suffers from back pain, aching joints, or any sort of pain that causes them to perform below their potential can benefit from the Luminas pain relief patch. The patch should not be used for recreational purposes or as a proactive measure against pain by athletes. Protective equipment's such as mouth guards and knee pads can help to prevent injury and pain for athletes.

Luminas Pros:

  • Has no odors
  • Easy application method
  • Begins alleviating pain within a short time
  • Has no side effects
  • The pain relief effect lasts for a long time

Luminas Cons:

  • The patches have no curing capabilities
  • The patches are hard to apply on hairy body parts
  • Results of using the patches vary from one person to another

Luminas Pain Relief Patch Features & Benefits

Superior Pain Relief

The fast acting pain relief patches offer the users with a long lasting sensation of pain relief, which can last up to 24 hours from using a single patch. This enables the users to use only one patch per day unlike pills which only alleviate pain for a few hours.

No Odors

Luminas patches deliver pain-alleviating benefits to the user without any unpleasant smell characterized with the use of pills. The on-skin application process does not leave a foul taste in your mouth or cause irritation in the stomach.

No Side Effects

The patches have no reported side effects during use. The more than 200 pain reliver codes fused on the patches are all supplied to the body in form of energy waves and the body selects only what it needs. By doing this, no unnecessary ingredients get ingested into the body when using the patches.

Targeted Mode Of Function

The patches deal with the source of pain, which arises from inflammation on some part of the body as opposed to pain relief pills, which block transmission of the pain signals. The codes in the patch work to reduce inflammation thereby making the pain go away.

Easy Application

The patches have an easy application process. All you need to do is place the patch over the area that is experiencing pain and wait for relief. You can apply more than one patch if you are experiencing pain on more than one part and leave the patches on even after the pain has reduced.

Luminas Pain Relief Patch

Trusted By Renowned Athletes And Sport Doctors

Many well-known athletes and sport doctors who recommend them for instant action against painful joints, sore muscles, and sudden injuries have tested the pain relief effects of the Luminas patches. Pro athletes who use the patches reports better performance that is not inhibited by small injuries. The patches also aid quick recovery after a strenuous session in the field or gym.


Revolutionary Energy Medicine Technology

The Luminas patches use new age technology to deliver pain relief to the user. The quantum physics energy release methods used to deliver the pain alleviation effect does not involve any chemicals, pharmaceutical products, or odors. The patches supply the embedded pain relief codes and let the body select what it needs. This is a cost effective and more efficient method of supplying the body with what it needs compared to ingesting many pills that have only few nourishment components.

Pain Alleviation Codes Of Ingredients Drawn From Mother Nature

The patches are infused with codes of natural ingredients, which have pain alleviation properties. Some of the ingredients whose codes are contained in the patches are:

— Magnesium

The magnesium codes in the patches are important for bosting proper function of many body parts including nerve impulses and reaction to pain.

— Ginger

The patch contains nutrients codes derived from ginger which have many bioactive compounds that help the body relax and resist infection.


— Turmeric

Turmeric contents in medicine have inflammatory reducing capabilities, which are important in fighting joint pain. The patches present the healing properties of turmeric in a convenient form of codes embedded within the patch.

— Vitamin B12

Codes that are mimic to the action of vitamin B12 in the body help to boost normal functioning of the nerves.

Proven Action With Infrared Heat Maps

The Luminas patches have proven successful in alleviating pain evidenced by infrared heat map images taken on the body of candidates who were involved in an experiment to test the patches. 

From the results, the images show actual pain relief in the before and after photos. Red patches on the infrared images that signify pain gradually turn to green patches, which indicate pain relief.

Luminas infra red heat maps

Money Back Guarantee

The Luminas patches come with a 30 day money back guarantee ,which offers a full refund to customers who find the patches ineffective against the pain on their body.

Social Proof that the patches actually work

The Internet is packed with many happy customers who have tested the Luminas patches and found them very effective in easing both acute and chronic pain. Susie J. shares her healing journey after she underwent surgery to correct damage on her leg after falling on a pool deck. She says the patches have replaced pain relief medicine previously prescribed by her Physical Therapist.

Sandra K. Haas says the patches are revolutionary and the odorless action has made her discard other patches which by her words, are inferior compared to the Luminas ones.

kme also says the patches have helped her through the recovery process after a series of various serious injuries that have cause her a shattered spine and helped her deal with her fibromyalgia pains.

"I have suffered with sciatica pain going down my right side. It is so painful that even sitting hurts. I tried your patches...I was pain free. It works! Thank you for helping me find relief."

― Norma M.
Lillington, NC

"I am an avid crossfitter, golfer, and gym rat and I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for several years. After putting the patches on, it was gone almost immediately and I continue to be pain free."

― Mike J.

Where to buy Luminas patch

If you feel impressed by the Luminas patches and want to test them out, you can visit the Luminas website and make your order.

The patches are currently sold at a discounted price and a bulk promotional offer. You can choose to buy the one pack which contains 12 medium patches and 12 large patches, the twin pack with 24 medium patches and 24 large patches, or the three pack which comes with 36 medium patches and 36 large patches.

The twin pack and three pack allow you to save money by availing multiple patches at lower rates. Check out the offers on their order page.

Alternative Pain relief Patches

Kailo Pain Pack vs Luminas

The Kailo pack is a reusable pack of pain relief patches that are designed to work with the body's electrical systems. They boost communication in the body and pain receptors to reduce and alleviate pain. The pack allows the user to recover faster, improve flexibility, and regain their natural range of motion. A brief comparison between the Kalio pack and the Luminas patches reveals that:

  • Both patches only work to relieve pain in the body but have no curative capabilities
  • The Kailo packs are reusable up to when the adhesive on the patches wear off while the Luminas patches are only designed for one time use.
  • Kailo patches are more expansive than the Luminas pain relief patches
  • Kailo patches interact with the electrical system of the body to reduce pain while the Luminas patches use quantum physics to deliver over 200 pain relief codes to the body

If you're interested to learn more, you can read our Kailo review.

Signal Relief Pain Patch vs Luminas

The pain relief patches from signal relief are polygonal shaped patches that easily attach upright or inverted allowing their application on any part of the body. The patches use neuro capacitive coupling that inhibit the transfer of pain from the source allowing you to return to optimal performance of your daily activities.

The patches are reusable and reduce pain without using any chemicals, herbs, or pharmaceutical additives. The list below has some of the similarities and differences between the signal relief patches and Luminas patches.

  • Both patches are applied on the skin where the pain originates
  • Both patches are fast acting
  • The Luminas patches can only be used once while the signal relief patches are reusable
  • Luminas patches use quantum physics to deliver pain relief codes to the body while the signal relief patches use neuro capacitive inhibitors to reduce pain

If you're interested to learn more, you can read our Signal Relief review.



You no longer have to bear the inconveniences brought about by sharp pain in your body or joints. The Luminas pain relief patches provide pain relief within a short time. The effects last for the entire day when using a single patch and the effect is delivered using revolutionary quantum physics technology.

The patches are kind to the skin and have no negative side effects. Easy application allows the patches to be used as you continue with your daily activities, and the patches come with a 30-day money back guarantee if they fail to alleviate your pain.

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