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Okowatt Electricity Saving Box Review

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Why Should You Have An Electricity Saving Box?Are you struggling with an ever-rising power bill with no solution on sight? Well, you need to consider using the Okowatt (Ecowatt) Electricity Saving Box. For months, my electricity bills surged so much to eat into my savings. I was worried about being forced to make some painful sacrifices to save on power. That is until I discovered the magic bullet in the form of Okowatt Electricity Saving Box.


Things to consider before buying an electricity-saving box

The size of your space

You need to put the size of your home in mind when you are shopping for an electricity saver box. The Okowatt device delivers the best results for spaces of up to 100 square feet. If you are living or working in more significant areas, you need to budget for more than one device. The bigger space, the more the accessories you need to see a substantial drop in your power bills.

OkoWatt Space


Most quality products come with a warranty. A warranty acts as a vote of confidence from the company. Check with the manufacturer on how long the warranty is. Most electric saving boxes have warranties, but the duration differs from one manufacturer to the other.

Okowatt Warranty

Ease of use

You must choose a device that is not complicated when it comes to installation and usage. They should be user-friendly models that are easier to maintain, handle, and care. Avoid devices that require a considerable amount of energy and time to install and operate.

OkoWatt Ease Of Use

Safety features

It is essential to put in mind the safety of the gadget you want to buy. It should come with advanced safety features that reduce the risk of fires. The right device should come with cool to touch surfaces for secure operation. Some come with internal switches that automatically shut off the power if the device is knocked down.

OkoWatt Safety

Customer reviews

You should first determine the reputation of the device you want to buy. If you are shopping online, it pays a lot to check what other customers are saying about the particular brand you want to buy.

Make a comparison

You should compare the specifications of more than one product before settling on the best that meets your needs. Use the internet to research the specifications and determine which product meets your needs.

Okowatt Electricity Saving Box: what it is and why it is the best?

With electricity bills rising sharply across the world, an efficient saving box is a worthy investment to make the much-needed difference. Okowatt electricity saving box is all you need to bring a significant reduction in your electricity bills.
The gadget efficiently improves and optimizes your power stream by capturing and straightening the current energy that would otherwise be lost. Okowatt device is considered a market leader for the following reasons:

High Efficiency

Okowatt electricity saving box economizes your electricity to effectively save between 60 to 90 percent of your power consumption.

Safe and reliable

the device works to stop any overheating when it is deployed. Additionally, it features a handy fireproof outer surface and internal leakage protection capabilities. The safety features of the device make it a great advantage to the household appliances.

Extensive usage

Okowatt (Ecowatt) is ideal for many users, including small factories, offices, restaurants, houses, apartments, and shop lots.

Features and benefits of using Okowatt (Ecowatt)


The Okowatt (Ecowatt) electricity saving box comes with a rated voltage of 90~240v and an estimated frequency of 50HZ~60Hz with a useful load of 3000W. Rated voltage refers to the value of voltage need to designate the switchgear. It is related to the operating performance of the device. It indicates the upper limit of the highest voltage that a device needs to function well.
With a maximum rated voltage of 250v, Okowatt is energy efficient. It works efficiently to deliver excellent results but consumes little power.

Size and dimension

The electricity saver box comes in a very compact and stylish design. With a dimension of 7x12x3.5cm, this pocket-sized device is very portable. It will not also take much space in your room. You can install a couple of them in your house without the need to look for extra space.

Environment friendly

If you care for the environment, then this device should be your top choice. It doesn't only work to conserve energy but also emits little carbon into the atmosphere. If you are looking for a device that will help you meet your sustainability goals, then settle of Okowatt device.

LED lights

The device comes with a smart, modern, and attractive design complete with bright LED lights. When you plug in the machine, the LED lights will indicate it is operational. The indicators enable easy monitoring of the device from wherever you are located. The LED light also assures you that the device is working to reduce your power bills.

Easy to use and maintain

The Okowatt device is arguably one of the most user-friendly devices in the market today. The product comes with a few functions and buttons. Additionally, it doesn't need a lot of maintenance once it has been installed on your property.


The device is sturdy and very durable. You will enjoy the services of this product for a long time. It works efficiently to save energy sources efficiently. It also prolongs the life of your electrical devices by preventing destructive power surges.


This device is highly compatible with many home appliances. It is suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, televisions, lampas, soundboxes, fluorescent, and other home appliances.

Easy to install

Installation doesn't involve long or complicated procedures. It comes with a small box that is readily adjusted. It is also instrumental, and you can use it in any space of your choice, including office, home, or business premises, to save power. However, to get the best results, it is recommended that you have one device at every 1000 square feet distance.

Explosive proof

The device is 100 percent explosive proof. It comes in a very durable outer surface material that protects it from any leakage.


The device comes in the lightweight. It is, therefore, effortless to carry. This means that you can use one device in many places. You can carry it along with you when you go to the office and back home when you are done with work.

Optimizes power stream

The device improves and optimizes your power streams to enable a lower consumption of electricity. If you live in a big house, then it is recommended to install more than one unit. It is advisable to use 1 Okowatt device for every 1000 square feet for the best results.

Benefits of using Okowatt electricity saving device

Saves electricity

It works efficiently to save energy. Saving electricity means putting more money in your pocket. The device can save electricity to cut your power bills by a whopping 90 percent. The reduced bills will help you install more facilities to increase your business potential for more profits. You need to think of what you could with the entire savings. Install this device and see a significant cut on your monthly budget.

Protects electric devices

The device can also protect and prolong the life of your most precious devices such as TVs, home theatres, smartphones. When the device is in operation, it prevents electrical overheating by balancing the voltage. A sudden surge in energy would otherwise cause untold damage to any device plugged into the power source.

Advanced fireproof

It also features advanced fireproof capabilities and internal leakage protection technology that guarantee safety usage. These safety modalities make it an ideal choice if you want to elongate your household appliances' lifespan.

Contributes to sustainability goals

More power saved means less demand for electricity. This comes handy in ensuring that the environment is protected because less thermal energy will be produced. Thermal energy is produced in a process that deposits a lot of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Effectively works

It also effectively works by taking proper measures of units used. This will result in a better analysis of power and currents that are supplied and used in your home.

Easy adjustments

It also allows for easy adjustments to fit various models that you connect to the electric sockets. As a result, more of your devices will be protected in case of a power surge.

Shockproof and Heatproof sensors

The device comes with shockproof and heatproof sensors making it very safe for use across various properties.

Money Guarantee

You are guaranteed value for your money if you buy this device. It covers a wide range of areas thanks to the 50 Hz to 60 Hz frequency that comes with it.

It is not a scam!

Unlike other electricity saving boxes that promises a lot only to disappoint, Okowatt Electricity Box worked efficiently to cut down my electricity bills substantially. I noticed a reduction of 70 percent within the first month of use.

Social proof

What are the other clients' thoughts about this product?

I took the time to search through the internet for this product. I was impressed by in-depth reviews and comments from customers regarding the Okowatt electricity saving box.
From the reviews, it was not hard to conclude that this product enjoys immense popularity and praise by most users. Most customers recommend the product for use by other homeowners. See what other customers are saying about this device:

"I bought 2 of these products, & 1 of the products, Only 1Light works on it. Butt the other 2Lights works on the other 1. So the 1 with the 2Lights that work. I'm still using it. And I still use the 1 with the 1Light that only works. And I like the price of the product. And I'll be buying more, Only if the price stays the same, When I decide to buy more, When I need to buy more."


Works great. I see a reduction in our electrical bill monthly



The following are some alternative devices that serve the same purpose as an Okowatt device:

Chnee electricity energy saver

This product provides a stable voltage and balances current to avoid waste of electricity and save power. The difference between this device and the Eco watt is the percentage of energy saved. Chnee saves power resources up to 40 percent while Eco watt saves resources up to 90 percent.

Chnee Power Factor Saver

This device works efficiently to prevent power losses to cut on the overall electric consumption in your house. It comes with several features which include an external shell that adopts advanced fireproof and explosion-proof material.
It also comes with internal leakage protection features that guarantee its safety and reliability. Additionally, the device features a simple operation. All you need to do to set it going is to plug it into an AC pocket socket.
It is also instrumental in extending the service life of electrical appliances that you use daily. While Eco watt saves resources up to 90 percent, this device will scale down your power losses to save between 20 to 35 percent of electricity.


This power saving box can be used in homes, shops, office, and small restaurants. It stabilizes the voltage, balance current, and control capacitor to save electricity and prolong the life of your devices. Besides, this device doesn't consume a lot of current and will not, in any way, increase your electricity bills.
It is also straightforward to use. You just plug the power saver into the wall socket, and you are good to go. Another fantastic thing about this product is the customer support.
A dedicated team is on standby to answer any of your questions and provide high-quality aftersales support. The difference between this product and Eco watt is in the price. It is slightly higher on the price.

Final thoughts

An electricity-saving box is a worthy investment now. The power bills will not come down in the foreseeable future. An efficient saving box should be your top priority to cut on budget and avoid wastage.

The guide we have provided today will assist you in making an informed decision when shopping for one. The best electricity saving box currently is the Okowatt. It has helped me to cut significantly down my power bills.

Additionally, it has helped in extending the lifespan of my home and office appliances and electric devices. I am sure it will be of great help to you too. Click here to check the product out.

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