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How Does a Motion Sensor Light Work - Step by Step Guide

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A motion sensor light is a light that is triggered when it detects motion. It is like a regular light except, it is attached to a sensor that turns the light on when the sensor is triggered by movement. Motion sensor lights can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

When they are installed indoors, they can be fixed in doorways, ceilings, and walls. There are different types of motion sensor lights that you can choose from depending on your specifications, needs, and budget. As more technological advances are made, having a motion sensor light can be a great way to use less energy, take up less space, and have a high-security level.

motion sensor light activation

How Does a Motion Sensor Light Work?

If you have ever gone in a room or were passing by a building and the lights suddenly went on, that was a motion sensor light at work. You can have a motion sensor light installed in your home or building for security purposes or because you would like your front porch to light up when you get home. 

A motion sensor light essentially operates by turning on the light when it detects motion, and the sensor turns the light off when motion is no longer detected. You will first need a motion detector or motion sensor to have a motion sensor light. 

There are different types of motion sensors you can choose from, such as: 

  • microwave, 
  • photoelectric, 
  • dual technology, 
  • active infrared, 
  • and passive infrared

Although motion sensor lights are usually turned on automatically, there are a few instances where you can manually turn on the lights. Essentially, as long as there is movement, the light will stay on and only go off when no motion is detected.


How to Adjust Motion Sensor Light

When you get your motion sensor light installed, ensure it has good coverage and that it can easily detect motion. Most motion sensor lights usually have sensitivity, time, and lux. So to adjust the sensitivity, locate the SEN sign on your sensor, here you can adjust and set how big an object is and how far away it should be for it to activate the sensor. 

motion sensor light adjustments

You can also do this by adjusting the minus and plus signs. You also have to set the duration you would like the sensor to activate by changing the plus and minus control signs. Lastly, the lux controls have a moon and sun picture since it is the night and day control setting.

When you move it towards the moon's side, it means it will activate when it's dark, and if you move it towards the sun's side, then it will be more active when it is lighter. If your area has street lights, this feature is quite essential since your motion sensor light may not activate at night if it's on the moon side due to the light from the street lights.

Therefore, have the time setting on the minimum and the lux (Light Level Adjustment) setting on day mode. Switch on the sensor control light switch, and have the sensor in the direction you want it to scan.

It would be best to do a test run once you have adjusted the setting to see if it works. You can adjust your motion light sensor where necessary. It is worth noting that when you adjust your motion sensor light, it would be best to do it during the period you would like it to be activated.

How Do You Install Motion Sensor Lights?

lumenology magnetic base
With Lumenology
motion sensor light
Standard Motion Sensor Lights

What you need to know when installing Lumenology motion sensor light or a standard motion sensor light:

Installation of standard motion sensor lights comes with all kinds of problems if you're not good with power tools and electrical. You would have to deal with a lot of wiring and drilling holes in the wall.

Lumenology, on the other hand, is simple to use. It doesn't require any wiring because it's battery-powered (3 AA batteries). You can attach it anywhere you would like since it comes with a flexible tripod and a magnetic base that uses only one screw. More on this later on...

To install your motion sensor lights, you will first need to turn off your power at the circuit breaker. Once you figure out what circuit belongs to the light switch you want to replace, that is the one you turn off. It may perhaps be a good idea to have a professional install the motion sensor light for you, especially if you are not confident with anything electrical. It is safer and prevents any potential accidents.

Next, you will have to test the wires before removing the switch. Take the wall plate off the switch and use a circuit tester to test the wires to confirm that there is no electric current still flowing in the wires you want to remove. Once you have confirmed that the power is off, you can remove the screws holding the switch in place.

Next, you will have to cut the wires on the old switch's back. You will see a bare ground, white and black wires connected at the back of the switch. Connect only the white and black wire to your new motion sensor switch.

Use a wire stripper to strip the white and black wires' plastic insulation at their ends. Connect the stripped ends to the new switch, then use your wire connectors to secure them.

Once you are done, tuck all the wires to the switch's back, then use a mounting screw to secure the switch. And lastly, do not forget to customize your controls.

What Kind of Problems Do People Face?

Installing regular lights can be quite a hassle. For instance, when you install a single light fixture, you may need to do extensive electrical work, which may not only add up to $500+, but it is also time-consuming, difficult, makes a total mess, not forgetting how unbelievably dangerous it is.


There are multiple other energy-saving wireless solutions that you could use, such as solar, but they are usually complicated to set up. They typically need the appropriate amount of sunlight, they do not retain charge for an extended period, and they also do not work indoors. This not only makes them an ineffective solution, but it also makes them quite limiting.

What is the Best Solution for Such Problems?

To solve such problems, think Lumenology. Lumenology is a lighting solution that can solve all of these problems because it is a portable lighting solution powered by 3 AA batteries.


You can easily attach it anywhere you would like in a matter of seconds, it is long-lasting, and it is also affordable.

These lights are professional, and the best part is that anyone can add them to their space without needing the help of an electrician.

They also cost a small fraction of what you would otherwise have to spend when you install regular wired-in light fixtures.

There are limitless ways you can use Lumenology.

What is the Best Motion Sensor Light Outdoor and Indoor?

One of the best indoor and outdoor motion sensor lights is the Lumenology portable LED-powered wireless IP43 motion light. As mentioned earlier, you do not need an electrician to install it since you can easily set it up in a couple of seconds.

It is water-resistant so that it can be used outdoors, even during rainy weather. It has a magnetic base and a flexible tripod, which can be attached anywhere you please. The motion sensor is highly effective, and it also has a powerful brightness. Listed below are some of the advantages.

  • Provides you with professional lighting.
  • Can be mounted anywhere in a few seconds.
  • It will turn on and off when you need it to since it has a motion sensor.
  • Perfect brightness.
  • It is portable so that you can take it anywhere, and you can also remove it quickly.
  • You will have peace of mind due to the security it adds.
  • It can last a lifetime, and it's built to withstand any weather condition.

Why Do You Need Lumenology Motion Light?

One of the main reasons you should consider getting a Lumenology motion sensor light is because you get to:

Save Hundreds of Money


You will be able to save hundreds of money that you would have spent on getting an electrician. For instance, if you are a homeowner, then you know how expensive it is to hire an electrician.

A recent Homeadvisor data shows that currently, hiring an electrician to install one light fixture will cost you $520. However, if you choose to purchase a lighting solution from Lumenology, for a fraction of that cost, you can buy eight Lumenology light kits to light up your shed patio, backyard, windows, and doors.

Lumenology's aim is to make installing lights both affordable and easy for everyone since it has a wireless design and unique mounting system. It is also worth noting that it can work for up to a year using a single AA battery set, and since you do not need to do any wiring, you can install them in seconds without needing a special degree or specific power tools.


Mounting Options

The lighting kit comes with various mounting options. As mentioned earlier, you can either attach it to any flat surface or a wall using its magnetic base. You could also use it as a lamp by having it stand upright since it has a flexible tripod base included in each light kit. The tripod option allows you to use it as you would a conventional light.

mounting options for lumenology

Weather Resistant

It is also weather-resistant, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. So whether it is raining or there is a heavy storm, your Lumenology light will still work. Most flashlights and lanterns cannot work under extreme weather conditions. As mentioned earlier, the Lumenology is also designed to be water-resistant so that you can rely on it, no matter the weather condition.

Lumenology is a must-have item if you are looking to spruce up your patio, closet, workshop, attic, shed, or yard lighting. You will also have peace of mind whenever anyone goes outside at night to take out the trash, pick something from the car, or even walk the dog since it will always readily light up your yard.

It is Portable

As mentioned earlier, this light is portable so that you can take it anywhere with you. Life can be full of surprises, especially unplanned ones. For instance, your car could get stranded on the roadside. If you have your Lumenology light with you, you will be covered. You could also be planning a camping trip with friends and family, so your Lumenology light will come in handy on such trips. 

magnetic base

It is powered by a Battery

Lumenology light is entirely battery-powered. Therefore, you will not need a plug or an outlet to charge it, making it a perfect lighting solution to always have on the go. It is small enough to take with you anywhere without feeling overwhelmed, and it is also quite bright. That is why it is the best option to take with you on your camping trip. 

step 1
step 2
step 3

Where to buy?

I would advise you to purchase Lumenology from its official website. To make sure you have an authentic device. Buying from an approved seller ensures that the 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty deal would be eligible for you. You can find more information including the best place to buy from in our in-depth review.

Final Thoughts

You'll have peace of mind and sleep well at night knowing that both you and your family are well protected and safe at night when you install the motion-activated outdoor lighting from Lumenology.

lumenology review

You will have peace of mind because whenever someone takes the trash out, is walking the dog, is descending the staircase, or stepping on the patio, the lights will turn on. This can prevent any run-ins with danger and potential accidents. 

It has a motion-sensing technology that can detect both animals and people within one hundred-degree angle up to 13ft away. When it detects movement, the bright light will automatically startle and expose prowlers, which will deter destructive animals, package thieves, or trespassers.

Since the light is automatic, it may fool them that you are alert and aware of their presence, when in a real sense, you may not even be home.

It would help if you attached your light on your exterior wall's surface, trees, above the garage, and even on your roof's eaves. You can also have it cast a wide beam of light on the backyard fence entrance or the main walkway.

Getting a motion sensor light is the best security decision you can make for your home and building.

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