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Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

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I saw a quote somewhere that said, “In His wisdom, God created mosquitos and forgot to tell us why.” It seems all they do is bite, distract, and cause diseases.

Don’t we all just hate mosquitos?

You might have tried so many ways to get rid of mosquitos; some of the methods are not effective even after a long period of use, and others are effective at a cost.

For instance, I hate spraying mosquitos because that means I'll have to stay outside until the chemical spray leaves the house.If you live in a mosquito-infested area, or you are planning to camp out this summer, you can protect yourself from mosquitos by buying the Mosquitron UV Light Mosquito killer.

It is a small device that I wish I had many years ago. It protects you from the buzzing and biting of mosquitos without the use of harmful chemicals.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Mosquito Lamp?

For some reason, mosquitos do not bite some people. However, that does not help those of us who seem to attract them by merely existing in the same space as them. You might not like the buzzing of mosquitos, but that should be the least of your problems.

Mosquito bites can get nasty – the bite is irritating, and if you scratch it, you might expose it to infections. That is not the only problem. If you are unlucky, you might contract one of the diseases transmitted by mosquitos. These diseases include Malaria, Dengue Fever, Zika virus, Yellow Fever, and West Nile Virus. Although most of these diseases are treatable, why expose your body? Again, if you happen to get sick while camping in the wild, you are in much more danger.

A mosquito light or mosquito zapper is ideal for anyone who lives in an area infested with mosquitos. If you live near major water sources, near a forest, or in a bushy area, you need this unit. Again, if you go out camping in the open, you need a mosquito zapper for a peaceful night.

The UV light in these devices attracts not only mosquitos, but also other small insects such as fruit flies. If you have such in your house or camp area, you can get the insect zapper.

Mosquito killers come in all sizes, shapes, modes of operation, and prices. You need to ensure that you get the best in the market. To do that, consider the following features:


Although you might come across a unit designed as an indoor mosquito trap, most of the devices are useful indoor and outdoor. Because you will carry your device everywhere, it should have a sturdy construction for durability. The material used on the device should be waterproof for use outdoors. It helps if the material is easy to clean. Again, this material should be stainless and rust-free. Mosquitron features high-quality plastic construction to last long and clean with ease.

Motor Noise:

While most mosquito killers operate silently, you might find one whose motor makes a lot of noise. A mosquito zapper comes in handy when you are sleeping. Granted, the quieter the unit, the more effective it is. Even if you are using the mosquito trap outdoors, think of the one time you might need to use the unit in your bedroom.

Energy Efficiency:

You intend to kill mosquitos and not increase your power bills. A low voltage mosquito trap such as the Mosquitron comes in handy for use indoors and outdoors. The right mosquito lamp should also allow you to adjust the voltage based on the number of insects you need to trap. If you are out camping in a place with hundreds of mosquitos, you can set such a unit to high voltage, for effectiveness.

Installation and Ease of Use:

Conventional style zappers plug into standard sockets at home. Before you buy a mosquito lamp, consider whether you need a plug-in device or a rechargeable device. Most of the modern units, such as the Mosquitron plug into any USB device. The right mosquito light should be plug-n-play. It should not require complex set up or any special tools. Again, it should not require any special skills.

Coverage Area

How much area do you need the mosquito trap to cover? Do you need one for your bedroom or a large open camping field? Ensure the device you choose covers an area larger than you require if you need to stay safe from mosquitos.


One thing that makes Mosquitron great for all users is the fact that it does not release any gases, smells, or chemicals. Even as you seek to kill mosquitos, the device you choose should not put you in the risk of developing cancer or respiratory diseases from the chemicals and gases produced. Ensure that the device consumes low energy, as this further protects the environment. The unit should not only be safer for you and your family, but also to pets and the environment.

Cost and Warranty:

Your budget determines the unit you go for. One mosquito lamp varies from the others, based on the features they have. Before you buy a mosquito zapper, scourge the market to get the average price of one. The cost of an insect zapper should match the features on it. Do consider not only the initial purchase price, but also the price of replacements. For instance, most units used replacement boards, which you have to buy often depending on the number of mosquitos you need to trap. With some traps, the boards might be expensive while the trap is cheap – in the long run, such a setup will cost you a lot of money.

Again, you should buy one that comes with at least a year’s warranty. A warranty shows the confidence the manufacturer has on the product. A money-back guarantee is also great when you are buying a mosquito trap.


What is Mosquitron?

Mosquitron is a product from Hyperstech, a company known for its high-tech gadgets. While the product is relatively new in the market, it has had great success in trapping and killing bugs such as flies, moths, and mosquitos.

It works like a smaller version of conventional bug zappers and looks like them too. Out of the box, the unit packs a great looking cylindrical shape that would look great in any room or outdoor space. You can power the unit via USB or mains power, whichever is available. Its size, look, and mode of operation give it an advantage over other units currently on the market.

Mosquitron works by producing UV light from its top section when switched on. Inside the box is a small, powerful fan. The UV light attracts mosquitos, fruit flies, and other bugs. Once they get to the opening of the box, the fan draws them closer and then sucks them in. The bugs go through a small funnel at the bottom of the box and into the catching tray.

This mosquito trap kills mosquitos by dehydrating them. After use, you can remove the bottom tray that holds the dead mosquitos and dispose them off. Generally, the unit is easy to use. Once you connect the unit to a power source, most of the functions are automatic; no need to press buttons.The Mosquitron comes as a replacement for mosquito zappers (which are too loud and consume a lot of power), mosquito repellants (that may expose you to chemicals and smells), and mosquito sprays (which expose your family to harsh chemicals, smells, and respiratory health conditions).

If you are looking for a simple solution to your mosquitos and bugs problem, the Mosquitron will definitely come to your rescue.

Mosquitron pros:

  • Compact size allows you to carry it anywhere you want
  • Does not release any gases, chemicals, or smells, making it safe for use indoors
  • Covers a range of up to 40 meters, thanks to its 360-degree violent technology
  • Made of high-quality plastic material that is easy to clean and is environmentally friendly
  • It connects into any USB device, making it an ideal unit for use outdoors

Mosquitron cons:

  • It takes a little longer to kills the mosquitos – you have to give it time before you open the bottom tray as you might let out the live mosquitos
  • Replacement boards might be out of stock; you have to order in advance
  • The UV light can be distracting, especially when you use the device in the bedroom

Features and Benefits

The Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper has rocked the mosquito industry. Mosquitron has served more than 126,000 customers, even though the product is still new. Some of the features that distinguish this UV light mosquito killer from the others include:

360 Degree Violent Technology

Mosquitron emits light from all directions from its top section. The lamp's light is visible from a long distance, up to 40 meters. This light from all directions attracts insects; the fan draws them in, sucked into the tray, and killed.

The 360-degree violent technology comes in handy when you are camping in a large filed, and you need the unit to protect all members of the family.

If you are using the unit indoors, placing it at the center of the room allows it to attract insects from all sides, for maximum effectiveness.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

When insects get to the opening at the top of the Mosquitron, a very powerful fan (with up to 1650 rotations per minute), sucks them in and pushes them to the bottom tray. From the tray, the insects are air-dried and dehydrated to death.

Compact and Portable

If you need a mosquito killer you can carry on your next trip, the Mosquitron might be a great choice. The unit stands at 7 inches with a diameter of about 5 inches.

Even better, the insect tray at the bottom of the unit is detachable. This way, you can pack it in your hiking or camping backpack. It weighs even lighter than its size, seeing that the only thing inside the unit is a fan.

When using it in the house, moving it from one room to the next is easy.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

If you go out camping, you only need a single unit to protect your entire family – this further limits the number of mosquito killer you need to buy or bring to a camp.

Easy to Clean ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is a thermoplastic polymer used in making strong and sturdy plastic devices. Unlike the weak plastic that breaks on the first impact, ABS lasts through the years. The plastic is not only safe for you and your family, but also on the environment. ABS plastic gives the Mosquitron a long productive life and makes it easy to clean. The exterior of the unit wipes clean with ease. Better yet, the unit is waterproof, so, that you can use it outdoors. 

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

Unlike other mosquito killers I have tested, Mosquitron disassembles and assembles with so much ease. To clean the tray, remove the bottom tray and wipe the mosquitos out. Then fix the tray back. Ensure that while you clean, the plug does not get wet – if it does, wipe it dry.


Wide Coverage

Mosquitron can attract insects from up to 40 meters away. As such, you do not need to be near the device to kill mosquitos that distract you.

The extensive coverage comes in handy for those distracted by the violet light of the device. This wide coverage is also ideal when you are camping in a field, and you need to protect many people with one device.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

Plug and Play

There are no complicated setups with the Mosquitron. The unit plugs into all USB devices, or standard wall plug with a USB slot. Once connected into a power source, all you need to do is press the single button at the top of the mosquito trap.

The minimalist design of the zapper makes it easy to use, but it also means that it lacks in more technological features, and you cannot regulate its range or its voltage, or control it from your smartphone. Nevertheless, it effectively kills mosquitos and other bugs.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

Smart Light Sensor

Mosquitron works by attracting mosquitos, sucking them in, and killing them. To do that, the device draws power from any USB device to power the LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs on the top cover of the unit. The LED bulbs emit blue ultraviolet wavelengths that attract mosquitos.

Once you plug in the device and switch it on, you activate the automatic smart light sensor. The sensor sits next to the power button and detects low light. In low light, the device automatically turns on. When the sun comes up, the device goes off. As long as the insect zapper remains connected to a power source, you are protected.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

Mesh Prevents Mosquitos from Escaping

Once the bugs and mosquitos get into the box, they can never come out. They sit on a mesh and are pulled into the tray by the vortex created by the powerful fan.

The design of the mesh is in such a way that it is easy for mosquitos to get through, but never come out. The tray at the bottom can hold hundreds of mosquitos, so, you do not have to empty the unit every day. If you are busy, you can leave it for a week or so.

No Radiation and No Chemicals

Although this mosquito lamp emits UV light, it does not emit radiation. The light is harmless, and you no longer have to worry about any effects from the light or the device.

Are you wondering why you shouldn't just buy an inexpensive mosquito spray? That would save you a lot of money, but the problem with such a spray is that it contains chemicals. Even sprays marketed as natural still contain chemicals. The main chemical in these sprays is called DEET, and it is pretty harmful. If you are exposed to this chemical for a long time, you might develop respiratory health problems. The Mosquitron works as the electric bug zapper; it kills mosquitos without the use of chemicals.

Low Power Use with no Noise

Rated at 5 Volts, the mosquito light is energy efficient when used in or out of the house. As an indoor mosquito trap, it will not add any significant amount to your electricity bills. When using it outdoors, you can connect it to your mobile device, computer, or a power bank. Thanks to its low voltage, it will not drain your computer in a few hours.

When in operation, the fan produces only 30 decibels of noise – this is quieter than human whispers. Although it is as effective as electric zappers, it does not produce the zapping sound characteristic of these devices.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

What you hear from the device is the sound of the small fan. Granted, you can use the device in your bedroom or the children's bedroom without worrying that it will wake them up.

A Device anyone can Use

Anyone can use Mosquitron. It is as easy to use as plugging it in and press the power button. The elderly and children can benefit from this unit, seeing it is not so technologically advanced to confuse them. Again, you do not have to worry about the risk of catching fire as long as the plug stays dry.

Better yet, the unit is almost maintenance-free. Maintenance involves removing the tray, dispose of the dead mosquitos, rinse the board with water, dry the board, and fix the tray back.

Mosquitron UV Light Insect Zapper Review

Price and Warranty

These two are not features, but I felt they make this mosquito light impressive. The device is affordable, and you even get a discount for buying more than one unit. Better still, you get a lifetime warranty on the purchase of the product. You also get a one-year money-back guarantee.

Although the product first hit the market towards the end of 2019, hundreds of thousands of units have sold already. It is easy to order, and delivery only takes a few days. Coupled with the many positive reviews, there are so many reasons to buy this product.

Beautiful Look

The cylindrical shape of this unit and the shiny appearance makes this unit look good at all times.

It looks great regardless of where you place it in your room. To most users, the blue light adds to the beauty of the unit and does not distract them.

Mosquitron Order Now

Features I’d Have Loved to See

You cannot control the light on the unit when you need it to protect a smaller area. The settings on the device are the same indoors and outdoors. Although this does not affect the effectiveness of the unit, it would help to reduce the amount of light produced, especially for those who are affected by the blue light. When you are using it in a small bedroom, you can reduce the harshness of the light.

The light does not affect me, but for the few users who are affected, the feature would come in handy.
I once opened the tray, and the mosquitos were still alive. If Hyperstech is to upgrade this unit, they might want to find a way to kill the mosquitos faster (but still with no use of chemicals). The dehydration method takes longer to kill mosquitos, and sometimes you might let them out.

Social Proof

If you live in an urban center away from the forests and water sources, and you never go camping, you may never understand the hassle of fighting mosquitos and bugs. However, thousands of Mosquitron users have seen the advantages of having this small device. Most of the users had tried mosquito sprays, repellants, and so many other products before they stumbled on this product.

At first, these users had no hope that the unit would work as advertised, but they tried it anyway only for the unit to work beyond their expectations. According to most reviewers online, the Mosquitron works perfectly during summers when mosquitos breed in large numbers.

Users love compactness, energy efficiency, safety, quietness, and ease of use of the product. You can see some of their reviews below.


Alternative Products

#1 Katchy Mosquito Killer

Katchy sports almost the same design as the Mosquitron. It has a cylindrical shape with the top section emitting UV light to attract mosquitos and other bugs. Below the LED bulbs is a powerful fan that sucks the insects into the box and later kills them. This unit also does not use any chemicals and does not emit any radiation, making it safer for use indoors and outdoors. However, it is different from the Mosquitron in many ways:

  • To kill insects, this unit uses a sticky glue board. The insects fly and are stuck on the board. They will die after staying in the unit for a long time. Afterward, you can replace the stick board and place a fresh one to catch more insects.
  • This unit is only useful indoors. It is not weatherproof, which makes it prone to damages when used outdoors. If you need a mosquito light to use when you go camping, this is not it.
  • It works only when near the area with bugs. You need to place it near the insects to attract them better, unlike the Mosquitron, which works even 40 meters away.
  • The manufacturer advises that the unit does not kill flies and should not be a replacement for your mosquito repellant. This does not place confidence in the device.

Check out the Katchy Indoor Mosquito Trap Here.

#2 DynaTrap Insect Trap

The DynaTrap Insect Trap is another UV light mosquito killer. It produces light to attract insects, draws them in using the fan, and then kills them. To see the impact of the unit, you need to use it for at least three weeks. The manufacturer promises to break the breeding cycle of the mosquitos and other bugs within six weeks. It does not use or release any chemicals or radiation, and this makes it safe for use in the house. Again, it withstands all weather conditions, and you can use it in or out of the house. It features a quiet, but very powerful fan. Better still, it attracts mosquitos and other bugs from more than 40 feet away. It is different in:

  • The unit sports a titanium dioxide-coated outer surface. This surface releases Carbon IV Oxide, which attracts mosquitos even more. This means that it can attract more mosquitos than units that use light alone. However, this feature might not be ideal when you are using it in the bedroom – so much CO2 in the air.
  • Unlike other units that use LED bulbs, this one uses fluorescent UV light. However, it has a diffuser that ensures the light spreads over a large area.
  • It sports a design of a hurricane lamp with a glass insect tray at the bottom. This is unlike other units that have a cylindrical shape.
  • It plugs into 110V electrical outlets and works all night long, delivering up to one acre of coverage. If you are to use it outdoors, ensure you are in a place where you can plug it in.

Check out the Dynatrap Insect Trap Here.

#3 Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer is different than all the other insect killers on this review. It uses a powerful 40 Watts UV light bulb to attract insects. This is unlike other units that use energy-efficient LED or fluorescent bulbs. It is different in so many ways:

  • Instead of a tray, the unit uses a killing grid to kill the mosquitos and other insects. The killing grid draws power from a high voltage transformer. This way, the mosquitos die instantly. Better yet, the grid does not clog with dead mosquitos.
  • Besides the UV black light that attracts mosquitos, the mosquito killer makes use of the Octenal attractant to lure insects into it. Octenal attractant is a chemical tested and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture. The chemical does not kill insects, but rather attracts them.
  • You can only use this unit outdoors. It sports a weatherproof construction that allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also noisier than other units reviewed here, making it unfit for indoor use.
  • It sports a rugged construction with a polycarbonate outer material. This way, the unit does not rust, crack, or fade even after many years of use.
  • You will need to replace the bulb often to keep the unit operational. The process is simple and requires no tools.
  • To use this unit, place it between the breeding area of the insects and the area to be protected. This way, it can attract and kill insects before they get to the protected area.

This unit sports a unique look that makes it look like conventional insect zappers. The outer part is a square grid that protects the bulb. Connected to the unit is a 9-inch cord to connect to the power source.

Check out the Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer Here.


Mosquitron solves many problems for you. For starters, it kills mosquitos without the use of harmful chemicals, no radiation, and no smells. By killing the mosquitos, it allows you to enjoy your sleep at home or your camp away from home. Not only do you sleep comfortably, but you also stay safe from diseases such as Zika Virus, Malaria, Dengue Virus, Yellow Fever, and West Nile Virus. Better still, after the initial purchase, you do not have to spend money on refills that you would with repellants and sprays. Once in a while, you might buy replacement parts, but the unit can operate for years without the need for any replacement parts.

Unlike any other outdoor and indoor mosquito trap, the Mosquitron is highly energy efficient. Again, when you need to replace the mosquito trapping boards in other units, here you only need to run the board in the water, and it is as good as new.

I loved the ease of use of this unit, the automatic sensors, the affordability, and the effectiveness. With this product, I no longer have to bear with the smell and the effects of sprays.

Mosquitron Order Now
Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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