Multi-functional, Silicone Heat Resistant Mat for Kitchen

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Best Multi-functional Heat Resistan Mat 

I loved to cook before I started having problems with my grip. A growing collection of burns made me nervous about cooking, and the idea of dropping a pot of hot soup or my glass mixing bowls scared me out of the kitchen altogether. Then I discovered silicone mat for microwave, tool that helped me keep doing what I love safely.

The fear of burns and messes from worn out cloth pot holders nearly kept me from enjoying cooking, but silicon mat changed all that. 

Their solid construction prevents surprise hot spots and helps protect my hands and home from burning and scorching. The way they grip onto dishes and hot tools can prevent accidents and helps me keep doing what I love.

I keep finding new ways they can be used too. Multiuse tools like these can save so much room in a small kitchen.
SAFE & EASY: Made from food grade silicone, BPA free, dishwasher safe, heat resistant to 475°F, non-slip and naturally non-stick.
MULTIPURPOSE: Use as a microwave mat, placement, trivet, pot holder, splatter guard food cover, utensil rest, jar opener, etc...
DESIGNED FOR EASE: Raised grooves and edges for easy grabbing and even heat distribution

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What Makes This Mat Different from Regular Pot Holders?

Traditional pot holders and trivets come in all sorts of colors and cute designs, but they can develop thin spots or catch fire. Safegrabs have a solid construction, meaning they are resistant to developing thin spots that could lead to surprise burns or scorch marks on your table. However, they just come in two solid colors and are only heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are perfect for kitchen use, protecting your counter from the heat damage of most hair styling tools, or to put under a hot glue gun. But if you are looking for something to protect your hands or work space for hobbies like firing pottery or glass blowing, you will need something with a higher heat resistance. 

Their flexibility, heat resistance, and unique design make them multi-functional tools. They are made from BPA free, food grade silicone with gripping ridges, making them perfect splatter guards as well. The fact they are dishwasher safe makes clean up quick and easy too.

Those ridges and the uplifted edges make them a major improvement over the old rubber jar grips since they hold tighter and are easier to pick up.
Safe Grabs

Key Features

Silicone mat is constructed of BPA free, food grade silicone. This means they can be used to protect from contact with both low and high temperatures. Use them like pot holders to take a piping hot casserole out of the oven, or use them to protect your hands from prolonged contact with frozen foods while digging a roast out of bottom of the deep freezer.

They are heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and non-toxic at all temperatures. Safe grabs come in sets of two: one ten inch and one twelve inch.

So say you want to warm up a bowl of soup for dinner in the microwave. Place the bowl on top of the twelve inch and use the ten inch as a splatter guard. Once your soup is nice and hot, the larger one is there, ready and waiting, for you to use in taking the bowl out without risk of burning your hands.

Better yet, clean up is simple because with the smaller one acting as a splatter guard, the microwave is still clean. They are dishwasher safe, so all you need to do is put them in the dishwasher with your dishes.

The Magic's in the Ridges

One thing that sets microwave mat apart are the ridges on one side. They serve two purposes.

First, they evenly disperse heat.

Why is that important? Think back to the last time you used a traditional pot holder that was getting worn. Over time, the insulating material in them shifts, and this results in places where they do not protect against heat. Using a worn out pot holder can result in burns.
Each microwave mat is made of food grade silicone, so there is no middle layer that can bunch and shift. That alone makes them ideal for use in heat protection, but the ridges add another layer. No matter the material, heat eventually transfers. The ridges evenly disperse this heat, preventing hot spots that could burn you or damage your tables or counters.

Now, remember they are also food safe. What do you think would happen if you placed one on top of a dish of hot food?
Insulation prevents the transfer of heat from something hot to something cooler. So the same insulating properties that keep your hands from being burned by a hot bowl can also keep your food from getting cold.
They might be useful in keeping ice cream from melting so fast on a hot day too.

Second, the ridges provide a strong grip.

The give silicone has makes it ideal for gripping onto things because it forms to the shape of the thing it's holding. Multiple, flexible ridges made of the same material magnify this trait. Should something slip off of one ridge, there is another one to catch it.

Glass or ceramic casserole dishes can be slippery. Safegrabs not only protect against burns when pulling your prize mac and cheese out of the oven, but they can help you keep a firm hold on it all the way to the table.
Then it can act like a trivet and protect your table from heat damage while the mac and cheese is served too!
The ridged side may increase your grip. I enjoy this fact because it means I need to ask for help less often. I can carry bowls and dishes with confidence, and I can twist the tops of most stubborn jars using them.

Raised Sides Make Picking Them Up Easy

My grandmother used to have rubber grips to help open jars when I was little. She would become frustrated when trying to get them out of the drawer because they were flat, flimsy, and difficult to pull away from the bottom of the drawer. Safe grabs solved this problem with their upward edges design.

The edges of each safe grab are uplifted. This makes it easy to lift them away from any surface. When combined with the non-slip material and gripping ridges, this also makes them ideal place mats.

I find them especially useful when I have young visitors. When used as place mats, they keep dishes from sliding around and catch any drips or spills. Clean up is a simple matter of rinsing the safe grab or putting it in the dishwasher.

Temperature Resistance Makes Them Versatile

The BPA free and food grade silicone is safe for up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can have them in the microwave with your food without worry it will melt or leech chemicals into your food.

How much easier is it to pick up a hot bowl if the pad is already under the bowl and ready to go?

Because they are food grade and are designed to be slip resistant, they make ideal splatter guards as well.

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Customers Love Multi-functional, Silicone Heat Resistant Mat HERE'S WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY

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  • Various uses

    I use them to put under my hot dishes that I put on our wood table.

    Verified Customer
  • Overall, we love these and they're nice and thick

    We leave the big one on the microwave glass tray 24/7 unless it's being washed. It's really thick and does exactly what it claims. We use the smaller one to cover bowls mostly or to reach in and grab things. Overall, they keep our microwave cleaner because we pull it out and clean it regularly. But you do have to scrub these things down a good bit too get them clean. Don't expect it to be like a non-stick surface, because it's not.

    J. Hernandez
    Verified Customer
  • Really love this

    Saw this on Google AD and knew i must have it. For me it works perfectly that there r two because I can use one in the RV and the sizes fit perfectly. 

    I am always burning my hands taking glass out of the microwave and food is always boiling over. Now I just cradle the bowl in both hands and take it out. I don't feel a thing. 

    If something boils over I was the Silicon Mat which is alot easier than the big bulky glass turn table from inside the microwave. I just wish thE price were lower.

    really love this item

    Elise P.
    Verified Customer
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