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Best Way To Remove Bad Smell Out of Shoes - Simple Household Methods

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Do you feel uncomfortable taking off your shoes in front of others?

The summertime is all fun and games until bad odors start seeping into the house. This happens when sweaty feet lead to moist conditions that cause smelly shoes and unpleasant odors making their way throughout all rooms of the house!

The secret of removing shoe smell is dealing with the source of moisture. The majority of people try masking smells by using deodorizing sprays, but that only covers them up for a brief period of time.

Instead, you can cut off at its source where bacteria grows by drying out this moisture, forming bad scents.

This article discusses some simple home solution tips for your smelly shoes.

Why do my shoes smell?

With 250,000 sweat glands in one pair of feet releasing half a pint each day, it's no wonder running shoes can get smelly. However, there are plenty of ways to prevent this from happening and having your shoes last longer.

To begin with, we should consider why our feet produce such an abundance of sweat compared to other parts of the body; The San Diego Podiatric Medical Society states that: "This is due largely because footwear traps foot moisture next to the skin." 

So what you wear affects how much deodorant (or similar) products you need when trying to have fresh feet all day long! Shoes trap up more than just water, they also hold onto dead bacteria that start smelling after a while.

When your feet are trapped in shoes all day, the bacteria breeds and spreads to socks, creating a very stinky environment, this is why you must let them breathe every once in a while by removing footwear during breaks or after work.


How To Remove Shoe Smell and Odors?

Luckily, there are some easy ways to get rid of shoe odor. Now that you know why your shoes smell so bad, let's talk about how we can solve this problem!

The best way to get rid of smelly shoes is by adding a fresh, pleasant smell. Add the peel of either lemon or lime into your shoe overnight and allow it to dry for at least overnight.

You can also add some lavender oil directly on the soles, but make sure you wait until they completely dried before putting them back on!

Both methods will help remove nasty smells from your favorite sneakers in no time!

Lemon peal in shoes
Woman using spray to high heels

Your shoes can get smelly if you don't give them proper care.

There are two ways to clean your dirty shoes: one is by using leather and fabric cleaner on non-washable material, the other way is putting them in a washing machine or hand washing with a detergent bath.

Ensure they have dried completely before reassembling and wearing again so that bacteria won't grow inside, causing a bad odor again!

Smelly shoes are not only embarrassing, but also extremely uncomfortable. Pop your smelly shoes in a large plastic sandwich bag and leave them in the freezer overnight to kill the bacteria that makes it smell bad!

The next day take your shoes out and allow them to dry naturally in the fresh air - you will notice an instant difference!

shoe in freezer
Baking soda smell remover

Use coffee filters and deodorize your shoes overnight. I've heard these referred to as "stinky pinkies," but you can call them whatever you want.

Place a few tablespoons of baking soda into the center of a coffee filter, add essential oils if desired, twist it shut with a rubber band, and place one sachet in each shoe for moisture absorption and odor elimination at night!

Note: Baking soda helps neutralize stinky acid left behind by bacteria.

Preventive Methods For Smelly Shoes

1. Always give your feet a thorough washing, especially on particularly sweaty days. Bacteria living there multiply quickly, so you need to scrub them hard for strong foot odor protection.

Washing shoes in machine

2. If you have trouble with moisture buildup in your shoes, store them outside, where they will dry faster and deter bacterial growth. If your shoes are washable, clean them especially after intense training to keep bacteria at bay.

Shoes stored on the window outside

3. To keep fresh and dry feet, you should rotate your shoes often and wear one pair of clean socks every day. To avoid excessive sweating in the same place twice, swap out a new set of socks mid-day if necessary.

Clean and fresh feet

4. Time to toss them! If you've tried steps 1-3 but can still smell the stench, it might be time for new shoes. Some shoes are just beyond recovery - they're probably infested with bacteria that have taken over both inner and outer linings as well as fabrics within the deepest pores of soles.

Old sneakers

Best Solution For Removing Bad Smell From Shoes Quickly And Hassle-Free

Imagine a device that was capable of trapping and eliminating odor-causing bacteria in less than 24 hours. You can use it on sports equipment, boots, shoes, garbage cans, cars – even cat litter boxes!

StankStix is an award-winning natural, non-toxic inserts designed to eliminate the foul odors caused by bacteria.

StankStix is a new odor management system that uses 100% plant-based essential oils at the root level instead of using dangerous aerosols or chemicals that mask the smell with other scents that can eventually cause problems for users.

How Does StankStix Work?

Force of stankstix

StankStix goes to work as soon you put it into an area with moisture and bad bacteria.

Once there, the Silver Seal technology harnesses the power of antimicrobial silver ions, inhibiting over 99% of the bacteria that causes your shoes to smell, thus, reducing odor.

At the same time, the deodorizer bag works to speed up the moisture drying process. Within 24 hours, even the most foul odors have completely vanished.

" Forget sprays and chemicals that only mask odor temporarily…get rid of that odor permanently with StankStix! "


How to Use It?

Tips for placing StankStix

StankStix are the perfect solution to rid your equipment of bad smells. All you have to do is place it inside anything that emits a scent, wait 24 hours and you're all set! The best part about this product is how safe it truly can be without any complicated procedures or harmful chemicals.

They are easy to use for anyone who does not want a complicated process involved with getting rid of bad odors in your home, car, sports equipment etc... All-natural ingredients mean they won't harm us if we contact them directly either, so this will be good news for people with sensitive skin.

No Weird Residual Scents

StankStix Remove & Prevent Nasty Odors

Stanktix is different from other deodorizers because it doesn't mask a bad odor. Instead, Stanktix deals with the problem at its core so you can feel confident that your equipment and garments won’t smell of wood or roses.


Several factors lead to smelly shoes. Overuse, sweat, skin shedding, and dirt can all contribute to the unpleasant smell of a shoe, while bacteria and fungus further worsen the odor. Lack of air circulation between wearing or time in storage will also speed up stench production. It allows for moisture-loving microorganisms such as fungi to thrive, leading to odor development too quickly.

At the end of the day, you just want not to have stinking odors. StankStix is a product that works wonderfully and removes smells without using chemicals or harming our environment. This makes it such a great product and helps it make easy recommendations.

Written by Carl Browning

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