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SmartLight Bulb Review

Updated: April 2021

Is This Color Changing Light Bulb Best On The Market?

When you need to control your lights, you turn them on and off using only your finger to flip a switch. The need to control your lights can be as simple as adding the latest technology.
The SmartLight gives you the latest technology without changing your home except to add this amazing, color control, and energy-efficient light bulb.


SmartLight Bulb
SmartLight Bulb
SmartLight Bulb

What should you look for when considering home lighting systems?

When you need to change your home lighting for control and color combinations, there are different things you need to consider to change your home with the many different features. You need to know how to look at your home and see the possibilities. You also need to see the potential problems with your home lighting.

1. Number of Features Your Light has

Buying the right kind of lighting system can create a whole new world for your home. Your new light needs to have multiple ways for you to customize your home while being energy efficient in the overall system.

2. How you control your light

Some of the latest features in technology include the ability for you to control the new lighting. It should be incredibly easy to control using your Smartphone or other smart technology. Having a user-friendly app can help you or anyone in your home control the lights, depending on how you need the system to be set up.

3. Number of Color Options

Most lights offer you a faded white light as your main option for lighting your home. New technology can let you have any color you want for lighting. In the past, you would need to buy lights in different colors to get all the color spectrum and still not get close to even coloring the main colors.
When you go looking for the latest technology in lighting, you need to find one that would represent every color spectrum and every shade that is part of it. There are over sixteen million different colors you can enjoy with the right combination of lighting and technology.

4. Scheduling Lighting

Every type of person needs to keep to a schedule. Your lighting should not be any different. You need to keep your home safe using the lights of your home at any time you need.
Scheduling your lights to turn on and off is nothing new, but when you program in adjustable colors or create a varied schedule, you can help protect your home. You need to be able to control your home lighting from wherever you happen to be using the latest technology to help you keep it under your control.

5. Number of Users

Being able to let your whole family control the system lets everyone be able to customize bedrooms and lives to their personality. Your family should find the system as easy to use as you and should be something that lets many different types of people use the same system. That means being able to create users for each person in your family.


6. Ease of installation

The system you install for your lighting needs to be easy to install. You do not need something that would require you to rewire your entire home to install the simple lighting system. The new lighting should require few tools to install and should not require you to do much more than to plug it into your home and start using it.

What is SmartLight?

SmartLight is a new way of illuminating your home. Not only can they save your home money, but they will give you the entire color spectrum in a single lightbulb. The SmartLight uses new technology that allows you to select one of the sixteen million different shades of color to brighten your room with.

SmartLight Bulb Full Review
SmartLight Bulb Full Review

What are the main features of SmartLight?

When it comes to features, there are many that help it be unique and flexible for your home use. You can use it anywhere in your home without needing to change anything other than taking out your old light bulb.

#1 Over sixteen Million Colors

SmartLight Bulb Full Review

When you buy the SmartLight, you are given the option to choose what color it is. There are over sixteen million different colors for you to choose from. Best of all, you can change the color whenever you want. The choice of light color is not permanent, so you can adjust the light whenever you mode changes or when you need different kinds of lighting for different situations.

You can even use the Bluetooth light bulb to project the lights in different sequiences and patterns. Color changing lights can help brighten up your home and make the most out of a home party. The color-changing LED lights let you be in control while saving energy.

#2 Smartphone Control

SmartLight Bulb

The bulb comes with built-in technology that lets you control it with an easy-to-download app that lets you control everything about the light bulb. You can set the color changing LED lights, when it turns on and off, the settings for the morning light, noon light, and evening light. The lights come with every degree of control, the app allows you; you can have LED color changing lights in every spectrum of light your home, your life, and change the color of your world at will.

#3 Energy Efficient

SmartLight Bulb

The light bulb is energy efficient in its use of your home energy.

The base of the color changing lights connects into regular sockets around your home and draws a fraction of the amount of energy an old incident bulb pulls at only three hundred lumens, which is forty watts.

#4 Syncs to Music

SmartLight Bulb

You can enjoy light and music together because you can sync your music and enjoy different lighting schemes at the same time. The combination of color changing lights and music lets you have a party in your home that lets the music and the LED color changing lights work in concert together. You have complete flexibility over what music you stream with your lights to get the full enjoyment of both.

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#5 Different Modes

There are multiple modes built-into the app, so you select what you need your home to be and when. The modes let you choose your home needs and when including Bluetooth light bulb modes that let you run your system on a single server. The different modes are:

1. Party Mode

SmartLight Bulb

Party mode is one of the most popular modes you can use. The party mode will get your home jumping with music from your collection.

The color changing LED lights can alternate between the colors you select to change along with the music. You can have music and color changing light bulb color all synced together for a full color-music experience.

2. Smart Group Mode

Smart group Mode lets you connect all your bulbs so you can enjoy your party mode or adjust the lights around your home to have different colors around your home. Bluetooth light bulb connectivity lets you control all the light bulbs you buy using a single system.

SmartLight Bulb

3. Timer Mode

SmartLight Bulb

Timer mode lets you put your LED color changing lights on timers that you can control the lights from your Smartphone from wherever you are using a Bluetooth light bulb. You can turn on your LED color changing lights from your office, so when you come home, your home will not be dark. The flexibility extends to your business trips, so you can adjust your LED color changing lights from overseas to give the illusion that you are home.

4. Night Light Bulb

SmartLight Bulb

A night light bulb mode lets you use your app to adjust the light before you go to bed. The night light bulb mode turns on sleep-right light color changing led lights. The sleep-right colors, include Bluetooth light bulb colors to help your brain start the natural process of shutting down so you can get a good night's sleep using the night light bulb mode. You can control the rooms around your home using the smartgroup mode, ensuring your children as well as yourself a good night's sleep using the night light bulb.

#6 Compatible with Smart Devices

You can control your SmartLight bulbs using smart devices set up around your home. If you have a Google Home or Alexa, you can speak directly to them to set your light. It is easy to set your light levels and colors by simply talking to your assistant and letting them do the work.

SmartLight Bulb

#7 Long-Lasting

The SmartLight bulb has at least twenty thousand rated hours, which is up to fourteen years if you use the light for only four hours s a day. Either way, you will probably have over a decade of use for the light, depending on how often you use your color changing light bulb lights and when you let them rest.

What to verified buyers of SmartLight think?

Verified buyers of the SmartLight love their purchase. The bulbs let you layer your levels of light with a high level of control and accuracy. You can also plan your life and your budget around setting your light levels and saving money. They love how easy it is to set up and use.

There is nothing you need to add to your home to get the degree of control over your light, and buyers love the ability to have color changing LED lights around their homes using only a Smartphone.

SmartLight Bulb Order Now

What are some alternatives to the SmartLight?

When you go looking for a way to save money and light your home, there are different types of color changing light bulbs to consider. Before you order any or all of the lightbulbs, make sure they will work for your needs for the long-term.

#1 Sengled Smart Light Bulb

The Sengled Smart Light Bulb fits easily into your home electrical systems. You can run the light bulbs and using Smart WiFi to let you interact with your new smart light bulb using your Smart device. The light bulbs work with Apple and the Android systems.

You can connect your new light bulb to your Smartphone so you can turn your lights on and off, dim them or adjust the light as you need, whenever you need. You can adjust the lights remotely using your Smartphone, so your home will have the color changing light bulb turned on when you get home. You can change the lights to fit your moods. There are over sixteen million colors you can adjust around your home

You can use your Smartphone to run colorful scenes around your home. You can have your home be multiple colors at any time.

  • Both smart systems can use Smart Devices, so you can control your lights using Google Home.
  • Both systems use your Smartphone as the main force for changing the color of your lights.
  • The Sengled Smart Light Bulb is more cost-effective in single bulbs, though the SmartLight bulb is more cost-effective in bulk.
  • The Sengle Smart Light does not have a timer; the SmartLight does have a timer.

#2 Samsung 8ZA-A806ST-Q4R Smart Light Bulb

The Samsung 8ZA-A806ST-Q4R Smart Light Bulb can help you lighten your home using energy-efficient LED light bulbs. The light bulbs are smart light bulbs that you can control using the SmartThings app that runs conveniently through your Smartphone. You can connect the new Smartphone SmartThing App to the SmartThings Hub so you can power your lights around your home using your tablets and your other smart devices.

Your lightbulbs come with voice control compatibility so you can sync them with your Google Home assistant and Alexa so you can control everything through them with a few spoken words. You can program your routines and life through the app so you can schedule timers to turn your system on and off as well as remotely control your system from the office or school.

You can dim the led color changing lights bulbs using the SmartThings bulbs and have up to twenty-five thousand hours of life per light bulb. Your Samsung light bulb will save you money for the next decade or more.

  • The Samsung light bulb has twenty-five thousand rated hours of life, compared with the Smartlight, which has twenty thousand.
  • You can control both kinds of bulbs using only your Smartphone.
  • Both light bulbs you're your program you routines into their timer app.
  • The Samsung light bulb does not give you any options for color that the Smart Light does.

#3 SYLVANIA General Lighting 73661

The SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Indoor Starter Kit is more than just a system to get your home lighting up-to-date. The kit comes with the Zigbee LED Strip lights and a controlling ZigBee hub that lets you connect all your lights so that you can control the system using your Smart technology, including Amazon's Alexa and Google Home.

A fully interconnected system lets you control your home lights remotely. You can also set up systems for rotation and timers. You can control the system by pairing your new Sylvania lights and the ZigBee hub using your Smartphone of your smart assistants using voice command.

Using the interconnected systems, you can also choose your room's color enjoying over sixteen million different color combinations that let you pick your room's mood or backlight your computer or decorations. The system is easy to set up, create, and customize color changing light bulb lighting scenes for every room of your home.

  • The Sylvania lighting kit comes with multiple components to get your lighting smart, with the SmartLight, you only need a light bulb and the downloadable app.
  • Both systems let you select over sixteen million different colors for your rooms.
  • You can control both systems of lighting using your Smartphone or Smart assistant.
  • The Sylvania lighting kit is more cost-effective than the SmartLight, though it does have more pieces.

Good To Know
Smart light bulbs are for everyone wanting to be more environmentally friendly and cost-conscious. A high-quality smart light bulb will give you years of use and keep your home electrical costs down. They are also brighter than regular light bulbs, so you will be able to see more of your home with fewer light bulbs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding a way to control the lights in your home smartly, you need something intuitive to use and easy. You also need something easy to install without disrupting your home electrical system. The SmartLight can help you not only control the light of your home; you can pick the color changing lights, the time, and the rooms with the few taps of your Smartphone.

The SmartLight is the next step in home lighting. You can add it to save money for the fourteen years of light it will produce. You can also add it to maximize your home energy efficiency. For more information about the SmartLight, please follow the link

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.
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