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Keeping Your Most Prized Possessions Safe Thanks to Portable Travel Safe

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Safekeeping of valuables with the utmost protection is what many people worry about today

If you're looking forward to spending your vacation somewhere in a Greek Island, dip your feet in the pool at a Thai resort, surf high, cold waves under the summer heat in a Cape Town, or sip expensive wine under dim lights in Croatia islands, it is a must to travel safe and sound.Venturing safely to an unknown place does not happen by chance at all. Even if at times, luck side with us as we travel to different locations, being able to go with security on your side can also be considered as art polished with a lot of experiences.

However, the most important above all else, safe travels are made with intense preparations, not half-baked ones. Staying vigilant all the time is also a contributing factor to it, not to mention knowing all the practices when emergencies strike. If you're able to do all of these, your trip won't be interrupted.As of today, we, as much as possible, don't like to go out of our houses empty-handed. Carrying a smartphone too is a must, at the very least. These practices are brought up by the rise of theft, which is the prime concern of many travelers locally and abroad.

Be extra cautious and keep tabs on your travel valuables

Just imagine the amount of items people accidentally leave or misplace from their carried beach bags to relax in a hot, summer day or strut through crowded cities; petty theft can be a severe offense. However, the question largely remains in the air: how will I guard my possessions and keep myself from being blindly outdone by thieves?


Naturally, you'd like to grab a considerable amount of money to get on for a day or two. It's also possible that you have your watch, smartphone, and car keys with you wherever and whenever you go. It's common, anyway.There's a big possibility that you would prefer traveling with your Kindle instead of carrying heavy books or shabby magazines, a bulky iPod or other music gadgets. Most likely, people, especially on holidays, will take their cameras with them.

Why is the beach the best getaway place for potential thieves?

Unfortunately, going to your most preferred beaches can put you in a problematic situation. Why? A bunch of thieves is going there to sneak things from your bags. Since unwinding under the summer heat is a usual practice here, they will move because you have your guard down. Plus, many people would prefer to sunbathe or swim than watch over their possessions by the passing minute.

Take note; it's not only the beach that keeps petty thieves happy. They also set their sights to the poolside sections of high-end resorts and exquisite beach clubs too.

It's better to leave your possessions at home

At times, it may appear obvious enough, but it's always better to leave something you won't use later on rather than risking it to be stolen. Carrying a bunch of high-valued possessions along your traveling escapades will increase the risk of it being taken from you. You can also look into carrying minimal valuables by considering the basics, first and foremost. Additionally, keep your valuables secured at the comfort of your home or hotel.

It's also better to keep your whole purse containing every credit card you own back at home. Carry enough money with you that can last for an entire day and store it inside a pocket with zippers.Never carry too much of your gadgets. However, it's still better to bring none. Keep in mind to switch off your devices every day.

Better bring a physical book, newspaper or magazine than opting for an e-book reader.

Home Gadgets

If you want to carry a camera with you, a bulky DSLR won't do since it's not perfect in crowded beaches, especially under the intense summer heat. Aside from getting it scratched or damaged, it's difficult to store away. Choose a point and shoot camera that's convenient for you to carry along in purses or bags. 

A smartphone will work wonders too since many of these devices have high megapixels nowadays. You can also select the latest GoPro camera since it's compact enough to be stored in your bag. Plus, it doesn't malfunction whenever it's in contact with water. On top of that, it's affordable.


Avoid being the target of lurking skilled thieves

A typical theft case, especially those which take place in different countries, are crimes of opportunity. Although violent robbery cases are unusual in some countries, still it's a must to keep your defenses up. Always guard yourself and avoid being the apple of their eyes.

How do you ensure you're far off from thieves? Check the tips below:

  • Keep your valuables away from the public eye, especially on trains and other means of public transportation.
  • Don't place your valuable possessions outside your bags in a hotel or hostel room.
  • Keeping your things unattended, especially on long travel days is not acceptable. It's too risky.
  • Don't buy a bag that's easy to get snatched from you.
  • Don't boast huge bills of money in public.

Just don't be dumb enough to do all that's listed above to keep you away from thieves.

Use your hotel or hostel's safekeeping facilities to the fullest

Use your hostel locker or the hotel safe for your passport and extra credit cards/cash. Are your valuables safe, you ask? Not really, however, it's definitely better than carrying everything with you at a time.It's also essential to keep your passport safe since there are travel destinations that require you to show it.


There will come a time that you will be checking in an Airbnb rental that contains no safety lockers or other safekeeping facilities. There are also hotel rooms that are not equipped with big hotel safes, therefore, exposing your valuable gadgets out in the open. If these events happen, get a portable travel sage from AquaVault.

One of their products, the FlexSafe, still leaves some space in your room for luggage and whatnot. Plus, it's also practical for traveling. You can also affix this safe and lock it around bed frames, sink, and more. With that, it won't be shaken off from its firm grip and stay for as long as you want.

How thieves get moving

Some thieves set their focus on stealing purses and other valuable possessions. Most likely, they target beachgoers that seem distracted. People who swim or walk at a far distance from their items are also targets. Even those who sleep in the middle of sunbathing can also become victims.Beach thieve came up with a lot of creative ways to grab valuables from beachgoers. Usually, they wander in beaches with many people, lurking and searching for neglected valuables.


Heighten your alert whenever weird distractions or interruptions happen

Being paranoid won't help you get out of an unfortunate situation all the time. Hence, it's better to keep your guard up across your surroundings and set your focus after atypical distractions.There are times when pickpockets learn the craft of coming up with the perfect distractions. For instance, several people make noise and keep their proximity almost uncomfortably near you. In some events, walking then tripping beside you or pouring over liquid accidentally are some of the popular signs.In the process of distraction, the thief's partner can grab your valuables in the blink of an eye. Getting into situations like this should make you aware every time you go to hotels or beaches with a crazy number of people.

Keep your distance near lifeguards or security guards to maintain security

Even though lifeguards don't have the responsibility to uphold the protection of your items, still, thieves will be scared to go closer. Hence, they will stay away from where your valuables reside to avoid getting attention.


If you keep your distance near lifeguard towers or at kiosks where security guards stand, thieves will never go after you since it's too risky.

Grab a portable travel safe for yourself

Since the portable travel safe is gaining buzz and traction from the general public, most recognized resorts and beaches assign them to different travelers.Are you seeking other protective solutions aside from the anti-theft backpack? Check out portable travel safe and gauge if it fits your style.


A large selection of travel safe sizes can be picked up. It can keep devices from small to large quantities. It is also suitable for storing possessions with maximum security in hotel rooms and beaches as well.Of course, you have to affix it to something sturdy so it can't be snatched from thieves around you.

Encountering thieves and pickpockets are inevitable. It's a part of our daily lives wherever we go. Keep in mind the best practices in avoiding thefts:

  • Stay alert
  • Be mindful of your belongings
  • Always be cautious

If you're looking to get the best portable travel safe, read our FlexSafe review. Shortly after, decide if it matches what you're looking.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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