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The Silent Snore Review

Updated: February 2021
The Silent Snore Anti-Snoring Device is the Key to a Good Night's Rest

The Silent Snore Anti-Snoring Device is the Key to a Good Night's Rest?

I knew my snoring was a problem when I woke up one morning and my wife had moved into the spare bedroom. She had been complaining about the noise keeping her up for years, but it never seemed like a big deal until that day. I started researching products and found the Silent Snore anti-snoring device, and from then on, we were both able to get a good night's rest.

Before You Buy an Anti-Snoring Device: Things to Consider

For some people, snoring is no big deal. For others, it can affect their health, sanity and relationships. If snoring interferes with your daily life, robs you of sleep and is damaging your partnership, you definitely need to take action. Many people have tried everything, from sleeping on their sides to using mouth guards, with no results. An anti-snoring device is great for someone who wants an easy, non-invasive solution to their snoring problem. It's for the person who has tried everything and found that nothing really works.

Silent Snore Review

Silent Snore: An Easy Solution to Snoring

Stop You or Your Partner’s Snoring With This Revolutionary Accessory!

If you are struggling with the effects of snoring, we recommend the SilentSnore Anti snoring device. Made from hospital grade plastic and approved for at-home use, this revolutionary anti-snoring device opens up the nostrils to make night breathing a breeze. With the body now able to freely force air out of the nose, the snoring stops instantly. Many people have tried this new device and raved about how they prefer it to more invasive devices and alternative methods like side-sleeping.

The concept of the Silent Snore anti-snoring system is simple yet effective. The device attaches to the inside of your nostrils with small magnets that widen out your nose and make breathing easier. By widening your nostrils, you will train your brain to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth while you are asleep and wearing the device. When you are sleeping, air will circulate out of your nose, making your breathing effortless. This stops the snoring and helps you and your partner get a good night's rest. Most people report that the device is non-invasive, and they get used to wearing it after the first night of use.

If you have been a snorer for a while, you have likely tried every trick possible to stop the annoying snoring. Sleeping on your side works for a while---that is until you turn over and the snoring begins again. Changing your diet and losing weight can also be effective, but this could take months or even years. In addition, the effects of sleep deprivation make it harder for you to lose weight, thus slowing down your weight loss progress. Some snorers even undergo invasive sleep studies, then wear cumbersome breathing masks each night.

The simplest and most effective solution, however, is the Silent Snore nasal device which you can slip on and start using immediately. No waiting for doctor's visits and referrals. No waiting for months for weight loss or tossing and turning all night. Just purchase the device, take it out of the box and start using it.

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A revolutionary solution called SilentSnore is now available that can improve breathing and stop snoring from the very first night.

Silent Snore Pros:

  • It's lightweight and easy to use Most of the positive reviews discuss how easy it is to use the device. Most people get used to it after the first night
  • It's a simple solution The Silent Snore is the easiest non-medical solution to snoring. You don't have to see a doctor, get a sleep study, then get outfitted for a special machine. You simply take it out of the pack and go

Silent Snore Cons:

  • Chemical smell Some people who have used the product complain of a chemical smell when using the product
  • Small and gets lost Other people who have reviewed the product say that the device is so small that it can easily fall out of the nose and get lost

SilentSnore Helps Restore REM Sleep

REM sleep is the stuff that dreams are made of. REM, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep is the deepest, most restorative period of sleep that the body needs to function. It is also the period of sleep in which we dream. REM sleep is vital in activating the centers of the brain that are responsible for learning. This explains why people who are deprived of this much-needed period of sleep often have trouble concentrating and learning new tasks.

When a person suffers from snoring, they are often jolted awake numerous times per night when the body stops breathing. In a typical snoring cycle, the person struggles to get air through their passageways, then abruptly stops breathing for a few seconds. The body then wakes itself up to re-start the breathing cycle. This cycle continues all night, jolting the person awake numerous times. This means that for some people, they never spend enough time in the deep sleep that they need for mental acuity and true rest.

Silent Snore

Why the Silent Snore?

The Silent Snore device is the answer to the deprivation of restorative sleep that many snorers face. The Silent Snore device opens the airways so that the sleeper can enjoy uninterrupted sleep. No longer are they jolted awake just when they need sleep the most.

With the Silent Snore's soft, pliable plastic surface, sleepers don't even know it's there. With therapeutic magnets that hold it in place, the Silent Snore is not uncomfortable, and will not accidentally slip out while you're asleep.

Not only does using the Silent Snore help you enjoy a more restful sleep, it can also help your partner sleep peacefully as well. Loud snoring can mean they never get a good night's rest without retreating to a spare bedroom. With the Silent Snore anti snoring device, you can finally enjoy a good night's rest with your partner by your side.

How Silent Snore Helps Promote Weight Loss and Overall Health

Did you know
that not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain and make weight loss more difficult?

There is very little you can do to counteract these effects. Cutting calories and exercising would seem to be the answer, but your sleep-deprived body simply offsets these efforts by hanging on to fat.

When the body does not get enough sleep, it triggers a spike in the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone signals your body to stop burning energy and conserve it to keep you fueled during your waking hours. Because the body is not using fat for energy, it's now focused on storing it, making it nearly impossible for you to effectively lose weight.

In addition, being deprived of sleep makes your metabolism sluggish. Your body does not produce the right amount of insulin when you don't get enough sleep. This means that the body's ability to convert sugar into energy gets out of whack and you simply hang on to the sugars and fats. This is why many nutritionists and weight loss experts recommend a full night's sleep as part of the overall healthy eating and exercise regimen for their patients.

How Silent Snore Helps Promote Weight Loss and Overall Health

People tend to make worse food choices when they're exhausted. If you're missing out on the most restorative part of sleep, you're likely going to be drowsy during the day. You may be too tired to go to the gym or come home and cook. Many sleep deprived people simply want to pick up fast food on the way home from work, leading to eventual weight gain. Others try to keep themselves awake with sugary coffee drinks that are laden with excess calories.

This is where the SilentSnore anti snoring device comes in. By allowing you to get the regenerative sleep you need, your body's metabolism will remain high and all of your systems will function normally. When you get enough sleep with the anti snore nose clip, you will be able to exercise more effectively and make better food choices.

When you wear the Silentsnore anti snore nose clip while exercising, it can help you work out more effectively and get better results from your workout. This small device can open up your airways, allowing you to inhale and exhale more oxygen while you are working out. This means that your heart will be pumping more efficiently, allowing you to burn more calories and enjoy easier breathing.

The Silent Snore is Discreet

Have you ever seen a CPAP machine that some snorers use? It's a huge contraption with a bunch of tubes connecting it. There's a huge mask that the user has to use that makes them look like a deep-sea diver. It can be embarrassing to have to use a big clunky machine. In addition, huge mouthpieces and dental guards can be uncomfortable to wear. The Silentsnore anti snore nose clip is made from thin, lightweight material and is practically invisible. With a sleep machine, you have to disconnect from it completely in order to talk to other people in the room or get up to go the bathroom. With the Silent Snore, you can operate as you normally do.

Traveling with the Silent Snore is a breeze as well. Just slip it into the handy carrying case and drop it into your bag. Use it on the plane, on a train and in your hotel room with ease. The next time you visit a friend's house, you no longer have to be embarrassed by either your snoring or by a huge snoring aid.

The Silent Snore Anti-Snoring Device is Easy to Maintain

Made from high-quality, non-toxic silicone, the SilentSnore can be cleaned with hot water and a mild soap. Unlike some snoring aids, there are no complicated pieces that you have to disassemble and sanitize. The anti snore nose clip can be submerged in hot water without damaging the unit or the internal magnets.

We scoured the Internet to find reviews from actual users, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. People talked about how the device was so simple to use and how they were getting the best sleep they had had in years. Other people said that they were happy that they could finally get some relief from having to use their clunky CPAP machines. A few users cited the ease of cleaning and transporting as the main reason they love the Silent Snore.


Alternatives to the Silent Snore Device

BreatheRight Nasal Strips:

These strips have been popularized in recent years, and many people swear by them. They work by opening up the nasal passages, making it easier for the wearer to breathe at night. Some people complain that the breathe right nasal strips are not strong enough to open the airways and they have little effect on the snoring. Still others love them and sing their praises as the best solution for snoring.

Anti-Snore Sleep Aid Muscle Stimulator

This small Bluetooth enabled device attaches to the underside of your chin and records your snoring sounds. When it detects snoring, Anti-Snore Sleep Aid Muscle Stimulator sends impulses to your throat to moderate your breathing and stop the snoring. Many people have given this product rave reviews. Others complain that it doesn't work for people with beards, and depending on the intensity level, the product can actually wake you up several times per night.

Anti-Snoring Oral Appliance Mouthpiece

This device works by forcing your mouth into a position that opens your airway. While it works for some, many people who reviewed the product complained that it falls out of the mouth if you open your mouth in your sleep. The makers of the product recommend that users by an additional chin strap in order to get the best use of the product.


When it comes to finding the best possible solution for snoring, clunky machines or lying on one side usually doesn't do the trick. If you are tired of groggy days and spending the entire night getting punched in the side by your spouse, you need a viable, long-term solution for your snoring.

This anti snoring device provides that solution. With easy to use design and a comfort fit, the Silent Snore is one of the best non-invasive solutions on the market to help you stop snoring for good.

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