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Smart Socket Review

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Can It Really Help You Control Your Home Appliances Using WiFi?

Controlling the electricity in your home from your phone sounds like something out of science fiction.

The new Smart Sockets that are entering the market allow you to set up your home so you can control lights, the coffee maker, and even your children's televisions. Before you buy any smart sockets, there are several things to consider and things you should know.

Smart Sockets

What should you consider Before Buying a Smart Socket?

Before you buy any type of Smart Socket, you need to think of many things that will make your purchase work for your home or office. These things can range from wanting to turn off the coffee pot; you always forget to turn off to your children's lights at night.

1. Location

Knowing where you will put your Smart Socket can help you determine how many you will need to buy. They will also help you identify problem areas around your home; you need to monitor and control. You will also know if you need to move furniture to access the lamp plug or the plug for the television and have help making your home prepared for an interconnected system.

2. Number of things to Control

In any home, there are many appliances and devices you want to control effortlessly. You know you need to buy a Smart socket, but how many and what things are the most important can help you use them to your best advantage. They can help you control your children's television habits and turn off lights you forget or turn them on to make your home bright for your return home.

3. How you Control It

If you are looking for a quality Smart plug, you need to know how it is controlled. Most Smart plugs have corresponding apps that help you remain in control wherever you are. The apps are simple to use with the plugs, and you can connect them all for complete control. The app needs to be compatible with both the Android and the iOS systems so you won't need to worry about an inability to use your plugs.

4. Smart Assistant Compatibility

Connecting your new smart plugs to your home should come with the ability to connect them to your other smart devices. The benefit of having a home of smart devices is they are universally compatible with each other to help your run your home in the most efficient way. Your new smart plugs must be compatible with all the different smart assistant devices, so if you use multiple systems or favor one, they will all connect.


What is a Smart Socket?

The Smart Socket is the latest in controlling all your devices and beyond. It uses WiFi to connect all the rooms in your home and wherever else you travel. You can even connect your hotel room in Italy to make adjustments back home.

The smart plug is more than a plug. It allows you to set timers around your home and change them to reduce uniformity in how the lights turn on. This is a smart safety feature to confuse home prowlers. You can also use it to turn off outlets you forgot to turn off like the outlet for the coffee maker you left on or your child's television when they should be doing their homework.

What are the main features of the Smart Socket?

The smart plug comes with many things that set it apart from regular outlets. It is easy to add to any home while gaining control over all your appliances.

Controls Home Using WiFi

Smart Socket

The Smart Socket connects directly to your home WiFi and uses it to connect all your sockets and appliances together. When they connect together, your home becomes complete automation. 

You will not need to set timers for anything you need to connect. If you have an appliance that plugs into an electrical outlet, your smart socket will let you control it using only your Smartphone.

Sets Light Timers

Setting timers seems like a small thing to do with a plug, but it allows your home to stay safe and lets you remain in control.

Turn on

You can turn on anything around your home to help you automate your life for your convenience. You can set your coffee maker to turn on in the morning before you get up. You can also automate your television, so people thing your home or lights to come on systematically around your house to make your life easier when you get home from work.

Turn off

You can turn off anything around your house using the Smartphone controlling app. You can do this through your Smartphone so you can ensure your home stays safe with the "Away Mode." You can set timers to turn off the porch light you leave on in the morning to see your car or the bathroom light you always forget to turn off after your shower.

Controlled Using a Smartphone

You can control the Smart Socket using your Smartphone; you only need to download the corresponding app. The app allows you to adjust and your settings whenever you need to using just your phone. It is a tool help deter unwanted home visitors or set the temperature so you can return home to a home cooled by your air conditioning system.

The connection to your phone and the WiFi needs to be strong. You do not need an app that drops the WiFi connection when you leave your home or office. The connection to your Smartphone should be strong and only require you to sync it once. Reading reviews for the smart plugs can help you determine if connectivity is a problem in the cheaper plugs.

Smart Socket

Works with Smart Assistants, including Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri

You can connect your SmartPhone plug to your other smart devices around your home. You can connect Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon's Alexa so you can control everything using only your voice. You can talk to your Smartphone, which will talk to your coffee maker plug, bathroom plug or air conditioning plug to set timers and adjust settings by using your smart assistants

Saves Energy

You can save energy and reduce your home electrical bills by being able to change how you use your home's electricity when you are not home. You can bring your bills down and be more environmentally conscious for your home. Having an environmentally smart home will help your home reduce its impact on the environment for the long-term.

Smart Sockets

Simple to Use

The Smart plug is very easy to use with the downloadable app. You only need to download the apps do a few taps on your phone to get your system running. Anyone can use the smart plug without needing extra equipment or supplies. You only need to plug the socket in with the app downloaded. You gain instant control and can systematically set every outlet around your home.


The Smart plug is very compact and fits behind most furniture and blends with your wall. You can use it without it being bulky or standing out too much from the wall. It is not an eyesore or too big to fit where you need it to work.

Fire Resistant

Smart Socket

As with any type of product you bring into your home, it must be safe to use. The smart plug you purchase should have appropriate protection to prevent electrical fires in your home to keep your family safe. You should make sure the sockets you look at have fire safety warnings and product safety readily available for you to read and review.

What do Buyers of the Smart Socket Think?

People that have bought the smart plug like that it takes less than five minutes to get it working. They find it easy to sync with any of their smart devices and setup zones they control using only their smartphones. Buyers like the convenience of having lights that turn off with an app or a simple phrase.

The home safety the smart plugs bring is another reason people bought them. They like knowing that other people won't know as they change light sequences and timers. Parents like having the Smartsocket to control their children's electronics. It makes it very easy to set boundaries and guidelines to ensure homework is completed, and the television stays off until it is.

What are some Alternatives to the Smart Socket?

*Smart Plug WiFi Outlet 15A*

The Smart plug comes ready to use with voice control and timer settings. You can pair it with any of the most popular smart assistants to turn lights on or off using only your voice, and it comes with its controlling app so you can use it remotely without needing to be in your home to activate it.

The smartsocket is very similar to the Smart Socket in how you install, use, and control it. You will have little trouble setting up both systems, but the smart plug system has trouble remaining connected depending on how far away your Smartphone is. While this is not a deal-breaker, it does make it difficult to control your home or office without needing to re-sync everything when you come in.

*Smart plug, Gosund Mini*

The Gosund Mini Smart Plug helps you connect your smart devices and voice control your home. You can schedule times for the sockets to activate and turn off or on as you need for your home's safety and your convenience. You can connect your assistant programs and control your home from anywhere using only your Smartphone.

The Gosund Plug is a good option for home electrical control that puts you in charge remotely. Though the plugs do not support above ten amp electronics, you will have trouble turning on air conditioners or other power pulling electronics. The Smart Socket can run electronics that pull more electricity, such as your home computer.

*Smart Plug Gosund 16A WiFi Outlet*

The Smart Plug Gosund is a sixteen amp plug made to support greater electrical amounts of electricity. It comes with FCC and UL certificates of safety and flame resistance. You can control the plugs using your Smartphone and wireless controls through your smart assistants.

The smart plug comes with all the features to keep your home safe and under your control. The plugs and come with syncing problems for your smart assistants. They only sometimes sync and do not always remain connected. The Smart Socket does not cause you to set up problems or drop your home connections.
Not all Smart sockets are equal in quality, but if you find one that gets the job done, you should consider it in addition to the Smart Socket from getyoursmartsocket.com.

Final Thoughts

The right Smart Plug for your home is durable, long-lasting, and effective at letting you control your home. You can remotely access your home's electrical network using only the included app and find it easy to use and adjust. You can get all of that through the Smart Socke

The Smart Socket comes ready to use and install around your home. You will no trouble connecting your main appliances, lights, and smart assistants to your Smartphone app. You can find out more information through the main Smart Socket Website. You will also find the Smart Socket is easy to purchase and use, including discounts through the following link to their homepage.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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