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Mobile Phone Sterilizer Review

Updated: February 2021
Mobile Phone Sterilizer Review

Can This UV Disinfection Box Clean All Bacteria From Your Phone?Your cell phone builds up a lot of germs and bacteria as you carry it around. What you cannot see, can hurt you. A sterilizer can be an option to help you and your families stay healthy. You need to research what kind of Sterilizer works best for your lifestyle and needs.

The Mobile Sterilizer is a cost-effective way to sterilize your phone and other items using ultraviolet rays, for a complete clean. Before you make any choices, though, review what you need from a phone sterilizer, and know how it works. They are a terrific way to kill germs and bacteria on an item you carry with you everywhere.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer- Review

What you need to know before you buy a Sterilizer

Before you buy, know what you need your sterilization case to be. You need to find the one with all the features you need to make it completely clean.

#1 Cell Phone Sterilizer Types

You can sterilize your phone using different types of UV light. You can also phone sterilize using ozone or UV-C types of sterilization. Make sure you know how many and which types of sterilization your case comes with. You do not need them all to get ninety-nine percent or better cleanse, but having extra sterilization is not a bad thing.

#2 Wireless Sterilization or Cable?

Depending on the type of Sterilizer you purchase, you may be able to sterilize by connecting using a USB cable to a port in your computer or car. Some types of cases allow you to sterilize and charge your phone wirelessly. You need to know how you can clean and charge your phone while you are on the go.

Wirelessly sterilizing your phone is easy to do on-the-go, but you will need to recharge the case to continue wirelessly cleaning your phone. Some types of wireless sterilization boxes do not work as well as others and resist holding a charge, so do your homework before you buy.


#3 Time to Sterilizer

How long it takes to sterilize your phone can be a deal-breaker for many types of sterilizer kits. If the time it takes is over ten minutes, you might want to consider looking at another model. Life is busy, and you cannot wait for your phone to clean if you need to leave the house. You also need to stay connected to friends and colleagues, so make sure you know when you can expect your phone to be clean.

#4 Number of things you can sterilize

The size of the case can make a difference for whether you can charge your larger phone, but also if you can fit other types of things in the case. You will want one that is large enough to fit your keys or children's toys if you need to clean them. Not all cases are large enough to fit everything, so make sure you double-check the size of the case before you purchase.

#5 Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is not something you need to sterilize your phone, but it does make it smell nice. If you want this feature, review the product description to make sure it is included as a feature.

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#6 Price

Price is the last thing you should look at for your cell phone sterilizer. You need to find a product that will phone sterilize completely. Once you know an item or items will work for you, you can start price comparing and searching.

What is Mobile Sterilizer?

Mobile Sterilizer is a cell phone sanitizer. The Phone Sanitizer is a case you put your cell phone in while you do other things. The case helps kill any bacteria that might be on your phone from carrying it around in your life. Once your phone is in the case, the protective case uses ultraviolet light to kill any pathogens that might be on the phone while charging the phone at the same time

Worth Knowing
You can put other things in the case that require sterilization, such as your car keys, jewelry, or other small items that need disinfecting. The case protects your phone while charging and disinfecting it of over ninety-nine percent of germs.

Mobile Sterilizer pros:

  • You can charge your phone while you sterilize it.
  • The sanitation case takes only six minutes to clean your phone completely.
  • You can add scents to the sterilization to help your phone smell nice once clean.

Mobile Sterilizer cons:

  • You can only fit smaller items in the case.
  • You cannot fit a phone with a pop socket.
Mobile Phone Sterilizer

What features come with the Mobile Sterilizer?

Before you buy a UV Phone Sanitizer, you need to consider how you need to use the sanitizer. The Mobile Sterilizer gives you a lot of features to help you cleanse your phone and other products.

#1 Ultraviolet light sterilization

The best part about Mobile Sterilizer is the ultraviolet light sterilization. You can be worry-free about any germs or bacteria that might be on your phone. The ultraviolet light works to cleanse your phone of anything it might pick up while you live your life. UV phone sanitizer is the best way to clean the hard to reach or clean parts of your phone like the charging port or phone jack.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer

#2 Quick Cell Phone Sanitizer

You can have a clean phone in only six minutes. The quick speed of cleaning helps make the sanitation easy to do wherever you are. You can use your phone quickly after your sanitize it, and it is perfect for sanitation while you take a shower or drive your car.

You can know your phone will be clean in almost no time at all and it is easy to do around what you are doing. You can sanitize the phone while you work, do homework or watch television.

#3 Aromatherapy

When you clean your phone, you have the option of adding scent drops to your UV phone sanitizer. The aromatherapy function acts as a diffuser, so your phone comes out clean and smelling fresh within the six minutes it takes to purify your phone.

#4 Portable

The Mobile Sterilizer is large enough to hold phones measuring at least seven-inches and is easy to take with you in a backpack, briefcase, or purse. It takes up little room in anything you daily carry so you can sterilize as you go about your regular life.

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#5 Charger

The Mobile Sterilizer comes with a USB charging cable so you can connect it to your car, computer, or wall socket while you are on the go. The charger will let you sterilize your phone while you charge it as well. Your phone will charge and sanitize at the same time, so you will have a clean and powered phone before six minutes is up.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer

#6 Flexibility of Use

You can do more than sanitize your phone with the Mobile Charger. You can sanitize anything you can fit inside the case, including your Bluetooth headphones, Smartwatches, toys, and jewelry. If you can fit it in the case and close the lid, you can sterilize your possessions using only UV rays.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer features

#7 Automatic Stop

Once you start sterilizing your phone or other items, a green indicator light comes on. Once you are done sterilizing, the Sterilizer will automatically turn off, and the lid will unlock so you can access your possessions.


What do buyers of Mobile Sterilizers think?

Buyers of Mobile Sterilizer rave over the design and functionality. The design lets you take it where you travel to and lets you sterilize anything you can fit inside with the lid closed. There are few complaints about operation or use, though using the Sterilizer on the phone with a pop socket does not work because you cannot close the lid.

For those that have bought the Sterilizer, they also like being able to plug the Sterilizer into almost anything with a USB port. This makes it extremely easy to clean in the car or at work using your computer."

What alternatives are available?

Before you buy a UV phone sanitizer, consider all your options and whether you can use it for your phone. Do your homework, and compare products as not all will work for your phone, while others will give you features you never considered.

#1 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

The UV Cell Phone Sanitizer uses germicidal UV light to kill over ninety-nine percent of germs that can accumulate on your phone in as little as three minutes. The Smartphone sanitizer will kill at least ninety-nine percent of contagions that are on your phone, including e. Coli, staph, and salmonella.

The case is large enough to fit an oversized cell phone and other items you want to sanitize, such as your car keys, jewelry, watches, and toys. The aromatherapy function allows you to put essential oils into the aromatherapy inlet. You can circulate pleasant scents around your phone as it sterilizes.

The sanitizer is small enough to fit easily into a backpack or purse so you can carry it wherever you choose to sanitize your phone or other items while you are on the go. A USB cable lets you plug it into your home or office computer so you can sanitize while you work.

  • The Phone Sanitizer takes only three minutes to sterilize your phone compared with Mobile Sterilizer, which takes six minutes.
  • You can clean over ninety-nine percent of germs off of a phone using both types of sanitizers.
  • The UV sanitizer is more cost-effective than the Mobile Sanitizer from some buyers.

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#2 Patented UV Smartphone Sanitizer

The Patented UV Smartphone Sanitizer is a double sanitizer. You can use ultraviolet light to sanitize your phone as well as ozone UVC irradiation to remove any lingering bacteria or germs. The combination of light sanitizers lets you remove over ninety-nine percent of germs, including ones that are hard to reach, like around the cell phone jack outlet.

The case allows you to charge your phone while you sanitize wirelessly. The case has a ten-watt quick charge features that let you charge in a safe and fast way wherever you are. The portability of the case lets it travel with you to work or school, while always providing a charge.

The UV Smartphone sanitizer design lets you seal in the UV light to protect you and your family. You can also add essential oil or perfume to the sanitizer so you can have a pleasant smelling phone along with a sanitized one.

  • The UV Smartphone sanitizer uses UV light and UCV ozone to kill germs, whereas Mobile sanitizer uses only UV light.
  • The UV Smartphone sanitizer allows you to wirelessly charge your phone, whereas Mobile sanitizer requires a cable.
  • Both types of phone sanitizers allow you to use aromatherapy to add scent to your phone.

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#3 Phone Cleaner UV Ligh–t Box

The Phone Cleaner UV Light Box is an easy-to-use cell phone sterilizer. With the press of the "clean" button, you can watch your phone be scanned and rescanned with UV light to kill any bacteria or germs on the phone. Once the phone is clean, you will automatically turn off and announce that sterilization is complete.

You can watch the progress of your phone sterilization by following the progress bar that fills up to one hundred percent in as little as three minutes. The UV Cell Phone lets you wirelessly charge your phone while it cleanses it, but it also has a setting that lets you use UV-C light to clean your device in five minutes if you choose.

You can kill over ninety-nine percent of contagions off of your phone or other items. You can also add essential oils to the case to let your phone or other items receive scent through an aroma humidifier that comes built into the case. The case is portable and comes with a USB cable to help you recharge the wireless case when you need it.

  • The Phone cleaner announces the phone is clean, the Mobile Sterilizer does not.
  • You can follow the progress of cleaning with the progress bar on the case cover; you cannot do that with the Sterilizer.
  • Your phone will be clean in three minutes with the Phone Cleaner; the Mobile Sterilizer takes six minutes.

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Final Thoughts

A cell Phone Sanitizer is something everyone needs in today's troubled world. Personal health is fragile, and being able to kill any germs that collect on your phone or other types of items around your home like your keys can keep you and your family healthy. Before you go to buy a sanitizer, know what you are getting, and plan for your purchase.

The phone sterilizer can travel with you as well as add essential oils to your phone to make it smell nice. You also do not have to worry about germs or bacteria getting on your phone and making you sick. Mobile Sterilizer can be the healthy option for you to use at home and on the go, so click the link for more information.

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