Photo Stick for Android Review - Is It Worth My Money?

Photo Stick for Android Review – Is It Worth My Money?

Photo Stick for Android Review - Is It Worth My Money?
I have heard much online rave about the PhotoStick. Then, I saw a friend of mine with one. She had purchased it for her iPhone—I am an Android user. The idea that the company makes it for iPhone prompted me to look for the device for my Android.
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Compatible & Supported Android Phones:

Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and HTC phones running Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer. Phones must be OTG compatible.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Photo Stick for Android

The Photo Stick for Android is not for everyone. First of all, PhotoStick is for those who have many pictures and videos on their phones or tablets.

When you think about how many photos and videos you may have, is it worth spending the cash on getting one of these devices? You should consider the cost versus how many images you have.
Next, while PhotoStick can free up storage space on your phone or tablet, there are alternatives one can choose. Many of these other forms of storage are usually free. You need to enter the photos and the videos manually into these cloud storage, flash drives, and other devices that do the same thing your Photo Stick for Android does.

After reading this Photo Stick for Android phones review, you might consider an alternative product for your photo and video storage. That is okay if the PhotoStick is not for you. When you are reading this review, it should give you enough information about the device to make the most informed decision you can.

Finally, you have to ask yourself if you are one of those who get invited to many weddings, vacations, and birthday parties that you should warrant buying the PhotoStick for yourself. Before I bought one of these devices, I read many online reviews from other Android users. They help me make the best-informed decision that the Stick is right for me.

Only you can decide if it is worth paying for the PhotoStick. The best we can do is present you with all the evidence that this device is useful for those who have many images and videos on their phones and tablets. We will discuss many features and benefits for the PhotoStick in this Photo Stick for Android review.
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What is the Photo Stick mobile for Android?

Photo Stick automates freeing the storage on your Android device. Users will get to keep their precious memories and free the space as needed. Sure, Android users have the option to free up space by inserting a micro secure digital (SD) card.

Despite being able to put our photos and videos on these tiny cards, we can misplace them. Also, these cards do malfunction, just like the hard drive on our computer. When that happens, there is no retrieving the information stored on that card.

Photo Stick is a tiny device, as well. But to put it in the same spot every time will make it easier to find.

If you are not someone who misplaces their things easy, the Photo Stick review might be the answer you have been looking for to file your photos and videos in one place.


Benefits and Features

Let us now dive into the many features and benefits of this fantastic device—PhotoStickMobile. These benefits and features are as follows.
  • Find all Your Memories
  • Backs up Files Fast
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Massive Storage
  • Keeps Your Files Safe
  • On-Going Backups

Find all Your Memories

If you have gone on many vacations, celebrated many weddings, or even took many photos of your children throughout their lives, you should know these memories are forever with the pictures and videos you took at these special events.

The Photo Stick can retrieve all these lost memories for you. There will not be a need to fumble through your phone or tablet to find a video or image you want to post on Facebook during ‘Throwback Thursday.’ The pictures and videos will be in the palm of your hand instantly.

Backs up Files Fast

You will save time searching for those photographs and videos. The little device will be useful for keeping your hours. It will back up thousands of videos and pictures within a short time. You will be amazed at how much time you have to garner in the time it takes the device to gather all your memories. The Photo Stick for Android has saved me many hours. It continues to save me time.

Very Easy to Use

When I first received my PhotoStick Mobile, I was amazed at how easy it was to use. First, it has a companion app. After downloading the app, I plugged in the device. I should note here that the Photo Stick for Android is only compatible with the universal serial bus (USB) Type C.

If you have an older Android device, the PhotoStick app is not for you. Once I plugged in the Stick and opened the app, I tapped on go. That was it. Those are all the steps it takes to utilize the PhotoStick.

Massive Storage

There are multiple sizes for the PhotoStick. The Stick comes in the following sizes.
  • 128 GigaByte
  • 64 GigaByte
  • 32 GigaByte
Depending on the storage capacity of the PhotoStick you choose to buy will determine the number of photos and videos you can get onto one device. For instance, the Photo Stick 128 GigaByte can store around sixty-thousand files of typical size.

It goes down slightly for the 64 GigaByte and even more for the 32 GigaByte. If you are one who takes many photos, you might want to consider spending the extra money for the 256 GigaByte. It should hold twice as many images and videos as the 128 GigaByte.

Keeps Your Files Safe

Have you ever forgotten the password for your cloud account? What about the email address you used to sign up? Worse yet, maybe you needed to create a username instead of using your email address. Does any of this sound familiar? The Photo Stick Mobile is something that can resolve these issues for you.

If you have ever dropped your device in a puddle of water, your memories were washed away with the water damage caused to your phone. Again, with the PhotoStick, you will not have that problem.

Using the Stick to put your images onto is the only way to avoid situations like the above mentioned. It does not have a username and password to remember. Your memories are safe from water damage, as well.

On-Going Back Ups

When you back up your memories on a flash drive or to a cloud, you have to sit in place for a long time. You do not want to do this, or do you? Traditionally, before the PhotoStick, this is what we were left to do. Now, you can back up the photos you took last week in just moments.

The Unique Features of PhotoStick Mobile

  • The device does the searching and organizing of files for you.
  • It will scan and identify any duplicates you have. These are filtered out.
  • You can use any computer to procure the files. All you need to do is plug in the USB to an open port on the computer.
  • You choose when to back up the files.
  • You do not need to know where the images and videos are on your phone or tablet. The PhotoStick takes the guessing work out of it.
  • There are no monthly service fees associated with this device. You pay once and never again.
  • It works by itself.
  • It is compatible with both a Windows personal computer (PC) or an Apple Mac.
  • You can back up the photos, videos, and files conveniently.
Owners of an Android can purchase these devices with the Micro USB charging cable port, or the USB Type C charging port. If you have a tablet that requires you to have a Micro USB charging cable, there will not be a companion app for you. The app is only available for those users with the USB Type C charging cable.

While this is a Photo Stick Mobile for android review, we must, of course, touch on the fact that they make these Sticks for iOS users, as well. Of course, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that has the latest charging cable, the PhotoStickMobile will be compatible with your device.

Since we touched briefly on the PhotoStick for iOS users, we will also touch briefly on the PhotoStick for Windows and Mac users. That is correct; you can get the PhotoStick for your computer. The Photo Stick for the laptop is available in the standard USB. The standard USB is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

How to Install

Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android version 9

Motorola Moto g6 running Android version 8.0

Samsung Galaxy J7 running Android 6.0.1

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Social Proof

While I was still considering the PhotoStickMobile, I scoured the internet to find online reviews. I wanted to know what others were saying about this tiny device that connected to my Android phone’s charging port. In general, these reviews were positive.

While I was doing my research, I also came across other reviews on the device. I could not make up my mind whether I wanted the PhotoStickMobile or if I wanted the Photo Stick for Windows.

I finally made up my mind when I read a review stating the PhotoStickMobile can also connect to a PC or Mac. I now know, I made the correct decision.


Of course, I explored other options. Some of these might have worked well, but I decided to go with PhotoStickMobile. Here are some other Sticks to capture and store your memories on from your mobile device.
The device is also a two-in-one like PhotoStick. I could not use this model in my Android phone, though. Unfortunately for me, this model is only available to those with a Micro USB charging port. It is impressive, though.

It was available in the storage size I was looking for, and it came in at far less than the PhotoStick brand name. It is also capable of connecting to an Android, PC, Mac, and even Linux operating systems (OS).

The performance of the two can be comparable. If this device had been available in a USB Type C, I might have considered buying it.
The device is comparable to the PhotoStickMobile in price. It comes in a little higher than Photo Stick. I did not consider this device only because I was looking to purchase at least 64 GigaBytes of storage for my photos and videos.

I liked how it was compatible with both my Android and an iPhone should I have changed my mind later and bought an iPhone. Also, I was impressed with how it could be for both my USB Type C and those users who still charge their phones with a Micro USB.

The company tells you if you want to free space because you are getting a new phone or just because you are running out of storage room, you will have enough space on the Picture Keeper for all your pictures. I could not agree with them.
The Vatapo is available with three storage configurations. I liked the price of the 64 GigaByte device. Also, it is for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. I thought that was useful.

There is not a companion app for this device. I liked the idea of there being an app to download for the PhotoStickMobile.

The Vatapo has a metal design compared to the plastic form of the Photo Stick. I was impressed because plastic can appear flimsy.

Wrapping it up, I found during my research that there were alternatives to my friends Photo Stick. While I could have selected one of these other manufacturers, I decided I should go with the PhotoStick to keep all my memories.

I was impressed by the way the PhotoStick mobile worked. I found after reading all the reviews and listening to my friend that it can be that easy to salvage all my videos and photos. I thought the best part was that I could also store documents on the device.

Overall, my score for the work done on PhotoStickMobile is one-hundred percent positive.

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